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Here are links to some activities, products, and services of our friends and family. If you think you should have a link here, or know of someone who should, please send us an email.



HannahCheck out her blog

Maryís uncle Bill Blachly operates the Unadilla Theater in Calais, Vermont with his partner, Ann OíBrien.

Annís son John OíBrien is a film maker, creator of Man With a Plan (featuring Bill and Ellie Blachly), Nosey Parker (featuring Susannah Blachly), and Vermont is for Lovers. More about John and his work at http://www.bellwetherfilms.com/about/index.html

Susannah Blachly, married to Billís son Tom Blachly, is a talented composer/fiddle player/vocalist in Marshfield, Vermont. She has several recordings for sale: http://susannahblachly.com/

Bruce Westcott, husband of Bill Blachlyís daughter Ellie Blachly, is a Geospatial Metadata Consultant (no, really). Check him out at http://homepages.together.net/~bspatial

Calebís mother Clotilde Pitkin is a trustee of Goddard College, and serves on the board of The Vermont Peace Academy

Calebís brother Seth Pitkin is a hydro-geologist with the Stone Environmental firm in Montpelier, Vermont.

Calebís cousin Steve Booth is a cabinet maker and one-pocket pool enthusiast. He shares his enthusiasm at: http://www.onepocket.org/index.htm

Steveís wife Sue Booth designs kitchens. Her web site: www.vintagekitchens.com

Calebís cousin Eric Tamm is a musician/writer/painter in the Bay area. Check out his work at erictamm.com

Calebís cousin (and Ericís sister) Ellen Oak is a teacher, minister, liturgist, and musician. She is an artist in residence at Andover Newton Theological School. Her web site is www.wisdomatplay.com/

Ericís and Ellenís mother, Olive Pitkin Tamm, is the author of My Garden and I:The Making of a Midlife Gardener, and There and Then, a Vermont Childhood


Another family friend, Pierre Epstein, has written a biography of his father Abraham Epstein, "the forgotten father of social security." The book is available at the University of Missouri Press or Amazon.com.

Mark Bromley and his daughter Anna rode coast to coast on recumbent bicycles a few years ago. Check out their journal and pictures.

Our neighbor Ed Smith is the author of The Vegetable Gardenerís Bible.

Ken Klingler is a wood carver in Cabot: http://www.vermontcrafts.com/members/KlingerWoodcarving.html

Steve Bronstein is a very creative blacksmith and owner of Blackthorne Forge in Marshfield.

Andy Christiansen is an historian and web site designer at Old Barn Vermont.

Our friend and neighbor Dianna Winn is a musician, producer, and chief re-bop at Reboprecords.com

Our friends Michael and Uli Belenky design and market childrenís clothing in Cabot. Their web site: Zutano.com

Bonnie Stevens Dannenberg has a Cabot history/genealogy site at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~joyal/

Bob and Lee Light operate the Hollister Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast in Marshfield.

Dale and Janet Newton operate the Fruitlands Bed & Breakfast on Thistle Hill in Cabot


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