bullet Elsie F. PITKIN was born on 5 Jun 1884. Parents: Edward H. PITKIN and Lillie E. Morey.

bullet Elsie M PITKIN Photo was born on 7 Feb 1936. Elsie married Harold Drake in 1953. He was an assistant operator of a chain of shoe stores. They lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and had three children; Michael, Deborah, and Pamela. Parents: Joy A. PITKIN and Bernadine Cass.

bullet Elsie T. PITKIN was born on 21 Jun 1869. Parents: Horatio PITKIN and Caroline Glosser.

bullet Emeline PITKIN was born on 1 Apr 1820. Parents: Owen PITKIN and Betsy Dodge.

She was married to Thomas Marshall on 20 Sep 1842. Children were: William Marshall, Henry T. Marshall, Rouget DeLisle Marshall.

bullet Emily PITKIN was born on 14 Jan 1831. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

She was married to Hon. Charles Randolph Thomas on 29 Apr 1852. Children were: Edward Thomas, Henry Thomas, George Thomas, Richard Thomas, Charles R. Thomas, James Thomas, Frederic L. Thomas, John S. Thomas, Herbert B. Thomas.

bullet Emily PITKIN was born on 1 Mar 1813. She died on 6 Feb 1883. Emily married William B. Hazeltine in 1836. They farmed in South Strafford, Vermont. Children; William P., Channing, and Emma (married Adelbert Clark). Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

bullet Emily Pitkin was born on 2 Mar 1846. Married Oliver Abels. Parents: Denison Palmer Pitkin and Phoebe Dunham Turner .

bullet Emily PITKIN was born on 5 Sep 1774. She died on 26 Nov 1853. Married James Flagg. Parents: Capt. John PITKIN and Elizabeth Woodbridge.

bullet Emily PITKIN was born on 23 Feb 1806. Unmarried. Parents: Capt. John PITKIN and Olive Forbes.

bullet Emily L. PITKIN was born on 16 May 1866. Parents: Edward Powell PITKIN and Julia Gott.

bullet Emily R. PITKIN was born on 6 Jun 1844. Parents: Harry PITKIN and Minerva Hand.

bullet Emma Grant PITKIN was born on 16 Aug 1841. Emma and her family resided in Rutland, Vermont, where her husband was a dentist. Parents: Orrin PITKIN and Julia Scoville.

She was married to Dr. E.V. Harwood on 12 Jul 1870. Children were: Mary E. Harwood, Eleazur V. Harwood.

bullet Emmanuel PITKIN was born on 25 Dec 1852. He died on 2 Aug 1853. Parents: Wesley PITKIN and Sarah W. DAVIS.

bullet Epaphras PITKIN was born in 1733. He died on 16 Feb 1801. He married Eunice Hills. Parents: Governor William PITKIN and Mary Woodbridge.

He was married to Eunice Hills .

bullet Erastus PITKIN was born on 30 Apr 1824 in Marshfield, Vermont. Erastus was a merchant in Birmingham, Iowa. Parents: Horace PITKIN and Cyrena Burnap.

He was married to Emily Barnes on 1 Jan 1849. Children were: Rose L. PITKIN, Alta PITKIN, Joel M. PITKIN , Mary PITKIN, Maggie PITKIN .

bullet Eric Justin PITKIN was born on 7 Jun 1992. Parents: Shawn Scott PITKIN and Barbara Ann Taggart.

bullet Ernest PITKIN was born in 1891. Parents: William E. PITKIN and Mary Klingensmith.

bullet Esther PITKIN was born in 1823. She died in 1854. Esther married Charles Davis. No children. Parents: Nathan Stanley PITKIN and Esther (Eliza?) Davis.

bullet Esther PITKIN was born in 1754. Esther married Roswell Elmer of East Windsor. Parents: Roger PITKIN and Esther Cowles.

bullet Esther J. PITKIN was born on 13 Sep 1864. Parents: Edward Powell PITKIN and Julia Gott.

bullet Esther K. PITKIN was born on 21 Mar 1811. She died on 15 Jan 1850. Esther married the Rev. Matthew Newhall, a Methodist clergyman in Raymond, New Hampshire. They had a daughter Ellen P. (b. 1846) who married L. Everett Fogg. Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

bullet Ethel G. PITKIN was born on 2 Dec 1877. Parents: Charles A. PITKIN and Caroline W. Curtis.

bullet Eunice PITKIN was born in 1761. She died in 1790. Eunice married Aaron Buckland. Parents: Capt. Richard PITKIN and Dorothy Hills.

bullet Eva Ann PITKIN was born on 25 Oct 1859. Eva and her family lived in Sarcoxie, Missouri, where her husband was a merchant. Parents: Horace Goodwin PITKIN and Eliza Ann Stewart .

She was married to William H. Ivie on 12 Nov 1878. Children were: William H. Ivie.

bullet Eva Estelle PITKIN was born on 1 Oct 1873 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 13 Apr 1878 in Marshfield, Vermont. Died of diphtheria. Parents: Levi Watson PITKIN and Mary Henshaw BURNAP.

bullet Ezekiel Pitkin was born on 25 Jan 1763. He died on 12 May 1843. He lived and died on the homestead of the first William Pitkin of Hartford. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

He was married to Hannah Chapman on 30 Dec 1793. Children were: Anne Pitkin, Sarah Pitkin .

He was married to Euphemia Chapman. Children were: Denison Palmer Pitkin, William C. Pitkin.

bullet Fanny PITKIN was born on 15 Jun 1815. She died on 31 Aug 1843. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Fanny never married. Parents: George PITKIN and Phoebe Fairchild.

bullet Farrah Pitkin was born about 1976. Parents: Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN.

She was married to Paul Frager . Children were: Hailey Frager, Lillian Frager, Laini Frager, Eli Frager.

bullet Faye D. PITKIN was born on 23 Mar 1888. She died on 28 Nov 1910. She was buried in Shannon City, Iowa. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

She was married to William Long on 30 Dec 1908. Children were: Harold F. Long.

bullet Florence E. PITKIN was born on 13 Mar 1880. Parents: Edward H. PITKIN and Lillie E. Morey.

bullet Frances Hulett PITKIN Photo was born on 7 Mar 1921 in Charlestown, New Hampshire. She died in 1991 in South Carolina. Parents: Paul Eli PITKIN and Fannie HULETT.

She was married to James Richard Crozier on 12 Jun 1943 in Los Angeles, California. Children were: James Richard CROZIER, Jay Pitkin CROZIER.

bullet Frances W. PITKIN was born on 1 May 1799. She died on 18 Aug 1845. Parents: Samuel PITKIN and Sarah Parsons.

bullet Francis PITKIN was born in 1614 in Berkhamsted, England. He was christened on 20 Jan 1614. He died in 1698. He was buried on 29 Mar 1698 in Berkhamsted, England. In 1645 Frances was elected Chief Burgess of Berkhamsted, and in 1650 he followed in his father's footsteps and was elected Bailiff, thereby continuing the family tradition of community service. In 1648 he was made an overseer of the poor, and the following year he was elected one of the administrators of the Dr. Henry Atkins Charity which distributed 10 pounds each year to 20 poor parishioners. In the Church chest of Berkhamsted St. Peter there is an interesting document describing an investigation into the actions of Nathan Payne. Payne had served as a captain in the Parliamentary forces, but he had become horrified by the execution of the King, and was either honest enough, bold enough, or sufficiently indiscreet enough to say so. Francis Pitkin testified upon oath that "after the Army fetcht the King from Holmby, Nathan Paine said that the proceedings then in hand was a plott worse than the gunpowder treason, and that there was no difference but that one was underground and the other above ground." Nothing seems to have come of this investigation, but the incident indicates that Francis felt it wise to testify on the side of Parliament. In 1657 he was elected Surveyor of the Highways. Also in that year he was chosen to administer another charity left to the poor of Berkhamsted by the widow of Thomas Baldwin, who, as Controller of Works for King James I, had acquired considerable equity in the Hyde Park Water Works, which served the city of Westminster. Francis seems to have left Berkhamsted between 1658 and 1670, as no church assessments were made on him, but between 1661 and 1663 money was received by the church on behalf of Mrs. Pitkin. About 1670, Francis name began once again to figure prominently in the Vestry minutes. In 1672 and 1674 he was chosen churchwarden by the parish. In 1691 he contributed to a fund for the "Redemption of slaves in Algeria, Sally and other places in Barbary and on the coasts of Africa." Parents: William PITKIN MP and Jane.

He was married to Elizabeth. Children were: William PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Robert PITKIN.

bullet Francis Pitkin Photo was born on 20 Sep 1927 in Marshfield, Vermont?. He died in 2000. Hap Hayward remembers that when Francis was a young boy of 8 or 9 years, he would sometimes go into the garage at his grandfather's house when he thought nobody was around, and start up the Model T Ford which was parked there. He would run the engine as fast and as loud as it would go. As he was somewhat deaf, perhaps he didn't realize that everyone in the neighborhood could hear what he was doing. He graduated from the Austin School in Brattleboro in 1948. Immediately following his marriage he resided in Brattleboro and worked at the Maple Farms dairy. In 1998, Francis lived in Dexter, Maine. Parents: Clarence George Pitkin and Amy Madene Cameron.

He was married to Dora May Hinds on 14 Jan 1956 in Brattleboro, Vermont. He was divorced from Dora May Hinds on 11 Jul 1957.

bullet Francis Luverne PITKIN Photo was born on 7 Sep 1929 in Garner, Iowa. He died on 8 Jan 1964. He was buried in Madison Township Cem., Hancock Co., Iowa. Francis was a carpenter. He lived in Charles City, Iowa. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

He was married to Iris Caroline Steinfeldt on 28 Dec 1948 in Woden, Iowa. Children were: Rand Luverne PITKIN, Rick Eugene PITKIN, Susan Renee PITKIN, Deborah Lynn PITKIN, Stacey Ann PITKIN, Lisa Iris PITKIN, Scott Francis PITKIN.

bullet Frank F. Pitkin was born on 5 Oct 1843. He died on 5 Oct 1844. Parents: Denison Palmer Pitkin and Phoebe Dunham Turner .

bullet Frank Ivan PITKIN Photo was born on 18 Aug 1857. He died on 20 Feb 1909 in Montpelier, Vermont. Frank lived at 146 Main St., Montpelier, Vermont. He was for many years an officer of Lane Manufacturing Company. Parents: Perley Peabody PITKIN and Caroline M. Templeton.

He was married to Josephine Roleau. Children were: Perley PITKIN.

bullet Dr. Frank Ivan PITKIN was born on 28 Apr 1921 in Montpelier, Vermont. He died on 14 Jun 1996 in Cliff Island, Maine. Frank was a cardiologist. Parents: Perley PITKIN and Sylvia Sherman.

Children were: Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN, Dawn Carol PITKIN, Holly Elizabeth PITKIN.

He was married to Carolyn Brown. Shane Pitkin reports that Carolyn's surname was Lockwood at the time of her marriage to Frank Pitkin.

bullet Frank L. PITKIN was born on 6 Dec 1875. Parents: Edward H. PITKIN and Lillie E. Morey.

bullet Frank O. PITKIN was born in May 1869. Parents: Joseph Case PITKIN and Maria A. Hudson.

bullet Frankie Linette PITKIN was born on 25 Nov 1890. She died on 29 Jul 1983. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

She was married to Glenn Morgan on 16 Dec 1913. Children were: Elton Howard Morgan , C. Gene Morgan, Doris Rose Morgan, Rex Leroy Morgan M.D., Richard Lee Morgan.

bullet Franklin PITKIN Photo was born on 31 Aug 1852 in Union, Iowa?. He died on 18 Feb 1932 in Iowa. He was buried in Shannon City, Iowa. After the death of his parents, Franklin lived for seven years with his mother's brother. He then moved to Union County Iowa at the age of 15, and worked for his cousin, Stephen Pitkin Bliss, for seven years before becoming a farmer himself. about 1880 he moved to Kent, Iowa and bought and sold livestock with his brother-in-law, William Joy. In 1890 he moved to Shannon City, Iowa where he continued in the livestock business until 1904 when he resumed farming. Parents: William PITKIN and Mary Lee.

He was married to Rosa Ellen Joy on 19 Mar 1874. Children were: Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" PITKIN, Lily May PITKIN, Chloe PITKIN, Hattie E. PITKIN, Ralph J. PITKIN, Ina Pearl PITKIN, Faye D. PITKIN, Frankie Linette PITKIN, Harry E. PITKIN, Joy A. PITKIN, Bryan D. PITKIN.

bullet Franklin Benjamin PITKIN was born on 29 Aug 1918 in Miller, Iowa. He died on 1 Jul 1996 in Mason City, Iowa. Franklin served in the U.S. ARmy 1941-1943 in the field artillery. He worked many years for Montgomery Ward installing plumbing and heating equipment. Then for several years for Roy E Pauley as a journeyman sheetmetal worker. He resided at 1812 S. Harding, Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Austin Otto PITKIN and Nellie Sophie Schwartz.

He was married to Ruth Ann Minor. Children were: Carol Ann PITKIN, Dianna Lyn PITKIN, Dixie Lee PITKIN.

bullet Franklin C. PITKIN was born on 11 Oct 1826 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 27 Apr 1853 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Listed as Francis Pitkin in the 1858 census. Parents: James PITKIN and Bethia Parker.

bullet Franklin H. PITKIN Photo was born on 17 Jan 1914. He died on 13 Nov 1979. Franklin was director of the nursery and Professor of Forest Resources at the University of Idaho. He married Virginia Ott in 1941. They had four children; Wayne, Cheryl, Gannet, and Mark. in 1989, Gannet was referred to as Dr. Pitkin. Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Fred Elbert PITKIN Photo was born on 16 May 1886 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 9 Jan 1982 in Boscawen, New Hampshire. Fred was born on Knob Hill in Marshfield and attended the Marshfield schools. He worked on his father's farm until he was twenty one, teaching one winter in the Hollister Hill school at the age of 18. He attended Goddard Seminary in Barre, graduating in 1911 after three years. With his high school diploma, he became principal and athletic coach at Waitsfield High School from 1911-13. He left there to attend Wesleyan University where he graduated in 1916 after three years. From 1916-18, he was principal of Enfield, N.H. High School. He was called from there to become superintendent of Supervisory Union 14, a group of six small New Hampshire towns, serving from 1919-27. He earned his masters degree in education at Columbia University in 1926. In 1927 the family moved to North Andover where he became superintendent of schools, a position he held until 1946 when he became research director for the Massachusetts Teachers Association which position he held until he retired in 1964. He was elected president of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents in 1939 and served on the executive committees of the New England School Development Council. He was chairman of the Community Chest three years, founder of the Eclectic Service Club and its secretary for 15 years. He was president of the North Andover Improvemant Society and chairman of the North Essex Boy Scout Council. He serve on the boards of the Lawrence Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. He was a member of the parish committee of the Tritnitarian Congregational Church and superintendent of the Sunday School. He was also a member of Phi Delta Kappa, honorary education association. He performed in amateur theatricals, co-wrote and published, with his father, the history of Marshfield, Vt. He spent vacations on the Edwin Pitkin farm in Marshfield and after his retirement, at 78, he personally constructed, with help from his grandsons, a post and beam summer cottage on the farm. He was an ardent genealogist and historian. He also enjoyed working in his shop, and making improvements at the Pitkin farm. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Olive Jane SEVERANCE.

He was married to Gertrude Laura Bliss on 28 Aug 1915 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Alison Muriel PITKIN, Richard Bliss PITKIN Twin , Barbara Laura PITKIN Twin, Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

bullet Frederic PITKIN was born on 2 Jan 1869. He died on 21 Nov 1871. Parents: Truman Davis PITKIN and Maria Darling.

bullet Frederic E. PITKIN Photo was born on 25 Feb 1855. He died on 26 Mar 1897. Fred was a farmer in Montpelier, Vermont. Parents: Perley Peabody PITKIN and Caroline M. Templeton.

bullet Galen Norval PITKIN was born on 27 May 1940 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Galen was a farmer in Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Norval Austin PITKIN and Doris Irene Conibear.

He was married to Marlys E. Johnson on 21 Jun 1959 in Swaledale, Iowa. Children were: Ronald Galen PITKIN, Dennis Lee PITKIN, Kevin Lynn PITKIN, Kenneth Wayne PITKIN.

bullet Gary Ivan PITKIN was born on 20 Sep 1948 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Ivan Howard PITKIN and Geraldine Clara Smidt .

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