bullet Donald Herridge PITKIN Photo was born on 14 Feb 1936 in Reading, Massachusetts. Parents: Victor Ellsworth PITKIN Ph.D. and Margaret Alison HERRIDGE .

He was married to Patricia Caldwell on 25 Apr 1959 in New Preston, Connecticut. Children were: Calistria Lynn PITKIN, Shawn Scott PITKIN, Bryan Paul PITKIN.

bullet Donna Elaine PITKIN was born on 2 Feb 1942 in Mason City, Iowa. Donna married Jerry Wendell Ouverson (b. 1939) in 1961. They had five children; Jeffrey Windell (b. 1963), Jon Micherel (b. 1965), Julie Renee (b.1969), Jodie Lynn (b. 1974), and Jamie Sue (b. 1976). They farmed in Fertile, Iowa. Parents: Sherwood Otto PITKIN and Marion Lorenda Olson .

bullet Dora F. PITKIN was born on 23 Dec 1861. Parents: Horace Goodwin PITKIN and Eliza Ann Stewart.

bullet Dorcas F. PITKIN was born on 19 Aug 1824 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 22 Dec 1891 in Marshfield, Vermont. Died of pneumonia. She was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. The following note was written by Fred Pitkin in 1943" "Father's Uncle Stephen Pitkin gave the town the Village Cem. together with fence with stone posts. Size 190 links square. In 1861 Eli Pitkin sold Geo. Wooster land at the north, south and west of the Cem. Later a Wooster was buried on that land, just over the fence from the Village Cem., though an 1856 law forbade burying a person within 20 rds. of a dwelling. Eli did not object. Later when Dorcas Pitkin, wife of Steven Wooster was buried in the Wooster lot, Eli objected." Perhaps Eli wanted his sister to be buried within the cemetery proper, and not on private propery. Dorcas is listed in the membership role of the Universalist Society of Liberal Christianity of Marshfield as Dorcas F. Wooster.

The 1860 census of Marshfield, Vt. lists Dorcas, 35, in the household of her husband, John. S. Wooster, farmer, 36, real estate $3000, personal $600. This farm was next door to that of her parents. Also in the household were Lucetta, 11, Vianna, 7, and Curtis, 5. Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

She was married to John Steven Wooster on 28 Nov 1848 in Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Lucetta Wooster, Vianna Wooster, Curtis S. Wooster, Clara E. Wooster.

bullet Doris PITKIN Parents: Cassius Merrill PITKIN and Mary L. Flanders.

bullet Doris PITKIN was born on 17 Jan 1919 in Garner, Iowa. Doris married Garland Thompson. Parents: Earl Valentine PITKIN and Emma M. Hanson.

bullet Dorothy PITKIN was born in 1717 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 17 Aug 1789. According to the information available in A.P. Pitkin's Genealogy of the Pitkin Family, Dorothy had her last child at the age of sixty-one. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Dorothy HILLS .

She was married to Deacon John Goodwin. Children were: Damaris Goodwin, John Goodwin, Joseph Goodwin, William GOODWIN, Hannah Goodwin, Sarah Goodwin, Richard Goodwin, Thankful Goodwin, Levi Goodwin, Mary Goodwin, Anna Goodwin, Dorothy Pitkin Goodwin, Caleb Goodwin.

bullet Dorothy PITKIN was born on 24 Jun 1705. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Hester Hosmer.

She was married to Benjamin Roberts. Children were: Benjamin Roberts Jr., Dorothy Roberts.

bullet Dorothy PITKIN was born in 1755. She died on 16 Mar 1792. Dorothy married Isaac Steele. Parents: Ensign Caleb PITKIN and Damaris Porter.

bullet Dorothy Gladys PITKIN was born on 21 Jan 1919. Dorothy married Robert Kunzler in 1942. He was a mechanic. They had two children; Paul and Bruce. Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Dudley PITKIN Photo was born on 31 Aug 1798. He died on 18 May 1884. Dudley was an innkeeper and farmer in Marshfield. He moved to Montpelier in 1835, selling provisions. In 1836 he moved to Burlington, Vermont, and in 1854 to Cleveland, Ohio. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Ruth Case.

He was married to Nancy Batchelder on 10 Mar 1824. Children were: Lucius M. PITKIN, Martha PITKIN, Lucinda W. PITKIN, Emily PITKIN, George E. PITKIN, Chauncey PITKIN, Edward Payson PITKIN, Charles A. PITKIN, Harriet E. PITKIN, Ella Louisa PITKIN.

bullet Earl Lawrence PITKIN was born on 31 Jul 1934. Earl was a structural engineer in Los Angeles, California. He married Doreen Tano, and they had one son, Lawrence K. (b. September 17, 1982). Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Earl Valentine PITKIN Photo was born on 14 Feb 1891 in Ellington, Iowa. He died on 29 Aug 1969. He was buried in Brushy Point Cem., Hancock Co., Iowa. Parents: George Washington PITKIN and Ella Northrup.

He was married to Emma M. Hanson on 13 Dec 1916. Children were: Dale Howard PITKIN, Doris PITKIN, Robert Earl PITKIN, Lawrence Charles PITKIN , Lucille PITKIN, Darlene Mae PITKIN.

bullet Ebenezer PITKIN was born on 14 Jan 1818. He died on 10 Apr 1859. Ebenezer married Sarah Thompson in 1843. They lived in New Boston, New Hampshire. No children. Parents: Owen PITKIN and Betsy Dodge.

bullet Edgar PITKIN Photo was born on 6 Oct 1839. He died on 19 Feb 1865. Edgar died of wounds sustained in the Civil War. His wartime correspondence can be found at the Vermont Historical Society. He enlisted from Burlington, Vermont. Parents: Harry PITKIN and Minerva Hand.

bullet Edith Susan PITKIN was born on 29 Apr 1868 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 9 Jul 1884 in Marshfield, Vermont. Died of Typhoid fever. Parents: Levi Watson PITKIN and Mary Henshaw BURNAP.

bullet Edward PITKIN was born on 15 Aug 1769. He died on 11 Jul 1851. Edward married Clarissa Roberts in 1822. They had a daughter Clarissa L. Pitkin (1824-1876, unmarried). Edward practiced medicin in East Hartford very successfully for many years. In 1823 a patent was granted him for "improvement in fencing." A good story is told in connection with a new carriage, on which he had painted the Pitkin Coat of Arms, by referring to which will be seen two swans. A neighbor having accosted him with, "Ah ! Doctork, I see you have your sign on your carriage." "Sign? Sir, what do you mean?" "Why, quack, quack, quack," was the reply, and the neighbor disappeared down the street, as well he might, to escape the consequences. Parents: Squire Elisha PITKIN and Hannah Buel Pitkin.

bullet Edward C. PITKIN was born on 13 Apr 1862. Graduated Michigan University, 1886. Parents: Edward Powell PITKIN and Julia Gott.

bullet Edward H. PITKIN was born on 9 Jun 1846. Edward was an importer of China and glassware in Chicago.

PITKIN Edward Hand pres Pitkin Brooks crockery glassware etc b Saratoga NY June 9 1846 s Joshua and Hand Pitkin ed public schools of Cleveland O and Chicago 111 served In Civil War private in Co K 132d 111 Vol m Oak Park 111 1871 Lillie Elizabeth Morey children Lillie May Frank L deceased Caroline Es telle Florence Emily Elsie Began career In the employ of Burley & Tyrell and glassware as office boy after that for 2 years In the employ of Johnson & Abbey until Jan 1 1872 when with JW Brooks established the firm of Pitkin & Brooks firm became a corporation in 1891 of which he Is pres Pres Chicago Flint & Lime Co of Chesterton Ind pres Gem Oil Co Muncle Ind Trustee Beloit College Congregationalism Clubs Union League Congregational Office State and Lake Sts Residence Oak Park 111 Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Caroline Hand.

He was married to Lillie E. Morey on 5 Aug 1871. Children were: Lillie M. PITKIN , Frank L. PITKIN, Carrie E. PITKIN, Florence E. PITKIN, Elsie F. PITKIN.

bullet Edward Payson PITKIN was born on 24 Mar 1838. He died on 6 Oct 1864. Edward lived in New Orleans. He died in the Civil War. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

He was married to Lorraine J. Dickinson on 22 Aug 1863. Children were: Hattie E. PITKIN.

bullet Edward Powell PITKIN was born in 1837. Edward was 1st Lieutenant Company H. 20th Michigan Infantry; promoted to Adjutant on the field at Fredericsburg, Dec. 13,k 1862; transferred to the Veteran Reserve Corps; promoted to Captain of the Fifth Reserve Corps in 1864, and served for a year as Adjutant-General to the Provost-Marshal-General of Indiana; resigned at the close of the war as Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel in 1865. Commander Grand Army Post Department of Colorado, 1883-1886. Adjutant-General and Secretary Ninth Army Corps Society, Department of Colorado. Captain Company I 1st Regiment Infantry, C.N.G., 1883, 84, 85, and 86. Residence, Denver, Colorado. A military man. Parents: Nathan Stanley PITKIN and Esther (Eliza?) Davis.

He was married to Julia Gott on 1 Sep 1859. Children were: Gilbert S. PITKIN, Edward C. PITKIN, Esther J. PITKIN, Emily L. PITKIN, Nellie J. PITKIN, Mary E. PITKIN.

bullet Edwin PITKIN Photo was born on 11 Sep 1798 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 15 Aug 1862 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Edwin Pitkin built the house now owned by Ronald Pitkin (1993), and farmed there on what is now known as the Edwin Pitkin farm. It is very likely that Edwin was responsible for clearing and cultivating most of the fields there, although Caleb Putnam had previously lived on the farm, and may have begun the work of improving the land. Caleb had been a partner of Simeon Dwinell, Olive's father, and the two men had married sisters, so Caleb was in fact Olive's uncle. The farm was located between the homes of Edwin's parents and Olive's parents. Olive grew up on the Simeon Dwinell farm at the four corners above the Dwinell school and cemetery, and Edwin grew up just down the hill in the hollow south of the old town house on the Stephen Pitkin farm. In fact nearly all of Edwin's and Olive's immediate neighbors were close relatives; the Pitkins in the valley to the east, and the Dwinells on the hill to the north. Edwin was a surveyor, a skill he may have learned from his uncle Caleb Pitkin, also a surveyor. Mrs. Stephen Pitkin, Jr. wrote that Edwin was "an enterprising citizen (who) raised a large and intelligent family, was considerably in town business, and was for many years the principle surveyor in the vicinity." For a time around 1820, Edwin was the constable for the town of Marshfield, and in that capacity warned at least one town meeting. Of Edwin and Olive's seven children who survived to adulthood, only one (Josiah) left the area. Orsamus, Daniel, and Jerusha lived in Calais, Eli lived in Marshfield Village, Levi took over the farm, and Dorcas and her husband Steven Wooster purchased the neighboring farm, previously owned by Orsamus (now owned by Belmont Pitkin and known as the O.C.M. Pitkin farm). A journal kept by Edwin's nephew, Clark Bent, reveals that as late as 1870, the Bent family and the Dwinell family (Clark's mother, Sally Dwinell, was Olive's sister) did much of their business in East Calais, then called Moscow. It is likely that Edwin and Olive, too, had many social and business connections in Calais. The toilet facilities on the Edwin Pitkin farm were located in the horse barn, which was very nearby the ell of the house. The seat had five holes, three of which were of a normal size, and two smaller ones for the twin boys, Levi and Eli. Edwin was a founder and served as president for many years of the Universalist Society of Liberal Christianity of Marshfield.

The 1850 census of Marshfield lists Edwin, 52, a farmer with $5400 in real estate, living with his wife, Olive, 48, and children Orsamus, 24, Levi, 22, Daniel, 17, Jerusha, 13, Elsa, 9, and a boarder, John Hall, 17. All the children are listed as labourers.

The 1860 census lists Edwin, farmer, 61, with $6000 in real estate, $1200 personal, living with Olive, 58, Daniel, farmer, 26, Sarah A. Pitkin, 21, and Seth Terril, farm laborer, 19.

From the Acts of the Vermont General Assembly: "AD 1824 CHAPTER 77 AN ACT establishing the Marshfield rifle company P w i Section 1 It is hereby enacted by the General Assembly of the Slate of Vermont That Horace Hollister Mni jiifiei i Edwin Pitkin and Zenas Bullock of Marshfield in the g county of Washington and others their associates be and d they are hereby constituted and established a rifle company by the name of The Marshfield Rifle Company to be annexed to and do duty with the fifth regiment in the first Hu jth brigade and fourth division of the militia of this state and 1 bris th the said company when formed as herein after provided shall enjoy all the privileges powers and honors and be subject to the same military authority and duties as other rifle companies in this state enjoy and are subject to Sec 2 is hereby further enacted That the commanding officer of the said first brigade may issue his or TM J ders to such person or persons as he may think proper to 1 Mue 1 enlist men for said company and when the number of fhir ty shall be enlisted to cause said company to be led to a choice of officers and whenever said company shall at Hem their own expense be equipped according to law the officers so chosen shall be commissioned Sec 3 is hereby further enacted That aid rifle Com company so enlisted equipped and organized as aforesaid i ir n are hereby empowered to enlist lrom time to time to com quippt dnwy plete their company to their full number from the several S j l standing companies and from exempts in said regiment j u 1 ltl Provided That no standing company shall thereby be reduced below the number of sixty four effective privates unless by leave of the brigadier general of the said first brigade under the provisions of an act in addition to and amendment of an act entitled An act regulating and governing the militia of this state passed October 31 1S23 Passed Nov 1 1824 Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

He was married to Olive DWINELL on 22 Dec 1822 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Josiah PITKIN, Dorcas F. PITKIN, Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN, Levi Watson PITKIN , Eli Swetland PITKIN, Daniel Webster PITKIN, Simeon PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN, Elsie PITKIN.

bullet Edwin PITKIN was born in 1900. Edwin married Florence Williams. Parents: Charles PITKIN and Laura Williams.

bullet Edwin Watson PITKIN Photo was born on 5 Oct 1860 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died about 24 Aug 1931 in Montreal, Canada. Edwin operated the Marshfield Village grist mill and later lived on his father's farm. His last residence was in North Montpelier Village where he worked in a woolen mill. He was a large, powerful man, and at times would carry on his shoulders to his village patrons 200 lb. sacks of meal. He could lift a barrel of flour (196 lbs) by the chimes on one end of it. Once on a bet, he carried 700 lbs of grain up Grist Mill Hill to the store across the main street in Marshfield. Ed represented Marshfield in the State Legislature in 1916. He and his wife were members of the Universalist Society of Liberal Christianity of Marshfield.
"Funeral services for Edwin W. Pitkin, highly respected resident of North Montpelier, who passed away last week in Montreal, following an operation were held from his home at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. Arthur W. Hewitt of Plainfield officiated. There was a very large attendance of relatives, friends and neighbors, including many from out of town. The bearers were Fred S. Little, Walter H. Little, Clarence Templeton, George Pray, Ozias Pitkin and E. A. Merritt. The floral tribute was a very large and beautiful one. Following the funeral at the home the body was taken to the Eaton cemetery in Marshfield for burial. Edwin Watson Pitkin was born in East Calais on Oct. 5, 1860, the son of Levi W. and Mary (Burnap) Pitkin. He passed the early part of his life there. As a young man he attended Goddard seminary in Barre and later took up the occupation of a teacher in the Marshfield schools. The greater portion of his life Mr. Pitkin passed as a farmer in the town of Marshfield. He was representative from that town to the Vermont state legislature in 1915. Two years later, in 1917, he moved to North Montpelier, where he has since made his home. He was married on March 13, 1883, to Bertha M. Merritt of Marshfield, who survives him, together with their daughter, Mrs. Ruth Dwinell, and one granddaughter, Lois Dwinell, all of North Montpelier. Mr. Pitkin was a man of keen intelligence and great friendliness and he was very highly respected by everyone who knew him. His death was a blow, not only to his family, but to the entire community. Parents: Levi Watson PITKIN and Mary Henshaw BURNAP.

He was married to Bertha M. Merritt on 13 Mar 1883. Children were: Ruth Estelle PITKIN , Elmer Morton PITKIN.

bullet Eldred C. Pitkin Photo was born on 29 Nov 1870 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 2 Aug 1956. Eldred was the owner of the butterbox shop in Marshfield Village. For many years he was the leader of the Marshfield cornet band. Was also pitcher and first baseman for several years on the town team. Parents: Daniel Bemis Pitkin and Sylvia Hurd Martin.

He was married to Nellie O. Martin. Children were: Clarence George Pitkin.

bullet Eleanor PITKIN was born on 31 Aug 1917 in Ellington, Iowa. Eleanor married Forest Thompson. They lived at 127 Hillhaven Dr., Forest City, Iowa. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Eleazur PITKIN was born on 19 Dec 1762. He died on 2 Jan 1822. Eleazur married Mehitabel Cone. Parents: Capt. Richard PITKIN and Dorothy Hills.

bullet Electa PITKIN was born on 23 Feb 1827. Parents: Harry PITKIN and Minerva Hand.

bullet Eli Swetland PITKIN Photo was born on 27 Sep 1828 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 1 Apr 1894 in Marshfield, Vermont. (18) Eli died of heart disease. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Eli Pitkin had blue eyes, brown hair, and stood 5 feet 8 inches tall. He was somewhat careless of his personal appearance, and enjoyed brook fishing. He was an intelligent man who enjoyed a spirited conversation. He was quick tempered and plain spoken. Even now (1993) there are those in Marshfield who have heard of the legendary town meeting day arguments between Eli and his twin brother Levi. They travelled very different paths as adults. Eli served as a Corporal and Sergeant in Company C, 13th regiment of Vermont Volunteers from October, 1862 until July, 1863, leaving his pregnant wife and two children to fight in the Civil war (including the battle of Gettysburg). Levi remained in Marshfield and carried on with the farm after the death of their father in 1862. Both were republicans until the scandals and corruption of the administration of Ulysses Grant soured Eli to the republican party and he became a democrat. He was an ardent supporter of the Universalist church, and on one occasion is said to have forcibly expelled from the church some inattentive youths who were disrupting the services. For a time he served on the board of trustees of Goddard Seminary, a two year Universalist preparatory school. For a number of years before the war he was the owner of the village sawmill, which had been built by his grandfather, Stephen Pitkin in 1812. During those years he built the mill house now occupied by Hap Hayward. Later he built a house on the Cabot road now owned by his great-great-granddaughter, Gemma Yamamoto. Sometime after he returned from the war he built a house next to the village cemetery in which he lived the remainder of his life (that house was burned about 1984). For much of his life he worked as a lumberman, but he was also a surveyor, as was his father before him. In 1889, while still living in the village, he was the owner of a small farm consisting of 30 acres of pasture, 30 acres of woodlot, and 25 acres orchard and tillage land. This may have been the farm of Lydia's parents, Daniel and Mary Bemis, where Eli's son Ozias had lived for the previous 3 years. In the best of times, Eli and Lydia Pitkin had equity of some $10,000, but when Eli died in 1894, the real estate was valued at only $1250. Lydia then rented all but the two front rooms of her house to Ozias and his family, and sold her land to them. This arrangement continued until 1902, when Ozias moved to the Levi Benton farm. Eli and Lydia appear to have named their children after Eli's second cousin, Ozias Cornwall Pitkin (Alfred, Joshua, Joshua, Caleb, Roger, William, William, William), and his children, Elizabeth M., Carrie E., and Mary S. This O.C. Pitkin graduated from Dartmouth in 1847, was an educator in Vermont and Massachusetts, and later a manufacturing chemist.

In 1871-72, Eli was an officer of the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad.

was a native of the town of Marshfield and volunteered and counted on the quota of his town in August, 1862, and joined the East Montpelier company commanded by Lewis L. Coburn. He was on the organization of Company C appointed first corporal and subsequently January 12, 1863, promoted to Sergeant, in which capacity he served until the company regiment were mustered out July 21, 1863. His age at enlistment was 34, a vigorous, ablebodied man, well calculated in every respect for a soldier in time of war. Was on hand and ready at all times to perform his duty to the utmost, active, zealous and faithful in camp, on the march, picket line, and in battle. He took rank as among the resolute non-commissioned officers of the regiment. His manly appearance attracted attention and he was looked upon as a model officer and soldier. After being discharged he resumed his occupation and continued an upright, valuable citizen of Vermont until April 1st, 1894. He died in Marshfield and was there buried, and is remembered by his old comrades as a brave soldier and a respected citizen. He was a typical Green Mountain boy and made good the record of Vermont soldiers on the field of battle at Gettysburg. His death was untimely and his comrades sincerely regret that he could not have longer enjoyed the glorious land he so ardently fought to save from hostile foes of liberty and union. To only a few mortals is given the privilege of successfully standing in the breach where the weal or woe of national existence depends on devotion and genuine patriotism. In the crisis at Gettysburg Sergeant Pitkin and his comrades of the Second Vermont Brigade met and vanquished General Pickett, making a desperate charge with ten thousand of the flower of General Lee's mighty army, and won the day and battle and turned the tide for the cause of the union. Too much cannot be said in praise of such. The generations of the future will more fully realize and appreciate all that was accomplished in saving this land from destruction in the war of 1861-65.
Source: History of the 13th Regiment Vermont Volunteers "

Taken from the Annual Report of the Secretary of the Vermont Board of Education, 1862:
"While there is a large portion of the people of this town, perhaps a majority, who are opposed to the present school system, still there is a working few whose determination and efforts to raise the standard of our public schools, are very commendable; and we may say, a good work is being done. A few districts seem determined to come up to the point and turn out scholars in due time. This we anticipate will have its desired effect upon other districts, so that a general awakening upon the subject of education may seem to be in prospect. It is noticeable that the more successful teachers are those who have attended the Teachers' Institutes. It may be said of all good teachers that they have learned ti teach. We need bet!' ' teachers. The true methods of teaching the various branches to be learned in schools, should be known, that there may be more uniformity in teaching them. The Institutes, such as have been held in Vermont, are valuable to this end. As to changing teachers every term of school, our districts are now of one mind, that the first good teacher they get, they mean to keep, even though it costs much money.

ELI S. PITKIN, Marshfield."

In the 1870 census Eli's occupation was lumber dealer. On his death record his occupation is given as farmer.

In 1850, Eli and his brother Daniel Webster Pitkin were attending People's Academy in Morrisville, VT. In 1847, 1848, and 1849, the headmaster of People's Academy was Ozias Cornwall Pitkin, son of Alfred Pitkin of Plainfield and Montpelier, VT. Later, Eli would name his children after this O.C. Pitkin and his three daughters Carrie, Lizzie, and Mary.
In 1852, Eli was a pupil at the Newbury Seminary in Newbury, VT
Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

He was married to Lydia Austin BEMIS on 4 Jun 1854 in Calais, Vermont. Married by the Rev. Lester Warren. Children were: Carrie Etta PITKIN, Lizzie Elma PITKIN, Ozias Cornwall PITKIN, Mary Emma PITKIN.

bullet Elijah Pitkin was born on 28 Feb 1781. He died on 16 Oct 1844. Married Sarah Hale. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

bullet Squire Elisha PITKIN(54) was born on 9 Mar 1733. He died on 19 Mar 1819. Elisha was largely engaged in trade and manufacturing, and had a store beside his residence, near the old meeting-house in East Hartford. He was associated with his cousin, William Pitkin, in the Pitkin Glass Works. He graduated from Yale in 1753. His house was noted for its hospitality, and entertained many notable people, including the Count de Rochambeau, who stayed in the house during the stay of the French Army. For many years, Elisha was prominent as a trial justice, and his judgements were firm and usually unquestioned. But he was not above a bit of humor now and then. A family name Evans became so notorious for petty crimes that thier neighborhood was dubbed Pirate Hill. A fresh culprit was brought one day before 'Squire Pitkin, and, as a preliminary, told to give his name. He answered, "Evans." "Guilty, then!" said the justice. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Mary Lord.

He was married to Hannah Buel Pitkin in 1757. Children were: Elisha PITKIN, Samuel PITKIN, Timothy PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, Solomon PITKIN, Edward PITKIN, Joseph PITKIN, Roswell PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Horace Lord PITKIN, Stephen PITKIN.

bullet Elisha PITKIN was born on 17 Mar 1758. He died on 4 May 1802. Elisha was repeatedly a member of the Connecticut General Assembly. Later moved to Hudson, New York and was recorder there for several years. Parents: Squire Elisha PITKIN and Hannah Buel Pitkin.

He was married to Elizabeth Kingsbury in 1780.

bullet Eliza PITKIN Photo was born on 14 May 1798. She died in 1870. Eliza grew up in Marshfield, Vermont in the family of her uncle, Stephen Pitkin. As an adult, she and her family farmed in East Bloomfield, New York. Parents: Levi PITKIN and Abigail Beldon.

She was married to William Steele on 8 Mar 1822. Children were: Eliza Steele, William Steele, Joseph Stanley Steele, Alfred Steele, Abigail Steele, Henry Goodwin Steele, Edward Steele.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born in Oct 1677 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Elizabeth "owned her covenant" with the First Church of Hartford, with her brother John, March 15, 1696. Her husband, Capt. Marsh represented Hartford in the legislature for forty sessions. Parents: William PITKIN and Hannah Goodwin.

She was married to Capt. John Marsh in 1698. Children were: John Marsh, Hon. Ebenezer Marsh, Elizabeth Marsh, Capt. William Marsh, George Marsh, Isaac Marsh, John Marsh, Timothy Marsh, Hezekiah Marsh.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born in 1621 in Berkhamsted, England. She was christened on 1 Jul 1621 in St. Peters Church, Berkhamsted, England. Parents: William PITKIN MP and Jane.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born in 1756. She died on 14 Dec 1815. Elizabeth married Theodore Stanley. Parents: Roger PITKIN and Esther Cowles.

She was married to Theodore Stanley .

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 1 Sep 1740. She died on 1 Nov 1740. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Mary Lord.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 30 Aug 1687. She died on 17 Dec 1688. Parents: William PITKIN and Elizabeth Stanley.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 18 Aug 1689. Elizabeth married Rev. Benjamin Colton. Parents: William PITKIN and Elizabeth Stanley.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born in 1711. She died on 10 Feb 1753. Elizabeth married William Olmsted. Parents: Capt. Ozias PITKIN and Elizabeth Green.

bullet Elizabeth Pitkin was born in 1743. She died on 3 Jan 1750. Parents: Samuel Pitkin and Hannah Buel.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 19 Dec 1764. She died on 13 Oct 1845. Elizabeth married Theodore Pitkin. Parents: Squire Elisha PITKIN and Hannah Buel Pitkin.

She was married to Theodore PITKIN on 29 Jan 1789. Children were: William PITKIN, Theodore PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 4 Oct 1719. She died on 2 Oct 1798. Married Moses Porter. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Elizabeth Whiting.

bullet Elizabeth PITKIN was born on 31 May 1780. She died on 12 Jun 1780. Parents: Capt. John PITKIN and Elizabeth Woodbridge.

bullet Elizabeth D. PITKIN was born on 3 Jun 1830. She died on 21 Apr 1854. From a letter written by Ellen Strong of Montpelier to Mary Jane (Jenny) Thrasher in Coventry, July 7, 1850: ". . . Thursday evening brother Henry - cousin Sarah [Cowles of Coventry] and Lizzie Pitkin went out to ride - and had just turned their faces homeward when the axletree of the wagon broke - and pitched them out - but as the horse was perfectly steady they succeeded in getting themselves righted without any difficulty, by procuring another wagon. When they were within a mile and a half of home - it being rather dark, the horse stumbled in going down a very steep hill - and again they were all thrown out. Henry sprained his hand very badly - and his side - but was able to get to a house and call some help. Sarah struck her head and shoulder - and for fifteen or twenty minutes was perfectly insensible. - Lizzie hurt one knee so badly - she could not step on it at all - but seemed not hurt much ohterwise - She lifted Sarah out of the road and bathed her head in camphor until she revived, butg then she immediately complained of sleepiness and they with difficulty kept her awake until she came home - Lizzie not thinking herself much hurt proposed staying to help tgake cadre of Sarah through the night, if she shouild not seem better. We called Dr. Loomis as soon as possible - and he seemed to fear some trouble about her brain - and also a dislocation of the shoulder - but after the swelling went down some what he found it was only sprained slightly and bruised considerably. Lizzie, smart as she thought herself - began to grow faint in a little while - and Henry ditto - Lizzie fainted several times during the night - but was able to get home Wednesday morning - since which time she has been quite sick - is strongly threatened with a fever - She is harmed all over - but no bones broken - Sarah was quite sick Wednesday - but has since been much better is today able to be all about the house - She rode up to see Lizzie this morning - and is really the least hurt of the three - though at frist it seemed otherwise. Shke is a dear patient girl - and I shall very much hate to lose her - Henry is able to be up - but is very lame and stiff - We hope they will all get along without further trouble. . . . Henry sends much love to yoiu - says the only reason they were not killed was because their time hadn't come. . . . " Parents: Deacon Alfred PITKIN and Orpah Washburn.

bullet Elizabeth M. PITKIN was born on 22 Apr 1856. Elizabeth graduated from Syracuse University in 1881, and earned an A.M. degree in 1884. She lived on Myrtle Street, Boston. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Caroline Monroe Muenscher.

bullet Ella Louisa PITKIN was born on 8 Nov 1847. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

She was married to J. J. Holden on 4 May 1870. Children were: Emery L. Holden, Martha Holden, Rosa Bell Holden.

bullet Elmer Elsworth PITKIN was born on 28 Jan 1865 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 21 Apr 1878 in Marshfield, Vermont. Died of diphtheria. Parents: Levi Watson PITKIN and Mary Henshaw BURNAP.

bullet Elmer Morton PITKIN Photo was born on 3 Dec 1888. He died on 27 Dec 1892. Parents: Edwin Watson PITKIN and Bertha M. Merritt.

bullet Elsie PITKIN was born on 10 Jun 1841 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 8 Jun 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

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