bullet Charles A. PITKIN was born on 14 Nov 1839. Charles lived in Denver, Colorado. He was a clerk in the Quartermaster's Dept. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

He was married to Almira M. Schenck on 1 Oct 1873. Children were: William D. PITKIN, Lucius B. PITKIN.

bullet Charles A. Pitkin was born on 24 Sep 1830. He died on 22 Dec 1834. Parents: Denison Palmer Pitkin and Phoebe Dunham Turner .

bullet Charles A. Pitkin was born on 20 Jul 1837. Married Henrietta C. Lockwood. Parents: Denison Palmer Pitkin and Phoebe Dunham Turner.

bullet Charles C. PITKIN Parents: Orrin PITKIN and Mrs. Susan (Cole) Whitcomb.

bullet Chauncey PITKIN was born on 1 Mar 1835. He died on 1 Oct 1835. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

bullet Chester PITKIN was born on 15 Apr 1788. Married Nancy Ufford. Parents: David PITKIN and Huldah Olmsted.

bullet Chloe PITKIN Photo was born on 6 Jan 1879. She died on 27 Aug 1970. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

She was married to Robert N. Robertson on 20 Feb 1901. Children were: Earl G. Robertson.

bullet Christie PITKIN Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN Jr..

bullet Clara J. PITKIN was born on 13 Jul 1868. Parents: Horace Goodwin PITKIN and Rachel Alcora Knox.

bullet Clara L. PITKIN was born on 1 Oct 1871. Parents: Truman Davis PITKIN and Maria Darling.

bullet Clara R. PITKIN was born in Sep 1849. Parents: Truman PITKIN and Nancy Wing.

bullet Clarence PITKIN was born on 7 Jul 1888. He died on 6 Nov 1904. Parents: William E. PITKIN and Mary Klingensmith.

bullet Clarence George Pitkin Photo was born on 31 Jul 1897. He died on 20 Jan 1935. Clarence was associated with his father in the butterbox business. He also succeeded his father as leader of the cornet band. He graduated from Goddard Seminary in Barre, Vermont in 1915. Parents: Eldred C. Pitkin and Nellie O. Martin.

He was married to Amy Madene Cameron on 16 Oct 1926 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Francis Pitkin, Irene Pitkin.

bullet Clarence Horatio PITKIN Photo was born on 26 Aug 1849. He died about 1900 in Montpelier Jct., Vermont. Clarence was an attorney in Montpelier, Vermont. Parents: Perley Peabody PITKIN and Caroline M. Templeton.

He was married to Katherine Lamery on 15 Apr 1884.

bullet Clarinda A. (Clara) Pitkin Photo was born on 14 May 1856. Clara married Francis G. Merrill (b. 1849) of Marshfield on December 26, 1878. He was a mechanic in Marshfield and Montpelier, Vermont. No children. "Marshfield, Vt. Jan 3rd, 1933 - This piece of Linen was made about 80 years ago. My grandmother Patty Pitkin spun the Linen to make each of her fine girls a tablecloth. Not having any Loom of her own, she got her sister Sally Dwinell to weave it for her. This came to me from my aunt Sarah (Pitkin) Jameson, and I am giving this piece to Hope Wheeler so she can say she has a piece of hand made Linen that is very old." - Note attached to a piece of Linen which was donated to the Marshfield Historical Society by Hope (Wheeler) McPhee in 1995. Parents: Daniel Bemis Pitkin and Sylvia Hurd Martin.

bullet Clarissa Pitkin Photo was born on 12 Mar 1820 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 19 Mar 1906 in Ringold County, Iowa. The Bliss family history states that Clarissa owned and operated a tailor shop in 1859, the year before her marriage to David Bliss. The history does not say where the shop was, however. Between February 20 and March 20, 1832, Dea. Silas Jacobs and Dea. Nathaniel Dodge delivered $135.00 as part of a bequest made by Clarissa Pitkin to the General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States to support foriegn missions. (American Baptist Magazine, Vol. VII, Putnam and Damrell, Boston, 1832) Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

She was married to David Bliss Jr. on 6 Sep 1860 in Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin. Children were: Charles Edward Bliss.

bullet Clarissa PITKIN was born on 6 Feb 1786. She died on 1 May 1819. Never married. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Esther Kilbourn.

bullet Claryce Jean PITKIN was born on 16 Jul 1945 in Mason City, Iowa. Claryce married James Conroy in 1953. They lived in Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Ivan Howard PITKIN and Geraldine Clara Smidt .

bullet Content PITKIN was born on 10 Aug 1752. She died on 12 Jul 1839. She married Benjamin Olmsted. Parents: Ozias PITKIN and Theodosia Bull.

bullet Cora PITKIN was born on 17 May 1843. Cora married J. Winegardner. Parents: Horace PITKIN and Cyrena Burnap.

bullet Cora Irene PITKIN Photo was born on 2 May 1919. She died on 15 Jan 1961. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Cora Knox PITKIN Photo was born on 21 Sep 1864. She died on 30 Apr 1945 in St. Joseph, MO. Parents: Horace Goodwin PITKIN and Rachel Alcora Knox .

She was married to Byron Herschal Cody on 4 Jun 1885. Children were: Benjamin Horace Cody, Franklin Wesley Cody.

bullet Cora M. PITKIN was born in Dec 1873 in Vermont. Parents: Rev. Paul Henry PITKIN Jr. and Rebekah Ellen Pierce .

She was married to Hubbard.

bullet Corliss PITKIN was born in 1901. He died in 1975. He was a mill worker. Democratic party chairman in Corinth, New York, and Postmaster from 1935 to 1971. His wife, Mary was a school teacher. They had four daughters and two sons. Parents: Walter J. PITKIN and Myra Girard.

He was married to Mary Carney. Children were: David J. PITKIN, Maureen PITKIN.

bullet Curtis Alan PITKIN was born on 3 Jun 1930 in Ventera, Iowa. Curtis served in the U.S. Navy 1950-1951. He was a mechanic for Northern National Gas in Iowa and Texas. He resided in Andrews, Texas. Parents: Austin Otto PITKIN and Nellie Sophie Schwartz.

He was married to Luella Louise Rosendahl on 16 Sep 1950 in Garner, Iowa. Children were: Michael Lynn PITKIN , Gregory Richard PITKIN, Nancy Dennae PITKIN, Alan Curtis PITKIN, Joan Marie PITKIN.

bullet Cynthia PITKIN was born on 3 Mar 1804 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 18 Sep 1864 in Lynn, Massachusetts. Cynthia and her husband farmed in Lynn, Massachusetts. Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

She was married to Daniel Fairchild on 18 Mar 1825. Children were: Cynthia Fairchild , Marilla W. Fairchild, Rosannah Fairchild, Silas Fairchild, Eliza S. Fairchild, William Fairchild, Mary Ann Fairchild, Gustavus A. Fairchild, Daniel Fairchild Jr., Henry Fairchild, Francis Pitkin Fairchild, Georgianna C. Fairchild , Ellen M. Fairchild.

bullet D. Clair PITKIN was born on 8 Nov 1919. Clair married Lillian Scott (b. 1920) on December 21, 1940. They adopted a child, Sandra Rae Pitkin, who married Ted Drennen.. Parents: Ralph J. PITKIN and Cressie Robertson.

bullet Dale Howard PITKIN was born on 5 Jul 1917 in Garner, Iowa. He died on 9 Jun 1993 in Mason City, Iowa. Dale was a farmer in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Earl Valentine PITKIN and Emma M. Hanson.

He was married to Lillian Gladys Peterson on 18 Feb 1940 in Woden, Iowa. Children were: Ronald Earl PITKIN , Lowell Dale PITKIN, Barbara Jean PITKIN.

bullet Damaris PITKIN was born on 12 Oct 1756. She died on 12 Aug 1830. Damaris married Jonathan Marsh. Parents: Ensign Caleb PITKIN and Damaris Porter.

bullet Daniel PITKIN was born in 1963. Daniel was a computer software salesman in New York City. He married Ellen Connelly, an administrator at NY Hospital. No children (1996). Parents: David J. PITKIN and Gail Burlett.

bullet Daniel PITKIN was born on 17 Oct 1735. He died on 19 Sep 1815. Daniel was a selectman in East Hartford from 1783 for thirteen years. He kept a hotel a few rods from the river, at the ferry landing north of the present bridge, where his grand-daughter, Mrs. Chauncey Treat, afterwards lived. This was long before the bridge was built in 1808 or before the second ferry below the bridge was opened in 1804 or 1805. Parents: Capt. Ozias PITKIN and Esther (Burnham) Cadwell.

He was married to Susannah Stanley on 20 Oct 1763. Children were: James PITKIN , Daniel PITKIN, Susannah PITKIN, Ozias PITKIN.

bullet Daniel PITKIN was born on 24 May 1769. He died on 4 Sep 1851. Daniel married Chloe B. Norton. Parents: Daniel PITKIN and Susannah Stanley.

bullet Daniel Bemis Pitkin Photo was born on 31 Aug 1830. Daniel was a wheelright in Marshfield. In 1870, he built the house in Marshfield Village which was occupied by his son Eldred in 1940. Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

He was married to Sylvia Hurd Martin on 22 May 1853. Children were: Clarinda A. (Clara) Pitkin, George W. Pitkin, Eldred C. Pitkin.

bullet Daniel David PITKIN was born on 4 Dec 1967 in Waterloo, Iowa. Parents: David Winton PITKIN and Sandra Shoop.

bullet Daniel Webster PITKIN was born on 21 Jul 1833 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 17 Mar 1862 in Calais, Vermont?. Daniel was a merchant in East Calais, Vermont, apparently for a time in partnership with his brother Levi. In the membership role of the Universalist Society of Liberal Christianity of Marshfield, he is listed as Webster Pitkin (about 1855).
In 1850 he attended Peoples Acadamy in Morrisville.
The census of 1860 shows him living at home with his parents as a farmer. Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL .

Children were: William Webster PITKIN.

bulletDarlene Mae PITKIN was born on 6 Jan 1932 in Garner, Iowa. Darlene married Richard Lynn Kadolph (b.1926), a mail carrier in Anaheim, California. They had four children; Steven Richard (b. 1948), Douglas Leon (b. 1949), Donna Nadine (b. 1952), and Diane Lynn (b. 1954). Parents: Earl Valentine PITKIN and Emma M. Hanson.

bullet David PITKIN was born on 8 Feb 1761. He died on 22 May 1837. David resided in his father's house in East Hartford, Connectiuct. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Thankful Porter.

He was married to Huldah Olmsted in 1783. David married second the widow Susannah (Forbes) Hills (1768-1852) Children were: Huldah PITKIN, Chester PITKIN, Horace PITKIN, Nancy PITKIN, Horace PITKIN.

bullet David PITKIN was born in 1770. He died on 2 Jul 1822. David married Mary Cone. Parents: Capt. Richard PITKIN and Dorothy Hills.

bullet David PITKIN was born on 10 Dec 1801. David married Maria Skinner. Parents: Stephen PITKIN and Mrs. Amy Butler.

bullet David PITKIN was born on 28 Nov 1835. Married Louisa Clark. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Lucinda Smith.

bullet David J. PITKIN was born in 1939. David lived in Ballston Spa, New York. He was a social studies teacher, and a metaphysical counselor. Parents: Corliss PITKIN and Mary Carney.

He was married to Gail Burlett. Children were: Lisa PITKIN, Daniel PITKIN, John PITKIN.

bullet David Winton PITKIN was born on 19 Sep 1942 in Clear Lake, Iowa. He died on 22 Aug 2011. David was a farmer and teacher. He lived at 2343 Heling Ct., Rochester, Minnesota.

An update for your Pitkin Genealogy: My husband, David Winton Pitkin born 9/19/1942 died August 22, 2011 at his home of a massive brain hemorrhage. Sandra Shoop Pitkin Parents: Norval Austin PITKIN and Doris Irene Conibear.

He was married to Sandra Shoop on 1 Feb 1963 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Children were: Daniel David PITKIN, Angie Kay PITKIN.

bullet Dawn Carol PITKIN Parents: Dr. Frank Ivan PITKIN and Rhoda Lee Nicholson.

She was married to Jeff Sawyer.

bullet Deborah PITKIN was born in 1709. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Hester Hosmer.

bullet Deborah Lynn PITKIN was born on 16 Dec 1954 in Forest City, Iowa. Deborah married Dennis James Parkis (b. 1950) in 1980 in Fontanelle, Iowa. He was a heavy machine operator for a quarry operation. They lived in Fontanelle, and had a son, Bradley James (b. 1984). Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt.

bullet Denison Palmer Pitkin was born on 15 Feb 1807. He died on 18 Jul 1871. Denison lived and died on the homestead of the first William Pitkin of East Hartford. He was a farmer. Parents: Ezekiel Pitkin and Euphemia Chapman.

He was married to Phoebe Dunham Turner in 1828. Children were: Albert P. Pitkin , Charles A. Pitkin, Angelia A. Pitkin, Norman Turner Pitkin, Arvilla M. Pitkin, Charles A. Pitkin, Rosalinda A. Pitkin, Addison Pitkin, Frank F. Pitkin, Emily Pitkin.

bullet Dennis Lee PITKIN was born on 17 Nov 1963 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Galen Norval PITKIN and Marlys E. Johnson.

He was married to Jolene Sue Thompson on 27 Aug 1988 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Children were: Samantha Jolene PITKIN, Jessica Marie PITKIN.

bullet DeWitt Clinton PITKIN was born on 23 Oct 1831 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 12 Jul 1859 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Listed as David Pitkin in the 1850 census. Parents: James PITKIN and Bethia Parker.

bullet Dianna Lyn PITKIN was born on 25 Aug 1946 in Mason City, Iowa. Dianna married James Thailen (b. 1945) in 1964 in Mason City. They had four children; Jeffrey James, Troy Richard, Michael Scott, and James Darren. Parents: Franklin Benjamin PITKIN and Ruth Ann Minor.

bullet Dixie Lee PITKIN was born on 25 Aug 1946 in Mason City, Iowa. Dixie Lee married Gary Dean Spencer (b. 1946) in 1966 in Mason City, Iowa. She worked as a laundry supervisor in a nursing home, and he was a plumber. They had three children; Tony Dean (b. 1968), Tamira Lee (b. 1976), and Amy Marie (b. 1977). They resided at 926 5th Place North, Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Franklin Benjamin PITKIN and Ruth Ann Minor.

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