bullet Ashbel Stanley PITKIN Photo was born on 4 Jun 1807 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 5 Jul 1853. Ashbel graduated at the Medical College of Castleton, Vermont, and practiced medicine in Burlington, Vermont for many years. He was a highly respected citizen. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Hannah Marsh.

He was married to Mary Washburn on 22 Mar 1837 in Montpelier, Vermont. Children were: Dr. Henry Stanley PITKIN, Harriet E. PITKIN, Louis A. PITKIN.

bullet Ashley Laura PITKIN was born on 31 Jul 1990 in Fargo, North Dakota. Parents: Ronald Galen PITKIN and Pamela Jo Heitland.

bullet Ashley Nicole PITKIN was born on 31 Dec 1983 in Iowa City, Iowa. Parents: Rick Eugene PITKIN and Sherri McIntire.

bullet Austin Otto PITKIN Photo was born on 7 Aug 1889 in Carthage, South Dakota. He died on 3 Mar 1980 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Austin farmed north of Clear Lake, Iowa until his retirement in 1943. Parents: George Washington PITKIN and Ella Northrup.

He was married to Nellie Sophie Schwartz on 18 Apr 1912 in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Children were: Goldie Alice PITKIN, Sherwood Otto PITKIN, Norval Austin PITKIN, Franklin Benjamin PITKIN , Virgil Kenneth PITKIN, Ivan Howard PITKIN, Curtis Alan PITKIN.

bullet B. Merle PITKIN was born on 2 Mar 1913. Merle married Wayne Warner in 1930. They had three children; Patricia, Beverly, and Catherine Jean. Parents: Ralph J. PITKIN and Cressie Robertson.

bullet Barbara PITKIN was born in 1924. Barbara married Paul A. Weinrich. Parents: Roy PITKIN and Pauline McBeath.

bullet Barbara Jean PITKIN was born on 7 Feb 1952 in Forest City, Iowa. Barbara married Steve Connolly. They lived in Elmwood Park, Illinois. Parents: Dale Howard PITKIN and Lillian Gladys Peterson .

bullet Barbara Laura PITKIN Twin was born on 22 Dec 1920 in Epping, New Hampshire. She died on 23 Dec 1920 in Epping, New Hampshire. Parents: Fred Elbert PITKIN and Gertrude Laura Bliss.

bullet Barney Turel PITKIN Photo was born on 16 Jul 1893 in Forest City, Iowa. He died in May 1945. He was buried in Pilot Knob Cem., Hancock, Co, Iowa. Barney resided in Garner (or Gardner), Iowa. Parents: George Washington PITKIN and Ella Northrup.

He was married to Anna Catherine Cook. Children were: Russell PITKIN, Carl Edwin PITKIN, Eleanor PITKIN, Cora Irene PITKIN, Beulah PITKIN, George Warren PITKIN, Martha Marie PITKIN, Virginia Lou PITKIN, Alice May PITKIN, Francis Luverne PITKIN, John PITKIN, Barney Turel PITKIN Jr., Naomi PITKIN.

bullet Barney Turel PITKIN Jr. died on 12 May 1989. Barney had at least five children; Suzette, Christie, Travis, Kerry, and Ronald. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

Children were: Suzette PITKIN, Christie PITKIN, Travis PITKIN, Kerry PITKIN, Ronald PITKIN.

bulletBell Beecher PITKIN was born on 29 Apr 2001 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cal, thought you might like that your first cousin Aaron (not removed) is
the proud father of a daughter, Bell Beecher Pitkin, born 29 April 2001,
weighing in at 5 lbs 8 ozs, 19 1/4 inches long, dark hair. The mother is
reported as ecstatic and the father reports the babe is adorable. All this
in Charlotte, NC.

At this remove from the great event I don't feel qualified to offer any
other adjectives or adverbs.

Parents: Aaron Steele PITKIN and Hope Nicholls.

bullet Belmont Royce PITKIN Photo was born on 8 Jan 1929 in Burlington, Vermont. He died on 16 Feb 2004 in Burlington, Vermont. Belmont died of complications after a kidney transplant. Belmont attended public schools in Barre and Plainfield, and attended Goddard College where he received his BA in 1952. For many of his school years he worked in partnership with his father and his brother, Ronald, raising potatoes and producing maple syrup.
During his years at Goddard, Belmont was a maintenance worker at the college, a woodshop and cabin counselor at Camp Rainbow at Croton-on Hudson, NY and at Camp Killooleet in Hancock, Vermont. One summer he worked as a free-lance photographer, and the next winter was a copy boy for Time, Inc in NYC. He taught American History and Industrial Arts at the Marshfield High School. One winter he was a deckhand, pilot, navigator, cook, and secretary on the yacht, Toombah II in Florida. Another winter he was a social work intern and nursery school teacher in Milwaukee.
Belmont married Clotilde Dorman, a fellow Goddard student, on June 25, 1952. They lived in Cobleskill, NY for a few years where he worked for the Soil Conservation Service. They later moved to Hartford where he was an assistant town planner. After completing graduate studies at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, he worked for the Conservation Foundation in New York.
The family returned to Marshfield in 1961 where Belmont taught at Goddard in the field of natural resource management. As faculty for the Goddard College North to Alaska Ecology Project, he worked with Bob Jervis to organize and conduct two extensive expeditions to study the ecology of the western states and Alaska. For about ten years Belmont was a soil conservation specialist with the Johnson Company in Montpelier, and recently was an operator of the Winooski Hydroelectric plant in East Montpelier.
For a short time, he was an advisor to Governor Philip Hoff on conservation matters, and was appointed by Hoff to the Public Land Law Review Commission. Belmont served the local communities as Chief of the Goddard Fire Department, member of the Marshfield Fire Department, member of regional and local planning commissions, trustee of the Jaquith Public Library, and as clerk of the Twinfield Union School District. He was responsible for much of the legal and organizational work involved in the establishment of the Capitol Fire Mutual Aid System, and served as a director of that organization. As an Emergency Medical Technician he provided CPR training to a number of local groups. During the 1980's he offered workshops, training, and advice on the installation and use of wood burning stoves and furnaces.
Belmont's recreational activities and hobbies included traveling, bicycling, beekeeping, raising potatoes, sugaring, improving his woodlot, and maintaining a small fleet of Land Rovers, other vehicles and equipment. He was a devoted steward of his farm and family, an avid reader, story teller, and inventive problem solver.
Parents: Royce Stanley PITKIN Ph.D. and Helen Kathleen McKelvey.

He was married to Clotilde Whitney DORMAN on 25 Jun 1952 in Plainfield, Vermont. Children were: Caleb Whitney PITKIN, Seth Edward PITKIN.

bullet Benjamin Kevin PITKIN was born on 29 Aug 1991 in Sioux City, Iowa. Parents: Kevin Lynn PITKIN and Ruth Ann Wray.

bullet Bessie E. PITKIN was born on 13 May 1885. a 1908 city directory of Barre, VT lists Miss Bessie Pitkin, sales lady at 188 N. Main, boarding with her mother, Leona Pitkin, cook, at 37 Jefferson St. By 1909 they had moved to 21 Church St. on the common. By 1914, they were back at 37 Jefferson.

A 1915 census of Providence, RI lists a Bessie E. Pitkin, 26, a hospital nurse.

On May 28, 1918 a Bessie E. Pitkin married Frank J. Nutting in Rhode Island.

The 1920 census of Barre, Vt, lists Bessie, 33, single woman, as a trained nurse living in the household of her mother, Leona, 58, a rooming house keeper.

The 1930 census of Providence, RI, lists a Bessie E. Pitkin, divorced, aged 40, born in Vermont, trained nurse, lodging with the family of Roy Stimpson on Wayland Ave. The age is inconsistent, and if divorced, Pitkin would likely not have been her maiden name, but this is possibly the same person.

The 1940 census of Providence also lists a Bessie E. Pitkin, aged 54, marital status single, private duty nurse, lodging in the household of Jean M. Frame, a 34 year old hospital nurse. This 1940 census is a much closer match. Perhaps there were errors in the 1930 census.

In 1947, a Bessie E. (Pitkin) Pitkin died in Norwood MA. Parents: William Webster PITKIN and Lona May Kiser.

bullet Bessie Kate PITKIN Photo was born on 5 Dec 1877 in Montpelier, Vermont. Bessie had a cousin by the same name, the daughter of William and Lona (Kiser) Pitkin of Plainfield. Could be this Bessie, though. The attached photo was for sale on Ebay, and was identified as Bessie Pitkin from an "Austin-Pitkin" photo album from Vermont. The girl in the photo has a prosthetic arm.

In the 1900 census of Boston, MA, a Bessie K. Pitkin, 22, born Vermont, Dec, 1877, stenographer, was lodging in the household of George Priest.

On Dec. 19, 1904, a Bessie K. Pitkin married Elmer E. Carr. iin Rhode Island. Parents: Cassius Merrill PITKIN and Mary L. Flanders.

bullet Betsey PITKIN was born on 20 Nov 1798. She died on 26 Dec 1873. Betsey married Caleb Willis. They moved from Marshfield, Vermont to Whitewater, Wisconsin. He was a farmer. They had a daughter Mary who married Lewis Vincent and lived in Rockford, Illinois. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Esther Kilbourn.

bullet Betsy PITKIN was born on 27 Jun 1822. She died on 15 Feb 1878. Betsy and her husband farmed in South Royalton, Vermont, Wisconson, and later Elliota, Minnesota. Parents: Owen PITKIN and Betsy Dodge.

She was married to Horace Wheeler on 1 Jan 1845. Children were: Frances E. Wheeler , Lillia E. Wheeler, Elgin Wheeler, William H. Wheeler, Horace E. Wheeler, Malon P. Wheeler.

bullet Beulah PITKIN Died in infancy. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Brent Tyler PITKIN was born on 26 May 1993 in Sioux City, Iowa. Parents: Kevin Lynn PITKIN and Ruth Ann Wray.

bullet Brian Michael PITKIN was born on 19 May 1973 in Corvallis, Oregon. Parents: Sherril Marlin PITKIN and Susan Lombard Simpson .

bullet Bryan D. PITKIN Photo was born on 8 Nov 1899. He died on 9 Nov 1975. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

bullet Bryan Paul PITKIN was born on 28 Jan 1975. Parents: Donald Herridge PITKIN and Patricia Caldwell.

bullet Byron Perley PITKIN was born on 3 Feb 1856 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 13 Nov 1931. Byron resided in Calais and Marshfield. He lived slightly west of the house owned by Sidney Lowry in 1996, on the other side of the Calais road. He owned a cider mill at the top of Molly's falls about 1892. He had red hair.

By's Runner

Yes, that mass of rusty iron standing by the station gate
Brings a message and a lesson from some long forgotten date.
Some old man perhaps will tell you of a mill among the trees
Where today a mossy stone heap is the only thing he sees.
There the big and burly Byron with his beard of flaming red
Stood beside his hopper, that the bending orchards fed.
From his press the golden cider in a tide untrammeled flowed
Down the necks of thirsty neighbors far along the Danville road.
But his pitcher has been busted now full many a thirsty day
And his barrel staves have mingled with the dust of long decay.
Now the Molly Falls that roared is a dry and silent ledge
With the softly rustling alders leaning over at its edge;
For a new and different master labors now the mountain stream
In a living realization of Young Beckley's wildest dream.
So the young forget the ancient as they almost always do
And to cheer a thirsty neighbor there is only three point two.
- F.M. Eastman Parents: Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN and Chestina B. English .

He was married to Ella D. Day on 30 Apr 1878 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Lizzie B. PITKIN , Carroll B. PITKIN, Perley PITKIN.

bullet Caleb PITKIN was born on 19 Aug 1687 in Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 16 Jan 1773 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He was buried in East Hartford, Connecticut. Caleb served as fence viewer in 1708 and as selectman in Hartford in 1726 and 1738. As Caleb's name does not appear in any of the mercantile histories of Hartford, it is likely that he was a farmer. In 1713, Caleb was deeded five tracts of land by his father, totaling over 250 acres. Three years later, his father deeded two more tracts "in consideration of my son marrying to my good satisfaction." Caleb was also assigned land by his father from his sister Rachel's inheritance, for which Caleb compensated her 12 pounds. These tracts of land may have been in the vicinity where the homes of his sons, Joshua and Nathaniel were later built. Parents: Roger Pitkin and Hannah Stanley.

He was married to Dorothy HILLS in 1716 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Caleb married second, Deborah _____. Children were: Dorothy PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Thankful Pitkin, Sarah Pitkin, Ensign Caleb PITKIN, Nathaniel PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Joshua PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Ensign Caleb PITKIN was born in 1727 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died in 1768. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Dorothy HILLS.

He was married to Damaris Porter . Children were: Caleb PITKIN, Stephen PITKIN, Dorothy PITKIN, Damaris PITKIN, John PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Timothy PITKIN.

bullet Caleb PITKIN was born on 3 Dec 1768 in East Hartford, Connecticut. This birthdate, December 3, 1768 may be incorrect. The baptism recorded in the East Hartford Congregational Church on December 4, 1768 was for "Caleb, son of Caleb, Jr." If correct, this would be the date of baptism of Caleb's cousin. He died on 16 Apr 1813 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Caleb Pitkin first came to Marshfield, Vermont in the summer of 1790 as a member of the surveying company of General James Whitelaw. The purpose of the survey was to lay out the lot lines of Marshfield, and the company returned in 1791 to finish the job. Caleb may have served as a cook for the company. During the following summers of 1792 and 1793, Caleb returned to Marshfield with his brother Martin, and Gideon Spencer to clear land for settlement. In December of 1793, Caleb married Hannah Marsh, the sister of Polly Marsh, Gideon's wife. They were the daughters of Daniel Marsh, Caleb's step-father, who had extensive holdings in Marshfield. In February of 1794, the two families arrived in Marshfield with the family of Aaron Elmer, also of East Hartford. They made the last leg of the move from Montpelier through snow four feet deep, and carried their belongings on hand sleds. There was no road to Marshfield at the time. Sherman Gilman had settled in town a few months earlier, and these four families were the first permanent residents of Marshfield. In a 1796 petition to the Vermont Legislature, Caleb signed his name as the owner of 2320 acres in Marshfield.
Caleb was perhaps the first sugarmaker in town. He carried a five-pail kettle home from Montpelier on his back, the first kettle in Marshfield. To hold his maple sugar, Caleb made a box out of birch bark which held 200 pounds. He also brought to town the first cow, driven through the woods 34 miles from Newbury. The cow lived on wheat in the stook during its second winter. She was a good milker, as remembered by Caleb's son James. Caleb and his brother Stephen each raised a barn on June 26, 1797. After Caleb built a frame house, his log house was sometimes used as a school until 1812, when a schoolhouse was finally built. Caleb's log house burned sometime after 1827.
At the first town meeting in 1800, Caleb was elected town treasurer, sealer of weights and measures, and auditor of accounts. The following year, he moderated the town meeting, and was elected selectman.
Hannah Pitkin (Mrs. Stephen Pitkin, Jr.) wrote of him; "He was rather retiring in his manners, but had a vein of pleasantry which made him agreeable company, and he had a good education for the times. He was a good reader, and often when no minister was present, read the Sunday sermon. His trade was a mason, and the original stone chimneys of the first dwellings were laid by him. His wife was social, and a worker. He removed to Peacham a few years before his death... at the age of 40. His widow returned to Marshfield, and lived some years after the decease of her husband."
According to the account book of his brother Martin, Caleb moved his household to Peacham, Vermont in 1808, and the census of 1810 shows that he lived there in a household of five persons (his entire family). Whether the Marshfield farm was sold is still a matter to be researched, but it is certain that Caleb's son James later lived there, and that when the house was later purchased by James Cassidy, there were numerous Pitkin papers found in the attic, which papers the Cassidys subsequently destroyed (related to Caleb W. Pitkin by Mrs. James Cassidy). Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Anna STANLEY.

He was married to Hannah Marsh on 12 Dec 1793 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: James PITKIN, Susan PITKIN, Ashbel Stanley PITKIN.

bullet Caleb PITKIN was born in 1751. He died on 14 Dec 1776. Caleb never married. Parents: Ensign Caleb PITKIN and Damaris Porter.

bullet Caleb Whitney PITKIN Photo was born on 10 May 1958 in Hartford, Connecticut. Caleb grew up in Marshfield, and attended the University of Vermont and Goddard College, where he received his B.A. in 1980. He moved to Cambridge, Mass. with Mary until 1982. They then lived for a year at the Tobias house in Cabot, and operated Hillcrest Nursery together with Mary's mother and sister. In August, 1983, they moved to the Carpenter farm in Cabot, and in October began dairying there, shipping their milk to the Cabot Farmers Co-operative Creamery and later to the Organic Cow, in Chelsea. They began sugaring in 1985, built a new sugarhouse in 1989. Sold the cows in 1999, after which Caleb supplemented his farm income as a builder.
Served the town of Cabot as UDAG (revolving loan fund) board member, local and regional planning commissioner, State Representative, Selectboard chairman, director of Twin Valley Senior Center, and Justice of the Peace. Author of a photographic history of Marshfield and editor/publisher of a collection of oral history of Cabot Vermont. His hobbies were fishing, genealogy, community theater, and local history. Parents: Belmont Royce PITKIN and Clotilde Whitney DORMAN.

He was married to Mary Adele CARPENTER on 20 Jun 1982 in Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Lydia Carpenter PITKIN, Hannah Carpenter PITKIN .

bullet Calistria Lynn PITKIN Photo was born on 8 Nov 1959 in Peekskill, New York. Clisty grew up mostly in West Chester, Pennsylvania where she graduated from Henderson High School in 1978. She then attended Bloomsburg State College in Northeastern Pa. for a BA in social work in 1982. After college she stayed in the Bloomsburg area working in restaurants as a waitress and mixologist, and found that there wasn't much money in social work "and too many headaches." She married Jeffry Robert Brown on July 21, 1984. Jeff was born on Sep 5 1952 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was fond of playing the guitar in local night clubs. They divorced in 1990, their son Alex remaining with Clisty. She had another child in September 1991 with Steven Harlowe Stryker ("Strike"), who she married on Nov 23 1991. Strike was born on May 7 1954 in Bath, New York. He had a son Steven "Jamie" Stryker (born April 3, 1974), who resided in Bath. Clisty wrote in 1994: "(Strike) is a die-hard Harley Davidson enthusiast and now I've become one too! At present he is a millwright pipefitter for a local contractor. They do mostly industrial work. He is one of those mechanically inclined people who can fix anything. Between the boys and our many projects, time seems to fly by. This past year we purchased the house we had been renting. It was built at the turn of the century and needs much work. New plumbing, rewiring and remodeling has kept us very busy. We both enjoy gardening. We're quite proud of our home-grown vegetables, herbs and flowers. We've also been freezing and canning as much as possible. You have to do what you can in this day and age. In my 'spare time' I enjoy my crafts. These include needlework, macrame, corking on lawn chairs, printing on clothing and making beaded jewelry. Someday I hope to open a little shop. We all love to go tent camping and treasure hunting at auctions and yard sales. We have refinished some bargains into beautiful pieces. Our music preference includes good ol' rock-n-roll, country and bluegrass. We have 2 guitars and a mandolin which we pick at but haven't perfected yet. That's on the "someday" list. We also have a 10 year old pit bull named Spike. He looks just like the dog from "Spanky and Our Gang" with one black eye. He's a very important member of our family. Our dream is to fix this place up to sell and eventually live on a farm in the country." Parents: Donald Herridge PITKIN and Patricia Caldwell.

She was married to Jeffry Robert BROWN on 21 Jul 1984. Children were: Alex Matthew BROWN.

She was married to Steven Harlowe STRYKER on 23 Nov 1991. Children were: Harlowe Douglas STRYKER.

bullet Carl Edwin PITKIN Photo was born on 12 Jul 1916 in Ellington, Iowa. He died on 13 Jul 1964. He was buried in Brushy Point Cem., Hancock Co., Iowa. Carl lived in Forest City, Iowa. He was a carpenter. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Carol Ann PITKIN was born on 12 May 1945 in Mason City, Iowa. Carol was married four times. Parents: Franklin Benjamin PITKIN and Ruth Ann Minor.

bullet Carol Juanita PITKIN was born on 15 Apr 1932. Carol married Melvin Ike in 1951. He was a barber in Chico, California. They had one child, Thomas, born in 1954. Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Caroline A. PITKIN was born on 26 Dec 1841. Caroline's family lived in Winchendon, Massachusetts, where her husband was a merchant tailor. Parents: Harry PITKIN and Minerva Hand.

She was married to Nelson W. Wyman on 29 Aug 1867. Children were: Frederic S. Wyman, Harry E. Wyman.

bullet Caroline W. PITKIN was born on 29 Aug 1879. Parents: Charles A. PITKIN and Caroline W. Curtis.

bullet Carrie Dulcine PITKIN was born on 28 Oct 1841. Parents: Wesley PITKIN and Sarah W. DAVIS.

She was married to Austin Cruver on 7 Mar 1861. Children were: Minnie L. Cruver, Edith M. Cruver, Sarah R. Cruver, Ella J. Cruver.

bullet Carrie E. PITKIN was born on 20 Dec 1860. Carrie graduated from Syracuse University in 1880. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Caroline Monroe Muenscher.

bullet Carrie E. PITKIN was born on 11 Dec 1877. Parents: Edward H. PITKIN and Lillie E. Morey.

bullet Carrie Etta PITKIN Photo was born on 6 Sep 1857 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 25 Feb 1920 in Marshfield, Vermont. Carrie was a member of the Universalist Society of Liberal Christianity of Marshfield. Parents: Eli Swetland PITKIN and Lydia Austin BEMIS.

She was married to Silas Houghton Packer on 14 Feb 1881. Children were: Elizabeth M. Packer, Harry Vincent Packer, Emma Belle Packer.

bullet Carroll B. PITKIN was born on 23 Sep 1884. He died on 30 Sep 1884. Parents: Byron Perley PITKIN and Ella D. Day.

bullet Carroll Louise PITKIN was born in 1949 in Montpelier, Vermont. Dear Caleb and Mary;
Love your web site - I actually got to see a picture of my grandfather for the first time. It was an experience. - I am very interested in genealogy and have explored the Pitkins for years. I am the last of the (living) Carroll Pitkins born in Montpelier Vermont, - 1949. I am named after my Dad but with the middle name of Louise. My Dad was Carroll Peabody Pitkin and my Mom was not Joan
Felix (as in your web site) but her maiden name was Joan Marcina (Polish for Margaret) BOMALASKI -born in Jasper Indiana.My Mom played violin and my Dad sang as a baratone with a barbershop quartet. Mom was the daughter of a dentist Martin Felix Bomalaski ( I think that is where the name got messed up )
My Grandfather George Lawrence Pitkin was married to Mary Agnes Heney from Barre Vermont- They had two children. Carroll Peabody Pitkin (my Dad) and Phillip Arthur Pitkin.(my uncle) Phillip Arthur was 19 when he died in WWII in the Phillipines (I was told that he was trying to bring in a damaged plane and the plane blew up)
Martin George Pitkin from Harpersfield is my brother. There are four of us. I don't care if I am listed but my other brother and sister are very private I am Carroll Louise {Pitkin} Dunn, I work in the medical field and am a part time tutor. I also sing.I now sing with various church choirs and have 21 years as an alto with the Messiah Chorus of Lake County. I live in Painesville. Ohio.
Isn't it funny that your family and mine share backgrounds in music. If you would like to contact me -I am roni325@sbcglobal.net - I woud love to hear from you as I feel that I have not kept in contact with my New England relitives as I should. I hope that this letter has been helpful. God Bless.
Fondly, Carroll Pitkin Dunn

HI! -I am The last living Carroll L. Pitkin from the Vermont clan. Can I help clarify your info just a bit. ( I was named after my Dad; Carroll Peabody Pitkin - You have him listed as Carroll P. - who died in 1996 but at Hospice House in Euclid, Ohio. Dad did live in Madison, Ohio with his wife Joan Bomalaski Pitkin. Carroll Peabody had four children - two boys and two girls. Dad was the last president of Lane Manufacturing Company in Montpelier, Vermont.
The company was sold and Dad moved to Buffalo, NY and was employed as a Manufacture Representative travelling in and around the United States. He left the high stress pace in the manufacturing world and eventually retired from St. Lukes Hospital Board of Directors and Security Chief at St. Lukes Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio
I cannot thank you enought for having a photo of my grandfather on your web site: - ( I have never seen a picture of him - yours was the first) - I take that back- As a child, I saw a very small picture of him and his shooting buddy L. L. Bean (yes- the founder of L.L. Bean in Freeport Maine), but the picture was so small that you could not make out any features. George Lawrence Pitkin married Mary Agnes Heney of Barre, Vermont. They had two children. (not one) Carroll Peabody Pitkin (my Dad) and Phillip Arthur Pitkin (who died at age 19 during W.W.II- I was told that Phillip Arthur was trying to bring in a crippled aircraft somewhere in the Phillipines and the plane exploded.
George Lawrence Pitkin died of cancer when my Dad was 8 years old so I never knew him.
Thanks loads for all the other additional info that I did not have until I read your website . If I can be of any other help please contact me. I am roni325@sbcglobal.net Thanks again
Carroll L. Pitkin Parents: Carroll Peabody PITKIN and Joan Marcina Bomalaski.

bullet Carroll Peabody PITKIN died about 1996 in Madison, Ohio. Carroll was the last president of Lane Manufacturing Company in Montpelier, Vt. According to his son, Carroll L. Pitkin "The company was sold and Dad moved to Buffalo, NY and was employed as a Manufacture Representative travelling in and around the United States. He left the high stress pace in the manufacturing world and eventually retired from St. Lukes Hospital Board of Directors and Security Chief at St. Lukes Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio"
Parents: George Lawrence PITKIN and Mary Agnes Heney.

Children were: Martin George PITKIN, Carroll Louise PITKIN.

bulletCarroll Perley PITKIN Photo was born on 15 Dec 1851. He died on 10 Dec 1907. In 1881 Carroll was Secretary-Treasurer of Lane Manufacturing Company in Montpelier, Vermont, and later served as president of that company for many years. He played cornet in the Montpelier Band for 35 years. Lived where his son George later lived at 144 Main St., Montpelier.

Parents: Perley Peabody PITKIN and Caroline M. Templeton.

He was married to Mary A. Devine on 10 Oct 1883. Children were: George Lawrence PITKIN, Margaret PITKIN.

He was married to Ella C. Dewey in Nov 1873 in East Montpelier, Vermont.

bullet Cassius Merrill PITKIN was born on 20 Apr 1852 in Marshfield, Vermont. Merrill was a machinist and engineer in Montpelier, Vt.
Cassius M. PItkin was a machinist at Moran Bros. Co. in Seattle, WA in 1898. Roomed at 714 3rd Ave.
Cassius M. Pitkin resided at 336 Florida St., Milwaukee, WI in 1903 Parents: Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN and Chestina B. English.

He was married to Mary L. Flanders on 25 Sep 1873 in Montpelier, Vermont. Children were: Bessie Kate PITKIN, Doris PITKIN, Mary Flanders PITKIN.

bullet Catherine E. PITKIN was born on 1 Jun 1852. Parents: John Owen PITKIN and Lucy Makens Merrow.

bullet Catherine M. PITKIN was born on 9 Jan 1820 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 25 Jun 1851 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: James PITKIN and Bethia Parker.

bullet Charlene Kaye PITKIN was born on 20 Dec 1954 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Ivan Howard PITKIN and Geraldine Clara Smidt .

bullet Charles PITKIN was born on 18 Jan 1857. He died on 30 May 1863. Parents: Truman Davis PITKIN and Maria Darling.

bullet Charles PITKIN was born on 1 Jul 1874. He died in 1932. He was buried in Underwood, Iowa. Parents: William E. PITKIN and Mary Klingensmith.

He was married to Laura Williams . Children were: Edwin PITKIN, Lawrence PITKIN, Anna Belle PITKIN, Ida May PITKIN, Raymond PITKIN.

bullet Charles A. PITKIN was born on 21 Oct 1853. Charles graduated from Harvard in 1873. He resided in Braintree, Massachusetts. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Caroline Monroe Muenscher .

He was married to Caroline W. Curtis on 12 Apr 1876. Children were: Ethel G. PITKIN, Caroline W. PITKIN.

bullet Charles A. PITKIN was born on 27 Jun 1878. Parents: Alfred Hudson PITKIN and Jemima C. McCreary.

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