bullet Karen Alfreda Munnich

She was married to John Craig Raese in 1982. Children were: John Kyle Raese, Kristen Raese.

bullet Humphrey MUNNING was born in 1517 in Nedging, Suffolk, England. He died in 1596 in Semer, Suffolk, England. Parents: Thomas MUNNING and Lady BARKER.

He was married to Ellen UNGLE in Suffolk, England. Children were: Margaret MUNNING.

bullet Margaret MUNNING was born in 1545 in Brettenham, Suffolk, England. Parents: Humphrey MUNNING and Ellen UNGLE.

She was married to Henry KIMBALL on 12 Jun 1564 in Brettenham, Suffolk, England. Children were: Henry KIMBALL, Richard KEMBALL.

bullet Thomas MUNNING was born on 4 Dec 1470 in Nedging, Suffolk, England. He died on 28 May 1557 in Nedging, Suffolk, England.

Children were: Humphrey MUNNING.

bulletEdmund Munnings was born in 1595 in Denge?, Essex?, England. He died in 1667 in Denge, Essex, England. Edmund munnings came to Dorchester, Massachusetts aboard the "Abigail" in 1635 with his wife and children. He returned to England in 1642.

Children were: Hannah Munnings.

bulletHannah Munnings was born in 1629. Parents: Edmund Munnings and Mary.

She was married to Henry Garnsey before 1647. Children were: Joseph Garnsey.

bullet Jessie C. Murphy was born on 7 Dec 1862. Jessie was the daughter of James E. Murphy and Sarah Hawley.

She was married to Walter Soden PITKIN on 7 Dec 1881. Children were: Jessie E. PITKIN .

bullet Liisa Muukari

She was married to David McLane (Darby) BRADLEY. Children were: Richard Kari BRADLEY , Markas BRADLEY, Timo BRADLEY .

bullet John Myll was born before 12 Jun 1566 in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, England. Parents: Roger Myll.

He was married to Joan on 26 Sep 1573 in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, England. Children were: Wilmott Myll.

bullet Roger Myll

Children were: John Myll.

bulletWilmott Myll was born before 15 Aug 1578 in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, England. Parents: John Myll and Joan.

She was married to Giles Reede on 19 Oct 1607 in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, England. Children were: Margaret Reede.

bullet Lydia Myrick

Children were: Friend Moody MORSE, Lydia MORSE.

bulletElizabeth Nash. Parents: John Nash.

Children were: John Severans.

bulletHelen Nash was born on 3 Nov 1919. She died on 21 Sep 2009 in Washington, D.C..

She was married to Frederick Johnson Oatman BLACHLY about 1973 in Bath, Maine.

bullet John Nash

Children were: Elizabeth Nash.

bulletSusan Nash was born in 1812. She died on 25 Jan 1862 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Widow of John Bartlett of Burlington, VT

She was married to Sidney Algernon Scales on 8 Jul 1846 in Ascot, Quebec. Children were: Giles Scales, Male child Scales, Charles Scales.

bullet Tomoko NATAKAWA died in 1961 in Berkeley, California. She was born in Oita ken, Kyushu, Japan. She was buried in Japanese Cemetery, Colma, California.

Children were: Yanako YAMAMOTO, Kunizo YAMAMOTO, Thomas Shuzo YAMAMOTO.

bulletClara Lussette Nelson.

She was married to Truman Henry Bartlett on 3 Feb 1877. Children were: Vera Alice Bartlett.

bullet Dulcina Nelson

She was married to Alonzo Delano Pearce in 1856. Children were: Harley N. Pearce, Inez M. Pearce.

bullet Lydia Nelson was born in 1738. She died in Aug 1823 in Concord, New Hampshire.

She was married to James Scales. Children were: James Scales, John Scales , William Scales, Abraham Scales, Stephen Scales, Oliver Scales, Moses Scales, Mercy Scales, Susan Scales.

bullet Sara Nelson

He was married to Abigail Taylor BLACHLY in Massachussetts.

bullet James L. Neuland

He was married to Dolores Gail White on 12 Feb 1961. No Children.

bullet Harriet Nevins Harriet was the sister of David Nevins.

She was married to Horace BEMIS. Children were: Ralph H BEMIS, Eva BEMIS.

bullet Florence Newbury

She was married to Howard Warren WHEELER .

bullet Richard Newell Photo

He was married to Carolyn Etta Davis.

bullet Arthur Jacob Newman was born on 15 May 1998. Parents: Keith Allen (Chananya Eliyohu) Newman and Barbara Ried Holden.

bullet Carl Frederick (Gavriel Hillel) Newman was born on 17 Aug 1995 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Parents: Keith Allen (Chananya Eliyohu) Newman and Barbara Ried Holden.

bullet Keith Allen (Chananya Eliyohu) Newman Son of Stuart Newman and Esther Berlin. Undergraduate training in Engineering and Certified Public Accounting.

He was married to Barbara Ried Holden on 29 Nov 1992 in Columbia, MD. Children were: Carl Frederick (Gavriel Hillel) Newman, Arthur Jacob Newman.

bullet Jane NEWTON (Nurton) was born in Broadway Parish, England.

She was married to Benedict ALVORD on 26 Nov 1640 in Windsor, Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth ALVORD.

bullet Charles Newton Photo was born in 1840 in Windsor, Vermont. Charles was the son of Daniel and Rosaline Newton. About 1880 he moved his family from Marshfield, Vermont to Hope, North Dakota. They adopted Mabel Smith, daughter of Prudence' cousin, Orison Smith.

He was married to Prudence Jane SMITH on 25 Jun 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont.

bullet Honor Newton died in 1637. She was buried on 21 Aug 1637 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England.

She was married to John ROCKWELL on 19 Jul 1585 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England. Children were: William Rockwell Deacon.

bullet Rose E. Newton Daughter of Frank M. Newton and Ola B. Wheeler.

She was married to Bernis G. Wilson. Children were: Robert Wilson, Agnes Wilson.

bullet Hope Nicholls Photo Hope was a musician and operated a clothing store in Charlotte. She was the daughter of Pete and Scotty Nicholls.

She was married to Aaron Steele PITKIN on 6 May 1995 in Davidson, North Carolina. Children were: Bell Beecher PITKIN.

bullet Martha Ann Nichols

She was married to Kenneth Alexander Cruickshank on 2 Jun 1968. Children were: Kenneth Alexander (Alex) Cruickshank Jr., Andrew Nichols Cruickshank.

bullet Miss Nichols

She was married to Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. .

bullet Rhoda Lee Nicholson Rhoda was from from Massapequa NY, the daughter of Edward Lawrence Nicholson and Tusha Rhoades Nicholson.

Children were: Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN, Dawn Carol PITKIN , Holly Elizabeth PITKIN.

bulletEdward Norcross M.D..

He was married to Elizabeth Rebecca Bartlett.

bullet Signe E Nordstrom was born about 1895 in Sweden.

She was married to Charles Henry Corbett on 21 Dec 1916 in Rhode Island. Rhode Island marriage records referenced on Ancestry.com Children were: Alfred W. Corbett, Esther V. Corbett, Charles H. Corbett Jr..

bullet Elisabeth Sewell North was born on 9 Feb 1966 in New York. Lisa was the daughter of Douglas McKay North and Jane Gray Seaton. She worked for a time for the American Friends Service Committee. In 1997 she became director of alumni affairs at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

She was married to Paul Sotaro YAMAMOTO on 12 Jul 1997 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Vedan North.

Children were: Vedan North.

bulletVedan North was born on 22 May 1988 in New York City. Vedan lived with her mother and Paul Yamamoto in Brooklyn, New York and in Cabot, Vermont. In 1996 she attended Cabot School. Her father, Dalton Jones, lived in New York at the time. Parents: Dalton Jones and Elisabeth Sewell North. Parents: Paul Sotaro YAMAMOTO and Elisabeth Sewell North.

bullet Ezekiel Northend

Children were: Sarah Northend.

bulletSarah Northend was born on 3 Dec 1661 in Rowley. She died on 26 Apr 1732 in Rowley. Parents: Ezekiel Northend and Edna Halsted.

Children were: Mary HALE.

bulletAbigail Northrup was born on 1 May 1699. She died on 18 Oct 1756. She was buried in Watertown, Connecticut. Parents: Samuel Northrup and Sarah.

She was married to Jonathan Garnsey on 6 Jan 1724. Children were: Samuel Garnsey.

bullet Ella Northrup was born on 18 Jan 1865 in Marshall County, Iowa. She died on 19 Jan 1941. She was buried in Brushy Point Cem., Hancock Co., Iowa.

She was married to George Washington PITKIN on 3 Nov 1885 in Forest City, Iowa. Children were: Truman Davis PITKIN , Austin Otto PITKIN, Earl Valentine PITKIN, Barney Turel PITKIN.

bullet Joseph Northrup

Children were: Samuel Northrup.

bulletSamuel Northrup. Parents: Joseph Northrup.

Children were: Abigail Northrup.

bulletBrainard NORTON Photo was born on 20 Jan 1894. He died on 1 Jun 1974 in Asbury Park, NJ. Parents: Lucius Bernard Norton and Ida May CLEVELAND.

He was married to Helen Denman Carmer. Children were: Natalie Vanderbilt Norton, Robert Donald NORTON, Dorothy Cleveland NORTON .

bullet David Norton

He was married to Ellen Matthews before 1859. Children were: Lucius Bernard Norton.

bullet Dorothy Cleveland NORTON Photo was born on 3 Feb 1926. Parents: Brainard NORTON and Helen Denman Carmer.

She was married to Wayne Joseph King. Children were: Darcy Ann King, Douglas Wayne King, Peter Norton King, Elise Andrea King, Steven Paul King.

bullet James Murvin Norton Photo was born on 6 Feb 1965. Parents: Robert Donald NORTON and Estella Gail Lansing.

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