bullet Hannah Mitchell was born about 1660.

She was married to Joseph Hayward . Children were: Thomas Hayward.

bullet Leigh Kendra MITCHELL was born on 28 Oct 1974. Parents: George Lee Mitchell and Catherine Lois CEPLIKAS .

bullet Mitchinson

He was married to Barbara Cody.

bullet Emma MODBURLEGH was born in England. She died in England. Parents: William DE MODBURLEGH.

She was married to Robert LE GROSVENOR in England. Children were: Ralph LE GROSVENOR, Robert LE GROSVENOR.

bullet ________ Monroe

He was married to Jean A. Russell.

bullet Victor Monson

He was married to Agnes Newton Turnbull about 1917.

bullet Hannah MOORE was born about 1630 in England.(4) She died on 16 Feb 1686. Parents: Thomas Moore .

She was married to John DRAKE Jr. on 30 Nov 1648 in Windsor, Connecticut. Children were: Job DRAKE .

bullet Mildred Irene Patterson Moore was born on 4 Dec 1887. She died on 23 May 1925.

She was married to William Melrose Cruickshank on 24 Jan 1915. Children were: Robert Cromarty Cruickshank , Myra Margaret Cruickshank, Caroline Fronia Cruickshank.

bullet Sheila Mary Moore

She was married to Kenneth Melrose Cruickshank in 1943/44. Children were: Kenneth Alexander Cruickshank .

bullet Thomas Moore(4) died in 1645. He was born in England. Thomas Moore immigrated about 1633.

He was married before 1618 in England. Children were: Hannah MOORE.

bullet Lillie E. Morey was born on 16 Dec 1851. Lillie was the daughter of Lewis and Ann Maria Morey.

She was married to Edward H. PITKIN on 5 Aug 1871. Children were: Lillie M. PITKIN , Frank L. PITKIN, Carrie E. PITKIN, Florence E. PITKIN, Elsie F. PITKIN.

bullet Anna Morgan

Children were: Mary KINNE.

bulletC. Gene Morgan was born on 16 Jun 1918 in Kent, Iowa. He died about 2000. Gene was a barber in Ft. Madison, Iowa. Parents: Glenn Morgan and Frankie Linette PITKIN.

He was married to Frances Smith on 11 Mar 1946. Children were: Monty L. Morgan, Mark L. Morgan, Myron Lynn Morgan.

bullet Doris Rose Morgan was born on 12 Oct 1920 in Shannon City, Iowa. She died on 31 Aug 2003 in Long Beach, California. Doris married Robert Foley on November 25, 1939. They had one son, Robert born April 25, 1943. They divorced. Son Robert married Jeanne _________. They had sons Robert and Larry, and grandchildren Stephanie and Robert III. Parents: Glenn Morgan and Frankie Linette PITKIN.

bullet Elton Howard Morgan was born on 2 Sep 1915 in Union County, Iowa. He died on 7 Apr 1956. He was buried Arapahoe, Nebraska. Elton married Jessie Ball in 1939. They had four children; Sharon, Jerry, Susie, and Diane. Parents: Glenn Morgan and Frankie Linette PITKIN.

bullet Glenn Morgan was born on 19 Jul 1892. He died on 21 Feb 1984. Glenn was a farmer in Iowa and Nebraska, and later became a service station operator in Shannon City, Iowa.

He was married to Frankie Linette PITKIN on 16 Dec 1913. Children were: Elton Howard Morgan , C. Gene Morgan, Doris Rose Morgan, Rex Leroy Morgan M.D., Richard Lee Morgan.

bullet Mark L. Morgan was born on 25 Aug 1947. Mark was a sign painter in Florida. He was married to Ann Morrow, and they had a son Merritt. They divorced and he married second, Gloria ______. Parents: C. Gene Morgan and Frances Smith.

bullet Monty L. Morgan was born on 25 Aug 1947. Monty lived in Florida. He married Linda Carol Cone in 1970. They had three sons; Zachary, Nathan, and Myles. Parents: C. Gene Morgan and Frances Smith.

bullet Myron Lynn Morgan was born on 20 Jun 1954. Myron had his name legally changed to Myron L. Kistler Smith Pitkin Morgan, and advertized his business as Pitkin-Morgan Paint Mechanics. He was a house painter in and around Hartford, Connecticut, and was a collector and dealer of Pitkin family memorabilia. Parents: C. Gene Morgan and Frances Smith.

bullet Rex Leroy Morgan M.D. was born on 2 Jun 1922 in Gordon, Nebraska. He died on 4 Sep 2002. He was buried in Oakland Cemetery. Rex Morgan served in the armed service during WWII. He is a doctor at Sioux City, Iowa. He married Janet Sloss in 1952. They had 6 children; Jeffrey, Patricia, Thomas, Barbara, Carolyn, and Timothy. Parents: Glenn Morgan and Frankie Linette PITKIN.

bullet Richard Lee Morgan was born on 5 Jul 1926 in Gordon, Nebraska. Richard married Ann Orr in 1952. Parents: Glenn Morgan and Frankie Linette PITKIN.

bullet Robert Morgan

He was married to Josephine McLane (Wendy) BRADLEY.

bullet Sumner S. Morley

He was married to Stella Grace Clapp on 19 Dec 1906.

bullet Abraham Morrill died on 20 Jun 1662 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He was buried in Old First Burying Place, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Abraham Morrill arrived in Boston September 16, 1632 on the Ship "Lyon," which subsequently took on a load of beavers and sunk off the coast of Virginia.

He was married to Sarah Clement on 10 Jun 1645. Children were: Lydia Morrill.

bullet Lydia Morrill was born on 8 Mar 1660. Parents: Abraham Morrill and Sarah Clement.

She was married to Ephraim SEVERANCE "Old Goodman" on 9 Nov 1682. Children were: Abigail SEVERANCE, Mary SEVERANCE, Lydia SEVERANCE, Ephraim SEVERANCE, Dinah SEVERANCE, Ebenezer SEVERANCE, Sarah SEVERANCE, Jonathan SEVERANCE, Hannah SEVERANCE, Lydia SEVERANCE.

bullet Abigail Morris

Children were: Hannah Peck.

bulletElizabeth Morris was born in 1602. She died on 28 Feb 1678.

Children were: Capt. Caleb Stanley.

bulletAnthony MORSE was born on 9 May 1606 in Marlboro, Wiltshire, England. He died on 12 Oct 1686 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Anthony Morse came from Marlboro, Wiltshire, England to Newbury, Massachusetts about 1635

Children were: Benjamin MORSE Deacon.

bulletBenjamin MORSE Deacon was born on 28 Mar 1640. Parents: Anthony MORSE and Mary Elizabeth.

He was married to Ruth SAWYER on 26 Aug 1667. Children were: Joseph MORSE.

bullet Clara Augusta Morse Photo was born on 30 Mar 1856. She died on 21 Jan 1921. She was buried in Montpelier, Vermont. Clara was the daughter of Rev. Nicholas Morse and Mary Jane Goodwin. She taught school before her marriage.

She was married to Henry Eugene SEVERANCE on 24 Feb 1875 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Harry SEVERANCE, Max Elvin SEVERANCE, Maebelle SEVERANCE, Pansy SEVERANCE.

bullet Frankie Morse was born in 1879. She died on 4 Dec 1900. Died of anemia. Daughter of Olin Morse and Alma Paige. Lois Webster gives name as "Frantie"

She was married to Clarence Eugene McKelvey on 11 Apr 1900.

bullet Friend Moody MORSE was born on 24 Oct 1775 in Milford, New Hampshire. He died in Medina, Ohio?. Parents: Obediah MORSE and Lydia Myrick.

He was married to Phebe May Bemis . Children were: Mary Hall Morse.

bullet Friend Moody MORSE was born on 24 Oct 1775 in Milford, New Hampshire. He died in Medina, Ohio?. Parents: .

bullet Inez Belle Morse

She was married to Mervin Gifford . Children were: Mary Elizabeth Gifford.

bullet Joseph MORSE was born on 30 Apr 1700 in Methuen, Massachusetts. He died on 21 Dec 1755 in Methuen, Massachusetts. Parents: Joseph MORSE and Sarah MERRILL.

He was married to Patience PEACOCK on 17 Apr 1727 in Methuen, Massachusetts. Children were: Obediah MORSE.

bullet Joseph MORSE was born on 10 Feb 1671 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He died on 9 Sep 1745 in Casco Bay, Maine. Parents: Benjamin MORSE Deacon and Ruth SAWYER.

He was married to Sarah MERRILL on 7 Oct 1696 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Children were: Joseph MORSE.

bullet Lydia MORSE was born on 9 Feb 1770. She died on 18 Oct 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Obediah MORSE and Lydia Myrick. Parents: .

She was married to Elias Austin on 30 Mar 1790 in Methuen, Massachusetts. Children were: Isaac Austin, Friend Moody Morse Austin, Abigail Austin, Lucy Austin, Mehitabel Austin, Rhoda Austin, Mary Austin.

bullet Mary Hall Morse(52) Photo was born on 29 Jul 1799 in Francestown, New Hampshire. She died on 16 Mar 1881 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Marshfield, Vermont. A lock of Mary's golden hair is in the possession of Caleb Pitkin (1998). Parents: Friend Moody MORSE and Phebe May Bemis.

She was married to Daniel Bemis Jr. on 30 Dec 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Horace BEMIS , Daphne BEMIS, Hiram BEMIS , Levi Martin BEMIS, Lydia Austin BEMIS, Andrew Jackson BEMIS, Nelson Cole BEMIS, Laura BEMIS, Elsie BEMIS, George BEMIS.

bullet Obediah MORSE was born on 15 Aug 1738. He died after 1831 in Marshfield, Vermont. Obediah was a carpenter and shinglemaker Parents: Joseph MORSE and Patience PEACOCK.

Children were: Friend Moody MORSE, Lydia MORSE.

bulletElizabeth Mortimer was born in 1459 in Mortimer Hall, Hampshire, England. She died on 10 May 1536 in White Friars, London, Middlesex, England. Parents: Sir Hugh Mortimer and Eleanor Cornwall.

She was married to Thomas West K.G. 8th Lord de la Warre in 1478 in England. Children were: Elizabeth West .

bullet Sir Hugh Mortimer was born in 1413. He died on 30 Dec 1460 in Wakefield, England. Parents: Sir John Mortimer Lord of Burton.

He was married to Eleanor Cornwall in 1454. Children were: Elizabeth Mortimer.

bullet Sir John Mortimer Lord of Burton died in 1415. He resided at. Parents: Sir Roger Mortimer and Maud Wyard.

Children were: Sir Hugh Mortimer.

bulletSir Roger Mortimer died on 13 Dec 1402.

Children were: Sir John Mortimer Lord of Burton.

bulletCecily MOULTON was born in Moulton, England. Parents: John MOULTON.

Children were: William BULKELEY .

bulletJohn MOULTON was born in Moulton, England.

Children were: Cecily MOULTON.

bulletEleanor Mowbray died before 18 Jun 1387. Parents: Sir John de Mowbray 3rd Lord Mowbray and Lady Joan Plantagenet .

She was married to Sir Roger la Warre 3rd Lord la Warre. Children were: Joan la Warre.

bullet Ella (Luella?) Mrs. Fisher died on 30 Aug 1876 in Nashville, Tennessee?.

She was married to Charles Gardner Fisher before 1868 in Tennessee. Charles makes reference in a letter to his oldest son being nine years old in 1877, placing his marriage on or before 1868. Children were: Charles George Fisher, Samuel Fisher.

bullet Caroline Monroe Muenscher was born on 20 Jan 1828. Caroline was the daughter of William Muenscher and Lydia Monroe of Taunton, Massachusetts.

She was married to Ozias Cornwall PITKIN on 22 Mar 1852. Children were: Charles A. PITKIN, Elizabeth M. PITKIN, Carrie E. PITKIN, Jennie PITKIN, Mary S. PITKIN.

bullet Priscilla Mullins was born in 1602. She died between 1650 and 1687. Pricilla's death date has not been determined, but she was identified as living in 1650 by Governor Bradford, and she was NOT mentioned in the will of her husband John who died in 1687. Parents: William Mullins and Alice.

She was married to John Alden about 1623 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Children were: Elizabeth Alden, John Alden, Joseph Alden, Sarah Alden, Jonathan Alden, Ruth Alden, Rebecca Alden, Mary Alden, Priscilla Alden, David Alden.

bullet William Mullins died on 21 Feb 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

He was married to Alice. Children were: Priscilla Mullins.

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