bullet James McKelvey Photo was born on 6 May 1829 in Belfast, Ireland. Birthplace from Lois Webster. He died on 8 Apr 1893 in Island Pond, Vermont. Lois Webster gives place of death as E. Concord, Vt. He was buried in Island Pond Cemetery. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

He was married to Mary Ann Cruickshank on 13 Jun 1852 in Leeds, Quebec. Children were: Alexander McKelvey , Mary Eva McKelvey, Robert Alexander "Zan" McKelvey, Angeline Glanville McKelvey, Emma Caroline McKelvey, Jessie Jane McKelvey, James Alford McKelvey, John McKelvey, Simon A. McKelvey , Martha McKelvey, Agnes McKelvey.

He was married to Helen Gee on 28 Jul 1877 in Lunenburg, Vermont. Children were: Helen "Nellie" McKelvey, Clarence Eugene McKelvey .

bullet James Alford McKelvey was born on 7 Aug 1865 in Island Pond, Vermont. He died on 25 Sep 1880 in E. Concord, Vermont. He was buried in Island Pond, Vermont. "Killed while tending an engine in the sawmill last Sat. morning. His older brother runs the mill." -- St. Johnsbury Caledonian, October 1, 1880. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

bullet Jessie Jane McKelvey was born on 6 Jul 1863. She died on 21 Jul 1907. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

She was married to George Decker Smith.

bullet John McKelvey was born in Jul 1846 in Lower Canada. John is said to have been very musical. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

He was married to Jennie Crawford . Children were: Albert McKelvey, Charles McKelvey, John McKelvey, Ethel McKelvey, Estella McKelvey, Frances McKelvey.

bullet John McKelvey was born on 22 Sep 1867. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

He was married to Katherine in Littleton, New Hampshire. Children were: Mary McKelvey.

bullet John McKelvey died in 1926. Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

bullet Joseph H. MCKELVEY Photo was born on 12 Feb 1831 in Belfast, Ireland. He died on 16 Feb 1916 in Island Pond, Vermont. Died of Bright's Disease. "JOSEPH H. MCKELVEY - In the days when Brighton was covered with forests and lumbering was its chief industry, Joseph H. McKelvey came to the United States from Leeds, Canada, where he had spent his early manhood and had married Helen Cruikshank, to build a home and rear a family.
Of Irish descent, having been born in Belfast, Ireland, Feb. 12, 1831 and brought to Quebec at the age of two years, his home was a typical one of the race which has developed so much of thrift and cordiality among the American people. Eight children came to this home; two died in infancy, but three boys and three girls were brought to maturity, and with their mother, are all living to mourn the death of the head of the family, which occurred Wednesday, February 16 (1916). The children are Mrs. Fred Wing, WIlliam A. McKelvey, and George B. McKelvey of this town, Robert C. McKelvey of Georgetown, S.C., Mrs, C. Ladd of Lyndonville, and Mrs. I.E. Quimby of Groveton, N.H.
Since coming to the United States, fifty-three years ago, Mr. McKelvey lived for two years at East Charleston, then went to East Brighton where he was sawyer in the Hobson mill. He afterward bought a farm there on which he lived till about twelve years ago when he took up his residence on Pleasant street of this village.
An interesting feature of his life here was the celebration of the golden anniversary of their wedding tendered to Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey by their children, all of which were present, on December 24, 1906
Mr. McKelvey was one of the organizers of the Methodist Episcopal church in this town; having been a member for thirty-eight years, and his funeral was held in the church edifice on Sunday afternoon, February 20th, Rev. O.E. Barnard officiating. "Servant of God, well done! Thy glorious warfare's past, The battle's fought, the race is won, And thou art crowned at last."
Among those attending the funeral from out of town were Chas. D. Ladd, Roger Ladd and wife, Martin Ladd and wife of Lyndonville; Mrs. A. Pottle of Canaan; Geo. Quimby of Groveton, and E.F. Hobson and daughter of Newport."
Joseph and Helen resided first in Leeds, on the farm adjoining his mother's. He came to the United States in 1862, and his family followed the following year. He was naturalized in 1888. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

He was married to Helen CRUICKSHANK on 24 Dec 1856 in Leeds, Quebec. GOLDEN WEDDING AN ISLAND POND EVENT - Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McKelvey, whose golden wedding, celebrated Christmas eve, was the second event of the kind Island Pond, Vermont has ever known. - (Special dispatch to the Sunday Herald.) ISLAND POND, VERMONT, Dec. 29, 1906. Not often has the celebration of a golden wedding been possible in the village of Island Pond, and only once before, when the 50th anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Clark H. Ladd was honored, has there been an event of that nature equalling in popular interest the occasion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. McKelvey, on Christmas eve. when their many relatives and friends, numbering several hundred, assembled to greet this universally respected couple. Joseph McKelvey and Helen Cruikshank were marreid by the Rev. James McConachy at Leeds, Can., just 50 years ago, where their respective fathers had cleared farms from the primeval forest. Soon after the marriage, Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey came to Island Pond, where for about 15 years Mr. McKelvey was engaged in lumber operations, till he purchased the place now known as the McKelvey homestead at Hobson's Mills. Until recently this couple resided at the old homestead, moving last spring to their present home in the village. . . . .All of the surviving children and several of the grandchildren were present, together with William Cruikshank of Inverness, Can., brother of Mrs. McKelvey, and many other relatives. Col. Porter H. Dale reviewed the lives of Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey and extended to them the best wishes of their neighbors and friends. His remarks were substantially as follows: "Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey: The solicitude of your children has given your friends the privelege of rejoicing with you in this rare event. That you are tonight where you have toiled together up the heights of half a century makes this occasion one of unusual interest. Many here never looked upon a scene like this; some can recall but one other, and not but a few times, possibly eight, has such an assembly been possible among the residents of this town. Perhaps you are at first surprised when you think how seldom such an event can take place, and yet as you review the years you will wonder more that it has come to you. Looking back through the long vista you behold countless occasions just like that one fifty years ago at Leeds, Que., when the Rev. James McConachy pronounced Joseph H. McKelvey and Helen Cruikshank man and wife. All throught the years, since then you have observed events like that, and yet as you look again how many of them you have seen covered by the fragments of hopes and the ashes of hearts! Thus you are brought to realize how true it is when we, thinking of your lives, say to you, tonight, "The way is long, O friends! But life is sweet, so sweet, To wander hand in hand Where overhead the swaying branches meet, And birds sing joyous songs, by soft winds fanned, And velvet grasses kiss your wayworn feet, Till just beyond you, where the river bends, You find the summer-time that never ends." We must remind you of what, no doubt, you have frequently said of yourselves, that you are fortunate to have avoided, through this long period, the fatalities of illness and disaster. It appears to us that you have in a marked degree attained the objects for which you hoped at the start. You never desired a life of idleness, the Scotch-Irish ancestry behind you made you strong of mind and muscle, and you expected to labor for what you obtained, therefore you have not lived in complaint nor met failure. ". . . . Your fathers came over the sea and cut for themselves a farm out of the primeval forests of Canada. From such and ancestry you obtained the constitutions to meet the conditions as they existed, nearly forty five years ago, when you went into the uncut forests of this town for Nathan L. Woodbury. Some of us with gray hair can recall the old boarding house up the river, the birthplace of some of your children, and where we, as children, used to rest when on our forest expeditions years after you had moved away from it. "Since thirty years ago you took the farm which was till recently your home, it is doubtful if you realize how many kindly thoughts and pleasant words of you were awakened as the people of this community passed on the railway by your abode. As you think, sir, of the men on the railroad with whom you have exchanged salutes through all these years, you see again many a hand, some vanished now, but all of which waved to you the heart's goodwill. As you think of all that has taken place with you from the time Hobson's mills were built till the grass grew up the meadows where the trees fell and the mills were gone, you recall some illness and bereavement, but, in general, you have so lived yourselves that you could look upon the great world about you as you beheld the railway trains, and from it, as from them, you have been saluted only with the cheerful hand and the friendly smile. ". . . . And now for those who represent your family, to whom you have taught the sacred meaning of the words "Father," "Mother," and the church to which you have given long and consistent service, and the community from which you have gained universal friendship and respect, we wish you, the aged bride and groom of this event, many returns fo the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year of all that you have known through half a century." To Col. Dale's remarks, the Rev. C.D. Lance, make a very happy and appropriate response in behalf of the family. Dainty refreshments were then served after which all enjoyed a social hour, including a solo by Mr. Pottle. In the fifty years of the married life of Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey eight children were born to them, four sons and four daughters, all living, except the eldest son and youngest daughter. They took up their residence in this town in 1862 and all these years have been honored and respected as worthy citizens. They are well preserved, and active, and a large circle of friends hope they may celebrate many more anniversaries, and wish them continued years of happiness and prosperity. They were most bountifully remembered by thier children and grandchildren, who presented them with $105 in gold coin, and friends added $56, also in gold. Then there was a handsome coat presented to Mrs. McKelvey by the grandchildren and Mrs. R.A. McKelvey, and the neighbors on Pleasant Street presented her with a chair. There was also a morris chair from S.D. Hobson and family, a chair from the Methodist church friends, a pair of silver loving cups from D. Stern and wife, and several other gifts, including books, pictures, rugs, linen, etc. Children were: Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY, Margaret Stevenson MCKELVEY , Alexander MCKELVEY, Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY, William Alexander MCKELVEY , Helen Augusta MCKELVEY, George Banks MCKELVEY, Alma Eva MCKELVEY, Infant MCKELVEY.

bullet Louisa McKelvey was born in Sep 1848 in Lower Canada. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

She was married to Peter Giroux. Children were: Charlotte Giroux, William Giroux, Emma Giroux.

bullet Margaret McKelvey was born about 1867. Parents: Hon. Alexander T. McKelvey and Mary Bond.

bullet Margaret Stevenson MCKELVEY Photo was born on 20 Apr 1860 in Leeds, Quebec. She died on 12 Feb 1928 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Margaret was killed by an automobile Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

She was married to Charles Daniel Ladd on 22 Oct 1884 in East Brighton, Vermont. Children were: Roger Burns Ladd.

bullet Martha McKelvey was born in 1842 in Lower Canada. Lois Webster gives birthdate of 1840. Martha's brother John wrote from Littleton, New Hampshire to their brother Joseph March 10th, 1901: "Dear Bro & Sister, Yours received was glad to hear from you but sorry you could not come and see us. Martha is alive yet - and a little better. But very low yet. If she does rally the doctor says she will always be an invalid, but with care she may come to health again. . . . ." Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

She was married to William Thompson in 1862. Children were: James Thompson , Margaret Thompson, William Thompson, Josephine Thompson.

bullet Martha McKelvey was born on 26 Apr 1871. She died on 26 Apr 1871. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

bullet Mary McKelvey was born on 4 Jan 1903. Lois Webster indicates birthplace as "Graniteville, Vt. / Littleton." Parents: John McKelvey and Katherine.

bullet Mary Eva McKelvey was born on 7 Nov 1855. She died in 1949. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

She was married to Jasper Smith on 27 Apr 1874 in Brighton, Vermont. Children were: Infant Smith.

bullet Mary Jane McKelvey was born in 1840 in Lower Canada. Lois Webster gives birthdate of 1838. She died in Jun 1925. Date from Lois Webster. "18 Hillburg Ave., Brokton, Mass. Feb 21, 1916. Dear Sister Ellen, The sad news of Joseph's death reached me Saturday. I did not know that he was ill until then. I am so glad that I went to see him last summer and I felt very badly that I couild not attend the funeral but as I am living away down here I could not. I know that you will miss him but you have one thing to comfort you. What is your loss is his gain. Were all your children with you? Remember me to them and tell them they have my deepest sympathy in thier sorrow. Hoping to see you this coming summer. I am Lovingly Yours, Mary J. Ramsay." Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

She was married to Joseph Ramsay. Children were: Margaret Ramsay, Elizabeth Kalls Ramsay, Agnes Ramsay, Louise Ramsay, George Samuel Ramsay, Martha Matilda Ramsay.

bullet Mildred McKelvey was born on 28 Jan 1905. She died on 9 Mar 1910. Parents: Clarence Eugene McKelvey and Jennie Gilbert.

bullet Ralph MCKELVEY Photo was born on 9 Jul 1899. He died on 2 Aug 1977 in Portland, Maine. "Ralph H. McKelvey, 78, of 29 McLean Street, South Portland, Me., died Tuesday, Aug. 2, at a Portland Hospital after a long illness. . . . He attended schools in Vermont and earned his trade as a machinist in Island Pond. He and his wife went to South Portland in 1924. In 1966, Mr. McKelvey retired from the Maine Central Railroad after 45 years of employment. He was a communicant of St. John the Evangelist Church and a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Machinists. Surviving are his wife of 55 years, the former Albina M. Beaulieu of South Portland and a cousin. . . . Interment was in Pine Grove Cemetery, Falmouth, Me." Parents: George Banks MCKELVEY and Gertrude Hardy.

He was married to Albina M. Beaulieu about 1922.

bullet Robert Alexander "Zan" McKelvey Photo was born on 1 Mar 1858 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. He died on 18 Mar 1934 in Whitefield, NH. In 1973, "Pink" Pottle wrote to Helen McKelvey Pitkin: "The McKelveys who lived in Whitefield, N.H. were Adelaide's father and mother (Robert Alexander McKelvey and Addie Wakefield). After my mother died in 1919, I went to live with Adelaide in Whitefield, who then had married John Shores, and lived next door to her father and mother. Soon after I moved to Whitefield your father came to visit uncle "Zan" McKelvey, and we were all invited to a family dinner in your father's honor and at the table that day there were four Robert McKelveys - your father Robert - his son Robert - (Uncle Zan) Robert - and his son Robert. Which seemed quite a coincidence. Your father Robert and Robert Alexander were double cousins as very likely you know." Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

He was married to Addie Estelle Wakefield on 27 Oct 1886 in Concord, Vermont. Lois Webster gives marriage date as 26 October 1881. Children were: Adelaide McKelvey, Robert Wakefield McKelvey, Alice W. McKelvey .

bullet Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY Photo was born on 6 Apr 1864 in Brighton, Vermont. He died on 8 Oct 1938 in Moundsville, West Virginia. "Robert C. McKelvey, 74, retired lumberman, died this morning at 11:35 at the hime of his daughter Mrs. Arch Dorsey on EIghth street. Death terminated a lengthy illness. Mr. McKelvey and his wife made their home here for fourteen months, coming to this city from Maryville, Tennessee. He was born in Brighton, Vermont, and was engaged in the lumber business until his retirement. Mr. McKelvey was a member of the new Providence Presbyterian Church in Maryville, Tenn., and was affiliated with the Odd Fellows lodge and the Knights of Pythias. He had been a Mason for fifty years. . . . On Monday the body will be taken to Morgantown for interment in the Beverly Hills cemetery that afternoon. The Masons will conduct rites at the grave." Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

He was married to Emily Cummings on 2 Mar 1892 in Charleston, Vermont. Children were: Alice Nelson MCKELVEY, Sarah MCKELVEY, Helen Kathleen McKelvey, Catherine (Kapie) Buchanan MCKELVEY, Robert Cummings MCKELVEY.

bullet Robert Cummings MCKELVEY Photo was born on 5 Jan 1908 in Davis, West Virginia. He died in 1992 in Florida. He resided at in Fort Meyers, Florida. Parents: Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY and Emily Cummings.

He was married to Mary (Polly) Cox on 1 Nov 1937 in Washington, D.C.. Children were: Sarah (Sally) MCKELVEY.

bullet Robert Wakefield McKelvey Photo was born on 4 Jan 1899 in Concord, Vermont. Lois Webster gives birthdate as 14 Jan 1899 He died on 3 Dec 1941 in Whitefield, NH. Lois Webster gives death date of 30 December 1941. Parents: Robert Alexander "Zan" McKelvey and Addie Estelle Wakefield.

He was married to Isabelle Wilder.

bullet Sarah MCKELVEY was born on 16 Jan 1899 in West Burke, Vermont. She died on 16 Jan 1899 in West Burke, Vermont. Parents: Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY and Emily Cummings.

bullet Sarah (Sally) MCKELVEY was born on 27 Dec 1951 in Fort Meyers, Florida. Parents: Robert Cummings MCKELVEY and Mary (Polly) Cox.

She was married to James Anderson on 30 Oct 1970 in Fort Meyers, Florida. Children were: Michele Lee Anderson, Robert Anderson.

bullet Simon A. McKelvey was born about 1869. He died on 30 Sep 1898. Died of a violent blow to the head. He was buried in Island Pond, Vermont. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

bullet William McKelvey was born in 1833 in Lower Canada. Lois Webster gives birthdate as 1834. A William McKelvey, Irish, aged 17, arrived in New York from Liverpool on Nov 6, 1851 on the ship Excelsior.

A William McKelvey, aged 22, arrived in Quebec from Londonderry, Ireland in 1855.

A William S. McKelvey, harness maker, died in Boston, MA, Dec 26, 1898 at the age of 63 of accidental inhalation of illumigas. He was born in St. John New Brunswick, the son of Alexander McKelvey, born Ireland. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

bullet William Alexander MCKELVEY Photo was born on 6 Aug 1866 in Brighton, Vermont. He died on 10 Mar 1935 in Island Pond, Vermont. William was a lumberman and log scaler for most of his life, working in the woods and in lumber mills of Maine and New Hampshire. Although he seems to have been content with the work of lumbering, he was often depressed by the coarsness and loneliness of camp life. In October of 1910 he wrote to his sister Callie, "It has been a long time since I rec'd your letter and ought to have answered before but there is not much chance to write so have neglected. And then I was not sure I would stay. For this beats all the crews of dirty low lived Nova Scotia French brutes ever I was in and I just will not stay for would rather live with a lot of pigs. I am going to stay perhaps till the end of the month and then am going to find somewhere that the lice won't carry me away. . . " His correspondance with his mother and sisters indicate that at least as early as 1906 he had a drinking problem and had incurred substantial debts in Island Pond. These problems remained with him for many years, despite continued efforts to reform himself. In May, 1906 he had written to his mother, "And another thing Mother, (though I should not mention it) it is a good thing I am here for you will not need to worry about me while I am here on the score of intemperance for even tho' I had any desire to drink I could not get it here. Of course I feel lonesome in this place as any one will that is away from his folks and still I am glad to be here and live soberly. It will take me a long time to get square again but with my health I shall and then try and remain so. . . " Will never married, and seemed to always be very emotionally dependent on his mother and sister Callie for much of his adult life. His mother's letters to him were always loving and supportive. In January 1913 she wrote to him, "Dear Will we should all try to do better this new year than we have in the years gone by. And if ask in faith the Lord help us. We all need to for we all do rong. And I trust and pray the Lord will help you and give you strength to over come in time of temptation for you are a good son in all other ways and you never mean to hurt any ones feelings. . ." In his later years he became a member of the Christ Episcopal Church. He died after a long and painful illness lasting over five years. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

bullet Mary McKillop

She was married to John Yeoman COOKE .

bullet George Converse McKnight

He was married to Lois Ruth Dwinell on 1 Sep 1933. Children were: Melvin Edward McKnight , Joyce Arlene McKnight.

bullet Joyce Arlene McKnight was born on 11 Aug 1943. Parents: George Converse McKnight and Lois Ruth Dwinell .

She was married to Harvey Elmer George. Children were: Daniel Eric George, David Aaron George, Jonathon Guy George.

bullet Linda Ann McKnight was born on 9 May 1962 in Fort Riley North, Geary, Kansas. Parents: Melvin Edward McKnight and Maria Paz Cobo.

bullet Mary Elizabeth McKnight was born on 18 Oct 1960 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Parents: Melvin Edward McKnight and Maria Paz Cobo.

She was married to Richard Andrew Peterson.

bullet Melvin Edward McKnight was born on 10 Dec 1935 in Barre, Vermont. Parents: George Converse McKnight and Lois Ruth Dwinell .

He was married to Maria Paz Cobo. Children were: Mary Elizabeth McKnight, Linda Ann McKnight, Susan Ann McKnight.

bullet Susan Ann McKnight was born on 19 Jun 1967 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Parents: Melvin Edward McKnight and Maria Paz Cobo.

bullet Elizabeth Bancroft McLane

She was married to David John BRADLEY in 1941. Children were: Kim McLane BRADLEY, David McLane (Darby) BRADLEY, Josephine McLane (Wendy) BRADLEY, Ben McLane BRADLEY, Elizabeth Bowen (Bronwen) BRADLEY, Steven Rama BRADLEY .

bullet Frank MCLAUGHLIN M.D. Photo

bulletRuth McLean. Ruth was from Schenectady, New York.

She was married to Charles Densmore Brown. Children were: Sidney Brown , Miriam Brown, _____ Brown .

bullet Angus McLeish was born on 12 Mar 1843 in Ardmarnock, Kilfinan Parish, Argyl, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont.

bullet Annie McLeish was born on 1 Sep 1855 in South Knapdale Parish, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont .

bullet Donald McLeish(50) was born on 6 Mar 1813 in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. He was baptized on 7 Mar 1813 in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. He died on 5 Mar 1899 in Ontario, Canada. He was buried in Arkona Cemetery, Arkona, Ontario. The following letter is in the posession of Allan Rice of Bolton, Ma (2007).

Greenock Feb 7, 1849
Liverpool Feb 8, 1849

Mr. Malcolm Buchanan
Care Archibald Buchanan
Vermont State
by Derby line Post Office

Admarnock - 12th January 1849

Dear Cousin
I received Your Letter of June 291844 and for want of your Adrefs I could not wryte to you but now I am resolved to make an offer. I know you would like to hear of my health Family and that we now have three Daughters and two sons in life beautiful healthy Children. I have plenty for them. Yet as I have a large farm consequently have to pay a large rent. I have between three and four hundred sheep about 40 head Black cattle 4 excelent horses and Colt. My hole stock and implements is considered to be worth about L600 -- Sterling but you may gess it is not all myne clearly. I borrowed the length of L360- from my father when I take this Farm I am eight years in this farm now and but one yeare more of my lease to run and no matter as it did not pay well. I pay L100-rent besides about L10-- a year of taxes. I keep two men and two Maid Servants which comes to be very expensive. I intend dropping this farm at the expiry of my lease. I always have a notion of coming to America.
I forgot to give you the names of our young Highlanders but I will give it heare. The eldest is Margeret 2nd is Jean 3rd Angus 4th Malcolm 5th Janet. Father and Mother is still in life and in Stellaig. Malcolm is dead 4 years since. John is Married to your Cousin Jean a Valie. They are preparing for going to America. This spring if spaired they are for going to Canada Upper where sister Mary is. Hector and Janet is with Father not Married. I think we would do well in America if Father would go as he could command a grand sum of money where as we are doing nothing here but keeping up with life on hard labour and very little in are and times is very bad with Farmers in this country owing to the failure of the potate crops in particular. The first year of the desease I lost upwards of 200 boals of potatoes which did me a great deal of harm being a new beginner in trade. The wool is also very cheap which injures me also, price of sheeps and cattle is also very low this year owing to bad Tread in Townes. The Colera is very rife in Scotland towns. Just now thank god for his mercy to us it is not in Kerry yet nor any other troubles but we must confess that our great Sins call for great corection would to give that his Judgement on our land would be a means to bring us and many more to a sense of our Sins and ask grace to forsake our evil ways and bring us to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. I sometimes console myself in respect of my fore(ig)n friends hoping we shall all yet meet and be found among the shaf (staff) of his right hand for which there is no condomnation. I would like to believe that I would have the pleasure of seeing you and your Wife and Family yet in this life as I was and is fond of you. Your Cousin Malcolm is not yet Married. All the rest of the Family is. He is staying with his mother. Duncan and Robert and their Wives are de(a)d. We had a letter from Saly in Sidney last weack. They are well and doing well. He speaks of coming home. It is some time since I had a letter from Sister Mary (McBride) but Alex More Macleish' family is within 30 miles of her on the Banks of the River Thames. We had a letter from them lately and an account of Sister and Family. I was in Uncle John Buchanan's house in Greenock yesterday. They are all well. Uncle Malcolm's family are well but indeed there is a great number of poor people in Kerry. There is no potatoes to speak of in this Country ______ several Farms without one single shaw and the herring fishing being poor which is was the main support of this Country leaves it altogether in a poor state but the Meale are cheap the year which helps the poor to live easier. If this letter comes to your hand I hope you will not neglect me so long as you well know how to adrefs to me. Let me know the extent of your farm and stock also of your Father and Brothers and Sister give me your mind about my going to that country. Let me know the price of land there or whether the Canada would be a better one. If my parents will not go if I leave ____? and in health. I will not stop long in Kerry but I would consider it very undutiful to leave the old people while in life altho(ugh) they do not require my assistance. Still I am a comfort to them as I have ___? (hole in page). My Sister's adrefs if you would wish to write her you can manage it by this Niel McBride Care Alex McLeish, Williams, London District, Canada West . I can not give you the details of all your friends in Kerry one by one but they are all well that is in life of theirs and much about the old circumstances. When you wryte me make mention of any thing you wish to know and I will consider it a pleasure to serve you the best way I can.
I will now conclude with our best respects to you and yours not forgetting Father Mother Sister and Brothers.
I remain your Belove Cousin
Donald McLeish
witnefs my hand
Parents: John McLeish and Jean Buchanan.

He was married to Ann Lamont on 10 Jan 1837. Children were: Margaret Kennedy McLeish , Jean McLeish, Angus McLeish , Malcolm McLeish, Janet McLeish, John McLeish, Hector McLeish, Annie McLeish, Donald McLeish.

bullet Donald McLeish was born on 21 Feb 1859 in South Knapdale Parish, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont .

bullet Hector McLeish Parents: John McLeish and Jean Buchanan.

bullet Hector McLeish was born on 2 Nov 1852 in South Knapdale Parish, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont .

bullet Janet McLeish was born on 13 Jan 1847 in Ardmarnock, Kilfinan Parish, Argyll, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont.

bullet Janet McLeish Parents: John McLeish and Jean Buchanan.

bullet Jean McLeish was born on 22 Mar 1840 in Ardmarnock, Kilfinan Parish, Argyl, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont.

bullet John McLeish was born about 1781 in Argyll, Scotland.

He was married to Jean Buchanan about 1809. Children were: Donald McLeish, Mary McLeish, Malcolm McLeish, John McLeish, Hector McLeish, Janet McLeish.

bullet John McLeish Parents: John McLeish and Jean Buchanan.

bullet John McLeish was born on 5 Oct 1850 in Ardmarnock, Kilfinan Parish, Argyll, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont.

bullet Malcolm McLeish was born on 4 Mar 1845 in Ardmarnock, Kilfinan Parish, Argyl, Scotland. Parents: Donald McLeish and Ann Lamont.

bullet Malcolm McLeish died about 1845. Parents: John McLeish and Jean Buchanan.

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