bullet Ida McConnell

She was married to John Williamson BLACHLY in 1867. Children were: Loua BLACHLY, Marian BLACHLY, Eben McConnel BLACHLY, William K. BLACHLY, Mary BLACHLY, Dr. Charles Dallas BLACHLY, Dr. John W. BLACHLY , Dr. Harry Lewis BLACHLY, Ida Adelia BLACHLY, Robert M. BLACHLY.

bullet Loua McConnell Loua was from Leavenworth, Kansas.

She was married to Charles Perkins BLACHLY M.D. in 1870. Children were: Elizabeth BLACHLY, Dr. John Harold BLACHLY, Minerva BLACHLY, Loua Adelle BLACHLY, Charles Paul BLACHLY.

bullet Gerald McCormick was born in Mar 1926. Parents: James McCormick and Ellen Forrestine Duke.

bullet James McCormick James was a member of the St. Johnsbury, Vermont Fire Department.

He was married to Ellen Forrestine Duke on 20 Dec 1922. Children were: Joyce McCormick, Gerald McCormick, Kenneth Robert McCormick.

bullet Joyce McCormick was born in Mar 1924. Parents: James McCormick and Ellen Forrestine Duke.

bullet Kenneth Robert McCormick was born in Mar 1938. Parents: James McCormick and Ellen Forrestine Duke.

bullet Jemima C. McCreary was born on 2 May 1848. Jemima was the daughter of Joseph McCreary and Eliza Elroy.

She was married to Alfred Hudson PITKIN on 24 Apr 1877. Children were: Charles A. PITKIN , Lizzie M. PITKIN.

bullet Bertha McCrillis Photo was born on 9 Mar 1861. She died after 1886. Bertha was the daughter of Fred McCrillis (b. Sherbrooke, Canada) and Sophia Laird.

She was married to Abijah BEMIS before 1886. Children were: Clare BEMIS .

bullet Hannah McCrillis was born on 4 Jan 1799 in Corinth, New Hampshire. She died on 8 May 1830 in Topsham, New Hampshire.

She was married to Daniel M. PIKE on 16 Apr 1818 in Corinth, New Hampshire. Children were: Mehitable PIKE, Mary PIKE , Daniel McCrillis PIKE, Betsy PIKE.

bullet William McCurdy William and Emma McCurdy lived in Sherbrook

He was married to Emma Sarah COOKE on 23 Mar 1853 in Ireland, Megantic Co., Quebec.

bullet Catherine Emilie McGilvary Photo was born on 16 Nov 1861 in Bangkok, Siam. Parents: Rev. Dan McGilvary and Sophia Royce BRADLEY.

bullet Cornelia Harriet Petit McGilvary was born on 11 Mar 1868 in Chiang mai. Parents: Rev. Dan McGilvary and Sophia Royce BRADLEY.

She was married to William Harris in 1897.

bullet Rev. Dan McGilvary Photo was born about 1830. He died in 1911 in Chiang mai. From the Chiang Mai Newsletter, by Dr. Ted Brown: "Dr. and Mrs. Daniel McGilvary are acknowledged to be the first Christian missionaries in Chiang Mai. McGilvary had arrived in Bangkok in 1858, where he met his bride, Sophia. She was the daughter of the pre-eminent Dan Beach Bradley, M.D., who had been practicing missionary medicine in Bangkok for over two decades at that point. McGilvary's father-in-law introduced him to Jao (prince) Kawilorot, the last absolute ruler of Chiang Mai. Kawilorot was on one of his regular visits to Bangkok to pay tribute to the King of Siam. Dr. McGilvary obtained an audience with Kawilorot and soon developed a friendship with him. The Prince invited Dr. McGilvary to "see the people of Laos," and opened the door for his missionary expedition to Chiang Mai.
In 1867, The McGilvary family, including 2 young children, traveled upriver, embarking from Nakorn Sawan by steamboat, continuing by canoes in the shallows and finally arriving by poleboat. The trip took thirteen weeks.
Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, there was no inn at which the McGilvary family could stay. Such enterprises did not then exist. Following custom, they took shelter under an open-air market sala. There, they used draped cloth to cordon off a section of the sala so as to afford a tiny degree of privacy. With minimal comforts, the McGilvarys remained there for two years, preaching Christian faith, as best they could. People were very curious to see this family of white people, to touch their skin and see them eat with knives and forks. However, little evangelical progress was made.
Later, McGilvary was allowed by the Prince to move to a site which is today the location of Chiang Mai First Church, adjacent to the Nawarat bridge. The Prince gave the land to the Presbyterian missionaries, as was his right. Nonetheless, it already had an owner who wasn't happy about having to summarily give up his land. As he was a neighbour, the mission decided it was best to pay him, but did so quietly so as not to get the attention of Kawilorot.
Dr. McGilvary had brought some medications along. Witnessing the great suffering from illness among the natives, he started dispensing medications from his home. He introduced lifesaving quinine to the North. Even fragments of a pill could have miraculous results. Dr. McGilvary lived in Chiang Mai for many years, visiting and preaching to the locals. He was known as "Pau Kru Luang," or "Great Father Teacher." He lived into his 80's, and died in Chiang Mai in 1911. McGilvary Theological Seminary, located on Doi Saket Kao Road, honours the evangelical work of Dr. and Mrs. McGilvary.
McGilvary was followed by other Presbyterian missionaries who were truly doctors, the first three being Dr. Vrooman, Dr. Cheek and Dr. Cary, in that order. Dr. Vrooman and Dr. Cary stayed only a few years. Dr. Cheek, who arrived in 1875, was the most colourful and tragic missionary doctor in Chiang Mai's history. Dr. McGilvary recruited Cheek from his home state of North Carolina and obviously had high hopes for him. The two became brothers-in-law when Dr. Cheek married one of Dr. Bradley's other daughters, Sarah Adorna."

He was married to Sophia Royce BRADLEY on 6 Dec 1860. Children were: Catherine Emilie McGilvary, Evander Bradley McGilvary, Cornelia Harriet Petit McGilvary, Margaret Alexandra McGilvary, Norwood A. Hodge McGilvary.

bullet Evander Bradley McGilvary Photo was born on 19 Jul 1864 in Bangkok, Siam. He died in 1953. Davidson College Archives: "Evander Bradley McGilvary was valedictorian of the Davidson College class of 1884. He was a member of the Philanthropic Society. After graduation, he taught at the Bingham School. He also attended Princeton Theological Seminary and received a Ph.D. from the University of California. He was on the faculty of Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin. "
University of Wisconsin archives: "McGilvary received his A.B. (1884, Davidson College, North Carolina), A. M. (1888, Princeton), Ph. D. (1897, University of California). He held the chair of Sage Professor of Ethics at Cornell from 1899-1905. He was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and chairman of the department from 1905 to 1934. "
Evander served twice as president of the American Philosophical Association, a post held by John Dewey, Boyd Henry Bode, Alfred North Whitehead, William James, George Herbert Meade, Hartley Alexander, and many others. Parents: Rev. Dan McGilvary and Sophia Royce BRADLEY.

He was married to Bessie Allen Paton in Jun 1891 in East Orange, New Jersey. Children were: Margaret Cornelia McGilvary, Lewis Paton McGilvary.

bullet Lewis Paton McGilvary was born on 28 Jun 1896. Date from"The Bayles Families of Long Island and New Jersey" by Howard Green Bayles, 1944 He died on 10 May 1921. Aviator, president and general manager of Curtiss Airplane Company. Parents: Evander Bradley McGilvary and Bessie Allen Paton.

bullet Margaret Alexandra McGilvary was born on 24 Jan 1871 in Chiang mai. Margaret married the Rev. R. M. Gillies. Parents: Rev. Dan McGilvary and Sophia Royce BRADLEY.

bullet Margaret Cornelia McGilvary was born on 25 Apr 1894. Date from "The Bayles Families of Long Island and New Jersey" by Howard Green Bayles, 1944 Parents: Evander Bradley McGilvary and Bessie Allen Paton .

She was married to David Martin Zimmerman.

bullet Norwood A. Hodge McGilvary was born on 14 Nov 1874 in Chiang mai. He died in 1949. An artist. Well known works include "Twilight After Rain," National Gallery, Washington, DC. and "Nocturne," silver medal winner at the San Francisco Expo, 1915. Parents: Rev. Dan McGilvary and Sophia Royce BRADLEY.

bullet Sherri McIntire was born on 10 Sep 1953 in Alegan, Michigan.

She was married to Rick Eugene PITKIN on 15 Nov 1979 in Forest City, Iowa. Children were: Matthew Chase PITKIN, Ashley Nicole PITKIN.

bullet Margaret Austin MCKEE was born on 10 Feb 1979. Parents: William Mckee and Carol Elizabeth TAMM.

She was married to Hassan Irshad in 2008. Children were: Sarah Pitkin Irshad.

bullet William Mckee was born on 25 Sep 1949.

He was married to Carol Elizabeth TAMM. Children were: Margaret Austin MCKEE.

bullet Adelaide McKelvey was born on 3 Sep 1889 in Concord, Vermont. She died on 5 Nov 1970 in Arlington, Massachusetts. In 1919, Adelaide and her husband took in her cousin Lavinia "Pink" Pottle, who remained with them, and later with Adelaide through her widowhood. Parents: Robert Alexander "Zan" McKelvey and Addie Estelle Wakefield.

She was married to John Milner Shores on 17 Sep 1910 in Whitefield, NH. Lois Webster gives marriage date as 12 August 1910

bullet Agnes McKelvey Photo was born on 3 Aug 1845 in Lower Canada. Date from Lois Webster. She died on 10 Dec 1926 in Clandonald, Alberta. Death data from Lois Webster. Note from Marjorie Forbes Saunders: Agnes was tall, dark, cold, severe, very fussy and "nasty" neat. She smoked a white clay "tee dee" pipe in her bedroom. She was good witdh the spinning wheel and daughter Martha was too. She made buckwheat cakes and scones. They lived on the side of a hill in Leeds, Quebec. Martha's sister Mabel and her husband Rob Forbes lived at the foot of the same hill. Over the hill was Kinnear's Mills. Eli and Agnes moved to Clandonald, Alberta in 1910 or 1911. They lived with their daughter Charlotte. Agnes was blind before she died. The Canada Census says Agnes was 55 in 1901. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

She was married to Eli King on 18 Dec 1862 in Leeds, Quebec. Children were: Margaret King, Benjamin King, William McKelvey King, John Eli King, Mary Mamie King, Martha King, Sarah King, Charlotte McKelvey King, Mabel Elizabeth King .

bullet Agnes McKelvey was born in 1870 in Thetford, Quebec. She died in 1944. She was buried in Westbury Cemetery, East Angus, Compton Co. PQ. Buried in the Westbury Cemetery is an Emma Guy (1892-1956), wife of William Miles. This could be a daughter of Alex & Agnes Guy. Parents: Hon. Alexander T. McKelvey and Mary Bond.

She was married to Alex Guy on 22 Jun 1888 in Barnet, Vermont. Children were: Agnes Guy, James Alexander Guy, Emma Curtis Guy, Lewis McKelvey Guy, John Leslie Guy.

bullet Agnes McKelvey was born on 26 Apr 1871. She died on 26 Apr 1871. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

bullet Albert McKelvey died in 1928. Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

bullet Alexander McKelvey was born in 1800 in Belfast, Ireland. place of birth taken from the death record of Alexander's son Joseph. He died on 5 Sep 1854 in Megantic Co., Quebec, Canada. Death Record in Leeds, PQ: "Alexand McKelvie aged fifty four years died on the third and was buried on the fourth of September one thousand eight hundred and fifty four years. ss." A small card among the papers of Helen Pitkin bears the birthdates of "Grandfather McK" and "Grandmother McK" (Joseph and Helen McKelvey). Below this is the notation "gr. grfther (presumably Alexander)- cabinet maker - family left Scotland at Wm. Wallace Bruce rebellion."

Parents: Alexander ? McKelvey.

He was married to Margaret Stevenson in 1828 in Ireland. Marriage data from Lois Webster. Estimated date? Children were: James McKelvey, Joseph H. MCKELVEY, Hon. Alexander T. McKelvey, William McKelvey , Mary Jane McKelvey, Martha McKelvey, Agnes McKelvey, John McKelvey, Louisa McKelvey.

bullet Alexander MCKELVEY was born on 11 Oct 1861. He died on 27 Mar 1865. He was buried in Old Protestant Cemetery, Island Pond, Vermont. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

bullet Alexander McKelvey was born on 8 Apr 1854. He died on 31 Aug 1854. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

bullet Alexander ? McKelvey From "Annals of Megantic County" by Dugald McKenzie McKillop comes the following: "Alexander McKelvie, blacksmith, married in Scotland, came from Arran in 1843. Children -- Archibald, Alexander, Mary and Elizabeth. Alexander McKelvie worked for a time at his trade on the Gosford Road, near "Sergeant's Hill," where he had a house and forge. After a year or two he went to Point Levis, thence to Three Rivers, where he carried on a prosperous business, afterwards removing to Vancouver, B.C. Other members of the McKelvie family came from Arran in 1845, viz., Donald, (tailor), Isabella, (Mrs. James Kelso), and Dugald. Mrs. James Kelso died Jan 29, 1892, aged 77 years." It is possible that this Alexander, the blacksmith, was the father of the Alexander who married Margaret Stevenson. Also mentioned in the book is a William McKelvey, an early settler in Leeds, on Lot #1. "Mr. McKelvey was a cooper by trade. His large family mostly live in New England."

Children were: Alexander McKelvey.

bulletHon. Alexander T. McKelvey Photo was born in 1832. He died in 1919 in Quebec. He was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Kinnears Mills, Quebec. Parents: Alexander McKelvey and Margaret Stevenson.

He was married to Mary Bond in 1864. Children were: Margaret McKelvey, Agnes McKelvey.

bullet Alice Nelson MCKELVEY Photo was born on 5 Jan 1893 in West Charleston, Vermont. She died on 1 Jul 1985 in Fort Meyers, Florida. Parents: Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY and Emily Cummings.

She was married to John Curtis Raese on 21 Jun 1920 in Thetford, Vermont. Children were: Margaret Ellen Raese, John Thomas Raese.

bullet Alice W. McKelvey was born on 18 Oct 1887 in Concord, Vermont. She died on 30 Jun 1888 in Whitefield, NH. Died of convulsions. Parents: Robert Alexander "Zan" McKelvey and Addie Estelle Wakefield.

bullet Alma Eva MCKELVEY was born on 24 Apr 1872 in Charleston, Vermont. She died on 5 Oct 1873. Died of whooping cough. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

bullet Angeline Glanville McKelvey was born on 2 Feb 1860 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. She died on 1 May 1919 in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

She was married to Dr. Albert Quincy Pottle on 10 May 1882 in Island Pond, Vermont. Lois Webster gives marriage location as Manchester, NH. Children were: Lavinia Glanville "Pink" Pottle.

bullet Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY Photo was born on 28 Sep 1857 in Leeds, Quebec. She died on 2 Nov 1951 in Island Pond, Vermont. She was buried on 5 Nov 1951 in Island Pond Cemetery. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

She was married to Frederick Louis Wing on 3 Dec 1876 in Island Pond, Vermont. Children were: Alice Maud Wing, Marion Pearle "Chick" Wing, Robert Irving Wing.

bullet Catherine (Kapie) Buchanan MCKELVEY Photo was born on 20 Oct 1903 in Davis, West Virginia. She died on 9 Nov 2004 in St. Petersburg, FL. Kapie was living in St. Petersburg, Fla. June, 2002. Parents: Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY and Emily Cummings.

She was married to Arch Campbell Dorsey on 4 Jun 1927 in Moundsville, West Virginia. Children were: Lt.Col, Robert George Dorsey, Jacob Henry Dorsey .

bullet Charles McKelvey died in 1919. Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

bullet Clarence McKelvey died in 1917. He was born on 21 Aug 1917. Parents: Clarence Eugene McKelvey and Florence McLeod .

bullet Clarence Eugene McKelvey was born in 1878 in Concord, Vermont. He died in 1915. Parents: James McKelvey and Helen Gee.

He was married to Florence McLeod on 27 Jul 1915. Children were: Ellen McKelvey, Clarence McKelvey.

He was married to Frankie Morse on 11 Apr 1900.

He was married to Jennie Gilbert on 2 Dec 1903 in Concord, Vermont. He was divorced from Jennie Gilbert on 22 Dec 1914. Children were: Mildred McKelvey .

bullet Ellen McKelvey was born on 4 Nov 1915. Parents: Clarence Eugene McKelvey and Florence McLeod.

bullet Emma Caroline McKelvey Photo was born on 20 Aug 1861 in Island Pond, Vermont. She died on 4 Mar 1937 in Providence, Rhode Island. Parents: James McKelvey and Mary Ann Cruickshank.

She was married to George Herbert Decker. Children were: Inez Heloise Decker , Vera Mae Decker, Albert Moore Decker, George Herbert Decker.

bullet Estella McKelvey Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

bullet Ethel McKelvey Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

bullet Frances McKelvey Parents: John McKelvey and Jennie Crawford.

She was married to Bertram Beecher .

bullet George Banks MCKELVEY Photo was born on 9 May 1870 in East Brighton, Vermont. He died on 27 Feb 1940 in South Portland, Maine. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

He was married to Gertrude Hardy on 10 Feb 1889 in Island Pond, Vermont. Congratulations to Geo. B. McKelvey. Last Friday evening he was united in wedlock to Miss Gertrude M. Hardy, a very popular young lady here. The ceremony occurred at the home of the bride's parents, Henry Hardy, a brother of the bride acting as groomsman and Miss Ada Belle Cabana as bridesmaid, and was performed by Rev. E. P. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey have gone to housekeeping, being cosily settled in the house recently vacated by J. D. Bates and wife. Bridal Bower ought to be its name. Children were: Ralph MCKELVEY.

bullet Helen "Nellie" McKelvey was born about 1876 in Concord, Vermont. Nellie lived in St. Johnsbury and performed with the Vermont Symphony. According to her cousin "Pink" Pottle, she was "a very handsome talented girl - a tragic death." Parents: James McKelvey and Helen Gee.

She was married to Charles K. Green on 18 Apr 1905.

She was married to Alden M. Briggs on 2 Jul 1890 in Lunenburg, Vermont. She was divorced from Alden M. Briggs on 17 Mar 1897.

bullet Helen Augusta MCKELVEY Photo was born on 22 Apr 1868. She died on 19 Jul 1952. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

She was married to Irving Edward Quimby on 9 Apr 1890. Children were: Neil Moody Quimby, Geraldine Helen Quimby, George "Pudge" Quimby.

bullet Helen Kathleen McKelvey Photo was born on 11 Dec 1901 in Davis, West Virginia. She died on 24 Jan 1996 in Marshfield, Vermont. Helen grew up in Davis, West Virginia, Georgetown, South Carolina, and Northfield, Vermont. She was one of the first women to enroll in the College of Agriculture at the University of Vermont, and was the only woman in her class. Following graduation, she worked for a time for George Aiken at his nursery in Putney. She married her college classmate, Royce S. (Tim) Pitkin in Northfield in 1924, and that fall she became a teacher of English and mathematics at Lamoille Central Academy at Hyde Park, Vermont, where Tim was the principal. She also coached the girls basketball team there. Their daughter Jane was born during their second year at the school (1926), and for the following twenty years, much of Helen's time and energy was devoted to being a mother and housewife, particularly after the birth of twin sons in 1929. In addition to her responsibilities as a wife and mother, Helen was an energetic participant and partner in many of her husband’s professional activities. After Goddard was reorganized in Plainfield, Vt. in 1938, Helen served in many capacities on the staff and faculty of the college. She was variously the college librarian, health coordinator, student counselor, instructor, hostess, and emissary. She was also active in the Vermont Conference of Social Welfare, the Upper Winooski Valley Development Association (as chair of the Maple Sugar Festival), the Vermont Adult Education Association (as a board member), and the American Association of University Women. Helen's involvement in community affairs included the PTA, local theater productions, 4-H, church and school functions, Plainfield Home-Dem, and an unsuccessful campaign for the legislature in 1952. Tim and Helen were both supporters of the Universalist Church. As her children grew up, the family developed a potato raising enterprise on the Pitkin farm in Marshfield, which later expanded to include maple sugaring as well. Although much of the work was done by the children, Tim and Helen were both active participants in this effort. In 1969, when Tim stepped down after 31 years as president of Goddard, they built a house on the Pitkin farm and retired there. Helen became active in several senior citizens groups, including the Twin Valley Senior Center, and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Helen indulged in a number of hobbies, including genealogy, gardening, and stamp collecting. After her husband’s death in 1986, she continued to travel for a few years, to Hawaii, Alaska, and often to Florida to visit her brother and sister. Helen remained in her home into her 94th year with the help of her family and friends, and only in her last year did she require professional assistance. She died at home of colon cancer. The following narrative was extracted from an interview with Helen by Linda Goldberg, which was subsequently published in Linda's book "Here on this Hill."

" I was fourteen when we came to Vermont, in 1915. during the "back-to-the-land" movement. The farm we were on was not what you'd call a good farm, and father was no farmer. All we did was cut the hay and raise potatoes and carrots. I changed my mind about what I was going to do in college because I thought our farm was located in an ideal place to have a s fruit farm. It would make a better income for all of us. I transferred from the College of Liberal Arts at the University Vermont to the College of Agricultural Science. I was the one girl in a class of twenty-two boys. In the summer, the crowd of us would arrange what we called a Victrola dance, where we'd take our own records and the Victrola. In winter, Mother would invite the snowshoe club up to our house. Now, our house was a little house, but there would be thirty, thirty- five people. We'd bring our own sandwiches, but Mother served baked beans and cocoa (we raised our own beans and we had our own milk). And she always had special table decorations. I remember one time she made a girl on snowshoes and a boy on skis on this absorbent-cotton hill in the center of the table. Mother was sort of an ageless person. She was very happy with older people, but she loved to have young people around. My mother was a happy individual. As I look back, she had no business to be happy many, many days. She had things to cope with that other women, I know, would not have coped with as my mother did. I always admired my mother because she enabled us to grow up so comfortably. I suppose without realizing it, I adopted her philosophy and adapted it to my own situation. Life was busier when the children were small. All my darning and hand sewing I did at night, so I was available for conversation if Tim wanted to talk. I was able to sit down in the evening and rest enough so that I didn't feel pressure that I know many young women say they feel. I am not patting myself on the back for this; it just was my good fortune not to feel encumbered. The other day a service-station man was pumping gas and said, "How are you?" And I said, "Well, I don't tell all to everybody, but," I said, "really, I have had a pretty good life." And he said, "Well, I'm glad to hear that. That's not true of everybody that stops here." "
Parents: Robert Cromarty MCKELVEY and Emily Cummings.

She was married to Royce Stanley PITKIN Ph.D. on 16 Aug 1924 in Northfield, Vermont. Children were: Jane Emily PITKIN, Belmont Royce PITKIN, Ronald Robert PITKIN.

bullet Infant MCKELVEY was born on 14 Feb 1874. He died on 14 Feb 1874. Parents: Joseph H. MCKELVEY and Helen CRUICKSHANK.

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