bullet Hannah Marsh was born on 7 Aug 1775. She died on 24 Dec 1823 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Daniel Marsh Captain and Hannah Smith Gleason .

She was married to Caleb PITKIN on 12 Dec 1793 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: James PITKIN , Susan PITKIN, Ashbel Stanley PITKIN.

bullet Hezekiah Marsh was born in 1720. Married Christian Edwards. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Isaac Marsh was born in 1710. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Capt. John Marsh was born in 1668. He died in 1744.

He was married to Elizabeth PITKIN in 1698. Children were: John Marsh , Hon. Ebenezer Marsh, Elizabeth Marsh, Capt. William Marsh, George Marsh, Isaac Marsh, John Marsh, Timothy Marsh, Hezekiah Marsh.

bullet John Marsh was born in 1699. He died in 1712. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet John Marsh was born in 1712. Married Sarah Webster, dau. of Governor Webster. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Lucinda Marsh

She was married to Robert LANCE. Children were: Charles LANCE, Harriet LANCE, Henry LANCE.

bullet Mary (Polly) Marsh was born on 5 May 1774 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 3 Oct 1860 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Hollister Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Polly married Gideon Spencer and they, along with Polly's sister Hannah and her husband Caleb Pitkin were among the first four families to settle in Marshfield, Vermont. Though the other families settled close together on the Winooski River, Polly and Gideon built their house on West Hill, over two miles away. Parents: Daniel Marsh Captain and Hannah Smith Gleason.

bullet Timothy Marsh was born in 1714. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Capt. William Marsh was born in 1706. Parents: Capt. John Marsh and Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Frank Marshall died on 1 Feb 1920. Frank was an attorney in Marshfield and Montpelier, Vermont. About 1902 he remade the large village barn formerly owned by George O. Davis into a dance hall, with stores below. This burned about 1938 and was just below the Knights of Pythias Hall. Frank was much involved in the real estate business, and at one time owned the farm now owned by Belmont Pitkin in Marshfield (1996). He resided for a time just to the north of the farm now owned by William Blachly in Calais.
"Frank J. Marshall, a Montpelier lawyer, dropped dead yesterday afternoon while removing his overshoes after having spent some time adjusting the flow of water in the cellar and, finally, out of doors. On his return to the house and while holding a lighted lamp in one hand he started to unfasten his overshoes, toppling over dead. Mr. Marshall had been getting over a light run of the grip and was feeling quite well yesterday, having been at the county courthouse during the latter part of the week. He ate his dinner yesterday at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Marshall is just recovering from an attack of pneumonia after having suffered a shock. She is bearing up well under the strain of her husband's death. Mr. Marshall was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall and was born in Marshfield Feb. 11, 1870. His early life was passed in that town and he later attended Montpelier seminary. Then he studied law with H. C. Shurtleff and F. L. Laird in Montpelier, being later admitted to the bar. He was practicing law in Montpelier and had office with Mr. Shurtleff. He also entered the lumber business and had a mill in Marshfield. Recently he constructed a garage on State street in Montpelier, which was rented to B. L. Spooner. Mr. Marshall had written quite a bit in verse. Deceased was a member of the Masons and the Knights of Pythias. He is survived by his wife and one sister, Mrs. Lucius Jones of Calais. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon."

He was married to Ellen E. SHEPARD on 4 Aug 1896.

bullet Henry T. Marshall was born on 12 May 1845. Henry married Eliza Smith Parents: Thomas Marshall and Emeline PITKIN.

bullet Rouget DeLisle Marshall Photo was born on 27 Dec 1847 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Rouget married Mary E. Jenkins. He was a Justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Parents: Thomas Marshall and Emeline PITKIN.

bullet Thomas Marshall was born on 30 Dec 1817. He died on 19 Mar 1868. Thomas was a hop grower in Delta, Wisconson.

He was married to Emeline PITKIN on 20 Sep 1842. Children were: William Marshall, Henry T. Marshall, Rouget DeLisle Marshall.

bullet William Marshall was born on 20 Sep 1843. Parents: Thomas Marshall and Emeline PITKIN.

bullet Charles Martel was born in 688. He died on 22 Oct 741. Charles Martel, was born in 688; died on Oct 22 741 in Quierzy, France. He was a Frankish ruler of Austrasia. Charles was imprisoned after the death of his father, but escaped and by 715 was recognized as ruler of Austrasia. By 717 he had conquered the Neustrians, and made himself mayor of the palace. Through his unification of the Franks he saved France from conquest by the Arabs, who had crossed the Pyrenees in 719. Near Poitiers, on Oct 25, 732, he won a decisive victory over the forces of Abd-er-Rahman, Arab emir of Spain. He also extended his influence over the various tribes of western Germany and, in 735, over Burgundy. Charles was a man of foresight and ability, resembling in many respects his celebrated grandson, Charlemagne. He married Lady Bothrude. Parents: Pepin d'Heristal Duke of Austrasia and Brabant and Alpaida of Saxony.

Children were: Pepin le Bref King of France.

bulletClaire Marie Martin was born on 28 Dec 1996. Parents: Mr. Martin and Mary Ann Raese.

bullet Curtis L. Martin Photo Curtis was a farmer where the Marsh-Plain Motel is now. This was the old Eaton farm, where Curtis' wife, Mabel Emery, was raised as the foster child of Harris Eaton. Parents: Howard Prentiss Martin and Lucetta Wooster.

He was married to Mabel Emery . Children were: Stephen Martin.

bullet George Martin

He was married to Hannah. Children were: John Martin.

bullet Howard Prentiss Martin was born in 1847. Howard was the son of Joshua B. Martin and Betsy Shepard. He lived where the Burroughs family now does, on the sharp curve in the river road about 2 miles above Plainfield Village.

He was married to Lucetta Wooster on 28 Sep 1869 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Curtis L. Martin, Stephen W. Martin.

He was married to Sarah Ann Orcutt . Children were: Walter Howard Martin.

bullet John Martin was born on 6 Oct 1686 in Chebacco, Essex, Ipswich, MA. He died in 1760 in Ipswich, MA. Parents: George Martin and Hannah.

He was married to Jane Durkee on 29 Apr 1710 in Ipswich, MA. Children were: Mary Martin.

bullet Karl Martin Karl married ______ Sawyer. Parents: Walter Howard Martin and Viola DeEtte Buxton.

bullet Mary Martin(12) was born about 1723 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Information on the parents and grandparents of Mary Martin was provided by Allan Rice of Bolton, MA. Parents: John Martin and Jane Durkee.

She was married to William HOLT on 30 Jul 1744 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Children were: William HOLT.

bullet Mr. Martin

He was married to Mary Ann Raese. Children were: Claire Marie Martin.

bullet Nellie O. Martin Photo was born on 9 Mar 1874 in Gardner, Massachusetts. She died on 11 Aug 1959 in Brattleboro, Vermont. Nellie was from Peacham. She was the daughter of George Martin (son of Eldred's grandfather, John Martin).

She was married to Eldred C. Pitkin. Children were: Clarence George Pitkin.

bullet Stephen Martin Stephen died aged 7 years. Parents: Curtis L. Martin and Mabel Emery.

bullet Stephen W. Martin was born on 9 Oct 1870 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 31 May 1871 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Howard Prentiss Martin and Lucetta Wooster.

bullet Sylvia Hurd Martin Photo was born in Peacham, Vermont. Sylvia was the daughter of John Martin.

She was married to Daniel Bemis Pitkin on 22 May 1853. Children were: Clarinda A. (Clara) Pitkin, George W. Pitkin, Eldred C. Pitkin.

bullet Walter Howard Martin was born in 1879. Walter lived in Marshfield and Plainfield, Vermont. Parents: Howard Prentiss Martin and Sarah Ann Orcutt.

He was married to Viola DeEtte Buxton. Children were: Karl Martin.

bullet William Francis Martin

He was married to Annie Eliza Cruickshank on 29 Nov 1922 in West Somerville, MA. Wedding invitation sent to Caroline McKelvey Wing: "Mrs. Robert Cruickshank announces the marriage of her daughter Annie Eliza to Mr. William Francis Martin, Wednesday, Novermber twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and twenty-two at St. James Chruch West Somerville, Mass., U.S.A."

bullet Jane Marvel

She was married to John Milk on 3 Feb 1731 in Boston, Massachusetts. Children were: John Milk , James Milk, Mary Milk , Jane Milk.

bullet Ruth A. Marx

She was married to Sydney A. HEILBORN on 3 Mar 1904 in Rhode Island.

bullet Massie

Children were: Richard BOOTH.

bulletMartha Mathewson was born on 9 Jan 1735 in Gloucester, Rhode Island. She died in 1767 in Foster, Rhode Island.

She was married to Nicholas Hopkins about 1750 in Foster, Rhode Island. Children were: Phillip HOPKINS.

bullet Ellen Matthews Photo was born in May 1836 in Ireland. A photograph of this individual is labelled "Ellen Norton Sanford, Mother of L.B. Norton." The assumption that her maiden name was Matthews is based on nothing more than the further assumption that she was the daughter of L.B. Norton's grandmother Matthews (of whom we have a photo labeled as such). Additionally, the 1880 federal census of Plainville, CT gives her name as Ellen M. Graham, 46, living in a household with her son Lucius, 21, and a boarder Frank Sanford, 26.

The 1900 federal census of New Britain lists at 44 Chestnut St., Ellen Sanford, born Ireland, May 1836, mother of only one child, married for 20 years to Frank Sanford, born Connecticut, May 1854, foreman painter. She immigrated in 1848.
Parents: Grandmother Matthews.

She was married to David Norton before 1859. Children were: Lucius Bernard Norton.

She was married to Graham .

She was married to Frank Sanford in 1880.

bullet Grandmother Matthews Photo Identification of this individual comes from the note on her photograph "L.B. Norton's grandmother Matthews." The supposition is made that she is a maternal grandmother based only on the fact that her name is something other than Norton. It is possible that Grandmother Matthews was the mother of David Norton and remarried after his birth.

Children were: Ellen Matthews.

bulletClarence May. Lived in Montpelier, 1968.

He was married to Elizabeth Ann Rathburne.

bullet Annes Mayce was born in 1523 in Colyton, Devon, England. She died on 9 Apr 1585 in Colyton, Devon, England. Parents: William Mayce and Elizabeth West.

She was married to John Clarke on 9 Jun 1544 in Colyton, Devon, England. Children were: Agnes Clark.

bullet William Mayce was born in 1490 in Colyton, Devon, England. He died in 1566 in Colyton, Devon, England.

He was married to Elizabeth West . Children were: Annes Mayce.

bullet Pauline McBeath Photo was born on 15 Jan 1900. She died about 2001.

She was married to Roy PITKIN on 26 Jun 1921. Children were: Barbara PITKIN, Pricilla Jane PITKIN, Helen Janet PITKIN, Roy McBeath PITKIN.

bullet Neil McBride

He was married to Mary McLeish.

bullet Elliot McCabe Parents: Ryan McCabe and Christine MacIndoe.

bullet Ethan McCabe Parents: Ryan McCabe and Christine MacIndoe.

bullet Ryan McCabe

He was married to Christine MacIndoe . Children were: Ethan McCabe, Elliot McCabe.

bullet Cecelia McCann

She was married to Andrew Everett Cruickshank in 1929.

bullet Grant Cali McClellan Photo was born on 23 Jan 1956. Parents: Grant S. McClellan and Grace Marie Cali.

He was married to Gemma Hanako YAMAMOTO in Jul 1985 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Levi Cali Shuzo MCCLELLAN, Maria Hanako MCCLELLAN .

bullet Grant S. McClellan died about 1990 in New York City.

Children were: Grant Cali McClellan.

bulletLevi Cali Shuzo MCCLELLAN was born on 2 Jan 1988. Parents: Grant Cali McClellan and Gemma Hanako YAMAMOTO .

bullet Maria Hanako MCCLELLAN was born on 23 May 1991 in Berlin, Vermont. Parents: Grant Cali McClellan and Gemma Hanako YAMAMOTO .

bullet Rebecca McCombs was born about 1827 in Ohio. She died about 1874.

She was married to Lewis Seeley BLACHLY M.D.. Children were: Seeley BLACHLY, Dr. Eben McCombs BLACHLY, Dr. Louis Daniel BLACHLY.

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