bulletSara Clara was born in 1854. She died in 1942.

She was married to Ulysses O. Gerry.

bullet Sarah died in May 1735.

Children were: Deacon John Goodwin .

bulletSarah .

Children were: Thomas Bunce.

bulletSarah .

Children were: Sarah BEMIS, Mary BEMIS, Joseph BEMIS Twin, Ephraim BEMIS Twin, Martha BEMIS, Joseph BEMIS, Rebecca BEMIS, Ephraim BEMIS, John BEMIS.

bulletSarah .

Children were: Abigail Northrup.

bulletSarah died in May 1638 in Finchingfield, Essex, England. She was buried on 29 May 1638 in Finchingfield, Essex, England.

She was married to Daniel Shed about 1617. Children were: Daniel Shedd .

bullet Siegbert the Lame King of Cologne died in 509. Parents: Childebert King of Cologne.

Children were: Cloderic the Parricide King of Cologne.

bulletSigrada, sister of Didon, Bishop of Poitiers. Parents: Ansoud and Daughter of Leutharius.

Children were: Warin Count of Poiteirs.

bulletSigramine Count of Hasbaye.

Children were: Gunderland Count of Hasbaye.

bulletSpouse of Chilperic died in 486.

Children were: St. Clothilda the Holy of Burgundy.

bulletSt. Arnulf Bishop of Metz was born in 580. He died in 640. Parents: Bodegisel II Gov. Aquitaine and Oda.

Children were: Adalgiselus Duke Brabant.

bulletSt. Bathilda died on 30 Jan 680.

She was married to Clovis II (Chlodevig) King of Neustria, Burgundy, King of in 649. Children were: Theodoric III (Thierry King of Neustria, King of the Frank.

bullet St. Begga of Brabant was born about 613. She died in 694. Parents: Pepin I Major Domus in Austrasia and Itta (Iduberga) of Metz.

She was married to Adalgiselus Duke Brabant before 639. Children were: Pepin d'Heristal Duke of Austrasia and Brabant.

bullet St. Clothilda the Holy of Burgundy was born in 475. She died on 3 Jun 545 in Tours. Parents: Chilperic (Hilperic) King of Burgundy and Spouse of Chilperic.

She was married to Clovis I (Chlodevig) the Great King at Metz, King of Franks in 493. Children were: Clotaire I le Vieux King of Soissons, King of Franks .

bullet St. Lievin (Leutwinus) Bishop of Treves died in 713. Parents: Warin Count of Poiteirs and Gunza (Kunza), Sister of Basin, Bishop of Treves.

Children were: Lady Bothrude (Rotrude) of Treves.

bulletSt. Margaret died in 1093. She canonisd in 1250. Parents: Edward and Agatha.

Children were: Matilda.

bulletStephen King of Hungary.

Children were: Agatha.

bulletCount of Blois & Chartres Stephen died in 1102 in Ascalon.

He was married to Adela. Children were: William, Theobald, Stephen King of England, Henry Bishop of Winchester , Philip Twin, Humbert Twin , Maud.

bullet Stephen King of England died in 1154. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bullet Susan

Children were: Susannah Bull.

bulletSusanna .

Children were: Susanna WOLTERTON, Gregory WOLTERTON.

bulletSusannah .

Children were: Mary HARRINGTON.

bulletSusannah .

Children were: Josiah Richardson Capt..

bulletSusannah? was born in Devon, England.

She was married to Robert? Wallen before 1742 in Devon, England. Children were: Elizabeth Wallen.

bullet Sybil

Children were: Malcolm III King of Scotland.

bulletSybylla died in 1124. Married Alexander I, King of Scotland. Parents: Henry I King of England.

bullet Tertullus d'Anjou

Children were: Ingelgarius Count of Anjou .

bulletTheobald died in 1152. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bullet Theodoric III (Thierry King of Neustria, King of the Frank died in 691. Parents: Clovis II (Chlodevig) King of Neustria, Burgundy, King of and St. Bathilda.

Children were: Bertha.

bulletTheutbold of the Alamanni died in 710. Parents: Godfred Duke of Alamanni.

Children were: Nebi.

bulletThomasine .

Children were: Thomas Hale.

bulletViolet .

She was married to Edward Shepard. Children were: Abigail Shepard.

bullet Wallia King of the Visigoths died in 419.

Children were: Clodio I Long Hair King of Salian Franks.

bulletWarin Count of Altdorf.

Children were: Isenbrand .

bulletWarin Count of Poiteirs died in 677. Parents: Boditon? and Sigrada, sister of Didon, Bishop of Poitiers .

Children were: St. Lievin (Leutwinus) Bishop of Treves .

bulletWelf I Duke of Bavaria died in 824. Parents: Isenbrand .

Children were: Judith.

bulletWilliam . Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bulletWilliam Atheling died in 1120. Parents: Henry I King of England and Matilda.

He was married to Matilda.

bullet William Archbishop of York died in 1156. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

bullet William I The Conqueror(1) was born in 1027. He died in 1087. William I (of England), called The Conqueror (1027-87), first Norman king of England (1066-87), who has been called one of the first modern kings and is generally regarded as one of the outstanding figures in western European history.
Born in Falaise, France, William was the illegitimate son of Robert I, duke of Normandy, and Arletta, a tanner's daughter, and is therefore sometimes called William the Bastard. Upon the death of his father, the Norman nobles, honoring their promise to Robert, accepted William as his successor. Rebellion against the young duke broke out almost immediately, however, and his position did not become secure until 1047 when, with the aid of Henry I, king of France, he won a decisive victory over a rebel force near Caen.
During a visit in 1051 to his childless cousin, Edward the Confessor, king of England, William is said to have obtained Edward's agreement that he should succeed to the English throne. In 1053, defying a papal ban, William married Matilda of Flanders, daughter of Baldwin V, count of Flanders and a descendant of King Alfred the Great, thereby strengthening his claim to the crown of England. Henry I, fearing the strong bond between Normandy and Flanders resulting from the marriage, attempted in 1054 and again in 1058 to crush the powerful duke, but on both occasions William defeated the French king's forces.
About 1064, the powerful English noble, Harold, earl of Wessex, was shipwrecked on the Norman coast and taken prisoner by William. He secured his release by swearing to support William's claim to the English throne. When King Edward died, however, the witenagemot (royal council) elected Harold king. Determined to make good his claim, William secured the sanction of Pope Alexander II for a Norman invasion of England. The duke and his army landed at Pevensey on September 28, 1066. On October 14, the Normans defeated the English forces at the celebrated Battle of Hastings, in which Harold was slain. William then proceeded to London, crushing the resistance he encountered on the way. On Christmas Day he was crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey.
The English did not accept foreign rule without a struggle. William met the opposition, which was particularly violent in the north and west, with strong measures; he was responsible for the devastation of great areas of the country, particularly in Yorkshire, where Danish forces had arrived to aid the Saxon rebels. By 1070 the Norman conquest of England was complete.
William invaded Scotland in 1072 and forced the Scottish king Malcolm III MacDuncan to pay him homage. During the succeeding years the Conqueror crushed insurrections among his Norman followers, including that incited in 1075 by Ralph de Guader, 1st earl of Norfolk, and Roger Fitzwilliam, earl of Hereford, and a series of uprisings in Normandy led by his eldest son Robert, who later became Robert II, duke of Normandy.
One feature of William's reign as king was his reorganization of the English feudal and administrative systems. He dissolved the great earldoms, which had enjoyed virtual independence under his Anglo-Saxon predecessors, and distributed the lands confiscated from the English to his trusted Norman followers. He introduced the Continental system of feudalism; by the Oath of Salisbury of 1086 all landlords swore allegiance to William, thus establishing the precedent that a vassal's loyalty to the king overrode his fealty to his immediate lord. The feudal lords were compelled to acknowledge the jurisdiction of the local courts, which William retained along with many other Anglo-Saxon institutions. The ecclesiastical and secular courts were separated, and the power of the papacy in English affairs was greatly curtailed. Another outstanding accomplishment was the economic survey undertaken and incorporated in the Domesday Book in 1086.
In 1087, during a campaign against King Philip I of France, William burned the town of Mantes (now Mantes-la-Jolie). William's horse fell in the vicinity of Mantes, fatally injuring him. He died in Rouen on September 7 and was buried at Caen in Saint Stephen's, one of the abbeys he and Matilda had founded at the time of their marriage as penance for their defiance of the pope. William was succeeded by his third-born son, William II. Parents: Robert I Duke of Normandy and Arlotta (Arletta, Herleve) mistress.

He was married to Matilda in 1054. Children were: Robert II Duke of Normandy, Richard Duke of Bernay, Abbess Holy Trinity Cecily , William II The Red King of England, Adeliza, Constance, Adela , Agatha, Matilda, Henry I King of England.

bullet William II The Red King of England died in 1100. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet William Longsword Duke of Normandy died in 943. Parents: Rolf Duke of Normandy and Gisele.

Children were: Richard the fearless Duke of Normandy.

bulletWulgrin II Count of Angouleme died in 1140. Parents: Guillaume III Taillefer Count of Angouleme and Corlieu of Vitapoi .

Children were: Guillaume IV Taillefer Count of Angouleme .

bulletMarie "Terri" ?.

She was married to Lester James King on 14 Aug 1954 in Warwick, Rhode Island. Children were: Greg King, Robert King, Steve King, Judy King.

bullet Caroles ______

She was married to Kenneth Wayne PITKIN on 12 Mar 1988. She was divorced from Kenneth Wayne PITKIN on 6 Sep 1991. Children were: Jorden Kenneth PITKIN.

bullet Alice Dairy ________

She was married to Henry Cleaves Sullivan. Children were: Mary Sullivan.

bullet Charles S. Adams was born on 24 Jun 1860. Charles graduated from Amherst College in 1883. Parents: John S. Adams and Ann PITKIN.

bullet Helen E. Adams was born on 23 Sep 1857. Parents: John S. Adams and Ann PITKIN.

bullet John S. Adams was born on 21 Mar 1820. John was the son of Charles Adams.

He was married to Ann PITKIN on 26 Jan 1853. Children were: Helen E. Adams, Charles S. Adams.

bullet Julia Page Adams Julia was the daughter of William Adams of Montpelier, Vermont.

She was married to Alanson Bruce Shepard. Children were: William Shepard, Elizabeth Shepard.

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