bullet Robert Dwinell Ladd was born on 16 Dec 1918 in Lyndon, Vermont. Parents: Roger Burns Ladd and Maude Eva Dwinell.

He was married to Virginia Ruth Dole on 8 Aug 1942.

bullet Roger Burns Ladd Photo was born on 13 May 1885 in Brighton, Vermont. He died on 14 Jan 1963 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Parents: Charles Daniel Ladd and Margaret Stevenson MCKELVEY.

He was married to Maude Eva Dwinell on 30 Jun 1909 in Lyndonville, Vermont. Children were: Infant Ladd, Robert Dwinell Ladd.

bullet Sarah Mae Lafayette was born on 7 Sep 1887. She died on 10 Apr 1957.

She was married to Robert William PITKIN on 23 Nov 1922.

bullet Fred Leslie Laird was born on 26 Sep 1860 in Plainfield, Vermont. Fred attended school in Marshfield, district 6 in 1869-70. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1884. He was an attorney in Montpelier, Vermont. On November 15, 1888 he married Nellie Cox, daughter of Capt. B.A. Cox and Victoria Louise Cox of Randolph, Maine. Parents: Henry S. Laird and Vandora Dwinell.

bullet Harry L. Laird Parents: Henry S. Laird and Vandora Dwinell.

bullet Henry S. Laird died in Plainfield, Vermont?. Henry lived in Marshfield and Plainfield, Vermont. He was a lumberman and sawyer. He and his son, Harry, operated a steam sawmill on 2000 acres of timberland which they owned in Harris Gore (later part of Marshfield). He served as first selectman in Plainfield.

He was married to Vandora Dwinell. Children were: Harry L. Laird, Fred Leslie Laird.

bullet Margaret Laird Photo was born on 21 Nov 1888 in Aberdeen, Scotland. She died on 29 Dec 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona.

She was married to Benjamin Horace Cody on 17 Jul 1913. Children were: Benjamin Laird Cody, John Pitkin Cody.

bullet Sarah J. Laird was born on 26 Dec 1782. She died on 10 Jul 1848 in Cabot, Vermont. She was buried in West Hill Cemetery, Cabot, Vermont.

She was married to Rev. Nathaniel Perry Sr. on 4 Jul 1803 in Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Nathaniel Perry, Benjamin Perry, Adolphus Perry, Dorcus Perry, Enoch Perry, Nathaniel PERRY Jr., Joshua Perry, Sarah Perry.

bullet David Stephen Lambert was born on 30 Oct 1990. Parents: Dwight Lambert and Lisa Marie CARPENTER.

bullet Dwight Lambert

He was married to Lisa Marie CARPENTER on 7 May. Children were: Richard Dwight Lambert , Faith Marie Lambert, Heather Louise Lambert, David Stephen Lambert.

bullet Faith Marie Lambert was born on 14 Jan 1985. Parents: Dwight Lambert and Lisa Marie CARPENTER.

bullet Heather Louise Lambert was born on 16 Jul 1986. Parents: Dwight Lambert and Lisa Marie CARPENTER.

bullet Richard Dwight Lambert was born on 29 Feb 1983. Parents: Dwight Lambert and Lisa Marie CARPENTER.

bullet Aimard Lamberton died about 1990. Aimard worked for years on the Marshfield road crew. He was the son of Roy Lamberton and Lila Brown who lived in the Lamberton house at the intersection of the Knob Hill road and the West Hill road.

He was married to Frieda Mae Brown on 31 Jan 1940. Children were: Barbara Lamberton.

bullet Alma Lamberton Photo was born on 17 Sep 1874. Alma and her family lived in Marshfield, Vermont for a while. The following letter was written from South Royalton, Vt. to the widow of Simeon E. Dwinell in Marshfield on Dec. 10, 1921: "Dear Cousin Clara, My mother let me take your letter to read and I was so much interested that I read it through twice. It makes me feel that I should like to express my sympathy for you and your girls. I know what it means to lose a good kind father. I miss him SO MUCH. The tears will come as I write of him. I am glad you are trying to bear your great sorrow bravely for your daughter's sake, the same as my mother has. My father and mother, and you and your husband were two very devoted couples, more so than the majority, I think. You are rich in pleasant memories of your married life and in that way are blest above some others. Your mother was spared to you a good many years. How dreary the last of her life would have been if she had not had you and a kind son-in-law to live with. I think it was about a year ago that I wrote to her and sent one of the Harvest Ingathering magazines and you and she kindly sent me a contribution for the foreign mission work. I will send you a copy of the magazine that is being used to solicit with this year. You will notice on page 32 the amount that was raised by soliciting last year. How much good it must have done! Now if you and your girls feel like helping a little this year, I should be much pleased and am sure you would be blest in so doing. My the Lord give you and the girls strength and courage to bear your sorrow is the heartfelt prayer of -- Your cousin, Alma L. Case" Parents: Henry Lamberton and Elsie BEMIS.

She was married to Arthur W. Case . Children were: Eloise Case.

bullet Arthur L. Lamberton was born on 14 May 1861 in Marshfield, Vermont. Arthur was a farmer in Marshfield, Vermont. He was the son of Nathaniel Lamberton, Jr. and Olive Cole.

He was married to A. Mary (May) BEMIS about 1897. Children were: Olive Lamberton, Earl Lamberton.

bullet Barbara Lamberton Barbara married Cecil "Buggy" Morse of Cabot, son of Cecil Morse. They operated the Lower Cabot Store for many years and later operated a tree farm in Cabot. They had a son, John, and a daughter Laurie. Parents: Aimard Lamberton and Frieda Mae Brown.

bullet Carl Lamberton Parents: Carl (Cy) Lamberton.

bullet Carl (Cy) Lamberton

He was married. Children were: Carl Lamberton, Wayne Lamberton.

bullet Clarissa Lamberton Clarissa was the daughter of Nathaniel Lamberton, Sr. and Lucy Cutting.

She was married to Friend Moody Morse Austin on 25 Oct 1827. Children were: Samuel Austin, Isaac Austin, Willard M. Austin, Nathaniel Austin, Hector Austin, Ruth H. Austin, Hattie Austin.

bullet Earl Lamberton Earl was a farmer in Marshfield. He married Esther Sprague. Parents: Arthur L. Lamberton and A. Mary (May) BEMIS.

bullet Emily T. Lamberton was born in 1840.

She was married to Edward Snow on 29 Mar 1862. Children were: Gertrude Snow.

bullet Henry Lamberton Photo was born on 19 Aug 1846 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 12 Oct 1907 in Marshfield, Vermont. Henry was the son of Obediah Lamberton and Irena Bullock. He was a farmer in Marshfield, Vermont on the farm later owned by Herbert Wells, and later on the Brimblecomb place. Henry was a Seventh Day Adventist and a vegetarian.
"Marshfield, Oct. 14 -- This community was saddened and greatly shocked Sunday evening at about five o'clock, when it became known that Henry c. Lamberton had committed suicide by hanging. Mr. Lamberton had been in failing health for some time, but not until six weeks ago had he been considered ill, and he had worked up to last Saturday.
On Sunday his brother, Albert E., was at his home and noticed that Henry's mind was not right, that something was troubling him. The fact that he had sold his little farm and the writings were to have been made today was considered the cause of his uneasiness. Mrs. Lamberton had known of his mental trouble, but hoped against hope that he would recover, and pati4ently and faithfully bore her burden.
Mr. Lamberton went to his barn as usual to do the night's chores, and after securing his cows threw a rope over an overlay, directly behind the cows, and leaning forward and downward against the loop, strangled in a very few minutes. Thus Mrs. Lamberton found him and called to a passing team for aid. They summoned help at once, and the proper authorities were notified. Dr. Burbank of Cabot was called, and undertaker L. B. Adams took charge of the body.
Mr. Lamberton was one of the most highly esteemed citizens of this town, a most kind neighbor and friend, and the best of husbands and fathers. He had no enemies, and everyone who had known him considers his act purely from insanity, for Mr. Lamberton, in his right mind, was a deeply religious man, even living up to the last of the precepts of his faith, being an Adventist.
Henry c. Lamberton was born in this town August 19, 1848, son of Obed and Irena Lamberton, one of eight children. He was married March 6, 1867, to Elsie Bemis of this town, and two daughters survive him. With the exception of a portion of one year in the west and about three years in Massachusetts, Mr. Lamberton had been a lifelong resident of this town.
Beside a host of friends, Mr. Lamberton leaves to mourn his loss a widow, two daughters, Alma, Mrs. Arthur W. Case of Chelsea, and Inez, Mrs. E. Ernest Barnes of Sharon; one granddaughter, Eloise Case; a sister, Mrs. Jane Cole, and two Brothers, Moses and Albert of this town.
The funeral will be at the house on Tuesday at 1 o'clock.
Mr. Lamberton will be greatly missed from the neighborhood and town. The bereaved family has the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their affliction."

He was married to Elsie BEMIS on 6 Mar 1867. Children were: Inez Lamberton, Alma Lamberton.

bullet Inez Lamberton "Rev. O. E. Aiken of the methodist church was called to Marshfield on the 22nd inst, to perform the ceremony at the Barnes-Lamberton wedding. The contracting parties were N. Ernest Barnes of Franklin, Mass., and Miss Inez, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lamberton. The event took place at the home of the bride, being a quiet affair, the immediate relatives only, being present. The room was beautifullly and profusely decorated with flowers and potted plants, some of which were rere specimens. the bride was very beautifully gowned and looked very charming and attractive. The presents were many and costly. Among them was an elegant gold watch, a gift from the groom to the bride. At the conclusion of the ceremony all repaired to the dining room where a sumptuous repast was served. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Barnes wish them long and useful lives." Inez and her family lived in Sharon, Vermont. Her mother, Elsie, lived with her for a time. Parents: Henry Lamberton and Elsie BEMIS.

She was married to N. Ernest Barnes. Children were: Henry Barnes , Harold Barnes.

bullet Mary Emma Lamberton was born in 1846. She died in Feb 1873.

She was married to Orison Smith on 17 May 1863 in Marshfield. Children were: Ethel M. Smith, Dora H. Smith, Mabel Estelle Smith.

bullet Olive Lamberton was born about 1886. Olive married Henry Willey. They lived in Stannard, Vermont. Parents: Arthur L. Lamberton and A. Mary (May) BEMIS.

bullet Wayne Lamberton Parents: Carl (Cy) Lamberton.

bullet Katherine Lamery Photo

She was married to Clarence Horatio PITKIN on 15 Apr 1884.

bullet Ann Lamont was born on 3 Aug 1818 in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. She died on 3 Apr 1907 in West Williams Township, Ontario.

She was married to Donald McLeish on 10 Jan 1837. Children were: Margaret Kennedy McLeish, Jean McLeish, Angus McLeish, Malcolm McLeish, Janet McLeish, John McLeish, Hector McLeish, Annie McLeish, Donald McLeish.

bullet Amos LANCE Parents: John D. LANCE and Prudence JACOBS.

bullet Dr. Arthur LANCE Photo died before 1929. Arthur was not mentioned as a survivor in the obituary of his brother Walter in 1929. Arthur was living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at the time of his death. Parents: Byron LANCE and Mary Paige.

bullet Bertha LANCE Photo Parents: Byron LANCE and Mary Paige.

She was married to Fred Marsh. Bertha married second a Mr. Hoyt, of Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Ellen Marsh.

bullet Byron LANCE Photo died in 1913. Parents: Joseph LANCE and Cynthia Tucker.

He was married to Mary Paige in 1863. Children were: Cora May LANCE, Carroll Dean LANCE, Walter Byron LANCE, Dr. Arthur LANCE, Henry LANCE, Bertha LANCE.

bullet Carroll Dean LANCE Photo was born in Jun 1876 in Cabot, Vermont. He died in 1913. Carroll was not mentioned as a survivor of his brother Walter in a 1929 obituary. The Rev. Carroll D. Lance, who had just completed a five years' pastorate of the Methodist church at Newport, died Thursday evening after two illnesses of Bright's disease and erysipelas. Mr. Lance, who was assigned to St. Albans, became ill at the Vermont Conference at Richford and returned home the last day and since that time he had grown rapidly worse.
He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter; his father, B.J. Lance of Cabot; three brothers, Henry of Rockyford, Colo, Walter of Cabot and Dr. Arthur Lance of Portsmouth, NH, two sisters, Mrs. Bertha M. Marsh and Miss Cora Lance of Cabot. Mr. Lance would have been 37 years old in June.
Mr. Lance was born in this town (Cabot). His first pastorate was at Sheffield, where he passed four years, during which time the old parsonage was exchanged for a good new one. Subsequently he was at Island Pond for three years and under his leadership the church was remodeled and made practically new. In both these parishes the membership increased.
Five years ago Mr. Lance went to Newport and his pastorate there was a marked success. There was a net increase of more than a hundred in membership and about $4000 was expended in improvements to the church and parsonage. His work among men is deserving of special note he having built up one of the best classes to be found in Vermont, if not in New England, many of the members having been non-attendants heretofore, and the attendance often going above a hundred. The class with the enrollment of 190 members, did telling work in the town.
August 14, 1900, Mr. Lance married Miss Harriet Vail, daughter of the Reverend Seymour C. Vail, of Evansville, Mr. Vail being a member of the Vermont Conference. Mr. and Mrs. Lance were classmates at Montpelier Seminary.
Mr. Lance Played on the baseball and football through all his course at M.S., serving as captain of the football squad the last two years and of the baseball 9 for three years.
The funeral was held Sunday with burial in Cabot. Parents: Byron LANCE and Mary Paige.

He was married to Harriet Vail on 14 Aug 1900.

bullet Charles LANCE Parents: Robert LANCE and Lucinda Marsh.

bullet Cora May LANCE Photo died in 1947. Cora was a schoolteacher at Hardwick high school. She lived in Cabot, Vermont. Parents: Byron LANCE and Mary Paige.

bullet Doris LANCE was born. Doris married Bernard Hamel and lived in South Ryegate, Vermont. Parents: Walter Byron LANCE and Louise M. Bates.

bullet Ella LANCE Parents: Joseph LANCE and Cynthia Tucker.

bullet Ellsworth LANCE was born on 14 Sep 1861 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: John D. LANCE and Prudence JACOBS.

bullet Dr. Elton W. LANCE resided at Rahway in New Jersey. Elton married Ruth Brown of Sheldon. Both were graduates of Montpelier seminary. Parents: Walter Byron LANCE and Louise M. Bates.

bullet Evelyn Paige LANCE was born on 20 Oct 1907 in Cabot, Vermont. She died on 7 Mar 1915. Parents: Walter Byron LANCE and Louise M. Bates.

bullet George LANCE was born on 17 Nov 1836. George lived in South Woodbury, Vermont where he was postmaster for 12 years. Parents: John D. LANCE and Prudence JACOBS.

bullet Harriet LANCE Parents: Robert LANCE and Lucinda Marsh.

bullet Henry LANCE Parents: Robert LANCE and Lucinda Marsh.

bullet Henry LANCE Photo Henry was living in Denver Colorado in 1929. Parents: Byron LANCE and Mary Paige.

bullet Jane LANCE Parents: John D. LANCE and Prudence JACOBS.

bullet John B. LANCE was born on 13 Mar 1851 in Marshfield, Vermont. John married Emma F. Wood, 15 April, 1885. He was a physician in Cabot and Montpelier, Vermont and Campton, New Hampshire. Parents: John D. LANCE and Prudence JACOBS.

bullet John D. LANCE was born on 27 Aug 1812 in Cabot, Vermont. He died on 2 Apr 1886. Parents: Robert LANCE and Hannah HEATH.

He was married to Prudence JACOBS on 12 Mar 1833. Children were: George LANCE, Paul LANCE, Robert W. LANCE, John B. LANCE, Lydia LANCE, Jane LANCE, Amos LANCE, William LANCE, Ellsworth LANCE.

bullet Joseph LANCE was born in 1799 in Chester, New Hampshire. He died on 12 Oct 1865 in Cabot, Vermont. Joseph came to Cabot when a lad with his father, who settled on the place where Hial Morse later lived. In 1830 he engaged in the mercantile business in Calais. After about 4 years he sold out, and engaged in farming on quite a large scale. In 1833, he was married to Cynthia M. Tucker. They had 4 children. In 1838 he bought the entire estate of Judge Dana of Cabot, and about 1845 he moved to Cabot. In his early life he dealt extensively in cattle and sheep; was successful in all his undertakings financially, and became a man of wealth. He held many town offices, and was an excellent manager for the town (foregoing from Hemenway's Gazetteer of Washington County). Parents: Robert LANCE and Hannah HEATH .

He was married to Cynthia Tucker. Children were: Hon. Theron H. LANCE, Byron LANCE, Josie LANCE, Ella LANCE.

bullet Joseph T. LANCE Photo died after 1932. Parents: Hon. Theron H. LANCE and Katie E. Bean.

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