bullet Russell F. King was born in 1921. He died in 1962. Parents: Edward Jones King and Audrey Viola Bates.

bullet Sarah King was born on 15 Aug 1876. She died on 12 Jun 1958. Parents: Eli King and Agnes McKelvey.

bullet Steve King Parents: Lester James King and Marie "Terri" ?.

bullet Steven Paul King was born on 7 Mar 1956. Parents: Wayne Joseph King and Dorothy Cleveland NORTON.

bullet Wayne Joseph King was born on 30 Nov 1922. Son of Walter King and Hilda Cunio.

He was married to Dorothy Cleveland NORTON. Children were: Darcy Ann King, Douglas Wayne King, Peter Norton King, Elise Andrea King, Steven Paul King.

bullet William McKelvey King Photo was born on 20 Jul 1866 in Leeds, Quebec. He died on 11 Jun 1945 in Island Pond, Vermont. Parents: Eli King and Agnes McKelvey.

He was married to Sarah Thompson . Children were: John King, James Alexander (Alec) King.

He was married to Miriam Pope. Children were: Ronald King.

bullet Margaret Kinge was born about 1609.

She was married to Richard Challacomb on 9 Nov 1629 in Sandford, Devon, England. Children were: Walter Challacomb.

bullet Abigail Kingsbury Parents: Nathaniel Kingsbury and Abigail Baker.

She was married to Amos Fisher . Children were: Timothy Fisher.

bullet Elizabeth Kingsbury Parents: Lemuel Kingsbury and Dorothy Roberts.

She was married to Elisha PITKIN in 1780.

bullet Lemuel Kingsbury

He was married to Dorothy Roberts . Children were: Elizabeth Kingsbury.

bullet Nathaniel Kingsbury was born. Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel Kingsbury and Mary Bacon. Much more is known of his ancestry, going back 24 generations of the Bacon family.

He was married to Abigail Baker. Children were: Abigail Kingsbury.

bullet Aaron Kinne Rev. was born on 24 Sep 1744. He died on 14 Jul 1824. Rev Aaron Kinne Birth: Sep. 24, 1744 Death: Jul. 14, 1824 Graduate of Yale University in 1765. He was a pastor in Groton, Conn. from 1769 to 1798. Revolutionary War veteran. He was involved in the Fort Griswold Massacre in 1781. Burial: Tallmadge Cemetery Tallmadge Summit County Ohio, USA Plot: Old section

Children were: Mary KINNE.

bulletMary KINNE was born on 16 Aug 1777 in Groton, Connecticut. She died on 13 May 1860 in Winsted, Connecticut. Parents: Aaron Kinne Rev. and Anna Morgan.

She was married to Alexander CLEVELAND on 25 Feb 1805 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Children were: Rufus CLEVELAND.

bullet Elizabeth "Goody" KINSLEY was born on 22 Nov 1657 in Braintree, Massachusetts. She died on 3 Jul 1706 in Nashua. Parents: Samuel Kinsley and Hannah Brackett.

She was married to John CUMMINGS on 13 Sep 1680. Children were: John CUMMINGS, Samuel CUMMINGS, Elizabeth CUMMINGS, Hannah CUMMINGS, Ebenezer CUMMINGS, Anna CUMMINGS, Lydia CUMMINGS, William CUMMINGS.

bullet Samuel Kinsley

Children were: Elizabeth "Goody" KINSLEY.

bulletJoan Kirby. Parents: Mr. KIRBY and Joan.

Children were: Thomas Hale.

bulletMr. KIRBY.

Children were: Joan Kirby.

bulletHellen Ellen Kirton(4) was born about 1523 in Hill Fairance, Somerset, England. She died on 2 Aug 1596 in Messing, Essex, England.

Children were: Robert White.

bulletLona May Kiser Photo was born about 1863 in Marshfield, Vermont. Daughter of Levi and Emeline (Emily) Kiser of Marshfield, VT. Her name is variously spelled in different records as Laura, Lena, Lona, and Leona. In 1910, Leona, aged 47, kept a boarding house in Barre, Vt. where she lived with her daughter Bessie E., 24, sales girl in a dry goods store, and her daughter Lena F., 16. Her mother Emeline Kiser, 82, also lived with them.

She was married to William Webster PITKIN on 10 Dec 1880 in Marshfield, Vermont. The 1993 Pictorial History of Plainfield contains a picture of a Kiser family gathering at the Townsend Farm in District 7 (page 107 of the history). Lona is pictured in this group, and also two Pitkin girls, Lena Florina (Pitkin) Shea, and Bessie Pitkin, the daughters of William and Lona Pitkin. Lena also appears on page 59 of the history in a class photo taken at the Plainfield village school (1890) where she was apparently a student.

Lona's age given on her marriage record was 19 years on Dec. 10, 1880 Children were: Bessie E. PITKIN, Lena Florina PITKIN.

bullet Kimberly Kisner

She was married to Stephen Mathew Glaude in May 1983. Children were: Amber Danielle Glaude , Joshua Allyn Glaude, Corey Joseph Glaude.

bullet Elizabeth Kleybaumhuter was born on 28 Aug 1796. She died on 21 Jan 1844.

She was married to Leopold Augustin HEILBORN on 24 Apr 1830. Children were: Theresia Benedikta HEILBORN, Johann Andreas Heinrich HEILBORN, Melchior Mathias HEILBORN, Franz Xaver Ferdinand (Alibone) Heilborn .

bullet Mary Klingensmith was born in 1851. She died in 1932 in Iowa. She was buried in Underwood, Iowa.

She was married to William E. PITKIN on 13 Sep 1871. Children were: Laura PITKIN , Charles PITKIN, Agnes PITKIN , Arthur PITKIN, Clarence PITKIN, Ernest PITKIN, Roy PITKIN.

bullet Sarah Knapp

Children were: Elizabeth Disbrow.

bulletMarie Antoinette KNEPEURING was born in 1839 in Cleve, Rhine, Germany. She died after 1900 in Massachussetts. The census for 1900 shows that Antionette was a tenant at 15 South Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts with her son Franz. J. Heilborn and her grandson, Louis Corbett. Her son Leo also had a home in Wrentham, on Bugbee Street.

The marriage records of her son Leopold and of her daughter Ellie Josephine A. Heilborn give Antoinette's name as Marie A. Heilborn.

An 1894 city directory of Attleboro, MA lists Antoinette Heilborn, widow of Franz F., house South, corner Pleasant. Franz F. Heilborn died Jan 22, 1894, Franz J., Jr. boards South, corner Pleasant, Leo A., jeweler, boards Bugbee, 2nd left from South.

She was married to Franz Xaver Ferdinand (Alibone) Heilborn in 1860 in Clerkenwell District, London, England. Children were: Leopold Alexander HEILBORN, Arnold Hubbard HEILBORN, Elizabeth Josephine Alice HEILBORN, Franz (Francis) Joseph Ferdinand HEILBORN , Charles Melchior Heilborn, Infant boy HEILBORN.

bullet Alice Cummings Knight was born on 4 Feb 1858 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Born at 20 minutes before four in the afternoon. Baptised byRev. Mr. Holman in the Church, May 2, 1858. She died on 16 Oct 1939 in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Jane Milk CUMMINGS.

She was married to Freeman Putney on 17 Jun 1876 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Married by her father, Richard Knight at his home. Children were: Freeman Putney, Walter K. Putney, Willis R. Putney.

bullet Camilla Jane Knight was born on 22 Aug 1860 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Born at half past six o'clock, p. m. Baptised by her father Richard Knight in Salem Chapel, May 5, 1861. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Jane Milk CUMMINGS.

bullet Emily Ann Knight was born on 11 Jun 1834 in No. 7 North Bridge, extra parochial Hull. Born at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Baptised at George Yard Chapel, Hull, bu Rev. W. L. Thornton, 1834 She died on 18 Mar 1900 in Chatfield, Minnesota. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Dorothy Jackson.

bullet Grace Margaret Knight was born on 12 Dec 1873 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Born at 2 o'clock a.m. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Jane Milk CUMMINGS.

She was married to Roger W. Babson on 29 Mar 1900 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

bullet Josephine Elizabeth Knight was born on 10 Dec 1850 in Ohio City, Herkimer County, New York. Born at half past 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and baptised by Rev. Seth Burt at Ohio Church, March 30, 1851. She died on 19 Jul 1912 in Ione, California. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Marianne Jackson.

She was married to George E. Jackson on 24 Apr 1902.

She was married to William P. Reid before 1895.

bullet Julia Dorothy Knight was born on 26 May 1837 in River Head South, Lincolnshire. Born at 20 minutes past 5 in the morning. Baptised in the house, Jun 30, 1837, by C. J. Kennedy of Hull. She died on 21 Jan 1838 in Eckington, Derbyshire. Buried at the General Cemetery, Sheffield. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Dorothy Jackson.

bullet Mary Jerusha Knight was born on 23 Jul 1865 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Born at 20 minutes past 11 a. m. Baptised by her father Richard Knight March 4, 1866. She died on 25 Sep 1867 in South Hadley Falls, MA. Died at 7:15 p.m., and was buried in the cemetery at South Hadley Falls, September 27, 1867. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Jane Milk CUMMINGS.

bullet Rev. Richard Knight Photo was born on 3 Aug 1806 in Kingston-upon-Hull, England. He died on 3 Nov 1890 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Died at 125 Iglehart Street, St. Paul. Richard Knight was the son of Robert and Anne (Wardle) Knight. Ordained at Sheffield, England in May 1837. Minister there, in Lowth and Hull, and missionary of the London Port Society. Seamen's Chaplain, Germany, and imprisoned there for evangelical preaching. In business for some years in London and came to America in 1849. Acting pastor, Ohio and Norway, New York 1849-1851. Newport, New York 1851-53. Installed, Holyoke, Mass., 1853, April 20; dismissed 1854, November 8. In Kansas, 1855-1856. Installed South Hadley Falls, Mass., 1856, September 10; dismissed 1878, September 18. Acting pastor, Southwick, Mass., 1878-1884. Without charge, having winter home in Barnwell, S.C., and summer home at Gloucester, Mass., 1884-1890. Member of Constitutional Convention, in Kansas, 1855. Trustee Hartford Theological Seminary, 1872-1881. Member of National Council, 1877.

In the cornerstone of the Richard Knight Auditorium, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts: "Richard Knight was born August 3, 1806, and Kingston-upon-Hull, England. After some years of business life in London, he became a dissenting minister, preaching at Sheffield, Lowth and Hull and, under the auspices of the London Port Society, spending three years as Seamen's Chaplain at Hamburg, Germany, where, at one time, he was imprisoned some months for evangelical preaching. In 1849, with his wife and three children, he came to America. He was settled over Presbyterian churches in New York State, afterward coming to Holyoke, Mass., as pastor of the Second Congregational Church. While in Holyoke, he became interested in the controversy over Kansas and eventually took charge of a colony of one hundred people who went out to Kansas to settle and to help in making Kansas a free state. He was a delegate to the First Constitutional Convention of Kansas, was a member of the Governor's staff and, on account of the activities of the pro-slavery agitators, he often preached armed with sword and pistols. He was well acquainted with John Brown and other famous anti-slavery leaders. All the hardships of life in a new country were his and his wife and son died in Kansas. Returning to Massachusetts with his two daughters, he took the pastorate of the First Congregational Church of South Hadley Falls where he remained for twenty-three years. He married Jane Milk Cummings of Morgan, Vermont, and his three surviving daughters, Mrs Freeman Putney of South Weymouth, Massachusetts, Miss Camilla Jane Knight of Wellesley, Mass., and Mrs. Roger W. Babson of Wellesley, Mass., are children of his American wife. In 1878, when seventy-two years of age, he became the pastor of the Congregational Church at Southwick, Mass., where he stayed for six years, until failing health made it necessary for him to resign. After this he preached in a small schoolhouse near his home in Barnwell, South Carolina, where he spent winters, and occasionally in Gloucester, Mass., during his summers in the north. In 1890, he and his wife went to Sl Paul, Minnesota, and there he died. November 3, 1890, his two elder daughters, Miss Emily Ann Knight and Mrs. William P. Reid, who lived in Minnesota, and the three daughters now surviving being with him in his last illness. He was buried in St. Paul. Mr. Knight was always interested in education. When living at South Hadley Falls, he often preached at Mt. Holyoke Seminary in South Hadley (now Mt. Holyoke College) and many of the older professors and alumnae remember him well. He was for some time a trustee of Hartford Theological Seminary. The advanced ideas in education to be carried out in the development of the Babson Institute would have greatly interested him, and it is fitting that the Auditorium presented to the Institute by his youngest daughter should be named in memory of him. - Wellesley, Mass., September 28, 1922."

A volume on the life of Richard Knight was written by his grandson, Walter K. Putney after the dedication of the above mentioned auditorium, a copy of which was in the possesion of Caleb Pitkin in 1996. The biography was evidentlly privately printed. It bears no date, nor any printer's mark. It is titled "Richard Knight Pioneer."

He was married to Jane Milk CUMMINGS on 7 Jan 1857 in Morgan, Vermont. Married by the Rev. John Fraser, of Derby, Vermont Children were: Alice Cummings Knight, Camilla Jane Knight, Mary Jerusha Knight, Grace Margaret Knight.

He was married to Dorothy Jackson on 10 Mar 1830 in St Mary's Church, Beverly. Married by the Rev. Mr. Blyth. Children were: William Henry Knight, Emily Ann Knight, Julia Dorothy Knight, Robert Charles Knight.

He was married to Marianne Jackson on 11 Oct 1845 in Court House on the Island of Guernsey. Married by Charles Lefebre, Esq., by license. Children were: Richard Lawson Knight, Josephine Elizabeth Knight.

bullet Richard Lawson Knight was born on 29 Jun 1848 in No. 4 Prospect Place, Queen's Road, Dalston, Hackney, Middlesex.. Born at about half past 3 (or near 4) in the afternoon. Registered at Hackney on the 10th of August, 1848. He died on 21 Nov 1848. Died at quarter past 7 in the evening. Buried at Southwark Chapel, Long Lane, Boro, on the 24th of November. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Marianne Jackson.

bullet Robert Charles Knight was born on 19 Dec 1842 in No. 89 Albany Road, Camberwell Parish, London. Born at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Registered at St. Georges, Camberwell, January, 1843 He died on 12 Feb 1856 in Lawrence, Kansas. Died about 5 o'clock in the afternoon and was buried in Lawrence Cemetery on February 14th. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Dorothy Jackson.

bullet William Henry Knight was born on 31 May 1832 in Pemberton Street, Sutton (Hull) York. He died on 4 Nov 1863 in South Hadley Falls, MA. William Henry Knight after spending 14 years in South Australia, arrived in South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts, on the 18th of March, 1863. On the 27th of October he was attacked with bleeding from the lungs and on the 4th of November, 1863, at half past 9 a.m., he died. He was buried in the cemetery at South Hadley Falls, November 6, 1863. Born at 25 minutes past 4 o'clock in the morning. Baptised at George Yard Chapel, Hull, by J. H. Squance, 1832. Parents: Rev. Richard Knight and Dorothy Jackson.

bullet Jane Knowles was born in 1619 in England. She died on 27 Apr 1693 in Manchester, Massachusetts. Parents: Thomas Knowles and Jane Conant.

She was married to William BENNETT on 2 May 1643 in Massachussetts. Children were: Aaron BENNETT.

bullet Thomas Knowles was born about 1579 in London. He was baptized on 19 Apr 1579 in London. He died in 1626 in England.

He was married to Jane Conant on 18 Sep 1609 in East Budleigh, Devon. Children were: Jane Knowles.

bullet Rachel Alcora Knox Photo was born on 15 Jul 1841 in Pennsylvania. She died on 22 Sep 1917 in Memphis, Missouri.

She was married to Horace Goodwin PITKIN on 20 Dec 1863. Children were: Cora Knox PITKIN, Jennie C. PITKIN, Clara J. PITKIN, Horace G. PITKIN.

bullet Myrna Jane Koehler was born on 30 Apr 1950 in Charles City, Iowa. Myrna had an A.A. degree from North Iowa Community College. She was an R.N.

She was married to Rand Luverne PITKIN on 23 May 1971 in Ulster, Iowa. Children were: Shane Francis PITKIN, Shamus Ray PITKIN, Sean Garrett PITKIN, Seth Rand PITKIN.

bullet Christopher Krueger Parents: Alice BLACHLY.

bullet Sarah Krueger Parents: Alice BLACHLY.

bullet Thomas Krueger Parents: Alice BLACHLY.

bullet Joan la Warre died on 24 Apr 1404. Parents: Sir Roger la Warre 3rd Lord la Warre and Eleanor Mowbray .

She was married to Sir Thomas West 1st Lord West . Children were: Sir Reynold West 6th Lord de la Warre .

bullet Sir Roger la Warre 3rd Lord la Warre was born on 30 Nov 1326. He fought in the Siege of Calais from 1346 to 1347. He fought in the Battle of Crécy on 26 August 1346, in the retinue of the Black Prince. He succeeded to the title of 3rd Lord la Warre [E., 1299] on 9 May 1347. He fought in the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. Between July 1369 and November 1369 He served in Picardy and Caux, under John of Gaunt.

He was married to Eleanor Mowbray . Children were: Joan la Warre.

bullet Alan LA ZOUCHE was born in 1267. Parents: Sir Roger LA ZOUCHE and Ela LONGESPEE.

Children were: Elena LA ZOUCHE.

bulletElena LA ZOUCHE was born in 1288. Parents: Alan LA ZOUCHE and Eleanor DE SEGRAVE.

She was married to Alan DE CHARLTON in 1317. Children were: Alan DE CHARLTON.

bullet Sir Roger LA ZOUCHE died in 1285.

Children were: Alan LA ZOUCHE.

bulletJohn LACKLAND King of England(1) was born on 24 Dec 1167 in Oxford. He died on 19 Oct 1216. He was buried in Newark Castle, Nottingham. John (of England), called John Lackland (1167-1216), king of England (1199-1216), best known for signing the Magna Carta.
John was born in Oxford on December 24, 1167, the youngest son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry provided for the eventual inheritance of his lands by his older sons before John was born. By 1186, however, only Richard I, the Lion-Hearted, and John were left as Henry's heirs. In 1189, as Henry neared death, John joined Richard's rebellion against their father, and when Richard was crowned, he gave John many estates and titles. John tried but failed to usurp the Crown while Richard was away on the Third Crusade: Upon returning to England, Richard forgave him. When his brother died in 1199, John became king. A revolt ensued by the supporters of Arthur of Brittany, the son of John's brother, Geoffrey. Arthur was defeated and captured in 1202, and John is believed to have had him murdered. King Philip II of France continued Arthur's war until John had to surrender nearly all his French possessions in 1204. In 1207 John refused to accept the election of Stephen Langton as archbishop of Canterbury. Pope Innocent III then excommunicated him and began negotiating with Philip for an invasion of England. Desperate, John surrendered England to the pope and in 1213 received it back as a fief. Trying to regain his French possession, he was decisively defeated by Philip in 1214. John's reign had become increasingly tyrannical; to support his wars he had extorted money, raised taxes, and confiscated properties. His barons finally united to force him to respect their rights and privileges. John had little choice but to sign the Magna Carta presented to him by his barons at Runnymede in 1215, making him subject, rather than superior, to the law. Shortly afterward John and the barons were at war. He died at Newark in Nottinghamshire on October 19, 1216, while still pursuing the campaign, and was succeeded by his son, Henry III. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Children were: Henry III King of England.

bulletCharles Daniel Ladd was born on 22 Apr 1843 in Danville, Vermont. He died on 26 Jan 1927 in Lyndonville, Vermont. Charles worked in lumber mills. His hand was badly crushed in 1912 when caught in the belts of a planer.

He was married to Margaret Stevenson MCKELVEY on 22 Oct 1884 in East Brighton, Vermont. Children were: Roger Burns Ladd .

bullet Infant Ladd was stillborn. Parents: Roger Burns Ladd and Maude Eva Dwinell.

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