bullet Mathilde

Children were: Eremburge.

bulletMatilda died in 1118. Parents: Malcolm III King of Scotland and St. Margaret.

Children were: William Atheling, Maud The Empress.

bulletMatilda was born in 1035. She died in 1083. Parents: Baldwin V Count of Flanders.

She was married to William I The Conqueror in 1054. Children were: Robert II Duke of Normandy, Richard Duke of Bernay, Abbess Holy Trinity Cecily, William II The Red King of England, Adeliza, Constance , Adela, Agatha, Matilda, Henry I King of England.

bullet Matilda Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet Matilda died in 1154. Parents: Fulk V Count of Anjou and Eremburge.

She was married to William Atheling.

bullet Matilda died in 1189. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

bullet Maud The Empress was born in 1102. She died in 1167. Parents: Henry I King of England and Matilda.

She was married to Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou in 1129. Children were: Henry II King of England, Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Nantes, William PLANTAGENET Count of Poitou.

bullet Maud died in 1120. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bullet May

She was married to Victor Emanuel BEMIS. Children were: Vern BEMIS, Pearl Emaline BEMIS, Beth BEMIS, Ara BEMIS.

bullet Merovic (Meroveus) King of Salian Franks died in 458. Parents: Clodio I Long Hair King of Salian Franks.

Children were: Childeric I King Salian Franks.

bulletMunderic of Cologne was born in 500 in Vitry-en-Pertho. Parents: Cloderic the Parricide King of Cologne.

Children were: Bodegisel I.

bulletNantilde was born in 610. She died in 642.

She was married to Dagobert I King of Austrasia, King of Franks in 627. Children were: Clovis II (Chlodevig) King of Neustria, Burgundy, King of.

bullet Nebi died in 724. Parents: Theutbold of the Alamanni .

Children were: Emma of the Alamanni.

bulletOda .

Children were: St. Arnulf Bishop of Metz.

bulletOlive .

She was married to Irving W. Quimby. Children were: Irving Quimby, Lt. David G. Quimby, Linda Quimby.

bullet Osburgh died in 846. Parents: Oslac The Chief Butler.

Children were: Alfred King of England.

bulletOslac The Chief Butler.

Children were: Osburgh .

bulletPalatina of Troyes. Parents: Gallus Magnus Bishop Troyes .

Children were: Bodegisel II Gov. Aquitaine.

bulletPapinilla .

Children were: Tonantius Ferreolus Duke on the Moselle, Margrave Schel.

bulletPeggy .

She was married to Arthur Theodore BLACHLY about 1953. Children were: Elizabeth BLACHLY, Andrew Theodore BLACHLY, Rachel BLACHLY.

bullet Pepin I Major Domus in Austrasia died in 639. He was born in Landen, Liege, Belgium.

Children were: St. Begga of Brabant.

bulletPepin le Bref King of France was born about 715. He died on 24 Sep 768. Pepin le Bref, King of France, first of the Carlovingians. He was born about 715; died Sep 24 768. He at first shared the kingdom of his father with his brother Karloman, ruling only Neustria and Burgundy, but after his brother entered a monastery in 747, Pepin became sole ruler. Having secured the deposition of the nominal king, Childeric III, in 751, by agreement with Pope Zachery, he was procalimed king of the Franks. Shortly after, Pope Stephen III pressed by the Langobards under Aistulf, applied to France for aid and by a visit paid to Pepin induced him to march to Italy, where he signally defeated the Langobards (Lombards), and made the Pope a present of the lands which he had conquered from them. These lands, known historically as the "donation of Pepin" formed the nucleus of the papal states. After a second expedition to Italy, to which he was compelled by the treachery of the Langobards, he defeated the Bavarians and warred successfully with the Saxons (753-757). He was succeeded at his death by his son, Charles the Great (Charlemagne). He married Lady Bertha (Big-Footed Bertha). Parents: Charles Martel and Lady Bothrude (Rotrude) of Treves.

Children were: Charles the Great (Charlemagne) Holy Roman Emperor.

bulletPetronilla .

Children were: Ingelgarius Count of Anjou.

bulletPetronille of Archaic.

Children were: Foulques (Fulk) Count of Angouleme.

bulletPhilip Twin. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bulletPhilip IV, King of France.

Children were: Isabella .

bulletPhilippa died in 1369.

She was married to Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine. Children were: Edward, The Black Prince Prince of Wales & Aquitaine, Isabella.

bullet Ponce de la Marche

Children were: Guillaume IV Taillefer Count of Angouleme.

bulletPrudence died on 22 Dec 1609 in Belstead, Suffolk, England.

Children were: Nathaniel MERRILL, John MERRILL, Michael MERRILL, Thomas MERRILL.

bulletRachel died in 1792 in Lyme, New Hampshire.

She was married to Benjamin CLEVELAND in 1736. Children were: Rufus CLEVELAND.

bullet Rebecca was born in 1732. She died on 15 Dec 1774.

She was married to Whitman Jacob. Children were: Whitman Jacobs .

bullet Richard Duke of Bernay died in 1081. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet Richard I, King of England Duke of Aquitaine, Count Poitou died in 1199. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

bullet Richard the fearless Duke of Normandy was born in 933. He died in 996 in Normandy. Parents: William Longsword Duke of Normandy.

Children were: Richard the good Duke of Normandy .

bulletRichard the good Duke of Normandy died in Aug 1027. Parents: Richard the fearless Duke of Normandy and Gunnora of Crepon.

He was married to Judith between 1000 and 1008. Children were: Robert I Duke of Normandy .

bullet Richemir of Burgundy Duke of Franconia

Children were: Gerberge of Franconia.

bulletRichilde of France.

Children were: Heribert II Count Vermandois & Troyes.

bulletRichilde of France.

Children were: Beatrice of Vermandois .

bulletRobert de Vermandois Count of Troyes & Meaux, Count Chal. Parents: Heribert II Count Vermandois & Troyes and Hildebrante of France.

Children were: Adelaide de Vermandois .

bulletRobert I Duke of Normandy died on 22 Jul 1035. Parents: Richard the good Duke of Normandy and Judith .

Children were: William I The Conqueror.

bulletRobert I King of France. Parents: Robert le Forte Count Anjou, Count of Paris and Alpaida (Elpheid) of France .

Children were: Adelheid (Werra) of Burgundy.

bulletRobert II Duke of Normandy died in 1134. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet Robert le Forte Count Anjou, Count of Paris died in 866.

Children were: Robert I King of France.

bulletRognvald the Rich.

Children were: Rolf Duke of Normandy .

bulletRolf Duke of Normandy was born about 860. He died in 932. Parents: Rognvald the Rich.

He was married to Gisele in 912. Children were: William Longsword Duke of Normandy .

bullet Roscille (Rosalie) des Loches Parents: Garnier Seigneur de Loches de Willandri.

Children were: Fulk II the good Count of Anjou.

bulletRose was born in 1616 in England. She died in 1687 in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

She was married to Hugh Hillier about 1640 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Children were: Deborah Hillier.

bullet Ruth

Children were: Hannah Dwinell, Joseph B. Dwinell.

bulletRuth died in 1800 in Grantham, NH.

She was married to Phillip HOPKINS in 1771 in Scituate, Rhode Island. Children were: Gardner HOPKINS.

bullet Sandal W.

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