bullet Mary Henderson

She was married to Lewis McKelvey Guy in 1921.

bullet Mary Agnes Heney

Children were: Carroll Peabody PITKIN , Phillip Arthur PITKIN.

bulletElizabeth Heron.

Children were: Maud Tailboys.

bulletMargaret Alison HERRIDGE Photo was born on 7 Oct 1905. She died on 9 Aug 1993 in Pennsylvania. She was buried in Manchester, New Hampshire.

She was married to Victor Ellsworth PITKIN Ph.D. on 4 Sep 1932 in Arlington, Massachusetts. Children were: Donald Herridge PITKIN.

bullet James Hickey was born in 1848 in Shilby, Canada West. James was the son of James and Jane Hickey. James operated a tin shop in Marshfield, Vt. in the building later used as a harness shop by Edwin Thomas.

He was married to Jennie Blodgett on 5 Jul 1872 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Wendell Phillips Hickey.

bullet Wendell Phillips Hickey was born on 6 Jul 1879 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 7 Dec 1956 in Halifax District Hospital, Florida. Wendell lived in Cabot, Vermont, on the farm now owned by Michael and Uli Belenky (1996). Wendell represented Cabot in the legislature in 1942 and 1943. There was an elm tree near his house which could be climbed by ascending a spiral staircase which Wendell had built around its trunk. From his obituary: "Daytona Beach Fla. - Wendell Phillips Hickie, 77, was fatally injured when hit by a motorcycle December 7 at 8 p.m. Death ensued at midnight at the Halifax district hospital. born in Marshfield, Vt., July 6, 1879, he was the youngest of four children of the late James and Jennie Pitkin Hickie. He was educated in the schools of Marshfield, Cabot, and St. Johnsbury and graduated from Montpelier Seminary. From 1905 to 1919, he was a resident of Orange City, Fla., and served a term as mayor of that city. Mr. Hickie owned one of the first bus lines in the state of Florida, running from Orange City to Deland, and he was also a building contractor in Orange City. Returning to Vermont, the deceased engaged in farming at Cabot. Always interested in town affairs, he represented Cabot in the state legislature in 1943-44. He was active in the church, serving six years on the United Church committee; and for ten years, Mr. Hickie was president of the Cabot Old Home Week committee. Since 1945 he has made his home in Daytona Beach, Fla. He was trustee and member of the official board of Livingston Memorial church and past president of the Men's club. The deceased was also active in boy Scout work. Surviving relatives are three nieces, Mrs. Gladys Provost of Boston; Mrs. I. W. Hawes of Laguna Beach, Calif.; and Mrs. Olive Pihleman of Charleston, W. Va.; Richard M. Provost of West Hartford, Conn.; and cousins. Funeral services were held at the Livingston Memorial Methodist church in Dytona Beach on Tuesday with burial at Hollywood cemetery in Orange City, Fla." Parents: James Hickey and Jennie Blodgett.

bullet Abigail Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Elizabeth Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Ephraim Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Isaac Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Joseph Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Mary Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Persis Hildreth was born on 8 Feb 1660. Birth date and parentage obtained from an internet file. Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

Children were: Joseph CLEVELAND.

bulletRichard Hildreth was born in 1605. He died on 23 Feb 1692 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

He was married to Elizabeth in 1645 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Children were: Elizabeth Hildreth , Sarah Hildreth, Mary Hildreth , Ephraim Hildreth, Abigail Hildreth, Joseph Hildreth, Thomas Hildreth, Persis Hildreth, Isaac Hildreth.

bullet Sarah Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Thomas Hildreth Parents: Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth.

bullet Amy Christina Hill

Children were: Emma Maud Fuller .

bulletBeatrice HILL was buried on 28 Aug 1570 in Staffordshire, England. She was born in Buntingsdale, Shropshire, England. Parents: William Hill HILL and Alice de Bunbury.

Children were: Thomas BULKELEY.

bulletElizabeth Hill.

She was married to Seneca BEMIS. Children were: Guy BEMIS, male BEMIS , female BEMIS, A. Mary (May) BEMIS.

bullet Nabby Hill

She was married to Elias BEMIS.

bullet William Hill HILL

Children were: Beatrice HILL.

bulletSarah Eliza Hillhouse.

She was married to Archibald Leigh CUMMINGS.

bullet Deborah Hillier was born on 30 Oct 1643 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. She died on 20 Apr 1669 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Parents: Hugh Hillier and Rose.

She was married to John Sargeant on 19 Mar 1661/62 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Children were: Joseph Sargeant.

bullet Hugh Hillier was born in 1612 in England. He died on 28 Jan 1646/47 in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

He was married to Rose about 1640 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. Children were: Deborah Hillier .

bullet Anne Hills Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

She was married to Joseph PITKIN . Children were: Stephen PITKIN, Anne PITKIN, Joseph PITKIN.

bullet Daniel Hills Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

bullet David Hills was born on 2 Oct 1702 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 25 May 1758 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Jonathan HILLS and Dorothy HALE.

He was married to Ann Pitkin. Children were: David Hills, Anne Hills, Daniel Hills, Dorothy Hills, Nathaniel Hills, Jonathan Hills, Ruth Hills.

bullet David Hills was born on 15 Nov 1724. He died on 2 Jul 1785. Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

He was married to Mary PITKIN on 16 May 1745. Children were: Eunice Hills.

bullet Dorothy HILLS was born on 19 Feb 1696 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She was baptized on 29 Mar 1696. She died on 17 Apr 1746 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Jonathan HILLS and Dorothy HALE .

She was married to Caleb PITKIN in 1716 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Caleb married second, Deborah _____. Children were: Dorothy PITKIN, Mary PITKIN , Thankful Pitkin, Sarah Pitkin, Ensign Caleb PITKIN, Nathaniel PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Joshua PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Dorothy Hills was born in 1731. She died in 1826. Dorothy's portrait appears in the History of Manchester, Connecticut. She was "Landlady of Pitkin Tavern" on Manchester Green. Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

Children were: Esquire Richard PITKIN , Eunice PITKIN, Eleazur PITKIN, Ruth PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Anna PITKIN, David PITKIN, Joseph Chester PITKIN.

bulletEunice Hills was born in 1746. She died on 22 Jan 1802. Parents: David Hills and Mary PITKIN.

She was married to Epaphras PITKIN.

bullet Jonathan HILLS was born in 1665 in Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 29 Sep 1727 in Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: William Hills and Mary Warner.

Children were: Dorothy HILLS, David Hills.

bulletJonathan Hills. Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

bulletNathaniel Hills. Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

bulletRuth Hills. Parents: David Hills and Ann Pitkin.

bulletThomas Hills.

He was married to Jane Scarborrow on 16 Oct 1596 in Upminster, Essex, England. Children were: William Hills.

bullet William Hills was born on 27 Dec 1608 in Upminster, Essex, England. He died in 1683. Parents: Thomas Hills and Jane Scarborrow.

Children were: Jonathan HILLS .

bulletDora May Hinds. Dora May was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Hinds of Burlington, Vt.

She was married to Francis Pitkin on 14 Jan 1956 in Brattleboro, Vermont. She was divorced from Francis Pitkin on 11 Jul 1957.

bullet Gladys Hoffman was born on 26 Aug 1894. She died on 8 Nov 1965.

She was married to Harry E. PITKIN on 25 Nov 1912. Children were: Franklin H. PITKIN, Rose Pearl PITKIN, Opal Darlene PITKIN, Dorothy Gladys PITKIN, Marjorie Marie PITKIN , Ruth Eileen PITKIN, Irma Grace PITKIN, Carol Juanita PITKIN, Earl Lawrence PITKIN.

bullet Daniel Holcomb

He was married to Laura BENTON on 25 Sep 1849.

bullet Lucy (Nabby) Holcomb was born about 1788. Nabby was aged 62 at the taking of the 1850 census. She was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Lucy's last name was obtained from Margaret Merriam, of the Hollister family, and is a matter of some doubt.

She was married to Eliphalet CARPENTER in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Children were: Abijah Howard CARPENTER.

bullet Barbara Ried Holden was born on 29 Aug 1962 in Washington, D.C.. Statistical forcaster, Blue Cross of the National Capitol area. Parents: James Richard Holden and Rachel Ann (Daphne) BLACHLY .

She was married to Keith Allen (Chananya Eliyohu) Newman on 29 Nov 1992 in Columbia, MD. Children were: Carl Frederick (Gavriel Hillel) Newman, Arthur Jacob Newman.

bullet Carol Elizabeth Holden was born on 20 Feb 1960 in Washington, D.C.. Forensic psychologist, Michigan Center of Forensic Psychiatry; Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan Parents: James Richard Holden and Rachel Ann (Daphne) BLACHLY.

She was married to Kurt Edward Zimmer on 9 Jun 1990 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Children were: Eric Holden Zimmer, Peter Zimmer.

bullet Dorothy Holden

She was married to Richard Crane BRADLEY . Children were: Richard Crane BRADLEY Jr., Helen L. BRADLEY, Josephine Crane BRADLEY, David H. BRADLEY.

bullet Emery L. Holden was born on 16 Mar 1871. Parents: J. J. Holden and Ella Louisa PITKIN.

bullet J. J. Holden

He was married to Ella Louisa PITKIN on 4 May 1870. Children were: Emery L. Holden, Martha Holden, Rosa Bell Holden.

bullet James Richard Holden Son of John Holden and Johanna Robinson. "Research Chemise: Naval Ordnance Laboratory - Naval Surface Weapons Center - Naval Surface Warfare Center, White Oak, MD 1955-1988. Exchange Scientist: Explosives Research and Development Establishment, Waltham Abbey, England, 1957-58. Studied relationships between the crystal structures of organic nitro compounds and their explosive properties. Derived methods for prediction the crystal structures of small organic molecules from their compositions and conformations." [Jim & Daphne Holden notes]

He was married to Rachel Ann (Daphne) BLACHLY on 29 Nov 1958 in Chevy Chase, MD. Children were: Carol Elizabeth Holden, Barbara Ried Holden.

bullet Margaret R. Holden was born about 1829.

She was married to Francis R. Scales. Children were: Francis K. Scales .

bullet Martha Holden was born on 26 Dec 1875. Parents: J. J. Holden and Ella Louisa PITKIN.

bullet Rosa Bell Holden was born on 4 Jan 1877. She died on 3 Jan 1879. Parents: J. J. Holden and Ella Louisa PITKIN.

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