bulletCaroline Hand was born in Peacham, Vermont?. Caroline was the daughter of Reuben Hand of Peacham, and sister of Minerva Hand who married Joshua's brother, Harry.

She was married to Joshua PITKIN on 23 Oct 1844. Children were: Edward H. PITKIN, Nathan H. PITKIN, Joshua F. PITKIN, Albert C. PITKIN.

bullet Minerva Hand was born on 13 Nov 1804. She died on 5 Jul 1873. Minerva was the daughter of Reuben Hand of Peacham, Vermont.

She was married to Harry PITKIN on 26 Feb 1826. Children were: Electa PITKIN, Ann PITKIN, Jeanett PITKIN, Henry PITKIN, Harvey PITKIN, Minerva PITKIN, Edgar PITKIN, Caroline A. PITKIN, Emily R. PITKIN, George A. PITKIN.

bullet Alice HANKLEY was born in 1473 in England. She died in 1533 in England.

She was married to John OLMSTEAD in England. Children were: James OLMSTEAD.

bullet Maureen Hansen

She was married to Cameron Scott White on 21 Apr 1979 in California. Children were: Carissa Michelle White, Dustin Matthew White.

bullet Emma M. Hanson was born in 1891. She died in 1977. She was buried in Brushy Point Cem., Hancock Co., Iowa.

She was married to Earl Valentine PITKIN on 13 Dec 1916. Children were: Dale Howard PITKIN, Doris PITKIN, Robert Earl PITKIN, Lawrence Charles PITKIN , Lucille PITKIN, Darlene Mae PITKIN.

bullet Gertrude Hardy

She was married to George Banks MCKELVEY on 10 Feb 1889 in Island Pond, Vermont. Congratulations to Geo. B. McKelvey. Last Friday evening he was united in wedlock to Miss Gertrude M. Hardy, a very popular young lady here. The ceremony occurred at the home of the bride's parents, Henry Hardy, a brother of the bride acting as groomsman and Miss Ada Belle Cabana as bridesmaid, and was performed by Rev. E. P. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey have gone to housekeeping, being cosily settled in the house recently vacated by J. D. Bates and wife. Bridal Bower ought to be its name. Children were: Ralph MCKELVEY.

bullet Fronia Harford Photo died in Charlevoix, Michigan.

She was married to Andrew Dunn Cruickshank on 25 Dec 1873. Children were: Lyle Burns Cruickshank , Gail Jean Cruickshank, Andrew Don Cruickshank.

bullet Jessie Jane Hargrave

She was married to Frederick William COOKE on 10 May 1851 in Methodist Church, Ireland, Megantic Co., Quebec. Children were: Walter COOKE, Jessie COOKE, Minnie COOKE, Clara COOKE, Fred COOKE, Emma COOKE.

bullet W. T. Lloyd Harper

He was married to Caroline Helen Jamieson on 23 Apr 1938.

bullet George Harrington

Children were: Mary HARRINGTON.

bulletMary HARRINGTON was born on 12 Jan 1663. She died on 8 Sep 1716 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Parents: George Harrington and Susannah.

She was married to John BEMIS about 1680. Children were: Beriah BEMIS, Susannah BEMIS, Joseph BEMIS, John Bemis Jr., Mary BEMIS, Samuel BEMIS, Lydia BEMIS, Hannah BEMIS, Isaac BEMIS, Jonathan BEMIS, Jonathan BEMIS, Abraham BEMIS, Susannah BEMIS Twin, Hannah BEMIS Twin.

bullet Bill Harris

He was married to Deanna Grounds. Children were: Jacob Paul Harris, Madeline Louise Harris.

bullet Elizabeth Harris was born on 9 Nov 1644 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She died after Sep 1718. Parents: Robert Harris and Elizabeth Boughey.

She was married to John Whitney on 4 Mar 1668 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Children were: Daniel Whitney.

bullet Jacob Paul Harris was born about 1997. Parents: Bill Harris and Deanna Grounds.

bullet Madeline Louise Harris resided at in Gainesville, TX. Parents: Bill Harris and Deanna Grounds.

bullet Martha Harris was born in May 1650. She died about 1728.

She was married to Thomas Snell. Children were: Josiah Snell.

bullet Robert Harris

He was married to Elizabeth Boughey . Children were: Elizabeth Harris.

bullet Thomasine Harris(4)

She was married to Oliver Purchase on 1 Jun 1577 in Holy Trinity, Dorchester, England. Children were: Joan Purchase.

bullet William Harris

He was married to Cornelia Harriet Petit McGilvary in 1897.

bullet Eleanor Harrison died in 1690. Parents: Richard Harrison .

She was married to John Thompson in 1650. Children were: Hannah THOMPSON.

bullet Richard Harrison died in 1653. Richard Harrison came from West Kirby, Cheshire, England to Branford, Connecticut in 1637.

Children were: Eleanor Harrison.

bulletChesley Hartwell.

He was married to Lena Maud Shepard .

bullet Margaret Harvey was born on 31 Aug 1872. She died on 5 Dec 1940. Margaret was badly crippled with arthritis.

She was married to Benjamin King.

bullet Isabel Harvie

bulletDr. E.V. Harwood.

He was married to Emma Grant PITKIN on 12 Jul 1870. Children were: Mary E. Harwood , Eleazur V. Harwood.

bullet Eleazur V. Harwood was born on 3 Jul 1873. Parents: Dr. E.V. Harwood and Emma Grant PITKIN.

bullet Lamson Harwood

He was married to Julia Ann PITKIN on 16 Jun 1880.

bullet Mary E. Harwood was born on 12 Apr 1871. Parents: Dr. E.V. Harwood and Emma Grant PITKIN.

bullet Margaret Haslonde died in 1588 in St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.

She was married to John Bray on 15 Aug 1553 in St. Margaret's, Westminster, England. Children were: Mary Bray.

bullet Hulda Hason

She was married to Ebenezer Dearborn Lieutenant on 13 Jan 1731 in Chester, New Hampshire. Children were: Hanna DEARBORN.

bullet Betsy Hassam

She was married to Daniel Smith. Children were: Orison Smith, Caroline Smith, Marshall G. Smith, Coridan D. (Cod) Smith, Emily Smith, William Henry Harrison Smith, Edgar Lewis Smith , James Smith.

bullet Hester Hassel Parents: Richard Hassel.

She was married to William Perry. Children were: Capt. Obediah Perry.

bullet Richard Hassel

Children were: Hester Hassel.

bulletHannah Hatch.

She was married to Nathaniel RUST on 19 Apr 1716. Children were: Nathaniel Rust.

bullet Mary Estelle Hatch Photo was born on 26 Dec 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. She died on 26 Dec 2001 in New Hampshire. Mary was the daughter of "Grampy Hatch," as he was called. Grampy lived to be over 100 years old, and drove a car well into his last years. Sometime during the depression, Charles M. Heilborn (Mary's father in law) received a letter from Germany addressed simply to "Dr. Heilborn, USA." He was so impressed with the fact that he had received this letter that he brought it home to show the family. When Mary asked what the letter was about, his reply was "Oh, it's just some goddamned Krauts looking for money." The letter was from Carl Heilborn (a first cousin of Charles, and father of Hannalore and Rainer Heilborn) who was looking for money to buy insulin, which was prohibitively expensive in Europe at the time. Mary, assuming that Carl suffered with diabetes, was nonplussed by the indifference of her father in law, and managed to scrape up some money to send to the family in Germany, and thus began a long and friendly correspondence with them. Finally, some years after the death of Carl Heilborn, Mary was able to travel to Germany and meet with Hannelore and Rainer. It was only then that she learned that Carl did not in fact suffer from diabetes, and that her father in law had been right about his cousin from the beginning.
Mary married second Bill McSweeney. The resided in Rhode Island. Some years after Bill's death, she resided with her daughter Nancy in Hanover, New Hampshire.

She was married to Charles Theodore Melchior "Ted" HEILBORN on 31 Dec 1927. Children were: Mary Ann (Nancy) HEILBORN, Charles Theodore (Teddy) HEILBORN .

bullet Elisabeth MacDonald Haughwout was born on 1 Apr 1911. She died on 20 Jan 1973. Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

She was married to Frederick Johnson Oatman BLACHLY in 1941. Children were: Frederick James (Jim) BLACHLY, Brett (Elisabeth Ann Blachly) Fennel, Hugh Alexander (Alex) BLACHLY , Jonathan Oatman BLACHLY, Peter MacDonald Blachly.

bullet James Haughwout Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet James Ard Haughwout

He was married to Lucy MacDonald Howell. Children were: Robert Alexander Haughwout , Lucy Haughwout, Nancy Haughwout , John W. Haughwout, Elisabeth MacDonald Haughwout, James Haughwout, Peter Jans Haughwout.

bullet John W. Haughwout Photo By Jerry Vondas
Wednesday, July 7, 2004

John W. Haughwout was a man of perpetual motion who, his wife said, would walk an extra block to avoid waiting for a traffic light, but as an artist he had the patience to draw each feather on a chicken for one of his paintings.
Mr. Haughwout, of Squirrel Hill, an architect and watercolorist who had interned with the renowned architect Philip Johnson, died of pneumonia on Tuesday, July 6, 2004, at UPMC Shadyside, Pittsburgh. He was 82.
"John joined the architectural firm of Alden Dow, Marcel Breuer, Philip Johnson and Edward Barnes in 1947 after he graduated from Cornell University College of Architecture," said his wife, Cecilia "Ceci" Sommers, former station manager of WQED-FM.
"This was the firm that designed the Seagram Building in New York City and the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif."
In 1952, Mr. Haughwout left the firm to open his own architectural practice in Mifflin County in Pennsylvania. In 1965, he was appointed by Gov. William Scranton to the State Art Commission, and in 1969 Gov. Raymond Shafer appointed him commission secretary, a position he held until 1983.
"This is the board that oversees the design of all state-funded buildings in Pennsylvania," Sommers said.
"John came to Pittsburgh in 1983 when he was commissioned by PNC to design their hangar at the Allegheny County Airport" in West Mifflin, Sommers said. "He came to love the city and the people he met and decided to make Pittsburgh his home."
Sommers said they met at a party in 1988, but "I ignored him all evening, and John wasn't the type to be ignored. Several days later, he called and asked me out for dinner. I soon found John to be a warm and caring man with a great sense of humor. We were married a year later."
Born in Spring Lake, N.J., and raised in Upper Montclair, N.J., Mr. Haughwout was one of seven children of James Ard and Lucy McDonald Haughwout. His father was a Wall Street attorney in New York City.
The family's presence in the New York City area dated back to 1647, when the first Haughwout stepped off the Dutch ship Spotted Cow onto what was then New Amsterdam.
In 1940, after graduation from Mercersburg Academy in Franklin County, Mr. Haughwout enrolled at Cornell, where he was president of the College of Architecture and president of his fraternity, a member of the intercollegiate track team and a pole vaulter. He entertained friends by playing the violin while standing on his head.
Mr. Haughwout dropped out of college during World War II and in 1942 enlisted in the Army Air Corps and was assigned as a flight instructor at Enid, Okla.
"John wanted to go into combat," his wife said, "and was in tears when he was turned down, although it was noted by his family that his mother was extremely happy at this predicament."
Mr. Haughwout was pleased that retirement gave him the opportunity to create with his watercolors and play the violin.
"One of the portraits that John painted was a portrait of Fred Rogers that he donated to Seton Hill College" in Greensburg, his wife said.
Mr. Haughwout is survived by his wife, Cecilia Sommers; five children, Anne Haughwout, of Tampa, Fla.; Lucy Beaseley, of Valencia, Calif.; Carey Haughwout, of Jupiter, Fla.; Jennifer Morris, of Stuart, Fla., and John W. Haughwout Jr., of Cleveland Heights, Ohio; and a grandson, Jason Morris.
He is also survived by two brothers, Robert Haughwout, of Stockton, Calif., and Peter Haughwout, of Brunswick, Maine; four stepchildren, Christopher, Virginia, Murphy and Matthew O'Riley; and a step-grandchild, Conor Redmond O'Riley.
A memorial service for Mr. Haughwout will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Shadyside Presbyterian Church, where Mr. Haughwout had served as a trustee and designed the columbarium, where he will be interred. A reception will follow in the church's parlor and chapel.
Arrangements are being handled by the McCabe Bros. Funeral Home, Shadyside.

Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet Lucy Haughwout Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet Nancy Haughwout Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet Peter Jans Haughwout Photo From www.healthgrades.com (2007):
"Dr. Haughwout practices Otolaryngology in Brunswick, Maine. Dr. Peter Haughwout . . . graduated from the Jefferson Med College Thos Jefferson University Philadelphia with a MD and has been in the profession for 45 years."

Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet Robert Alexander Haughwout died on 26 Feb 2005 in Stockton, CA. "Bob died Feb. 26, 2005, in Stockton, Calif., his home for nearly 50 years.
At Princeton he majored in history and graduated with honors. During World War II he served four years with the Merchant Marine.
Postwar, he earned a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and passed the California bar in 1947. He practiced criminal research law in Stockton and at one point was research attorney for seven judges of the San Joaquin Superior Court.
Bob married Barbara Howell in 1945 and Evangeline Case, an Air Force widow with four children, in the 1960s.
His favored pastime was sailing. He was commodore of the Stockton Yacht Club, and in 1971 he and Vangie sailed a 44-foot ketch from New Zealand to San Francisco.
Bob is survived by five children, Robert A. Jr., William and Robert Case, Nancy Neitzel, and Jeannie Quintoa; and a brother, Peter Haughwout. His extended family includes 14 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, and 27 nieces and nephews. The class sends them all sincere condolences."

The Record March 3, 2005
Robert A. Haughwout
July 22, 1915 - Feb. 26, 2005

Robert A. Haughwout passed away in Stockton on Saturday, February 26, 2005. He
was 89 years old. He was born in Montclair, New Jersey on July 22, 1915. Robert
served in the US Merchant Marines from 1942 to 1945. He graduated from
Princeton University and then went on to Stockton, CA as a lawyer practicing
criminal research law for 48 years. In his free time, he loved to go sailing,
and he was an avid sailor.
He is survived by his loving children: Robert (Robby) A. Haughwout Jr. of
Mendocino, CA, Nancy Neitzel of Stockton, Bob Case of San Diego, Bill Case of
Los Angeles and Jeannie Quintoa of Modesto. Also surviving is one brother, Dr.
Peter Haughwout of Brunswick, Maine; 14 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren
and 27 nieces and nephews.
There will be a private burial at Cherokee Memorial Park, Lodi, CA and a
Memorial Service to celebrate Robert's life on Friday, March 4, 2005 at 3:30
p.m. at the Community of Christ Church, 3700 N. El Dorado Ave. in Stockton.
Cherokee Memorial Funeral Home, Lodi, in charge of arrangements.
Remembrances may be made to the Parkinson Institution of Research and Patient
Care, 1170 Morse Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1605.
Parents: James Ard Haughwout and Lucy MacDonald Howell.

bullet Deborah Hawes

She was married to Ephraim Pond on 6 Jan 1685. Children were: Ephraim Pond II.

bullet Joan HAWKINS was born in 1594 in Ashill, Somerset, England. She died on 27 May 1636 in Whitestaunton, England. Parents: John HAWKINS and Joan.

She was married to Thomas ALFORD on 11 May 1618 in Whitestaunton, England. Children were: Benedict ALVORD, Alexander ALFORD.

bullet John HAWKINS was born about 1560 in Ashill, Dorset, England. Parents: John HAWKINS and Elizabeth.

Children were: Joan HAWKINS.

bulletJohn HAWKINS was born about 1535.

Children were: John HAWKINS.

bulletElizabeth Hawley was born in 1606.(4)

She was married to Richard BOOTH in 1641. Children were: Bethia BOOTH.

bullet Mary Hay

She was married to Glenn David Pierce on 21 Aug 1982.

bullet Kathlee N. Hayes

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