bulletWilliam Hagar was born on 12 Feb 1658. He died on 8 May 1731. Parents: William Hagar and Mary Bemis.

He was married to Sarah Benjamin on 31 Mar 1687 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Children were: William Hagar.

bullet William Hagar died on 10 Jan 1684. He was born in England.

He was married to Mary Bemis on 20 Mar 1645. Children were: William Hagar.

bullet Annie Aileen Halcro Photo died on 27 Sep 1984.

She was married to Cecil Benton (Ben) Town on 11 Dec 1920. Children were: Walter Benton Town .

bullet Dorothy HALE was born in 1667 in Weathersfield, Connecticut. She died on 23 Jun 1733 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Samuel Hale and Mary Smith.

Children were: Dorothy HILLS, David Hills.

bulletEdson Dwinell Hale was born in Lyndon, Vermont. Parents: John Gardner Hale and Jane Phila DWINELL.

bullet Ellen Frances Hale was born in East Poultney, Vermont. Parents: John Gardner Hale and Jane Phila DWINELL.

bullet Harriet Amelia Hale Parents: John Gardner Hale and Jane Phila DWINELL.

bullet Jennie Norton Hale was born in Grass Valley, California. Parents: John Gardner Hale and Jane Phila DWINELL.

bullet John Hale was born in Hertford, England.

Children were: Samuel Hale.

bulletJohn Gardner Hale Photo was born on 12 Sep 1824 in Chelsea, Vermont. He died in Mar 1892. Men of Vermont: Illustrated Biographical History of Vermonters & Sons of Vermont. Ullery. Brattleboro: Transcript Publishing Company, 1894, p 172

Rev. John Gardner HALE was born 12 September 1824 at Chelsea [Orange County, Vermont], third son of Harry and Lucinda HALE. Graduated at the University of Vermont in 1845, and Andover Theological Seminary in 1851. In 1852 he was sent by the Home Missionary Society to Grass Valley [Nevada County], California, where he resided for several years. Before his departure to California he [Rev. John Gardner HALE] had married Jane P., daughter of Israel DWINELL of East Calais [Washington County, Vermont], and after a few years he returned to Vermont, and was settled successfully at East Poultney [Rutland County], Chester [Windsor County], and Stowe [Lamoille County, all three in Vermont]. His health was always rather delicate and the climate of Vermont somewhat severe, therefore he again went to California, and settled at Redlands [San Bernardino County], where he [Rev. John Gardner HALE] resided until his death in March 1892. At all his places of residence he was respected and loved as an able, sincere, and earnest minister of the gospel. He left surviving him one son, Rev. Edson Dwinell HALE, a Congregational minister in California; and three daughters.

He was married to Jane Phila DWINELL on 28 Sep 1852 in East Calais, Vermont. Children were: Harriet Amelia Hale, Jennie Norton Hale, Edson Dwinell Hale, Mary Gilman Hale, Ellen Frances Hale.

bullet Mary HALE was born on 28 Apr 1687. She died after 1732. Parents: Thomas HALE and Sarah Northend.

She was married to Moses LITTLE on 5 Jan 1714. Children were: Ebenezer Little.

bullet Mary Gilman Hale Parents: John Gardner Hale and Jane Phila DWINELL.

bullet Patience Hale

She was married to William Turner. Children were: Patience Turner.

bullet Samuel Hale was born on 1 Jul 1615 in England. He died on 9 Nov 1693 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Parents: John Hale and Martha.

He was married to Mary Smith in 1642. Children were: Dorothy HALE.

bullet Thomas HALE was born on 11 Feb 1658 in Newbury. He died on 12 Apr 1730 in Rowley. Thomas Hale weighed over 500 pounds. His belt was over 5 feet long. He had a very loud voice and was prominent in town affairs. He was a justice of the peace. Sometimes referred to as Captain Hale. Parents: Thomas Hale and Mary Hutchinson.

Children were: Mary HALE.

bulletThomas Hale was born in 1633 in England. He died on 22 Oct 1688 in Newbury. Parents: Thomas Hale and Thomasine .

He was married to Mary Hutchinson on 26 May 1657 in Salem, Massachusetts. Children were: Thomas HALE .

bullet Thomas Hale was born in 1606 in Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England. He was baptized on 15 Jun 1606. Parents: Thomas Hale and Joan Kirby.

Children were: Thomas Hale.

bulletThomas Hale died in 1630. He was buried on 18 Oct 1630.

Children were: Thomas Hale.

bulletHall .

He was married to Esther V. Corbett.

bullet Abigail Hall was born in 1674. Parents: Thomas HALL and Grace Watson.

She was married to John Tyler in 1694. Children were: Esther TYLER .

bullet Alan Lee Hall was born on 3 Dec 1930. Parents: Avon Fay Hall and Zenith Melinda BEMIS.

bullet Avon Fay Hall Avon was the son of Dean Hall and Adeline Kidder. He lived in Springfield, Vermont.

He was married to Zenith Melinda BEMIS on 15 Dec 1915 in Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Grace Adeline Hall, Frederick Dean Hall, Avon Leslie Hall, Alan Lee Hall.

bullet Avon Leslie Hall was born on 29 May 1924. Parents: Avon Fay Hall and Zenith Melinda BEMIS.

bullet Betsey Hall

She was married to Jerome PITKIN. Children were: Walter J. PITKIN.

bullet Frederick Dean Hall was born on 22 Apr 1920. Parents: Avon Fay Hall and Zenith Melinda BEMIS.

bullet Grace Adeline Hall was born on 22 Jan 1917 in Cabot, Vermont. Grace married Charles Lee Veysey of Springfield, Vermont in 1936. They had a daughter, Marjorie Ann (b. 14 April 1938). Parents: Avon Fay Hall and Zenith Melinda BEMIS.

bullet Grace Anna Hall Grace was the sister of Martha Hall who married Albert Newton Carpenter.

She was married to Charles Ancil CARPENTER . Children were: Noel Jasper CARPENTER, Eva Doris CARPENTER, Elmer Phillips CARPENTER , Walter Charles CARPENTER, Fern Anna CARPENTER, Victor Arthur CARPENTER , Clayton John CARPENTER, Norma June CARPENTER.

bullet John HALL died in 1676. John Hall came in 1633 from Warwickshire, England to Boston, went to Hartford, settled in New Haven and was one of the founders of Wallingford, Connecticut. He was a soldier in the Pequot war and a deputy to the general court of Connecticut, 1653-1651.

Children were: Thomas HALL.

bulletJoseph Hall was born on 9 Feb 1680. Parents: Richard Hall Deacon and Martha.

He was married to Sarah Kimball on 24 Dec 1706 in Bradford, Massachusetts. Children were: Nathaniel Hall.

bullet Martha (Mattie) Hall Mattie was sister of Grace Hall who married Charles Ancil Carpenter. Mattie died in childbirth during a flu epidemic.

She was married to Albert (Bert) Newton CARPENTER. Children were: Ralph CARPENTER, Helen CARPENTER .

bullet Nathaniel Hall was born on 12 Apr 1719 in Bradford, Massachusetts. He died on 5 Apr 1803 in Chester, New Hampshire?. Parents: Joseph Hall and Sarah Kimball.

He was married to Mary Wood on 27 Oct 1743 in Bradford, Massachusetts. Children were: Sarah Hall.

bullet Olive Hall was born on 11 Dec 1755 in Sutton, Massachusetts. She died on 21 Jul 1836 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Willis Hall.

She was married to Archelaus DWINELL Jr.. Children were: Simeon DWINELL , Patty DWINELL, Jacob DWINELL , Dea. Israel DWINELL, Ira DWINELL, Ira DWINELL, Cyrus DWINELL, Amos DWINELL.

bullet Richard Hall Deacon resided at Bradford in 1683 in Massachussetts.

Children were: Joseph Hall.

bulletSarah Hall was born on 27 Jun 1756. She died on 23 Dec 1839 in Chester, New Hampshire. Parents: Nathaniel Hall and Mary Wood.

Children were: Betsey Severance , Sarah SEVERANCE, George Washington SEVERANCE, Josiah SEVERANCE, James SEVERANCE, Rufus SEVERANCE, Patty SEVERANCE, Susan SEVERANCE.

bulletThomas HALL was born in 1649. He died in 1711. Parents: John HALL and Jane Woolen.

He was married to Grace Watson in 1673. Children were: Abigail Hall.

bullet Willis Hall

Children were: Olive Hall.

bulletAbigail Hallett was born in 1644. She died on 17 Aug 1725 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Parents: Andrew Hallett and Anne Bearse.

She was married to Jonathan Alden . Children were: Elizabeth Alden, Anna Alden, Sarah Alden, John Alden, Andrew Alden, Jonathan Alden.

bullet Andrew Hallett was born about 1615. He died on 6 Mar 1683.

He was married to Anne Bearse. Children were: Abigail Hallett.

bullet Edna Halsted

Children were: Sarah Northend.

bulletCaleb Francis Hamel was born on 18 Jan 1986. Parents: Kenneth Hamel and Merry-Nell CARPENTER.

bullet Cassie Lorraine Hamel was born on 21 Jun 1987. Parents: Kenneth Hamel and Merry-Nell CARPENTER.

bullet Dylan Shepard Hamel was born on 27 Dec 1989. Parents: Kenneth Hamel and Merry-Nell CARPENTER.

bullet Kenneth Hamel

He was married to Merry-Nell CARPENTER on 7 Aug 1982. Children were: Caleb Francis Hamel , Cassie Lorraine Hamel, Dylan Shepard Hamel.

bullet Dolly Hamilton

She was married to Col. Asahel Washburn . Children were: Mary Washburn, Orpah Washburn.

bullet Pliny J. Hamilton was born on 6 Jun 1870. He died on 29 Apr 1953.

He was married to Flora Belle Stoner on 26 Feb 1943.

bullet Harriet A. Hammett died on 15 Nov 1884 in Plainfield, Vermont.

She was married to Franklin Albert DWINELL on 15 Dec 1869. Children were: Elbert Hammett DWINELL, Melvin Raymond DWINELL.

bullet Elizabeth Hammond was born on 3 Nov 1664 in Newton, Massachusetts. Parents: Thomas HAMMOND and Elizabeth Stedman.

She was married to Thomas Chamberlain on 18 Apr 1682. Children were: Joseph Chamberlain.

bullet Ella H. Hammond

She was married to Clarence Rich DWINELL on 27 Mar 1878.

bullet Thomas HAMMOND resided at in Wingham, Massachusetts. Parents: Thomas HAMMOND and Elizabeth.

Children were: Elizabeth Hammond.

bulletThomas HAMMOND was born in 1587 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. He was baptized on 9 Jan 1587 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

Children were: Thomas HAMMOND.

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