bullet Damaris GOODWIN was born on 22 Mar 1774 in Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 25 Mar 1852 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Copy of a letter from Damaris (Goodwin) Pitkin to her daughter, Leonora (Pitkin) Bliss in Union, Iowa. Mr. Joseph Halpern of Denver, Colorado has the original (1997).
"Marshfield, Vermont, August 17, 1840. My Dear and Absent Children: I rejoice that I have an opportunity of conveying a line to you direct as we have reason to think you do not receive all we send by your not writing oftener. We have had no communication from you since you wrote Jerusha last winter. We often think and speak of you and your little family. How I long to see you all but when I realize the goodness of God in sparing our lives and the blessings which we are receiving from his hand, I [not legible] to rejoice and render thanksgiving and praise to his great and holy name for his long suffering mercy and tender compassion.
I am at present enjoying a comfortable state of health. All the infirmities of old age are creeping upon me. Reason teaches me that my time is short. I shall soon be numbered with the dead. I shudder to look back upon my lost life, my misspent opportunities with my children, my misgivings and shortcomings. But we read that the blood of Christ cleanses from all sin. All he requires of us is to give ourselves unreservedly to him, put our trust and confidence in him and strive to seek his peace and favor and do his will on earth that we might have an entrance into his kingdom when we are called into eternity.
We have received a letter from Wesley a few days past. They have been called to pass through the furnace of affliction, sickness and death in their family. For three years Wesley has been shaking with the ague in the summer months. His health is improving. He is this summer able to labor a part of the time. They had a son born last fall, lived three months and died a most distressing death with a sore in his throat. Sarah was very sick. Her life despaired of for some time. She now is regaining her health. Let us sympathize with our afflicted friends and pray that their strength might be equal to their day.
We are now living in this place of our family and are enjoying health which is only two out of twelve of my children. Truman lives in Montpelier. His wife has been confined to her room ever since April with a disease upon her lungs. There is but little prospect of her recovery .
Jerusha has another son. She is very comfortable. Laura is with her. Laura has been out of health, has not been able to labor since last January until about six weeks past. Cynthia and family was well the last time we heard from them. Your Aunt Naomi's health about as usual only she is growing old with me . Maryann is in Mass . . . . in the town of Springfield. Clarissa in Boston and where William is cannot tell. The last we heard from him he was in Horace's family, had been sick with the fever and ague.
We live in a world of changes. Sorrow, sickness and death is the news of the day. Let us not set our affections on things below but may we lay up a treasure in heaven where moth nor rust will not corrupt nor thieves do not break through nor steal.
Since I commenced writing we have had a paper from William. An Ohio paper. We conclude by that he is still residing there.
Where is Abigail? Is she still with you or has she left? How is her health? How does she enjoy herself? If there she must share with you in this letter our love and good wishes. I must ask a few more questions. Has Damaris forgotten Grandma and her aunts? Does she have the privilege of schooling and how does she improve? You have two that I have never seen. Tell them I want to see them. Kiss them for me and let them know they have friends in Vermont.
Are you making any calculations ever to visit us again? Your Uncle Joshua's health is as good as it was when you left. He is very lame. Melinda is improving, her health is gaining. Ruth is married, has two children, lives in Waitsfield.
I need not write you the news of the day. You will have an opportunity to inquire. Do write by Mr. Spencer your joys and your sorrows. I feel an interest in your welfare both for you spiritually and temporally. Let us improve our time as it passes to the glory of God, the good of our own souls, and the good and happiness of our fellow creatures.
Monday, August 31 - since writing the above Cynthia has been here and stayed with us three days and Jerusha has been out with her babe four days . . . . . . that any of my children can visit me. I hope that you will make your calculations to come another fall if consistent. I know that it is a long and tiresome journey but we want to see you but your own interest must be taken into consideration. Do write often. Adieu my dear children. I shall remain your affectionate friend and Mother. Damaris Pitkin"
At the time of the 1850 census, Damaris, 77, was living with her son Stephen, 48, a farmer, and his wife Hannah, 44. Also living in Stephen's home at that time were William Beadle(?), farmer, age 26 and Cordelia Dodge, aged 23.
Parents: William GOODWIN and Mary ROCKWELL.

She was married to Hon. Stephen PITKIN in 1796. Children were: Horace PITKIN, Edwin PITKIN, Truman PITKIN, Stephen PITKIN Jr., Cynthia PITKIN, Wesley PITKIN, Leonora PITKIN, Mary Ann PITKIN, William PITKIN, Laura PITKIN, Laura PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN, Clarissa Pitkin.

bullet Damaris Goodwin was born in 1738. She died on 18 Oct 1773. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Dorothy Pitkin Goodwin Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

She was married to Benjamin Roberts Jr..

bullet Hannah Goodwin was born in 1637. She died on 12 Feb 1723. Parents: Ozias Goodwin and Mary Woodward.

She was married to William PITKIN in 1661. Children were: Roger Pitkin, William PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, John PITKIN, Nathaniel PITKIN, George PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, Capt. Ozias PITKIN.

bullet Hannah Goodwin was born in 1747. Hannah married Deacon Moses Smith. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Deacon John Goodwin was born on 16 Aug 1706. He died on 14 Dec 1793. Parents: John GOODWIN and Sarah.

He was married to Dorothy PITKIN. Children were: Damaris Goodwin, John Goodwin, Joseph Goodwin, William GOODWIN, Hannah Goodwin, Sarah Goodwin, Richard Goodwin, Thankful Goodwin, Levi Goodwin, Mary Goodwin, Anna Goodwin, Dorothy Pitkin Goodwin, Caleb Goodwin.

bullet John GOODWIN was born on 19 May 1672. Parents: Nathaniel GOODWIN and Sarah Cowles.

Children were: Deacon John Goodwin.

bulletJohn Goodwin was born in 1741. He died in 1784. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Joseph Goodwin was born on 9 May 1743. He died on 13 Nov 1809. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Levi Goodwin was born in 1757. He died on 24 Apr 1830. Levi married Jerusha Drake. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Mary Goodwin Mary married Dr. Timothy Hall Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Naomi GOODWIN was born in 1782 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She was baptized on 18 Jul 1782 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 6 Aug 1862 in Marshfield, Vermont. Died of Cancer. She was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. At the time of the 1860 census of Marshfield, VT, Naomi was living in Marshfield Village with Hannah Davis Pitkin, the widow of her nephew Stephen Pitkin, Jr. Parents: William GOODWIN and Mary ROCKWELL.

bullet Nathaniel GOODWIN was born about 1637. Parents: Ozias Goodwin and Mary Woodward.

He was married to Sarah Cowles about 1664. Children were: John GOODWIN .

bullet Ozias Goodwin was born about 1596 in Bocking, Essex, England. He died in Apr 1683 in Hartford, Connecticut. Ozias Goodwin came to America on the ship "Lyon" in 1632. He settled first in Cambridge, Massachusetts and in 1636, with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, went about 100 miles over a two week period with about 100 men women and children, to found and settle in Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Robert Goodwin.

Children were: Hannah Goodwin, Nathaniel GOODWIN.

bulletRichard Goodwin was born in 1753. He died on 15 Aug 1821. Richard kept a hotel near the Congregational Church in East Hartford. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Robert Goodwin

Children were: William Goodwin, Ozias Goodwin.

bulletRussell Beldon Goodwin Photo was born in 1810. He died in 1884.

He was married to Eliza Steele in 1859 in East Bloomfield, New York.

bullet Sarah Goodwin was born in 1750. Sarah married John Wyles. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet Thankful Goodwin was born in 1754. She died on 13 Dec 1771. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

bullet William GOODWIN was born in 1745. He died on 20 Mar 1785 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Deacon John Goodwin and Dorothy PITKIN.

Children were: Damaris GOODWIN , Naomi GOODWIN.

bulletWilliam Goodwin was born about 1591. He died on 11 Mar 1673 in Farmington, Connecticut. Parents: Robert Goodwin.

He was married to Elizabeth WHITE.

bullet Julia Gott was born on 24 Feb 1839.

She was married to Edward Powell PITKIN on 1 Sep 1859. Children were: Gilbert S. PITKIN, Edward C. PITKIN, Esther J. PITKIN, Emily L. PITKIN, Nellie J. PITKIN, Mary E. PITKIN.

bullet Charles E. Gould was born on 25 Dec 1846. Charles married Mary Gould. They had a son, Alwin and lived in Chicago. Parents: Curtis Gould and Laura BEMIS.

bullet Curtis Gould was born on 28 May 1815. He died on 19 Jul 1902. Curtis was from Montpelier, Vermont. He was the son of James (b. 1785) and Clarissa (b. 1787) Gould.

He was married to Laura BEMIS in 1841. Children were: Emily Lucretia Gould, Charles E. Gould, Truman Gould.

bullet Emily Lucretia Gould Photo was born on 21 Oct 1843. She died on 1 Mar 1934. Parents: Curtis Gould and Laura BEMIS.

She was married to Lewis M. Burnham on 25 Oct 1864. Children were: Anna Laura Burnham, Fred Lorenzo Burnham.

bullet Sybil Gould was born in 1527. She died in 1600.

She was married to Robert Fiske in 1548. Children were: William Fiske .

bullet Truman Gould was born on 10 Jun 1861. He died on 16 Jan 1939. Parents: Curtis Gould and Laura BEMIS.

bullet Eben Grace Parents: Michael Grace and Lynn BRADLEY.

bullet Lisa Grace Parents: Michael Grace and Lynn BRADLEY.

bullet Michael Grace

He was married to Lynn BRADLEY. Children were: Lisa Grace, Eben Grace , Michael Grace Jr..

bullet Michael Grace Jr. Parents: Michael Grace and Lynn BRADLEY.

bullet Mary Grady

She was married to James Cromarty Cruickshank on 11 Dec 1901 in Kinnear's Mills, Quebec. Children were: John Herbert Yeoman Cruickshank, Ayton Grady Cruickshank , James Glanville Cruickshank.

bullet Graham

He was married to Ellen Matthews.

bullet Abigail Grant

She was married to Adolphus Perry. Children were: Adolphus Perry Jr..

bullet Cheryl Grant was born on 13 Feb 1958.

She was married to Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH. Children were: Nathan Grant BOOTH, Emma Lois BOOTH.

bullet Lucy A. Gray

She was married to J. Edward Hollister on 4 Oct 1859. Children were: Hubert C. Hollister .

bullet Lucy Bertha Gray Bertha was formerly Mrs. Fiske.

She was married to Earl Gilbert DWINELL.

bullet Amye GRAYNFELD died on 18 Feb 1577. She was buried in Parish Church, Musbury. Parents: Roger GREENVILLE and Margaret Whitleigh.

Children were: Robert DRAKE .

bulletCharles K. Green.

He was married to Helen "Nellie" McKelvey on 18 Apr 1905.

bullet Elizabeth Green was born in 1682. She died on 8 Feb 1724.

She was married to Capt. Ozias PITKIN in 1702. Children were: George PITKIN, George PITKIN, Abigail PITKIN, Samuel Pitkin, Ozias PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Martha PITKIN.

bullet Mary Green Mary remarried in 1708.

She was married to Abraham Kimball in 1700. Children were: Mehitabel Kimball.

bullet Mary Green was born in Dec 1668 in Malden, Massachusetts. She died on 9 Apr 1758 in Malden, Massachusetts. Parents: John Greene and Sarah Wheeler.

She was married to Joseph Sargeant in 1685 in Malden, Massachusetts. Children were: Jabez Sargeant.

bullet John Greene was born on 6 Dec 1632 in Malden, Massachusetts. He died on 16 Oct 1707 in Malden, Massachusetts. Parents: Thomas Greene and Elizabeth Lynde (Swindells).

He was married to Sarah Wheeler on 18 Dec 1660 in Malden, Massachusetts. Children were: Mary Green.

bullet Thomas Greene was born about 1599 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He died on 19 Dec 1667 in Malden, Massachusetts.

He was married to Elizabeth Lynde (Swindells) on 26 Jun 1627 in Malden, Massachusetts. Children were: John Greene.

bullet Rebecca Greenhill was born about 1634 in England.

She was married to John Shepard on 4 Oct 1649 in Massachussetts. Children were: John Shepard.

bullet Edmund Greenleaf

Children were: Judith Greenleaf.

bulletJudith Greenleaf was born in 1625. She died on 15 Dec 1705. Judith was the widow of Henry Somerby. Parents: Edmund Greenleaf.

She was married to Tristram Coffin on 2 Mar 1653 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Children were: Judith Coffin , Deborah Coffin, Mary COFFIN , James Coffin, John Coffin , Lydia Coffin, Enoch Coffin , Stephen Coffin, Peter Coffin , Nathaniel Coffin.

bullet Roger GREENVILLE resided at in Stowe, Cornwall. That Roger Greenville was the father of Amye Graynfeld is confirmed in the Drake family genealogy. I have not yet investigated the Grenville line (CWP, 1/27/1994) Parents: Sir Thomas Grenville and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Children were: Amye GRAYNFELD.

bulletUrsula Gregory was born in Nafferton?.

Children were: William Hutchinson.

bulletSir Thomas Grenville resided at in Stow. Parents: Thomas Grenville and Elizabeth Georges.

Children were: Roger GREENVILLE.

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