bulletMichael FLAGG was born on 23 Mar 1651 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Parents: Thomas Flagg and Mary.

He was married to Mary BIGELOW on 3 Jun 1674. Children were: Mary FLAGG .

bullet Thomas Flagg

Children were: Michael FLAGG.

bulletMary L. Flanders was born about 1853 in Montpelier, Vermont. She was the daughter of Alpheus Flanders and Sarah Ann Young.
In the 1880 census of Montpelier, VT, Mary, 27 was living with her daughter, Bessie K, 2, in the household of her sister Elizabeth and Elizabeth's husband Charles Hathaway, their three children, and Mary's mother Sarah Flanders.

She was married to Cassius Merrill PITKIN on 25 Sep 1873 in Montpelier, Vermont. Children were: Bessie Kate PITKIN, Doris PITKIN, Mary Flanders PITKIN.

bullet Sarah Maria Flanders

She was married to George Rockwood CUMMINGS on 5 Jun 1901.

bullet Sharon Flansburg

She was married to Doug Dwinell White in Apr 1957 in Reno, Nevada. Children were: Stephen Alan White.

bullet Belle A. Fletcher was born about 1850. In 1914, Belle is listed in a Boston City directory as a milliner at 2 Westland Ave, where she lived, and where her husband J. Everett had his provisions business. There is also listed a George F. Pitkin, patternmaker, boarding at 134 Walnut Ave. Could this be their son?

She was married to Josiah Everett PITKIN on 8 Dec 1877 in Randolph, Vermont.

bullet Elizabeth Float

She was married to Roger Glanville on 26 Jul 1789 in St. Luke Old St., Finsbury, London, England.

bullet Elvira FOLSOM was born on 26 Dec 1840 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 10 Oct 1868 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Jonathan (Jock) Folsom and Saphronia Young.

She was married to George Nathan CARPENTER on 4 Jan 1859 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: William A. CARPENTER.

bullet Jonathan (Jock) Folsom was born on 16 Jun 1820 in Stanstead, Quebec. He died on 9 Sep 1894 in Marshfield, Vermont. Jock Folsom was second cousin to Frances Folsom who married president Grover Cleveland. He ran a freight team between Marshfield Village and the railroad station. For many years before the railroad was built he drove a covered stage between Montpelier and Marshfield. He was a man of superhuman strength. One day on a bet, he lifted a 720 pound keg of shot and set it onto the counter of Putnam's store. It broke through the counter. For many years a nearly round granite stone about two feet in diameter sat at the easterly corner of the front steps of the general store. Few men in town could lift it off the ground. Among the few to lift it were Silas Packer, Cyrus Sulham, and Edwin Pitkin. Jock Folsom set it into the back of a farmer's wagon one day while the farmer was in the store.

He was married to Saphronia Young on 5 Feb 1840 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Elvira FOLSOM.

bullet Denise Fontaine

She was married to Paul Edward Glaude in 1978. Children were: Jesse Paul Glaude, Luke Andrew Glaude, Crystal Elizabeth Glaude .

bullet Eli Foote

He was married to Roxana Ward. Children were: Roxana Foote.

bullet Roxana Foote Parents: Eli Foote and Roxana Ward.

She was married to Dr. Lyman Beecher in 1799. Children were: Rev. George Beecher, Harriet Beecher, Henry Ward Beecher.

bullet Abigail Forbes (Fobes) was born on 3 May 1709 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She was buried on 2 Dec 1784 in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

She was married to Josiah Snell on 23 Jan 1728 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Children were: Josiah Snell, Anna Snell, Elijah Snell, Mary Snell, Abigail Snell, Nathan Snell.

bullet Joseph Henry Forbes Photo Lived in Island Pond, Vt. for many years.

Children were: Marjorie Naomi Forbes.

bulletMarjorie Naomi Forbes. Parents: Joseph Henry Forbes and Martha King.

Children were: Paul A Saunders Jr..

bulletOlive Forbes was born on 4 Oct 1775. She died on 11 Aug 1858. Daughter of Moses Forbes of East Hartford, Conn.

She was married to Capt. John PITKIN on 3 Mar 1800. Children were: John Owen PITKIN, Emily PITKIN, Walter PITKIN, Henry PITKIN, James F. PITKIN.

bullet Robert Forbes was born in 1859. He died in 1952.

He was married to Mary Mamie King.

bullet Eli Frager Parents: Paul Frager and Farrah Pitkin.

bullet Hailey Frager Parents: Paul Frager and Farrah Pitkin.

bullet Laini Frager Parents: Paul Frager and Farrah Pitkin.

bullet Lillian Frager Parents: Paul Frager and Farrah Pitkin.

bullet Paul Frager

He was married to Farrah Pitkin. Children were: Hailey Frager, Lillian Frager, Laini Frager, Eli Frager.

bullet Sarah J. Frakes was born on 23 Oct 1829. She died on 26 Dec 1891.

Children were: Ida M. PERRY.

bulletElizabeth FRANCIS. Parents: Sir Robert FRANCIS of Foremark .

Children were: Robert CHARLTON.

bulletMrs. Francis.

She was married to Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. .

bullet Sir Robert FRANCIS of Foremark

Children were: Elizabeth FRANCIS.

bulletHelene Franke was born on 8 Apr 1836.

She was married to Johann Andreas Heinrich HEILBORN on 14 May 1861. Children were: Katharina, Maria, Karoline, Ludowika HEILBORN, Christian, Leopold, Andreas HEILBORN, Carl, Leopold, Louis HEILBORN .

bullet Cora Freeman was born on 1 Sep 1866 in Barre, Vermont. She died on 2 Mar 1889 in Barre, Vermont.

She was married to William A. CARPENTER on 10 Feb 1887 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Grace E. CARPENTER.

bullet Lucina H. Freeman was born about 1876. She died before 1899.

She was married to William Dickerman PITKIN on 24 Dec 1896.

bullet Alice French

Children were: Sarah HOWLETT.

She was married on 24 Apr 1830.

bullet George French

He was married to Christen Tucker on 27 Apr 1635 in Crediton, Devon, England. Children were: Margaret/Margery/Mary French.

bullet Margaret/Margery/Mary French was born before 9 Apr 1637 in Sandford, Devon, England. Parents: George French and Christen Tucker.

She was married to Walter Challacomb on 17 Apr 1656 in Sandford, Devon, England. Children were: John Challacomb.

bullet Elizabeth Freveille was born in 1398 in Tamworth Castle, Tamworth, Stratfordshire, England. She died on 22 Jul 1468 in Warwickshire, England.

She was married to Thomas Ferrers. Children were: Henry Ferrers.

bullet Agnes FULLER was born about 1470 in Of Yaxley, Suffolk, England. She died in 1528.

She was married to John SHERMAN in 1489 in Yaxley, Suffolk, England. Children were: Thomas SHERMAN , Margery SHERMAN, John SHERMAN.

bullet Emma Maud Fuller Parents: Willard FULLER and Amy Christina Hill.

Children were: Fannie HULETT .

bulletJosiah Fuller was buried in Huntington Center, Vermont.

Children were: Willard FULLER.

bulletWillard FULLER was buried in Huntington Center, Vermont. Parents: Josiah Fuller.

Children were: Emma Maud Fuller .

bulletAgnes (Fuller) FULMER was born about 1437 in Of Yaxley, Suffolk, England.

She was married to Thomas SHERMAN about 1458 in Diss, Norfolk, England. Children were: John SHERMAN, Thomas SHERMAN, Agnes SHERMAN , Agnes SHERMAN.

bullet Elizabeth Fulshaw died on 26 Jun 1611 in Hareby, Lincolnshire, England. The GenWeb database from which this information comes shows a birth date of 6/26/1611, a marriage date of 7/21/1603, a death date of 6/26/1620, and a burial date of 6/26/1611. Obviously some confusion here.

She was married to Robert Wight on 21 Jul 1603 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Children were: Daniel Wight, Sarah Wight , Elizabeth Wight, Thomas Wight, John Wight, Marie Wight.

bullet Mabel L. Furson was born about 1882 in Goshen, VT.

She was married to William Dickerman PITKIN before 27 May 1902. Children were: Arthur Elmer PITKIN, John B. PITKIN, Gwendolyn Cora PITKIN.

bullet Arthur E. Gage was born about 1858 in Stratham, NH.

He was married to Cyrena (Nina) DWINELL on 29 Sep 1896 in Cabot, Vermont.

bullet Michael George Gage was born on 14 Dec 1982 in Rutland, Vermont. Like his brother, Michael was a year round hockey enthusiast, playing in the New England region. He attended Mill River High School in Clarendon, Vermont. Parents: Thomas George Gage and Sara Ann CARPENTER.

bullet Thomas George Gage was born on 23 Aug 1954 in Barre, Vermont.

He was married to Sara Ann CARPENTER on 5 Aug 1978 in Montpelier, Vermont. Children were: William Thomas Gage, Michael George Gage.

bullet William Thomas Gage was born on 28 Sep 1980 in Rutland, Vermont. William enjoyed playing hockey year round, and played throughout New England and some in New York state. He attended Mt. St. Joseph's, in Rutland. Parents: Thomas George Gage and Sara Ann CARPENTER.

bullet Cynthia Anna Gager was born on 28 Aug 1848. She died on 4 Jul 1881. Daughter of Hon. Luther Gager of Coventry, Conn.

She was married to William Forbes PITKIN on 11 Jun 1872. Marriage date provided by Leslie Leggett, Bristol, Vt. Children were: Annie L. PITKIN, Robert William PITKIN.

bullet Lori Gallagher was born on 14 Apr 1954 in Queens, New York.

She was married to Cleland "Butch" Cochrane III on 5 Dec 1976 in Huntington, New York. She was divorced from Cleland "Butch" Cochrane III on 15 Jul 1984. Children were: Jill Kathleen Cochrane.

bullet Thomas James Gallagher Jr.

He was married to Jean Fisher GILLIS.

bullet Lori-Ann Antoinette Gallant was born on 11 Feb 1966 in Kent County, Rhode Island.

She was married to Charles Theodore HEILBORN IV in 1983. Children were: Edward Jeffrey HEILBORN, Rainee-Lynn Ann Marie HEILBORN.

bullet Martha Shadle Gallino

She was married to Myron Dana CARPENTER on 25 Dec 1867. Children were: Albert (Bert) Newton CARPENTER, Charles Ancil CARPENTER, Myron E. CARPENTER, Idella CARPENTER, Nellie CARPENTER.

bullet Henry Garnsey was born in 1620. He died on 13 Aug 1692 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Henry Garnsey was a tailor by trade.

He was married to Hannah Munnings before 1647. Children were: Joseph Garnsey.

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