bulletHildegarde of Lorraine .

Children were: Ermengarde of Anjou.

bulletHildegarde (Ringarde).

Children were: Guillaume II Taillefer Count of Angouleme.

bulletHildegarde of Schwaben was born in 757. She died on 30 Apr 782. Parents: Geroud (Godfray) Duke of Schwaben and Emma of the Alamanni.

She was married to Charles the Great (Charlemagne) Holy Roman Emperor in 771. Children were: Louis I "Le Debonnaire" King of France.

bullet Hildred

She was married to Horace Hollister Duke on 25 Jun 1931. Children were: David Duke.

bullet Hugh the Great King of Burgundy

Children were: Gerberge .

bulletHugobert .

Children were: Bertrade.

bulletHumbert Twin. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bulletIngelgarius Count of Anjou died in 888. Parents: Tertullus d'Anjou and Petronilla.

Children were: Fulk the Red Count of Anjou.

bulletIngram (Ingeramun) Duke of Hasbaigne. Parents: Gunderland Count of Hasbaye.

Children were: Ermengarde of Hasbaigne.

bulletIrmina .

Children were: Bertrade.

bulletIsabel .

Children were: Samuel Ufford Lt..

bulletIsabel died after 1577.

Children were: Thomas Hutchinson .

bulletIsabella died in 1358. Parents: Philip IV, King of France .

She was married to Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine. Children were: Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine, John Earl of Cornwall, Eleanor, Joanna.

bullet Isabella died in 1379. Parents: Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine and Philippa .

She was married to Enguerrand De Coucy Earl of Bedford, KG, Sire de Coucy.

bullet Isenbrand Parents: Warin Count of Altdorf.

Children were: Welf I Duke of Bavaria.

bulletItta (Iduberga) of Metz. Parents: Arnoul (Arnoldus) Bishop of Metz.

Children were: St. Begga of Brabant .

bulletJane died in Apr 1628 in Berkhamsted, England. Jane died giving birth to her daughter, Jane. She was buried on 4 Aug 1628. "That worthy woman."

She was married to William PITKIN MP. Children were: George PITKIN, Rev. William PITKIN, Sara PITKIN, Martha PITKIN, Francis PITKIN, George PITKIN, Martha PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, John PITKIN, Joane PITKIN, Jane PITKIN.

bullet Jane

Children were: John BIGLO.

bulletJean .

Children were: Weston Cate, Paul S. Cate, Daniel Cate.

bulletJoan was born about 1547 in Of Chesham, Bucks, England. She died on 12 Oct 1620 in Chesham, Buckingham, England. She was buried on 12 Oct 1620 in Chesham, Buckingham, England.

She was married to John GIFFORD in Chesham, Buckingham, England. Children were: Elizabeth GIFFORD , Thomas GIFFORD, Richard GIFFORD, Ciceley GIFFORD, John GIFFORD, Robert GIFFORD, Mary GIFFORD, Jonas GIFFORD.

bullet Joan

Children were: Joan Kirby.

bulletJoan was born about 1564 in England.

Children were: Joan HAWKINS.

bulletJoan .

Children were: Robert LE GROSVENOR.

bulletJoan died in 1199. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

bullet Joan

She was married to John Myll on 26 Sep 1573 in Newton St. Cyres, Devon, England. Children were: Wilmott Myll.

bullet Joane was born in 1504 in Dedham, Essex, England.

She was married to Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER in England. Children were: Agnes BUTTER, William BUTTER, Miss BUTTER, John BUTTER, Alice BUTTER, Sibell BUTTER, Margaret BUTTER, Gilbert BUTTER, Alice (The Younger) BUTTER.

bullet Joanna

Children were: Anne WINN.

bulletJoanna died before 1691.

Children were: Zacheus Curtis , Susannah Curtis.

bulletJoanna died in 1362. Married David II, King of Scotland. Parents: Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine and Isabella.

bullet Johan was born in 1567 in Mistley, Essex, England. She died on 22 Jun 1675 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

She was married to Henry KIMBALL in Of Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Children were: Richard KIMBALL.

She was married to Richard KEMBALL about 1588 in Of Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

bullet Johan died after 1613.

She was married to Nicholas Coffin . Children were: Peter Coffin.

bullet John Earl of Cornwall died in 1336. Parents: Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine and Isabella.

bullet Josie

She was married to Boyd BLACHLY.

bullet Jubel Berenger

Children were: Conan I.

bulletJudith was born in 982. She died in 1018. Parents: Conan I and Ermengarde of Anjou.

She was married to Richard the good Duke of Normandy between 1000 and 1008. Children were: Robert I Duke of Normandy.

bullet Judith Parents: Baldwin V Count of Flanders.

bullet Judith died in 843. Parents: Welf I Duke of Bavaria and Helgilwich (Aegilwi).

She was married to Louis I "Le Debonnaire" King of France in 800. Children were: Charles II "the Bald" Holy Roman Emperor .

bullet Judith

Children were: Isaac LEARNED.

bulletJudy .

She was married to William Wesley Cody about 1969. Children were: Bryan Cody, Scott Cody, Heather Cody.

bullet Katherine There was a reference to Catherine Merrell widow buried St. Dunstan in East London in 1582, in the micro film section of the Guild Hall Library in London England. The film were the Death Indexes of London.

Children were: John MERRILL.

bulletKatherine .

She was married to John McKelvey in Littleton, New Hampshire. Children were: Mary McKelvey.

bullet Katherine died after 1637.

She was married to Thomas Shed about 1596. Children were: Daniel Shed.

bullet Kathy

She was married to Bradley Johnson. Children were: Jamie Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Kelly Johnson.

bullet Kay

Children were: Dean King, Lois King.

bulletKenneth II King of Scotland(1) died in 995.
Kenneth II (died 995), king of Scotland (971-95), the son of Malcolm I MacDonald. From the beginning of his reign, Kenneth waged war against the Saxons, particularly the earls of Northumbria, who occupied southern Scotland, and the Scandinavian Vikings, who controlled Scotland north of the Spey River. Although his wars were not successful, Kenneth consolidated central Scotland into a strong kingdom. Parents: Malcolm I King of Scotland.

Children were: Malcolm II King of Scotland.

bulletLady Bertha (big footed Bertha) was born about 720 in Laon, Aisne, France. She died on 12 Jul 783. Parents: Charibert (Heribert) Count Laon and Bertrade.

Children were: Charles the Great (Charlemagne) Holy Roman Emperor.

bulletLady Bothrude (Rotrude) of Treves died in 724. Parents: St. Lievin (Leutwinus) Bishop of Treves.

Children were: Pepin le Bref King of France.

bulletLandrade of France.

Children were: Gunderland Count of Hasbaye.

bulletLeutharius Duke of Alemannia. Parents: Erchenaud.

Children were: Daughter of Leutharius.

bulletLinda .

She was married to Frank BLACHLY. Children were: Phillip BLACHLY, Jeffrey BLACHLY, Catherine BLACHLY.

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