bullet Olive DWINELL Photo was born on 9 May 1802 in Croyden, New Hampshire. She died on 13 Jan 1877 in Marshfield, Vermont. Olive died of "paralysis" She was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Olive was involved in the original organization of Goddard Seminary in 1863, then called the Green Mountain Central Institute. The seminary was established by a group of Universalists as a four year preperatory school for Tufts College, which was also a Universalist School. Olive provided an endowment of 100 dollars for the seminary. The Pitkins were members of the Universalist Church in Marshfield.
The census of 1870 shows her living at home with the family of her son Levi, who owned the farm at that time. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Edwin PITKIN on 22 Dec 1822 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Josiah PITKIN, Dorcas F. PITKIN, Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN, Levi Watson PITKIN , Eli Swetland PITKIN, Daniel Webster PITKIN, Simeon PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN, Elsie PITKIN.

bullet Orpah DWINELL was born on 29 Jan 1914. She died on 23 Aug 2001. Parents: Hi Ola DWINELL and Mary Burnap.

Children were: Hester Ann DEMATTEIS, Rosemary DeMatteis, Albert D. DeMatteis.

bulletOrra DWINELL was born on 3 Jun 1807. She died in 1837 in West Bloomfield, New York. Bachus Gerry wrote from West Bloomfield on August 7, 1836: " . . . We are all well except Orra and she is remaining about the same she was when I rote to Samuel July 24th. She is verry low. She sits up a part of the time and rides out some, but the disease still hangs on. She has a running soar on one of her breasts. Her neck is stiff and verry soar and left shoulder also. In all probablility it will ware her out unless something can bee done to releave her soon. She is not able to write. . . . She says it is a great thing to think of dying and leaving her family of seven little children to make there way through the world of trouble without a mother's care and attention, but she feels in a measure resined to the will of her heavenly master knowing that he willed all things rite." Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Bacchus Gerry on 19 Dec 1824 in Marshfield, Vermont. Marriage record dates to Jan 6, 1825. Children were: Eulyseus French Gerry, Eulyseus French Gerry 2nd, Ona Orrilla Gerry , Elsa Tryphena Gerry, Minerva Gerry, Oramel Gerry, Orlando Gerry, Jasper "Jap" Gerry.

bullet Orvis T. DWINELL was born in 1854. Orvis was a minister in Illinois. Parents: Erastus B. DWINELL and Celinda B. SMITH.

bullet Patty DWINELL Photo was born on 24 Jul 1804. She died on 3 Jul 1883 in Marshfield, Vermont. Patty was a tailor in Marshfield before her marriage. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Andrew Jack English about 1839. Children were: Clarina P. ENGLISH, George Washington ENGLISH .

bullet Patty DWINELL was born on 26 Aug 1780 in Sutton, Massachusetts. She died on 30 Jul 1808. Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

bullet Prentiss DWINELL was born on 8 May 1943. Parents: Donald McRay DWINELL and Paulene Ross.

bullet Rachel O. Dwinell Parents: Dell Burton Dwinell and Olive Pierce.

bullet Ralph B. Dwinell Barre Daily Times, Wed. August 6, 1930 "Mr. and Mrs. Dwinell will probably leave for New York next week and on the 21st sail on the Bremen for a five-year period of service in the American university at Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Dwinell, who returned home following his year at the Yale Divinity school, goes as executive secretary of the extension service of the university." Parents: Dell Burton Dwinell and Olive Pierce.

He was married to Beulah Tillotson .

bullet Rojett Orman DWINELL was born on 7 May 1866 in Marshfield, Vermont. This birth date is inconsistant with the birthdate of Rogette's brother Orman, unless they were twins. He died on 23 Dec 1902 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Marvin Grow DWINELL and Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS .

He was married to F. Jennie about 1889.

bullet Ruth Dwinell was born about Jun 1823. She died on 11 Aug 1860 in Marshfield, Vermont. Ruth and her husband, James Clark, resided on Maple Hill in Marshfield. Parents: Frederick Dwinell and Sally BEMIS.

bullet Sally Bartlett DWINELL was born on 23 Jan 1806 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 27 Jan 1894 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Samuel Glover Bent on 5 Jan 1826. Children were: Lewis Bent , Eunice Bent, Mary Bent , Martha Bent, Charles Clark BENT, David Bent, Sally Bent, Evelyn Bent.

bullet Samuel Dwinell Parents: Henry D. Dwinell and Lydia Curtis.

He was married to Betsy. Children were: Mary Dwinell, Catherine Dwinell.

bullet Sarepta H. DWINELL was born on 2 Oct 1825 in Montpelier, Vermont. She died on 11 Jun 1886 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Lewis BEMIS on 19 Feb 1845 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Luther D. BEMIS, Ida Virginia BEMIS, Abijah BEMIS.

bullet Simeon DWINELL was born on 31 Jan 1778. He died on 2 Nov 1857 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Simeon Dwinell first came to Marshfield in 1797, and cleared and sowed winter wheat on a piece of land south of the road near where Arnold Tibbitts now lives near the Rich-Hollister Cemetery. The following year, he and a brother came back, made a small shanty with a vegetable pit underneath, and wintered there one or two years. For a few years, he worked in partnership with Caleb Putnam, a blacksmith, who was married to Susannah Hayward, sister of Simeon's wife, Sally. The two men raised wheat on the farm at the four corners above the Dwinell School and cemetery. One year they cut and threshed by hand over five hundred bushels which they hauled with their teams to Plattsburgh, New York, and sold it for fifty cents a bushel. About 1803 Simeon brought his wife and daughter to Marshfield. The following year, he and Caleb dissolved their partnership. Caleb moved to the site of what was later to be the Edwin Pitkin farm, and Simeon and his family settled permanently on the farm which the two men had worked together. About 1810, Simeon agreed, in return for a consideration of $400.00, to provide a home for his parents for the rest of their natural lives. Simeon was a member of the Congregational Church in Marshfield. Squire Bullock, a neighbor of the Dwinell family (at the farm occupied in 1993 by the Reverend David Mulligan) had a still, and in one year, Simeon Dwinell was credited in Squire's account book with 46 bushels of potatoes at five bushels to the gallon, and the account was paid throughout the year with nine gallons of whiskey. Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

He was married to Sally Hayward on 13 Oct 1801 in Croyden, New Hampshire. Children were: Olive DWINELL, Thirza DWINELL, Patty DWINELL, Sally Bartlett DWINELL, Orra DWINELL, Danforth DWINELL, Argen DWINELL, Moriah DWINELL, Cyrena DWINELL, Amos DWINELL, infant daughter DWINELL twin, infant son DWINELL twin, Chester Wright Hayward DWINELL , Sarepta H. DWINELL, Marvin Grow DWINELL.

bullet Simeon E. DWINELL Photo was born on 8 Sep 1861. He died on 5 Oct 1921 in Hardwick, Vermont. Simeon was a farmer in Marshfield on the Ira Bullock farm (where Kenneth Bassett lived in 1940). He served a term in the Vermont legislature in 1904. Also served for a time as a school director. Parents: Chester Wright Hayward DWINELL and Orpah Lucretia JACOBS.

He was married to Clara Ella Bullock in Feb 1882. Children were: Maude Eileen Dwinell, May Lucille DWINELL, Fred Chester Dwinell, Dorris Estelle DWINELL.

bullet Solon DWINELL was born in 1818. He died in 1820 in Calais, Vermont. Solon's was the first grave in the East Calais cemetery. Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

bullet Sterling DWINELL Parents: Lee DWINELL.

bullet Susan Sarah Dwinell was born on 3 Jan 1843. Susan married in Marshfield on January 4, 1873, Robert Lynhan (b. 1847, Bridgewater, England), the son of Charles and Mary Lynhan. Parents: Joseph B. Dwinell and Sarah PITKIN.

bullet Thirza DWINELL was born on 19 Jul 1803. She died on 6 Aug 1872 in Calais, Vermont. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Alonzo Pearce on 4 Oct 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Lavinia Pearce, Emerancy Pearce, Alonzo Delano Pearce, Cyrena Pearce, Henry Clay Pearce, Martha Pearce, Lorenzo J. Pearce.

bullet Vandora Dwinell was born on 3 Mar 1834. Parents: Joseph B. Dwinell and Sarah PITKIN.

She was married to Henry S. Laird. Children were: Harry L. Laird, Fred Leslie Laird.

bullet Vivian DWINELL was born on 4 Feb 1918. Parents: Earl Gilbert DWINELL and Lizzie Bohonan.

She was married to Richard Peck. Children were: Richard William Peck, Douglas Peck.

bullet Wait Byron DWINELL was born in May 1838. He died in Jun 1848 in East Calais, Vermont. Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

bullet William Dwinell was born on 29 Jul 1780. He died on 14 Nov 1871 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Henry D. Dwinell and Lydia Curtis.

Children were: Hannah Dwinell , Joseph B. Dwinell.

bulletWilliam Alcander DWINELL. Parents: Alcander DWINELL and Sarah Cheney.

He was married to Julia Jaquith.

bullet Zacheriah Dwinell was born on 14 Jul 1743 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Parents: Joseph Dwinell and Prudence Curtis.

He was married to Grace Ireland. Children were: Henry D. Dwinell.

bullet Aethelred Mucel Eald of the Gainas

Children were: Ealswyth .

bulletSigehelm Eald of Kent.

Children were: Eadgifu (Edgiva) .

bulletJared Earhart.

He was married to Jamie Johnson .

bullet Margaret Eastland

She was married to John Thomson. Children were: John Thomson, Patrick Thomson.

bullet Alice Adams Eaton Parents: Ralph Andrews Eaton and Alice Elnora Shepard.

bullet Emaline Eaton Photo Emaline was from Marshfield, Vermont. She was the sister of Harris Eaton.

She was married to Levi Martin BEMIS. Children were: Victor Emanuel BEMIS, Willie E. BEMIS, Harry BEMIS, Frank BEMIS, William BEMIS.

bullet Freda Pierce Eaton Freda married June 29, 1940 in Dedham, Massachusetts, Philip Roberts of New Hampshire. Parents: Ralph Andrews Eaton and Alice Elnora Shepard.

bullet Janet Shepard Eaton Parents: Ralph Andrews Eaton and Alice Elnora Shepard.

bullet Max Andrews Eaton Max married in June, 1939, Delores Sherblom of Dedham, Massachusetts. Parents: Ralph Andrews Eaton and Alice Elnora Shepard.

bullet Nancy Aldrich Eaton Parents: Ralph Andrews Eaton and Alice Elnora Shepard.

bullet Ralph Andrews Eaton Ralph was the son of Herbert Eaton and Hattie Andrews of Northfield, Vermont.

He was married to Alice Elnora Shepard . Children were: Freda Pierce Eaton, Janet Shepard Eaton, Max Andrews Eaton, Nancy Aldrich Eaton, Alice Adams Eaton.

bullet James Thomas Eaves

He was married to Shelley Jane CARPENTER on 6 Apr 1979. Children were: Michael Christopher Eaves .

bullet Michael Christopher Eaves was born on 23 Dec 1982. Parents: James Thomas Eaves and Shelley Jane CARPENTER .

bullet Amy Edmunds MD Parents: Thomas Merrill Edmunds and Jane Edna Bartlett.

She was married to William Walker Russell.

bullet Thomas Merrill Edmunds

He was married to Jane Edna Bartlett . Children were: Amy Edmunds MD.

bullet Mary EDWARDS died in 1693.

She was married to Francis BROWN about 1636. Children were: Eleazur BROWN , Samuel Brown.

bullet Sarah Egerhei

She was married to Tayler Pitkin. Children were: Hanna Pitkin.

bullet Paula Ann Elliot Daughter of Richard Travis Elliot and Harriet Hertha Ernestine Bogenhagen.

She was married to Dr. William Lee BRADLEY . Children were: James Richard BRADLEY, Dwight Culver BRADLEY Ph. D., Paul William BRADLEY .

bullet Abigail Ellis

She was married to Ebenezer Fisher on 7 Feb 1695 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Children were: Richard Fisher.

bullet Mary Ellis Mary was the daughter of Richard Ellis and Elizabeth French.

She was married to Amos Fisher. Children were: Amos Fisher.

bullet Jean Emerson R.N. Jean married a man named Bacon. Parents: Philip Emerson and Alberta Price.

bullet Philip Emerson

He was married to Alberta Price. Children were: Jean Emerson R.N..

bullet John Emery(12) was born on 12 Jun 1628 in Romsey, England. He died on 3 Aug 1693 in Newbury, Massachusetts.

He was married to Mary Webster on 10 Feb 1648 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Children were: Lydia Emery.

bullet Lydia Emery was born on 19 Feb 1674. Parents: John Emery and Mary Webster.

She was married to Joseph Brown on 23 May 1696 in Newbury, Massachusetts. (12) Children were: Elizabeth Brown.

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