bullet Gilbert DWINELL Parents: Lee DWINELL.

bullet Gilbert L. DWINELL Photo was born on 21 Nov 1859 in Marshfield, Vermont. Gilbert was a farmer on his father's farm, and later a watch repairer in Marshfield village. Parents: Erastus B. DWINELL and Jerusha Woods.

He was married to Gertrude Snow. Children were: infant DWINELL.

He was married to Eliza Wheeler . Children were: Earl Gilbert DWINELL, James DWINELL, Lee DWINELL, Martha Dwinell.

He was married to Myra Fiske . Myra was married previously to ______ Clifford.

bullet Hannah Dwinell was born in 1806 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 26 Jul 1862 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: William Dwinell and Ruth.

bullet Harriet Elnora DWINELL was born on 8 May 1859 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Marvin Grow DWINELL and Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS .

bullet Henry D. Dwinell was born in 1751. Parents: Zacheriah Dwinell and Grace Ireland.

He was married to Lydia Curtis. Children were: William Dwinell, Frederick Dwinell, Samuel Dwinell.

bullet Henry D. Dwinell Henry was a farmer in Marshfield, Vermont where Gary and Shirley Carter lived in 1998, about 2.5 miles below the village across the river from the Plainfield road. Parents: Frederick Dwinell and Sally BEMIS.

He was married to Josephine Betsy Ainsworth. Children were: Martha Deland Dwinell.

bullet Herbert Valorus DWINELL was born on 15 Nov 1853. He died on 16 Dec 1862 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Parents: Marvin Grow DWINELL and Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS .

bullet Hester DWINELL Photo was born on 16 Apr 1906 in Cabot, Vermont. She died on 10 Aug 1994 in Naples, Florida. CABOT - Hester Burnap Dwinell, 88, of Bonita Springs, Fla., and former Vermont resident, died Aug. 10, 1994, in North Collier Hospital in Naples, Fla. She was born in Cabot April 16, 1906, and formerly lived in Brookfield (Vt.) and Swampscott, Mass.
A graduate from Middlebury College with a master's in education, she retired after more than 40 years as a language teacher in Swampscott and Marblehead, (Mass.) high schools. Survivors include one sister, Orpah DeMatteis of Bonita Springs, Fla., one nephew in Marshfield, Mass., and two nieces - one in St. Petersburg, Fla., and Hester Ann (DeMatteis) Lamson of Barre. Private services are being handled by Walter Skikany's Bonita Funeral Home in Bonita Springs.
Parents: Hi Ola DWINELL and Mary Burnap.

bullet Hi Ola DWINELL was born on 17 Jun 1870. He died on 21 Oct 1951. Hi Ola Dwinell was born on Jun 17 1870. He married Mary Burnap. HiOla owned for many years the Burnap farm on Southwest Hill in Cabot, Vermont (owned in 1993 by the Mangans, and previously by Albert and Claire Ducharme). He met Mary Burnap when she lived at the Edwin Pitkin Farm in Marshfield. Levi Pitkin, who operated the farm at the time was married to Mary Henshaw Burnap, of the same family, and Mary lived with them. The signature of E.T. Burnap was found scrawled on the back-plastering in the bathroom of the house on Southwest Hill now owned by Caleb Pitkin and Mary Carpenter. Parents: Chester Wright Hayward DWINELL and Orpah Lucretia JACOBS.

He was married to Mary Burnap in 1890. Children were: Hester DWINELL , Orpah DWINELL.

bullet infant DWINELL was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Parents: Erastus B. DWINELL and Jerusha Woods.

bullet infant DWINELL Parents: Gilbert L. DWINELL and Gertrude Snow.

bullet infant daughter DWINELL twin was born in 1821. She died on 5 May 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

bullet infant son DWINELL twin was born in 1821. He died on 5 May 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

bullet Ira DWINELL was born on 18 Oct 1788 in Croyden, New Hampshire. He died on 15 Nov 1789 in Croyden, New Hampshire. Date from death record in Croyden, NH. Died Nov 15, 1789 at 2 yrs, 6 mo. According to the death record, Ira's birth should have been about May, 1787. The date listed here of 18 Oct, 1788 came from the Dwinell genealogy in Pitkin's History of Marshfield, VT. Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

bullet Ira DWINELL was born on 12 Nov 1790 in Croyden, New Hampshire. He died on 8 Aug 1862 in Glover, Vt. Married Dorcas _________.

In the 1850 census of Calais, Vt, Ira was listed as a hotel keeper, aged 60. His household consisted of Dorcas Dwinell, 56, Adalaide Dwinell, 16, Carlos Dwinell, 12, and Calvin Lyford, 26, laborer.

In the 1860 census of Glover, Vt, Ira was listed as an innkeeper, aged 69. His household consisted of Dorcas Dwinell, 67, Ira A. Dwinell, 36, innkeeper, Fila G. Dwinell, 30, Carlos Dwinell, 21, Martha Fap (?), 24, domestic, Charles Dorian, 21, painter, Samuel Tarbox, 45, wheelwright, Calvin A. Tarbox, 10, and Eldan E. Tarbox, 7. Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

He was married to Dorcas on 26 Mar 1821 in Grafton, NH.

bullet Ira S. DWINELL was born on 21 Jan 1816. He died on 6 Nov 1893. Ira resided in East Calais. Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

He was married to Clorinnia (Clarina) H. Pierce on 11 Oct 1842. Children were: Dr. Byron Lee DWINELL.

bullet Dea. Israel DWINELL was born on 8 Oct 1785 in Croyden, New Hampshire. He died on 20 Feb 1874 in East Calais, Vermont. From some pages copied from a biography of Israel Edson Dwinell, son of Israel and Phila Gilman Dwinell: "His birth-place was Calais, Vermont. The part of the town known as East Calais was the home of the Dwinell family from the time when Israel Dwinell, then a young man, brought to the great house on the hill his Marshfield bride. This homestead is a typical New England house of early times. It is a large two-story building, with generous attic. The hardwood frame is covered with half inch boards, over which are clapboards, unpainted, and in these later years shrunken and blackened by sunshine and rain. Up through the center of the roof protrudes a great chimney, with its five flues. In each of the many windows are twenty-four lights of glass. The outer doors are reached over stone doorsteps. The round cathole near the bottom of the side door, the knocker on the front door, the treasures of the attic, the iron latches, the chimney cupboards, the brick oven and immense fire-place, the wainscotted walls in the 'East' and 'West Square Rooms,' and the generous buttery, - all have a charm to one unaccustomed to such old buildings. This great house and the hilly farm on which it stood were bought by Dr. Dwinell's father while yet unmarried. To this home he brought his bride. Here, together, they reared a large family, five of whom survive - all of whom have proved worthy of their faithful and honored parents. Of the ten children in the family, the subject of this memorial was the fourth. . . . . The father of Dr. Dwinell . . . lived to the advanced age of eighty-eight years. It was said of him at his funeral, 'He was one of a very few old men, whose bodies have not outlived their minds. He retained in a remarkable degree the strong mental powers which were his natural endowment. for him the winter of age was not a time of fruitlessness. When he felt that mortal disease was upon him, and realized that through suffering he must be born into the live of Heaven, he said, 'Pray that God's will - not mine - be done.' ' It was a state of mind that reappeared in yet more marked degree of sweetness and resignation in the closing days of his son, whose life these pages commemorate. Dr. Dwinell's mother, Phila (Gilman) Dwinell, was a woman of beautiful character and of superior intelligence. Like her husband, she was 'strong in the faith of the gospel.' At every remembrance of her, 'her children arise up and call her blessed.' To such an ancestry Israel Edson Dwinell did honor. The best they had to transmit he appropriated. The best that was in him, whether inherited or acquired he imparted to all around him." Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

He was married to Phila Gilman on 1 Apr 1813 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Alcander DWINELL, Ira S. DWINELL, Solon DWINELL, Dr. Israel Edson DWINELL, Albert DWINELL, Melvin B. DWINELL, Levi Gilman DWINELL, Jane Phila DWINELL, Edgar DWINELL, Wait Byron DWINELL.

bullet Dr. Israel Edson DWINELL was born on 24 Oct 1820 in Calais, Vermont. From Hemenway's Vermont Historical Magazine: "He resided on his father's farm until about 18 years of age and was educated at the common schools and at the University of Vermont where he was graduated in 1843; read theology, and was graduated at the Union Theological Seminary, New York City, in 1848; ordained colleague pastor with Rev. Brown Imerson, D. D., over the Third congregational church, Salem, Mass., Nov. 22, 1849; remained until his removal to Sacramento, California, in July, 1863, where he became pastor of the First (Congregational Church of Christ, and where he still remains, (January, 1881). Many sermons and articles by Dr. Dwinell have been published mostly upon theological matters. [List of writings omitted here]. Dr. Dwinell received the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from the Universtiy of Vermont in 1864." Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

bullet Jacob DWINELL was born on 3 Nov 1783 in Croyden, New Hampshire. Parents: Archelaus DWINELL Jr. and Olive Hall.

bullet James DWINELL was born on 23 Jul 1825 in Marshfield, Vermont. James married Martha C. Mason. They had four children. Parents: Amos DWINELL and Achsah Turner.

bullet James DWINELL Photo Parents: Gilbert L. DWINELL and Eliza Wheeler.

bullet Jane Phila DWINELL was born on 8 May 1830. She died in 1905. (Not confirmed that Phila was the daughter of Israel and Phila Dwinell - CP, 1998) Phila Dwinell Marsh (name on gravestone in East Calais Cem.) was the wife of Gilbert Leonard. Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

She was married to John Gardner Hale on 28 Sep 1852 in East Calais, Vermont. Children were: Harriet Amelia Hale, Jennie Norton Hale, Edson Dwinell Hale, Mary Gilman Hale, Ellen Frances Hale.

bullet John C. Dwinell was born on 2 Oct 1827 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 13 Jan 1871 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Frederick Dwinell and Sally BEMIS.

bullet Joseph Dwinell was born on 26 Jan 1682 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. He died on 19 May 1747 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Parents: Michael Dunnell and Mary Reed(?).

He was married to Prudence Curtis. Children were: Zacheriah Dwinell.

bullet Joseph B. Dwinell was born on 7 Aug 1808. He died on 23 Apr 1877. Joseph was a farmer in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: William Dwinell and Ruth.

He was married to Sarah PITKIN in 1827. Children were: Melissa Dwinell , Vandora Dwinell, Lydia L. Dwinell, Susan Sarah Dwinell.

bullet Julia Louise DWINELL was born on 21 Jan 1858. Parents: Levi Gilman DWINELL and Louise M. Kennan.

She was married to Charles P. Hollister on 12 Nov 1879.

bullet Kenneth (Jake) DWINELL was born on 3 Jun 1915. Parents: Earl Gilbert DWINELL and Lizzie Bohonan.

bullet Lee DWINELL Photo Parents: Gilbert L. DWINELL and Eliza Wheeler.

Children were: Constance DWINELL, Gilbert DWINELL, Sterling DWINELL, ________ DWINELL.

bulletLeon A. DWINELL was born in 1868 in Holland, Vermont. Parents: Marvin Grow DWINELL and Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS .

He was married to Emma J. Brown on 26 Jun 1889 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Children were: Mildred L. DWINELL.

bullet Levi Gilman DWINELL was born on 3 Mar 1827. He died on 3 Oct 1901. Settled on his father's homestead Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

He was married to Louise M. Kennan on 3 Sep 1857. Children were: Julia Louise DWINELL, Maurice Kennon DWINELL , Mary Avis DWINELL.

bullet Lois Ruth Dwinell Photo was born on 13 Jan 1914 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 4 Feb 2011 in Berlin, Vermont. In 1996 Lois was spending winters in Florida with a male friend, and summers at her house in East Montpelier.

"Lois McKnight (1914) EAST MONTPELIER - Lois R. McKnight, 97, of East Montpelier, died Friday, Feb. 4, 2011, at Woodridge Nursing Home in Berlin, Vermont. She was born in Marshfield, Vt. on Jan. 13, 1914, to Fred and Ruth (Pitkin) Dwinell. At the age of two, after the death of her father, Lois and her mother moved to North Montpelier to live with her grandparents, Edward and Bertha Pitkin. Lois attended elementary school in East Montpelier and graduated from Montpelier High School in 1932. She married George C. McKnight on Sept. 1, 1933, and they owned and operated a farm on Quaker Road in East Montpelier. She was employed as a secretary-bookkeeper for Vermont Textiles in North Montpelier for six years and worked for a brief time in the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. On July 1, 1947, Lois began employment in the newly created Vermont Department of Public Safety and remained for 30 years. After retirement, Lois and George enjoyed traveling in their Winnebago and belonged to several camping clubs. They were both fond of music and over the years, enjoyed many Friday and Saturday night dances. Lois enjoyed sewing, cross stitch projects and loved her pets. Lois is survived by her son, Melvin McKnight and his wife, Maria, of Plainfield; daughter, Joyce George and her husband Harvey, of Calais; six grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, George, on Dec. 26, 1979. A graveside service will be held at a later date, which will be announced. Memorial contributions may be made to the Vermont State Police Archives and Museum, P.O. Box 809, St. Albans, Vt. 05478.
For those wishing to convey online condolences to the family, please visit barber-lanier.com. Published in Times Argus on February 7, 2011"
Parents: Fred Chester Dwinell and Ruth Estelle PITKIN.

She was married to George Converse McKnight on 1 Sep 1933. Children were: Melvin Edward McKnight, Joyce Arlene McKnight .

bullet Lydia L. Dwinell was born on 3 Jan 1843. Lydia married Thomas R. Gibson. Parents: Joseph B. Dwinell and Sarah PITKIN.

bullet Marion DWINELL was born on 17 Jul 1916. Parents: Earl Gilbert DWINELL and Lizzie Bohonan.

She was married to Clayton Burnham. Children were: Dianne Elizabeth Burnham.

bullet Martha Dwinell Daughter of Gilbert Dwinell and Eliza Wheeler. Parents: Gilbert L. DWINELL and Eliza Wheeler.

She was married to Leon A. Wilson. Children were: Maida Wilson, Hazel Wilson.

bullet Martha Deland Dwinell Photo was born on 27 Oct 1861. Parents: Henry D. Dwinell and Josephine Betsy Ainsworth.

She was married to Oliver H. CARPENTER in 1880. Children were: Everett G. CARPENTER, Ivan CARPENTER, twin CARPENTER, twin CARPENTER, Earl CARPENTER, Frederick CARPENTER.

bullet Marvin Grow DWINELL Photo was born on 17 Jan 1828 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 17 May 1906 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Died of apoplexy. He was buried on 19 May 1906 in Marshfield Village Cemetery. A city directory of Worcester, MA for 1897 shows that Marvin was living there as were his children Leon and Orman

"Greensboro, May 19, 1833 - Dear Sister [Patty Dwinell], I received your letter requesting me to visit you which I should delight to do if I could. but my health is so poor I dare not engage to . I do not preach but once in a day, and that is more than I am well able to do. The doctor thinks he can help me if I do not over doo. It may be I can visit you in the course of the summer if I can concistantly I will. I am sorry to hear the church is so low. I hope it will soon revive. O, that you all male and female may feel as they did seven years ago this day; a day I shall never forget. Religion is as good now as then; how can we sleep when the command is work while the day lasts; the voice of God to us is what thou doest do quickly. The canker rash prevail hear in an unusual manner. Four children have died in one family in a few weeks. Give my love to all the dear brothers and sisters. Tell them tis high time to awake out of sleep's journey for me. My family at home are in health. My son Sanborn is verry sick. I fear he will not recover. I remain your friend and brother, Marvin Grow."

Given the conflict between the date of this letter (1833) and the birthdates of Marvin and Maria Dwinell (1828), the possibility must be entertained that this letter in not from Marvin Grow Dwinell to his biological sister Patty, but from a minister named Marvin Grow, who may have preached in Marshfield at one time, to his spiritual sister Patty. Marvin Grow Dwinell may have been named for this Marvin Grow.

Following found online at Milo Grow's Ancestors (http://www.longleaf.net/milo/geneal.html): "Marvin Grow, b. Monson, Mass., 1776. Moved with parents to Vermont, residing in Norwich. Married Hope Whipple in 1800. A Baptist minister at Hardwick and Greensboro, Vt. Died at Hardwick, 1851. Two children." Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

He was married to Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Herbert Valorus DWINELL, Harriet Elnora DWINELL, Rojett Orman DWINELL , Leon A. DWINELL, Myrtie DWINELL.

bullet Mary Dwinell was born in 1822 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 21 Mar 1871 in Marshfield, Vermont. Mary married ______ Parks. Parents: Samuel Dwinell and Betsy.

bullet Mary Avis DWINELL was born on 28 Jul 1866. She died in 1935. Mary Dwinell Noyes is buried next to Arthur Noyes and Esther Dwinell Noyes in the East Calais Cemetery. I have not yet confirmed their relationships to one another (CP, 1998). Parents: Levi Gilman DWINELL and Louise M. Kennan.

She was married to Arthur Noyes . Children were: Esther Dwinell Noyes.

bullet Mary J. DWINELL was born about 1832. She died on 16 Jan 1884. Mary J. Dwinell was married to A. B. Rich at the time of her death. The inscription on her gravestone reads: "Consort to the late Warner McLeod" Warner McLeod died July 11, 1862 at the age of 33 years. (Mary was probably not the daughter of Israel - CP, 1998)

bullet Maude Eileen Dwinell Photo was born on 17 Jan 1885. She died in Mar 1925. Eileen was sixteen years old when her son Waldo was born. Parents: Simeon E. DWINELL and Clara Ella Bullock.

She was married to Ernest W. BEMIS on 6 Jul 1901 in Marshfield, Vermont. The Dwinell and Bemis families were next door neighbors at the time of Ernest and Eileen's marriage. Children were: Waldo Simeon BEMIS.

She was married to Gerald Wade Benjamin on 23 Nov 1912 in Woodbury, Vermont. According to the marriage record, this was Maude's second marriage, and her name was Eileen Byron.

She was married to Francis Byron on 1 May 1907 in East Montpelier, Vermont. The record of this marriage indicates it was Maude's second, and her name was Eileen Bemis.

bullet Maude Eva Dwinell was born on 29 Jun 1885 in E. Burke, Vermont. She died on 17 Feb 1963 in Bellevue, Washington.

She was married to Roger Burns Ladd on 30 Jun 1909 in Lyndonville, Vermont. Children were: Infant Ladd, Robert Dwinell Ladd.

bullet Maurice Kennon DWINELL was born on 25 May 1860. Attended Boston University School of Medicine. Parents: Levi Gilman DWINELL and Louise M. Kennan.

bullet May Lucille DWINELL Photo was born in 1887. She died on 22 Jun 1910 in Burlington, Vermont. Lucille was a weaver in Marshfield. Died of acute appendicitis. Parents: Simeon E. DWINELL and Clara Ella Bullock.

bullet Melissa Dwinell was born on 29 Jun 1827. Melissa married Mason Paine. Parents: Joseph B. Dwinell and Sarah PITKIN.

bullet Melvin B. DWINELL was born on 9 Jul 1825 in East Calais, Vermont. He died on 28 Dec 1887 in Rome, Georgia. From Hemenway's Vermont History: "Fitted for college mostly at Montpelier Academy; entered the University of Vermont in 1845; graduated Aug. 1849; was principal of People's Academy, Morrisville, 2 years ; came to Georgia in the fall of 1851; taught in Hamilton, Ga., 1 year; taught 2 years in Macon Co., Ala.; Jan. 1, 1853 bought half in the Rome (Ga.) Courier; a year after, bought the other half; have published the Rome Courier continuously from Jan. 1, 1855, to this time (1881) except from May 18, 1864 to Sept. 1, 1865. May 18, 1864, the Federal troops took possesion of Rome, and I left. They used by material and stock on hand, and when they left, utterly destroyed everything in my office except one job-press, which they carried off. I was mustered into the Confederate army at Richmond, Va., Mar 28, 1861, as 2d lieut. for the war; was promoted to 1st lieut. in March, 1862; was in the first and second battle of Manassas; actually engaged two days of the seven in the fights around Richmond, from June 28 to July 25, 1862; was in the first battle of Fredericksburg and the Gettysburg, besides 20 or 30 smaller engagements and skirmishes. The only wound received was a gun-shot wound in the upper left arm at the battle of Gettysburg. From this wound I was disabled some 2 months. After I returned to my command, in Nov. 1863, I was elected one of the two representatives from my (Floyd) county to the State Legislature, which exempted me from military service, except that I served as adjutant, with the rank of captain, for a short time in the spring of 1864, under Gen. A. R. Wright, in command of State troops. After the close of the war, I returned to Rome, Ga., arriving here May 25, 1865, and found that my entire assets consisted of $22.50 in gold in my pocket, and the debris of a printing establishment, once worth $10,000, estimated at $300; but I went to work getting up from the ruins, and soon got type enough to print small circulars, hand-bills, etc., using a planer and mallet for lack of a press. I soon hired a small press, and Sept. 1, got out a small weekly paper. I was soon on my feet again, and have since done a fair business. In the summer of 1875, I went to California; visited on the trip, Salt Lake City, the Va. City gold and silver mines, the valley of Yosemite, etc. In 1876 I made a trip to the East, visiting London, Paris, Brussels, Venice Rome, Herculaneum, Pompeii; ascended Vesuvius; lit my cigar in the crater; saw Alexandria, Cairo, the Red Sea, Jerusalem, Damascus, etc. I have recently published a volume descriptive of my travels, entitled, 'Common Sense Views of Foreign Lands.' Parents: Dea. Israel DWINELL and Phila Gilman.

bullet Melvin Raymond DWINELL was born on 10 Apr 1878. Parents: Franklin Albert DWINELL and Harriet A. Hammett .

bullet Mildred L. DWINELL was born about 1895. Parents: Leon A. DWINELL and Emma J. Brown.

bullet Moriah DWINELL was born on 26 Oct 1812. She died on 11 Nov 1884 in Woodbury, Vermont. (38) Died of Bright's Disease. Parents: Simeon DWINELL and Sally Hayward.

She was married to Elias Heath Jr.. Children were: Lester Eugene Heath.

bullet Myrtie DWINELL Myrtie married a Mr. Brown. They lived in Worcester, Massachusetts. Parents: Marvin Grow DWINELL and Lucy M. (Maria) BEMIS.

bullet Norris Earl "Sam" DWINELL was born on 6 Mar 1936. He died on 2 Jul 1985 in Warren, Vermont. Sam married Patricia Boyce. No children. Parents: Donald McRay DWINELL and Paulene Ross.

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