bulletErmengarde of Hasbaigne died on 3 Oct 818. Parents: Ingram (Ingeramun) Duke of Hasbaigne.

Children were: Alpaida (Elpheid) of France.

bulletF. Jennie was born in Dec 1859 in Massachussetts.

She was married to Rojett Orman DWINELL about 1889.

bullet Ferreolus

Children were: Tonantius Ferreolus Consul.

bulletFoulques (Fulk) Count of Angouleme. Parents: Geoffrey Taillefer Count of Angouleme and Petronille of Archaic.

Children were: Guillaume III Taillefer Count of Angouleme .

bulletFranc .

She was married to Oscar Dunlap. Children were: Neddie Dunlap.

bullet Frances was born about 1602. She died on 15 Feb 1674 in Hartford, Connecticut. (4)

Children were: Stephen Hosmer.

bulletFrances was born about 1594 in Wilby, Norfolk, England.

She was married to Peter Tufts about 1611 in England. Children were: Peter Tufts, Elizabeth Tufts.

bullet Fredegunda was born in 543. She died in 596.

She was married to Chilperic I King of Soissons & Neustria in 567. Children were: Clotaire II le Grand King of Soissons & Neustria, King o.

bullet Fulbert a tanner resided at in Falaise.

Children were: Arlotta (Arletta, Herleve) mistress.

bulletFulk II the good Count of Anjou died in 958. Parents: Fulk the Red Count of Anjou and Roscille (Rosalie) des Loches.

He was married to Gerberge in 952. Children were: Geoffrey I Count of Anjou.

bullet Fulk III Parents: Geoffrey I Count of Anjou and Adelaide de Vermandois.

Children were: Ermengarde of Anjou.

bulletFulk IV Count of Anjou was born in 1043. He died in 1109. Parents: Geoffrey Ferreol Count of Gatinais and Ermengarde of Anjou.

Children were: Fulk V Count of Anjou .

bulletFulk the Red Count of Anjou. Parents: Ingelgarius Count of Anjou and Adelaide de Gastinais.

Children were: Fulk II the good Count of Anjou.

bulletFulk V Count of Anjou was born in 1092. He died in 1143. Parents: Fulk IV Count of Anjou and Bertrade de Montfort .

He was married to Eremburge in 1110. Children were: Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou, Matilda.

bullet Garnier Seigneur de Loches de Willandri

Children were: Roscille (Rosalie) des Loches.

bulletGeoffrey Count of Gastinais.

Children were: Adelaide de Gastinais.

bulletGeoffrey Archbishop of York died in 1212. Parents: Henry II King of England and Rosamond Clifford ? Mistress .

bullet Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond died in 1186. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine .

bullet Geoffrey I Count of Anjou died in 987. Parents: Fulk II the good Count of Anjou and Gerberge.

Children were: Fulk III, Ermengarde of Anjou, Gersende (Girberge) of Anjou.

bulletGerberge . Parents: Hugh the Great King of Burgundy.

She was married to Fulk II the good Count of Anjou in 952. Children were: Geoffrey I Count of Anjou.

bullet Gerberge of Franconia Parents: Richemir of Burgundy Duke of Franconia and Gertrudis.

Children were: Daughter of Leutharius.

bulletGeroud (Godfray) Duke of Schwaben. Parents: Erlafreed .

Children were: Hildegarde of Schwaben.

bulletGersende (Girberge) of Anjou. Parents: Geoffrey I Count of Anjou and Adelaide de Vermandois.

Children were: Geoffrey Taillefer Count of Angouleme.

bulletGertrudis died in 655. Parents: Ausbert (Ansbertus) of Moselle Senator and Blithilde of Cologne, France.

Children were: Gerberge of Franconia.

bulletGisele was born in 897. She died in 932. Parents: Charles III King of France.

She was married to Rolf Duke of Normandy in 912. Children were: William Longsword Duke of Normandy.

bullet Godfred Duke of Alamanni died about 700.

Children were: Theutbold of the Alamanni.

bulletGrace .

She was married to Rufus G. CLEVELAND.

bullet Guillaume III Taillefer Count of Angouleme died in 1120. Parents: Foulques (Fulk) Count of Angouleme and Condo .

Children were: Wulgrin II Count of Angouleme .

bulletGuillaume IV Taillefer Count of Angouleme died on 7 Aug 1177 in Messina. Parents: Wulgrin II Count of Angouleme and Ponce de la Marche.

He was married to Marguerite of Turenne in 1147. Children were: Aymer DE VALENCE Count of Angouleme.

bullet Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine

Children were: Eleanor of Aquitaine .

bulletGunderland Count of Hasbaye died in 778. Parents: Sigramine Count of Hasbaye and Landrade of France.

Children were: Ingram (Ingeramun) Duke of Hasbaigne.

bulletGundicaire (Gunther) First King of Burgundy was born in 385. He died in 436.

Children were: Gundicarius (Gundioc) King of Burgundy.

bulletGundicarius (Gundioc) King of Burgundy died in 473. Parents: Gundicaire (Gunther) First King of Burgundy.

Children were: Chilperic (Hilperic) King of Burgundy.

bulletGunnora of Crepon died in 1031.

Children were: Richard the good Duke of Normandy.

bulletGunza (Kunza), Sister of Basin, Bishop of Treves.

Children were: St. Lievin (Leutwinus) Bishop of Treves.

bulletHannah was born about 1730 in England.

She was married to Richard Stanbridge before 1752. Children were: Sarah Stanbridge.

bullet Hannah

She was married to George Martin. Children were: John Martin.

bullet Hannah died in 1685 in Manchester, Massachusetts.

She was married to Aaron BENNETT in 1665 in Salem, Massachusetts. Children were: Aaron BENNETT Jr..

bullet Hannah (Polly)

She was married to Isaac Curtis. Children were: Susannah Curtis.

bullet Haregonde

Children were: Chilperic I King of Soissons & Neustria.

bulletHattie .

She was married to Eben B. Dunlap. Children were: Sadie Dunlap, Gracie Dunlap.

bullet Helgilwich (Aegilwi)

Children were: Judith.

bulletHenry Bishop of Winchester died in 1171. Parents: Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen and Adela.

bullet Henry I King of England(1) was born in 1068. He died in 1135. Henry I (of England) (1068-1135), third Norman king of England (1100-1135), fourth son of William the Conqueror. Henry was born in Selby. Because his father, who died in 1087, left him no land, Henry made several unsuccessful attempts to gain territories on the Continent. On the death of his brother William II in 1100, Henry took advantage of the absence of another brother—Robert, who had a prior claim to the throne—to seize the royal treasury and have himself crowned king at Westminster. Henry subsequently secured his position with the nobles and with the church by issuing a charter of liberties that acknowledged the feudal rights of the nobles and the rights of the church. In 1101 Robert, who was duke of Normandy, invaded England, but Henry persuaded him to withdraw by promising him a pension and military aid on the Continent. In 1102 Henry put down a revolt of nobles, who subsequently took refuge in Normandy, where they were aided by Robert. By defeating Robert at Tinchebray, France, in 1106, Henry won Normandy. During the rest of his reign, however, he constantly had to put down uprisings that threatened his rule in Normandy. The conflict between Henry and Anselm, archbishop of Canterbury, over the question of lay investiture (the appointment of church officials by the king), was settled in 1107 by a compromise that left the king with substantial control in the matter.
Because he had no surviving male heir, Henry was forced to designate his daughter Matilda as his heiress. After his death on December 1, 1135, at Lyons-la-Fôret, Normandy, however, Henry's nephew, Stephen of Blois, usurped the throne, plunging the country into a protracted civil war that ended only with the accession of Matilda's son, Henry II, in 1154. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

Children were: William Atheling, Maud The Empress.

Children were: Robert De Mellent Earl of Gloucester, Sybylla.

bulletHenry II King of England(1) was born in 1133. He died in 1189. Henry II (of England) (1133-89), king of England (1154-89), first monarch of the house of Anjou, or Plantagenet, an important administrative reformer, who was one of the most powerful European rulers of his time.
Born March 5, 1133, at Le Mans, France, Henry became duke of Normandy in 1151. The following year, on the death of his father, he inherited the Angevin territories in France. By his marriage in 1152 to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry added vast territories in southwestern France to his possessions. Henry claimed the English kingship through his mother, Matilda. She had been designated the heiress of Henry I but had been deprived of the succession by her cousin, Stephen of Blois, who made himself king. In 1153 Henry defeated Stephen's armies in England and compelled the king to choose him as his successor; on Stephen's death, the following year, Henry became king. During the first few years of his reign Henry quelled the disorders that had developed during Stephen's reign, regained the northern counties of England, which had previously been ceded to Scotland, and conquered North Wales. In 1171-72 he began the Norman conquest of Ireland and in 1174 forced William the Lion, king of the Scots, to recognize him as overlord.
In 1164 Henry became involved in a quarrel with Thomas à Becket, whom he had appointed archbishop of Canterbury. By the Constitutions of Clarendon, the king decreed that priests accused of crimes should be tried in royal courts; Becket claimed that such cases should be handled by ecclesiastical courts, and the controversy that followed ended in 1170 with Becket's murder by four of Henry's knights. Widespread indignation over the murder forced the king to rescind his decree and recognize Becket as a martyr.
Although he failed to subject the church to his courts, Henry's judicial reforms were of lasting significance. In England he established a centralized system of justice accessible to all freemen and administered by judges who traveled around the country at regular intervals. He also began the process of replacing the old trial by ordeal with modern court procedures.
From the beginning of his reign, Henry was involved in conflict with Louis VII, king of France, and later with Louis's successor, Philip II, over the French provinces that Henry claimed. A succession of rebellions against Henry, headed by his sons and furthered by Philip II and by Eleanor of Aquitaine, began in 1173 and continued until his death at Chinon, France, on July 6, 1189. Henry was succeeded by his son Richard I, called Richard the Lion-Hearted. Parents: Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou and Maud The Empress.

Children were: William Archbishop of York, Henry, The Young King Duke of Normandy, Count D'Anjou, Matilda, Richard I, King of England Duke of Aquitaine, Count Poitou, Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, Eleanor , Joan, John LACKLAND King of England.

Children were: William LONGESPEE Earl of Salisbury, Geoffrey Archbishop of York.

bulletHenry III King of England(1) was born on 1 Oct 1207 in Winchester Castle, Winchester, Hampshire, England. He died on 16 Nov 1272 in Palace of Westminster, Westminster, London, England. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Henry III (of England) (1207-72), king of England (1216-72), son and successor of King John (Lackland), and a member of the house of Anjou, or Plantagenet. Henry ascended the throne at the age of nine, on the death of his father. During his minority the kingdom was ruled by William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, as regent, but after his death in 1219 the justiciar Hubert de Burgh was the chief power in the government. During the regency the French, who occupied much of eastern England, were expelled, and rebellious barons were subdued.
Henry was declared of age in 1227. In 1232 he dismissed Hubert de Burgh from his court and commenced ruling without the aid of ministers. Henry displeased the barons by filling government and church offices with foreign favorites, many of them relatives of his wife, Eleanor of Provence, whom he married in 1236, and by squandering money on Continental wars, especially in France. In order to secure the throne of Sicily for one of his sons, Henry agreed to pay the pope a large sum. When the king requested money from the barons to pay his debt, they refused and in 1258 forced him to agree to the Provisions of Oxford, whereby he agreed to share his power with a council of barons. Henry soon repudiated his oath, however, with papal approval. After a brief period of war, the matter was referred to the arbitration of Louis IX, king of France, who decided in Henry's favor in a judgment called the Mise of Amiens (1264). Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, accordingly led the barons into war, defeated Henry at Lewes, and took him prisoner. In 1265, however, Henry's son and heir, Edward, later King Edward I, led the royal troops to victory over the barons at Evesham, about 40.2 km (about 25 mi) south of Birmingham. Simon de Montfort was killed in the battle, and the barons agreed to a compromise with Edward and his party in 1267. From that time on Edward ruled England, and when Henry died, he succeeded him as king. Parents: John LACKLAND King of England and Isabella D'ANGOULEME.

He was married to Eleanor of Provence on 14 Jan 1236 in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England. Children were: Edmund Plantagenet Earl of Leicester , Edward I King of England, Margaret.

bullet Henry, The Young King Duke of Normandy, Count D'Anjou died in 1183. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine .

bullet Heribert I Duke of Vermandois died in 902. He died in 902.

Children were: Heribert II Count Vermandois & Troyes.

Children were: Beatrice of Vermandois.

bulletHeribert II Count Vermandois & Troyes. Parents: Heribert I Duke of Vermandois and Richilde of France.

Children were: Robert de Vermandois Count of Troyes & Meaux, Count Chal.

bulletHildebrante of France.

Children were: Robert de Vermandois Count of Troyes & Meaux, Count Chal.

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