bullet Hannah Patience Cole died in 1851 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

She was married to Frederick Bliss. Children were: Charles Bliss , Simeon Bliss, Aruna Bliss , Lucy Bliss, Lewis Bliss , Polly Bliss, George Bliss , Nancy Bliss, Cyrus Bliss , Pliny Bliss, Alonzo Bliss , Celinda Bliss, William Riley Bliss.

bullet Henry Cole Henry was from Worcester, Massachusetts.

He was married to Roxanna (Ann) BEMIS. Children were: Martin Cole , Frank Cole, Augustus Cole , Riley Cole.

bullet John Cole

Children were: Ann Cole The Witch.

bulletJohn Cole resided at in Rill, Ralegh, Devon, near Exmouth.

Children were: Margaret Cole.

bulletMargaret Cole. Parents: John Cole.

Children were: John DRAKE.

bulletMartin Cole. Parents: Henry Cole and Roxanna (Ann) BEMIS.

bulletMary Elizabeth Cole Photo was born about 1890 in Turkey. Age is an estimate based on her graduation from Oberlin in 1911. She died in 1921. Daughter of the Reverend Dr. Royal M. and Lizzie Cole, missionaries for the American Board.

The Cole Sisters: A Lifetime of Education
By Skip Buhler

I first learned about Alice Huldah Cole (1885-1965) and her sister Nellie (1882-1960) while investigating my neighborhood's homes and histories of their former inhabitants. Cole Kindergarten, which was located at the corner of 19th Avenue and Elm Street kept popping up in directories and census records, but since it was not on my specific block (block 37 for those of you who were wondering), I put it off for another day.

I found obituaries on Alice and Nellie last year while at the Hillsboro library, and was immediately stuck by just how full their lives had been. Both sisters were born in Erzurum, Turkey, in the region known as Greater Armenia during the Ottoman Empire's rule to Protestant missionary parents, Royal M. and Lizzie C. Cole. The Coles had worked in Turkey since 1868, and were well known for their hard work and frequent reporting on eastern Turkey for the American Press. In addition to Alice and Nellie, another sister named Mary (1886-1921) and brother Nelson were all schooled in Erzurum and Bitlis while their parents ministered to the significant Armenian population in the two cities, as well as serving as medics. In addition to witnessing the oppression, poverty, and hunger of their mission, the Cole parents lost a number of their children before the birth of Alice, Nellie, and Mary. In Bitlis, while the siblings were finishing secondary school, the family lived in the midst of the horrific massacre of Armenian s by Sultan Abdul Hamid II's military of Turkish and Kurdish forces, a massacre that began October 1895, and grew more brutal with each passing year. The slaughter of Armenians was publicized around the world, as was the build-up in atrocities, and the Cole family, though somewhat safe because of their American passports and connections, nevertheless confronted violence, heartache, and death repeatedly. Such brutality was the likely reason for the girls' permanent return to the United States around 1903, and
the parents' return in 1907. Once back in the States, Nellie majored in childhood education at Oberlin College (Ohio), and graduated from the Oberlin Kindergarten Training School in 1909. She then returned to Turkey to do missionary work in the city of Trebizond, teaching childhood education to future teachers there. Nellie returned to America to further her education, first studying at the University of Washington, then at Pacific University.

The sisters settled in Forest Grove in 1912, and Nellie graduated from PU with a bachelor degree in art, and with honors in 1919. It had been Nellie's dream to open her own Kindergarten school, and Forest Grove had the need, but her dream would have to wait. In the meantime, the siblings seem to have traveled back and forth between Armenia and the United States every other year, furthering their education. Alice also began taking classes at Oberlin College in 1903, majoring in English, playing on the Oberlin women's basketball team, and was an active member of the "Lesbian Society," the women's literary and poetry club, before graduating in 1909. Soon after, she began teaching high school in Minnesota, and later in La Grande, OR. Once the sisters had settled in Forest Grove, Alice joined the faculty at Forest Grove High School. Alice was an Oberlin Alumni secretary for Oregon for several years. Poetry was Alice's passion, and she would spend her free time composing lines, usually based on her travels here and abroad. One such poem was titled "Mt. Hood (as Seen from Hood Lodge):"

Thou great and lofty peak of ice and snow,
Which rises from the rolling hills below,
Thy trees are lyres for the passing breeze
And sing to God celestial harmonies,
While loud the rushing, roaring streams acclaim
The awe and majesty of thy great name.
And like a hero of our mortal race.
With battle scars upon thy noble face,
Thou standest erect, proud and high,
While weaker comrades fail, droop and die,
But thy eternal snows are ever white and fair,
And in thy presence God is surely there!

Alice published a few limited-edition collections of poetry, one of which, Treasured Thoughts (1921), was a compilation of works by famous poets and her own, including the poem cited above. According to her obituary, Alice was also "an accomplished violinist."

All three sisters were inseparable, and soon their parents moved into their Forest Grove home. Alice wrote papers for a number of education journals, one of which dealt with playwriting for high school students, and spoke at conferences in Portland on teaching methods. After graduating from Pacific University, Nellie too began teaching at Forest Grove High School. Sadly, in 1921, an awful event occurred which altered the family's lives. Their younger sister Mary, who the year before had married a Portland doctor, Arthur Trew Blachly, died unexpectedly some months after giving birth. The sisters took in and cared for the infant, named Alice Elizabeth, as well as caring for their ailing parents. During this period, Nellie, among other jobs, served on the advisory board of the YWCA at Pacific University. With the many new, unforeseen responsibilities, Alice was forced to quit teaching at the high school, but after the death of their father March 12, 1925, the daughters decided to finally open Cole Kindergarten. It was located on the SE corner of Elm and 19th at 1835 Elm Street, diagonal from where Olson Bike Shop is located now. Their niece Alice E. lived with them at the Kindergarten home until adulthood, married a man by the name of Malicoat, and eventually moved to San Diego, CA, before returning to Portland. So began a career lasting over thirty years, and, I might add, hundreds of children set on the straight and narrow.

Alice retired around 1956, and resumed writing poetry full time. One of the last years of the Kindergarten class included none other than our very own board member and OTS manager Don Skinner. Don recalls how patient and caring the sisters were, and exciting their backyard was, with paths leading through the flower beds the students could explore on good days. Most importantly, the sisters did not have a mandatory nap time for the kids, which was the reason for Don's switching from the more "tyrannical" Castle School. The sisters also gave the students eye tests, and used a pocket watch to test their hearing.

Royal M. Cole, "Interior Turkey Reminiscences," Unpublished manuscript , Amherst College;
"America Missionary's Peril," New York Times, February 11, 1896;
"Services Held for Nellie A. Cole," Hillsboro Argus, August, 11, 1960, p.4;
"Alice H. Cole," Hillsboro Argus , April 12, 1965, p. 9;
Oberlin College Bulletin of General Information (Ohio: The College, 1918); and
Oberlin Alumni Magazine, March 1961 (Oberlin, Ohio), 31.)

She was married to Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY on 29 May 1920. Children were: Alice Elizabeth BLACHLY .

bullet Ralph Cole was born on 9 Jul 1842. He died on 26 Aug 1863. Ralph died of wounds received at Gettysburg, Company K, Sixteenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers. Parents: Simeon Cole and Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Riley Cole Parents: Henry Cole and Roxanna (Ann) BEMIS.

bullet Simeon Cole was born on 6 Jul 1812 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 4 Jul 1876 in Marshfield, Vermont. Simeon was the son of Welcome Cole and Matilda Peck.

He was married to Jerusha PITKIN on 24 Apr 1838 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Charles Cole , Alvin Cole, Ralph Cole , Corilla P. Cole.

bullet Welcome Cole

He was married to Lucy Bliss in 1817.

bullet Hannah Coley was baptized on 10 Oct 1654. Parents: Samuel COLEY and Ann Prudden.

She was married to Joseph Garnsey on 10 Apr 1673. Children were: Joseph Garnsey.

bullet Samuel COLEY Samuel Coley came to Massachusetts in 1631 and moved with the settlement led by Rev. Peter Prudden.

He was married to Ann Prudden in 1640. Children were: Hannah Coley.

bullet Andrew Christopher Collins was born on 8 Mar 1960 in Washington, D.C.. He died on 13 Jun 2005 in College Park, MD. Letter from David Raese to Caleb Pitkin, 6 July, 2005: "Another death to report. Andrew Christopher "Andy" Collins died on 13 June 2005 of cancer. He was 45. He only discovered that he had cancer in March or April, by then already advanced to stage four (I don't know what kind of cancer). He was placed on chemo-therapy, and moved back in with his Mom in May, where they set up a hospital bed for him. When Margaret wrote in late May with the news, Andy was not doing well. The cancer was far more agressive than anyone imagined, and he didn't have much time left (though no one knew). There is an obituary for him in the on-line Washington Post (90 days)." Parents: Phillip LeRoy Collins and Margaret Ellen Raese.

bullet Phillip Curtis Collins was born on 8 Sep 1962 in Washington, D.C.. Parents: Phillip LeRoy Collins and Margaret Ellen Raese .

bullet Phillip LeRoy Collins was born on 17 Mar 1926 in Washington, D.C.. He died on 9 Nov 2003 in College Park, MD.

He was married to Margaret Ellen Raese in 1958. Children were: Andrew Christopher Collins, Phillip Curtis Collins.

bullet Mary Sarepta Commings was born on 12 Oct 1844 in Greensboro, Vermont. She died on 13 Dec 1931 in Berkeley, California. Daughter of Benjamin Andrew Commings and Mary Huntington.

She was married to Cornelius Beach BRADLEY on 30 Jul 1871 in Oberlin, Ohio. Children were: Bertha Theresa BRADLEY, Harold Cornelius BRADLEY .

bullet Alexander Comyn Earl Buchan, Constable of Scotland died in 1290. Parents: William Comyn and Margaret Buchan Countess of Buchan .

Children were: Elizabeth Comyn.

bulletElizabeth Comyn died before 13 Feb 1328. Parents: Alexander Comyn Earl Buchan, Constable of Scotland and Elizabeth de Quincy.

Children were: Robert de Umfreville Earl of Angus.

bulletWilliam Comyn.

Children were: Alexander Comyn Earl Buchan, Constable of Scotland.

bulletJane Conant was born on 9 May 1584 in England. She was baptized on 9 May 1584 in East Budleigh, Devon. She died in 1630 in England. Parents: Richard Conant and Agnes Clark.

She was married to Thomas Knowles on 18 Sep 1609 in East Budleigh, Devon. Children were: Jane Knowles.

bullet John Conant was born in Jan 1508 in Gittisham, Devon, England. He died on 30 Mar 1596 in Devon, England. Parents: John Conant and Marie Conant.

He was married to Marie Conant in 1555 in England. Children were: Richard Conant.

bullet John Conant was born in 1480 in Gittisham, Devon, England. He died on 4 Sep 1559 in Gittisham, Devon, England.

He was married to Marie Conant in 1523 in Gittisham, Devon, England. Children were: John Conant.

bullet Marie Conant was born in 1525 in Gittisham, Devon, England. She died on 4 Sep 1599 in Devon, England.

She was married to John Conant in 1555 in England. Children were: Richard Conant .

bullet Marie Conant died in 1560 in Gittisham, Devon, England. She was born in 1584 in Gittisham, Devon, England.

She was married to John Conant in 1523 in Gittisham, Devon, England. Children were: John Conant.

bullet Richard Conant was born in 1548 in East Budleigh, Devon. He died on 21 Sep 1630 in East Budleigh, Devon. Parents: John Conant and Marie Conant.

He was married to Agnes Clark on 4 Feb 1578 in Colyton, Devon, England. Children were: Jane Conant.

bullet Frank Cone

He was married to Alice PITKIN on 1 Feb 1875. Children were: Lewis Cone.

bullet Lewis Cone was born on 24 Jun 1876. Parents: Frank Cone and Alice PITKIN.

bullet Doris Irene Conibear was born on 21 Feb 1918 in Kingsville, Minnesota.

She was married to Norval Austin PITKIN on 20 Aug 1936 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Children were: Judith Ann PITKIN , Galen Norval PITKIN, David Winton PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth Monica Connelly Photo was born on 15 Jun 1872 in Hoosick Falls, New York. She died on 24 Apr 1949 in Barre, Vermont. Elizabeth was the daughter of Patrick Connelly and Margaret McLeish. She was married second to William Rogers on November 10, 1908. He was born in 1866 in Pomfret, Vt., died April 29, 1933 (or April 25, 1923, according to Margaret Carpenter Swain) in Barre, Vt. Parents: Patrick Connelly and Margaret McLeish.

She was married to William A. CARPENTER on 29 Apr 1901 in Hoosick Falls, New York. Children were: Clarence Francis CARPENTER, Miriam CARPENTER.

bullet Patrick Connelly

Children were: Elizabeth Monica Connelly .

bulletAbbie O. Connor was born about 1825 in Ireland. Abbie was listed in the 1870 census of Warwick, RI as 45 years of age. She died after 1890. Abby filed for Civil War pension benefits as the widow of William Dorman in 1890 On Nov. 22, 1890, Abby filed for benefits as the widow of William Dorman, Company F 4th RI Infantry. She filed from Rhode Island. The fact that those benefits were paid in the following year to her three grown children may indicate that she died in 1890 or 1891

She was married to William Dorman on 13 Oct 1852 in Nashville, Hillsborough, NH. Marriage record in Nashville, NH for William Dorman and Abbie Connor. dated 13 Oct, 1852. No proof that it's THIS William and Abby, but seems likely. That would have been the same year William immigrated to the US. Children were: Ellen Dorman , George Dorman, Mary Ann Dorman, Anna Dorman.

bullet Maria Conti was born on 29 Feb 1952 in Barre, Vermont. Maria graduated from Spaulding High School in 1970, and received a B.A. degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont (1977).

She was married to John Lawrence Reilly on 1 Jan 1979 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Rune Laurel Conti-Reilly, Flynn Nunziatina Conti-Reilly .

bullet Flynn Nunziatina Conti-Reilly was born on 16 May 1987 in Barre, Vermont. She was christened in St. Monica's Church, Barre, Vermont. Parents: John Lawrence Reilly and Maria Conti.

bullet Rune Laurel Conti-Reilly was born on 4 May 1980 in Randolph, Vermont. She was christened in St. Monica's Church, Barre, Vermont. Parents: John Lawrence Reilly and Maria Conti.

bullet Anna Catherine Cook was born on 29 Oct 1897 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She died on 31 Aug 1959.

She was married to Barney Turel PITKIN . Children were: Russell PITKIN, Carl Edwin PITKIN, Eleanor PITKIN, Cora Irene PITKIN, Beulah PITKIN, George Warren PITKIN, Martha Marie PITKIN, Virginia Lou PITKIN, Alice May PITKIN, Francis Luverne PITKIN, John PITKIN, Barney Turel PITKIN Jr., Naomi PITKIN.

bullet Esther Hayse Cook Photo was born in 1859. She died on 7 Jan 1944 in Bellington, West Virginia.

She was married to Frederick Cruickshank on 11 Jul 1881. Children were: Winifred F Cruickshank, Dorothy "Dody" Cruickshank, Fred Cruickshank .

bullet Caroline Cooke Parents: John Cooke and Mary Ryde ?.

She was married to Charles Morrice Brocklesby on 10 Feb 1846 in Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, Surrey, England.

bullet Caroline Glanville Cooke Photo was born on 21 Feb 1813 in St. Botolphs, Without Aldgate, London. She was baptized on 21 Mar 1813 in St. Botolphs, Without Aldgate, London. She died on 10 Nov 1885 in Megantic Co., Quebec, Canada. She was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Kinnear's Mills, Quebec. Caroline wrote the following letter from Maple Hill, Quebec to her daughter, Helen C. McKelvey in East Brighton, Vermont on January 3, 1884: "Dear Helen, I thought I would have to write to hear how you are all getting along this cold stormy wheather (sic). We are in our usual health for which we are thankful. I was very glad when we got the Christmas greeting from Nellie for we found you were all well. I have very little to write about as I never hear any news for I am very seldom out and our neighbors in the other end of the house never tell us any thing but we was over to Olivers on New Years day. They came for us with the sleigh and brought us home again. They are very kind. She wanted me when I wrote to you to tell you to try and write a few lines to her. She sends her compliments to you and her kind love and I told her I would. We got a letter from Robert New Years night. He is far away about 4 hundred miles from Montreal. I think by what he says he has got charge of a Post about the C.P.R. railroad. He gets 2 and a half dollars a day and board and Willie is there too. He gets 1 and a half dollars and board per day. They live in cars he says and have coal stoves to keep them warm but I think it must be a wild place. We have not had any letters from Andrew or Charley this long time but I am expecting one from Andrew soon because she told me in her last letter she was expecting an increase in family in January. Perhaps I told you before. I am so forgetfull but a good story cannot be too often told for I am sure she and him will be very glad. I believe William and family are well but we have not seen any of them for a long time but we got a letter from them before Christmas and he said they were all in a bustle getting ready for a Christmas tree. We got a letter from Fred some time ago. They were all well. Fred said he had hired for all winter with old man as he called him. We have a terrible snow storm here. I do not think I shall be able to get these letters over to McHargs to night and I am sending one to Robert. Well I will now conclude by wishing you all a happy and prosperous New year. Now good bye may God bless you all. Give our love and good wishes to Joseph and all the girls and boys and accept the same for yourself. From your affect. mother. Give my best respects to Carrie and Fred. Good bye. Write Soon."
Cromarty Cruickshank, of Inverness owned some letters written to Caroline by her aunt, S. Brocklesby. She was the wife of Charles Brocklesby and they had a large family. The Brocklesby family arrived in Canada at about the same time as John Yeoman Cooke. Parents: John Yeoman COOKE and Mary Ann GLANVILLE.

She was married to Robert Cromarty Cruickshank on 1 Jan 1832 in Leeds, Quebec. Children were: Mary Ann Cruickshank, Helen CRUICKSHANK, William Cruickshank, Caroline Cruickshank, Robert Cromarty Cruickshank , John Yeoman Cruickshank, James Cromarty Cruickshank, Andrew Dunn Cruickshank , Henry Frederick Cruickshank, Frederick Cruickshank, Charles Glanville Cruickshank .

bullet Clara COOKE was born in 1866. Parents: Frederick William COOKE and Jessie Jane Hargrave.

bullet Emma COOKE was born in 1871. Parents: Frederick William COOKE and Jessie Jane Hargrave.

bullet Emma Sarah COOKE was born on 16 Mar 1831 in Leeds, Quebec. She died in 1900. Parents: John Yeoman COOKE and Mary Ann GLANVILLE.

She was married to William McCurdy on 23 Mar 1853 in Ireland, Megantic Co., Quebec.

bullet Fred COOKE was born in 1869. Parents: Frederick William COOKE and Jessie Jane Hargrave.

bullet Frederick William COOKE was born in 1829 in Leeds, Quebec. Green Lake County, Sheriff's Office, Dartford, Wis. April 22, 1883. Dear Sister (Caroline Glanville Cruickshank), You cannot think how glad I was to hear from you for I did not know weather you and Robert were alive or not. Was glad to hear about your family. I shall have to write short for I want to answer Mrs. Goff and daughter this afternoon and it is now five o'clock. I was elected Sheriff again last fall for 2 years. We live in the county buildings free and have wood and coale and lights free. Have four dollars per week for boarding prisoners, $200 dollars per year salery besides all fees for doing other business. Beside I ship stock some to Chicago. Made $115.00 on one car hogs last week. I will now give you some idea of the family. Walter is in Missouri in the insurance business. Jessie is married but is living with us has 2 children. Minnie just married as you know. Clara home 17 years. Fred home 14 years. Emma home 12 years old. Mrs. Hargrave (wife's mother) lives with us Mr. Hargrave being dead about 9 years. She is 81 years old. I hope it will not be so long before I hear from you again. Love to all old friends yourself and Robert in perticler. Jessie joines me in love. Your brother, Fred. Parents: John Yeoman COOKE and Mary Ann GLANVILLE.

He was married to Jessie Jane Hargrave on 10 May 1851 in Methodist Church, Ireland, Megantic Co., Quebec. Children were: Walter COOKE, Jessie COOKE, Minnie COOKE, Clara COOKE, Fred COOKE, Emma COOKE.

bullet George COOKE was born on 1 Jan 1788 in London, England. Parents: William COOKE and Sarah Stanbridge.

bullet James COOKE was born before 26 Dec 1784 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Parents: William COOKE and Sarah Stanbridge.

bullet Jane COOKE was born before Jun 1791 in London, England. She was baptized in Jun 1791 in St. Botolphs, Without Aldgate, London. Parents: William COOKE and Sarah Stanbridge.

bullet Jessie COOKE Parents: Frederick William COOKE and Jessie Jane Hargrave.

bullet John Cooke

He was married to Mary Ryde ?. Children were: Caroline Cooke.

bullet John Yeoman COOKE was born before 12 Sep 1782 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. (John Yeoman Cooke died February 14th, 1867, aged 85 years and 5 months - records of the Parish of All Hallows at Cheapside, London, England). Birthdate used here was provided by David Raese. He was baptized on 8 Nov 1782 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Date provided by David Raese. He died on 14 Feb 1857 in Cheapside, London, England. David Raese writes that John Cooke came to Canada about 1819, purchased land in 1820 and settled in Leeds. He returned to London after the death of his wife in 1851, where he later died. Mrs. Helen Harper (a gr-gr-granddaughter) wrote of the Cooke family: "The Cooke family were caterers in London, England. (One of the Cookes) was a cook on 'HMS The Royal George, which foundered at Spithead August 29, 1782. Cooke was on shore leave at that time. Dispersal operations were carried out on the wreck 1841-43. Cromerty Cruickshank of Inverness, Quebec has a dagger said to have been from that wreck and (had belonged to Cooke, the cook). John Yeoman Cooke married Mary Ann Glanville. Two of their children were baptized in St. Botolph, Aldgate, London. . . In 1813 the family lived on Vine Street and the father's trade was listed as Packer. From records about land grants (in Canada, January 29, 1820); (J.Y. Cook and others) had arrived in the country for the purpose of becoming settlers, and their families would be out in the spring." The family settled in Leeds, Megantic County, Quebec, where John was a farmer. Parents: William COOKE and Sarah Stanbridge.

He was married to Mary Ann GLANVILLE on 28 Jan 1809 in All Hallows Church, Bread Street, Cheapside. Marriage witnessed by Sarah Cooke. The Census of 1831 for Leeds reports that in additon to son John, there were also 2 males between the ages of 21 and 30 living in the Household of John and Mary Ann Cooke. There were also 2 females under 14 years of age in addition to daughters Emma, Mary Ann, and Caroline. No males under 5 years are listed, although Frederick would have been 2 years old at the time. Children were: John Yeoman COOKE , Caroline Glanville Cooke, Mary Ann COOKE, Frederick William COOKE, Emma Sarah COOKE.

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