bullet Sarah Clement was born in 1626 in Haverhill, Massachusetts?. She died in 1694. Parents: Robert Clements Judge and Lydia.

She was married to Abraham Morrill on 10 Jun 1645. Children were: Lydia Morrill.

bullet Richard Clements was born before 1570 in England. He died in 1617 in England. Parents: Robert Clements and Alice .

He was married to Agnes Fellows Widow in 1594 in Cosby. Children were: Robert Clements Judge.

bullet Richard Clements was born in 1506. He died in 1571. He was buried in Croft, Leicestershire, England.(30) Richard left to his son Robert a mare foal, to his son Edward one ewe, to his son Richard one heiffer and six sheep (when he attained the age of 14), to Jone, the daughter of his wife by a previous marriage, a heiffer called "Lyllye" and forty shillings, to his daughter Mary a cow named "Whitefoot," and to his daughter Isabel Ives a yearling calf.

Children were: Robert Clements .

bulletRobert Clements Judge was born in 1595 in England. He died in 1658 in Haverhill, Massachusetts?. Robert and Lydia lived in Huncote, Leicestershire, England in 1617, but lived in Ansley, Warwickshire, England between 1624 and 1641. Robert was a "deputy" for 8 years and owned a fleet of vessels which sailed the Thames near London. He came to America in 1642, after the death of his wife, and was a founder of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Robert Clements owned several of the ships which brought many immigrants to the new world. Among the ships was the HECTOR, the MARGARET CLEMENTS, and the JOB CLEMENTS. Robert signed the Indian deed to Haverhill, Massachusetts with Tristram Coffin on November 15, 1642. Parents: Richard Clements and Agnes Fellows Widow.

He was married to Lydia before 1615. Children were: Sarah Clement.

bullet Robert Clements died in 1606 in Croft, Leicestershire, England. Parents: Richard Clements and Elizabeth.

Children were: Richard Clements.

bulletNicholas CLERE was born before 1534.

Children were: Anne Clere PALLETTE.

bulletJames Clerke was born in 1485 in Wrotham, Kent, England. He died on 20 Sep 1554 in Wrotham, Kent, England.

He was married to Elizabeth Ferrers in 1508 in Wrotham, Kent, England. Children were: John Clarke.

bullet Alexander CLEVELAND was born on 16 Oct 1783 in East Windsor, Connecticut. He died on 5 Sep 1860 in Winsted, Connecticut. Alexander was a man of small stature and forceful opinions. He was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly in 1841 and 1842, a member of the Whig party. He was a Calvinist. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Mary CHAMBERLAIN.

He was married to Mary KINNE on 25 Feb 1805 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Children were: Rufus CLEVELAND.

bullet Hon. Baker CLEVELAND was born about 1833. He died after 1912. Baker Cleveland resided in Winsted, Connecticut. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bullet Benjamin CLEVELAND was born on 20 May 1714 in Canterbury, Connecticut. He died in 1797 in East Brookfield, Vermont. Parents: Joseph CLEVELAND and Abigail HYDE.

He was married to Rachel in 1736. Children were: Rufus CLEVELAND .

bullet Caroline E. CLEVELAND was born on 3 Apr 1840 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. She died on 23 Nov 1924 in New York. Caroline married Warren Cady Crane. They resided in New York City. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bullet Charles D. CLEVELAND Parents: George Brainard CLEVELAND and Caroline Elizabeth GUERNSEY.

He was married to Clarissa.

bullet Dwight CLEVELAND was born about 1837. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bullet Edwin CLEVELAND was born about 1842. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bullet Ellen CLEVELAND was born about 1842. Probably a twin of Edwin. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bullet George Brainard CLEVELAND Photo was born on 11 Dec 1831 in Winsted, Connecticut. He died on 27 Mar 1912 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was buried on 30 Mar 1912 in Portland, Connecticut. George was a farmer in his early years. He served as a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Hartford Times, Tuesday, March 27, 1912:
George B. Cleveland Dead at 80 Years of Age. Formerly Prominent Citizen of Portland - Connected With Brownstone Quarries Many Years.
George B. Cleveland of No. 52 New Park avenue died this noon, after a short illness, as the result of a stroke of apoplexy, at the advanced age of 80 years. He was first taken down about six weeks ago and suffered several additional shocks from which he failed to recover.
Mr. Cleveland was born in Winsted, this state, and spent his early years in that place. After attending the public schools in Winsted he went to Williston seminary in East Hampton, Mass. On returning to Winsted he taught school for several years, in Winstead, New Britain, and other places. Mr. Cleveland was elected to the legislature from Winsted in the '60's and throughout his whole life took an active part in politics. He was a republican. When about 45 years of age he moved to Portland, this state, and for twenty years was connected in an official capacity with the brownstone quarries in that town. While in Portland he was first selectman of the town for several years and a member of the republican town committee for many years.
He was a prominent member of Warren Lodge, F. and A. M., of Portland and has been active in Masonic circles for fifty years. He was also a member of long standing of Apollo lodge, K. of P., of Middletown. He was also a Fremonter and attended their last banquet held in Hartford. Mr. Cleveland had an endless host of friends. His genial disposition and abiding integrity for all that was good was a qualification that won for him the respect and love of all with whom he came in contact. It has often been said that he "never had an enemy." Among his most intimate friends was E. Irving Bell, one of Portland's most prominent men, to-day, and the late Erastus Brainard of Portland, another, who was all his life a very influential man in that place.
Mr. Cleveland has been a resident of Hartford about eight years.
Besides a wife he leaves two sons and two daughters, C. D. Cleveland and R. G. Cleveland of Bridgeport and Mrs. L. B. Norton of No. 340 Farmington avenue and Miss Grace Cleveland of No. 52 New Park avenue, Hartford. A sister, Mrs Warren A. Crane of New York city and a brother, Hon. Baker Cleveland of Winsted, also survive him.
Brief funeral services will be held from Whitney's undertaking rooms, No. 175 Main street, Saturday, after which the remains will be taken to Portland, interment being in the family plot in that place. The services in Portland will be conducted under the auspices of the Masonic lodge there. Parents: Rufus CLEVELAND and Sally Ann BURNHAM.

He was married to Caroline Elizabeth GUERNSEY on 16 Apr 1855 in Winsted, Connecticut. Children were: Ida May CLEVELAND , Grace CLEVELAND, Charles D. CLEVELAND, Rufus G. CLEVELAND.

bullet Grace CLEVELAND Photo Parents: George Brainard CLEVELAND and Caroline Elizabeth GUERNSEY .

bullet Ida May CLEVELAND Photo was born on 12 Apr 1866 in Winsted, Connecticut. She died on 12 Apr 1941. From Ida's daughter Natalie, have come reports that Ida spent much of her time in varying degrees of depression, often in tears. Parents: George Brainard CLEVELAND and Caroline Elizabeth GUERNSEY.

She was married to Lucius Bernard Norton on 10 Feb 1892 in Portland, Connecticut. Children were: Brainard NORTON, Natalie Norton.

bullet Joseph CLEVELAND was born on 18 Jul 1689 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. He died on 11 Mar 1766 in Canterbury, Connecticut. Parents: Samuel CLEVELAND and Persis Hildreth.

He was married to Abigail HYDE on 7 Feb 1710 in Canterbury, Connecticut. Children were: Benjamin CLEVELAND.

bullet Moses CLEVELAND(31) was born in 1624 in Ipswich, England?. He died on 9 Jan 1701 in Woburn, Massachusetts. He was buried in Old First Burying Ground, Woburn. Moses came to Massachusetts in 1635 from Ipswich.

He was married to Anne WINN on 26 Aug 1648 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Children were: Samuel CLEVELAND.

bullet Rufus CLEVELAND was born on 18 Dec 1807. He died on 11 Jun 1897 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Parents: Alexander CLEVELAND and Mary KINNE.

He was married to Sally Ann BURNHAM on 9 Dec 1830 in Winchester, Connecticut. Children were: George Brainard CLEVELAND, Hon. Baker CLEVELAND , Dwight CLEVELAND, Caroline E. CLEVELAND, Edwin CLEVELAND, Ellen CLEVELAND.

bullet Rufus CLEVELAND was born on 14 Jun 1754. He died on 22 Feb 1838 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Rufus was medium height, florid complexion, light curly hair and blue eyes. He served in the Revolutionary war enlisting July 9, 1775, discharged October 17 of that year. He was in the 8th regiment, Col. Jedediah Huntington, 5th Company, Captain Charles Ellsworth. He worked on the farm of Captain James Chamberlain, where he met, courted, and married Mary ("Miss Molly"). They removed from Ellington to Warehouse Point in East Windsor in 1782. They moved to a farm on Wallen's Hill in Barkhamsted in 1787. Mary died of a fever contracted while nursing a neighbor who also died. Parents: Benjamin CLEVELAND and Rachel.

He was married to Mary CHAMBERLAIN on 9 Sep 1779 in Ellington, Connecticut. Children were: Alexander CLEVELAND.

bullet Rufus G. CLEVELAND Parents: George Brainard CLEVELAND and Caroline Elizabeth GUERNSEY.

He was married to Grace.

bullet Samuel CLEVELAND was born on 9 Jun 1657 in Woburn, Massachusetts. He died on 12 Mar 1735 in Canterbury, Connecticut. Parents: Moses CLEVELAND and Anne WINN.

He was married to Jane KEYES on 17 May 1680 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Children were: Joseph CLEVELAND.

bulletRosamond Clifford ? Mistress.

Children were: William LONGESPEE Earl of Salisbury, Geoffrey Archbishop of York .

bulletAlice Broadus Clifford Photo was born on 1 Apr 1927. Alice worked for many years at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and later worked for Ben and Jerry's Incorporated, handling the consumer correspondence. She lived in Adamant, Vermont, in the house previously owned by her former mother-in-law, Natalie Sloan. She married second, Wilfred Hamlin of Plainfield, a faculty member at Goddard College.

From the Swarthmore alumni bulletin: "Opening a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream can bring on any number of reactions: guilt for your self-indulgence; gratitude for the size of the chunks in Chunky Monkey or for the smoothness of Wavy Gravy; pride in your support of one of the most unique and charitable businesses operating in this country today; or possibly even disappointment that your Cherry Garcia is missing cherries. And if you are inspired to share your feelings with the creators of the original "bad-for-your-waistline, great-for-the- environment" dessert, write to Alice Clifford Blachly '49. Blachly is the consumer relations coordinator for Ben and Jerry's, which means she has spent every workday for the past 10 years reading and responding to consumers' letters on corporate policy, environmental policy, grassroots politics-and ice cream. Blachly arrived at Ben and Jerry's through what she calls a "circuitous route," during which she indulged a "vague interest in publishing" and served stints in early childhood education, university administration, teacher training, and as a reference librarian. While working at Goddard College in Vermont, she met her husband-to-be, and they bought a farm outside of Adamant, near Calais, Vt. When farming proved untenable, they converted their barn into a playhouse for "Unadilla," the local theater troupe they had founded and named after the town Unadilla, N.Y., where the barn's rafters had been made. Blachly's interest in theater had first been awakened by the Rose Valley Players of Rose Valley, Pa., whose performances she had attended while at Swarthmore. She was particularly struck by their production of Chekhov's The Seagull. Mentioning this years later to her husband, it turned out that he had also seen the Rose Valley Players. Today Chekhov is standard stock for the Unadilla players, as is Tom Stoppard, J.B. Priestley, and of course Shakespeare. Now considered a professional group by the local population, they are "the only access to this kind of culture for miles around!" says Blachly. So what finally led Blachly to Ben and Jerry's ice cream parlor-apart from the obvious allure of a double scoop of Chunky Monkey? At the time when farming was becoming impossible, she was approached by an acquaintance in the company who felt that with her education and friendly manner she would be a great consumer relations coordinator. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield felt that her cultural background matched that of their customers, who are "very literate and make lots of literary allusions, " she says. The company's two founders had definite ideas about the importance of good writing and how to personalize responses. (Jerry's mother was an English teacher, so he grew up a stickler for good grammar.) When Blachly first began working there, Jerry would review her responses and add personal P.S.s to them, often dealing with more serious questions about how to start a small business or about social issues. "I learned a lot about style from him. He gave very thoughtful answers," she says. Remarking on the humor and intelligence evident in consumers' letters, Blachly recalls one from an apparently desperate customer : "This is a protest letter denouncing ... your corrupting influence in my life with your degrading, addictive product euphemistically called Coffee Almond Fudge Frozen Yogurt [CAFFY]. How could you do this to me? Here I am in my sunset years and a hopeless, non-rehabilitative, over-the-hill addict. Oh, I've tried your other enticements, all equally irresistible, but none with the power to guide my hand away from CAFFY in the Kroger Cabinet of Temptations. And yes, I've tried abstinence ... but the withdrawal symptoms are unprintable." The letter ends with a cheerful "Keep up the good work." "The people who write have given themselves permission to play," says Blachly, "so I play too. Ben and Jerry want me to do that." In response to a customer's feigned dismay at the absence of any real monkey in the Chunky Monkey ice cream, Blachly responded: "When we came out with Chunky Monkey back in 1988, the name was sufficiently bizarre as to not risk confusion with reality. However, we didn't reckon with California, where evidently the cuisine is so exotic that a name like Chunky Monkey might actually be taken literally. Just in case you were wondering, there's no gravy in Wavy Gravy, no hubby in Chubby Hubby, no rainforest in Rainforest Crunch, and no Aztec in Aztec Harvests Coffee either. We're deliberately trying to confuse people." The pleasure Blachly draws from her work is evident. "I'm concerned with `the fundamental things of the universe,'" says Blachly, who has cultivated her liberal arts education into a lifestyle. She is continually grateful for her "intense" experience at Swarthmore, where she "learned a respect and love for the truth ... and how to learn for the sake of learning." Writing for Ben and Jerry's creates no conflict with this lifestyle, even if she is now technically a part of "corporate America." The company donates a significant portion of its proceeds to grassroots organizations and groups that work with disadvantaged children and families and the global environment. Specifically they are interested in groups that attack the root causes of problems in society. "I wouldn't feel they were unique," Blachly says. "Ben and Jerry are now aging hippies," she continues, "in the best sense of the word. They are very mellow, terribly nice guys with great ideas. They are very idealistic but also practical." They have faced the fact that they must make money in order to give it away, but they have thought it through in a fresh way. "Is it possible to be a successful business and to care about the global community? It can be done, and it makes the public feel hopeful. I hear that in their letters," she says. And she'd love you to drop her a line-even if you don't like ice cream."

She was married to William Norton BLACHLY in May 1956. She was divorced from William Norton BLACHLY about 1983. Children were: Thomas Clifford BLACHLY Esq., Ellen Orr BLACHLY.

bullet Oscar Clifford Parents: Ryan Clifford and Ruscha Fields.

bullet Ryan Clifford

He was married to Ruscha Fields. Children were: Oscar Clifford.

bullet Susannah Clifford Photo Susannah was co-director of Women Centered, an organization founded by Clo Pitkin which offered many types of support to the women of central Vermont. She authored a history of Danville, Vermont in 1994-5. Her recreational activities included acting and singing in community groups.

She was married to Thomas Clifford BLACHLY Esq. on 7 Sep 1996 in Calais, Vermont. Children were: Adam Clifford BLACHLY.

bullet Albert H. Cline

He was married to Marjorie G. Gilchrist .

bullet Maud Clyburn was born about 1889 in Nova Scotia. Daughter of John Clyburn and Jennie Johnson.

She was married to Louis Corbett on 21 Jul 1909 in North Attleboro, MA. The marriage record of Louis and Maud gives his occupation as jeweller and hers as boxmaker.

bullet Anna Cobb Parents: William Cobb and Emma R. BUCHANAN.

bullet Emma Cobb Photo Parents: William Cobb and Emma R. BUCHANAN.

bullet Mabel Cobb Photo Parents: William Cobb and Emma R. BUCHANAN.

bullet Mary Adelaide COBB was born in Dec 1864 in Massachussetts. She was the daughter of Lyman A. and Cornelia E. Cobb. (marriage record says Lyman A. and Caroline E.)

She was married to Leopold Alexander HEILBORN on 1 Jan 1887 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Marriage records of Wrentham MA.

bullet William Cobb Photo

He was married to Emma R. BUCHANAN. Children were: Anna Cobb, Mabel Cobb, Emma Cobb.

bullet Maria Paz Cobo was born on 10 Nov 1934 in Santander, Cantabria, Spain.

She was married to Melvin Edward McKnight. Children were: Mary Elizabeth McKnight, Linda Ann McKnight, Susan Ann McKnight.

bullet Cleland "Butch" Cochrane III was born on 31 Jul 1952 in Dexter, Maine. Parents: Cleland D. Cochrane Jr. and Irene Pitkin.

He was married to Lori Gallagher on 5 Dec 1976 in Huntington, New York. He was divorced from Lori Gallagher on 15 Jul 1984. Children were: Jill Kathleen Cochrane .

He was married to Deborah Lee Simmons on 8 Nov 1997 in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

bullet Cleland D. Cochrane Jr. was born on 28 Sep 1927 in Closter, New Jersey. He died about 2001.

He was married to Irene Pitkin on 18 Jun 1949 in Northfield, Massachusetts. Children were: Terry Ann Cochrane, Cleland "Butch" Cochrane III, Karen Irene Cochrane.

bullet Jill Kathleen Cochrane was born on 25 Mar 1980 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Parents: Cleland "Butch" Cochrane III and Lori Gallagher.

bullet Karen Irene Cochrane was born on 27 Nov 1955 in Dexter, Maine. Parents: Cleland D. Cochrane Jr. and Irene Pitkin.

She was married to Ronald Lee Currier on 22 Jun 1974 in Dexter, Maine. She was divorced from Ronald Lee Currier on 7 Nov 1980. Children were: Jessica Lee Currier.

bullet Terry Ann Cochrane was born on 3 Aug 1950 in Dexter, Maine. Parents: Cleland D. Cochrane Jr. and Irene Pitkin.

She was married to Bruce Alton Locke on 2 Sep 1972 in Dexter, Maine. Children were: Kristie Leigh Locke , Kelli Elizabeth Locke.

bullet Barbara Cody Parents: Benjamin Laird Cody and Georgia Lee Rowe.

She was married to Mitchinson .

bullet Benjamin Horace Cody Photo was born on 11 Oct 1888 in Memphis, Missouri. He died on 2 Jan 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona. Parents: Byron Herschal Cody and Cora Knox PITKIN.

He was married to Margaret Laird on 17 Jul 1913. Children were: Benjamin Laird Cody , John Pitkin Cody.

bullet Benjamin Laird Cody Photo was born on 2 Sep 1914 in Clifton, AZ. He died on 10 Feb 1990 in Glen Ellyn, IL. Parents: Benjamin Horace Cody and Margaret Laird.

He was married to Georgia Lee Rowe in 1939. Children were: James Cody, Barbara Cody, William Wesley Cody.

bullet Bryan Cody Parents: William Wesley Cody and Judy.

bullet Byron Herschal Cody Photo was born on 26 Jun 1860 in Memphis, Missouri. He died on 25 May 1935 in Excelsior Springs, MO.

He was married to Cora Knox PITKIN on 4 Jun 1885. Children were: Benjamin Horace Cody, Franklin Wesley Cody.

bullet Franklin Wesley Cody Photo was born on 30 Aug 1890 in Memphis, Missouri. He died on 4 Aug 1940. Parents: Byron Herschal Cody and Cora Knox PITKIN.

bullet Heather Cody Parents: William Wesley Cody and Judy.

She was married to Phil Dolan.

bullet James Cody Parents: Benjamin Laird Cody and Georgia Lee Rowe.

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