bullet John Challacomb was born before 3 Mar 1666/67 in Sandford, Devon, England. Parents: Walter Challacomb and Margaret/Margery/Mary French .

He was married to Susanna Mare on 2 Nov 1688 in Crediton, Devon, England. Children were: Sarah Challacomb .

bullet John? Challacomb

He was married to Johan Kensall? on 14 Oct 1604 in Crediton, Devon, England. Children were: Richard Challacomb.

bullet Richard Challacomb was born about 1607 in Devon, England. Parents: John? Challacomb and Johan Kensall?.

He was married to Margaret Kinge on 9 Nov 1629 in Sandford, Devon, England. Children were: Walter Challacomb .

bullet Sarah Challacomb was born before 15 Apr 1705 in Sandford, Devon, England. Parents: John Challacomb and Susanna Mare.

She was married to Roger Glanville on 20 Apr 1735 in Sandford, Devon, England. Children were: William Glanville.

bullet Walter Challacomb was born before 7 Oct 1632 in Crediton, Devon, England. Parents: Richard Challacomb and Margaret Kinge.

He was married to Margaret/Margery/Mary French on 17 Apr 1656 in Sandford, Devon, England. Children were: John Challacomb.

bullet James CHAMBERLAIN Capt. was born on 11 Feb 1734 in Mansfield, Connecticut?. He died on 28 Apr 1812 in Ellington, Connecticut?. Parents: Joseph Chamberlain and Mary.

He was married to Abigail BOYNTON on 27 Jan 1757 in Coventry, Connecticut. Children were: Mary CHAMBERLAIN.

bullet Joseph Chamberlain Parents: Thomas Chamberlain and Elizabeth Hammond.

Children were: James CHAMBERLAIN Capt..

bulletMary CHAMBERLAIN was born on 7 Aug 1759 in Coventry, Connecticut. She died on 13 Nov 1807 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Parents: James CHAMBERLAIN Capt. and Abigail BOYNTON.

She was married to Rufus CLEVELAND on 9 Sep 1779 in Ellington, Connecticut. Children were: Alexander CLEVELAND.

bullet Minnie M. Chamberlain was born on 26 Jun 1882. Date from Leslie Leggett. She died on 16 Dec 1921. Date from Leslie Leggett.

She was married to Robert William PITKIN on 6 Jun 1907. Date from Leslie Legget. Children were: Luther Gager PITKIN.

bullet Susannah Chamberlain was born on 9 Sep 1740 in Haverhill, New Hampshire. She died on 4 Oct 1840 in Greensboro, Vermont.

She was married to Aaron Shepard on 1 Nov 1759 in Litchfield, CT. Children were: Ashbel Shepard.

bullet Thomas Chamberlain was born on 20 Feb 1659 in Billerica. Parents: William Chamberlain and Rebecca Addington.

He was married to Elizabeth Hammond on 18 Apr 1682. Children were: Joseph Chamberlain.

bullet William Chamberlain was born about 1621. He died on 31 May 1706. From a Web genealogy: "William arrived with his brother, Thomas in Massachusetts around 1642. He settled in Billerica at that time. He was married to Rebecca Addington, and this may provide some indication as to how he got to Massachusetts. Rebecca's brother, Isaac Addington, was the Captain of a ship which made runs between England, Virginia, and Massachusetts. It is possible that Isaac sailed William, along with his family (and brother's family) from England. It was during the mid 1600's, however, that a large number of Virginia colonists moved from Virginia to Massachusetts; since there were also Chamberlains in the Virginia colony at that same time, and since there is evidence that these two groups are related, it is more likely that William originally arrived in Virginia and then moved north to Massachusetts. If so, he would most likely have done so with the assistance of his brother-in-law."

Children were: Thomas Chamberlain.

bulletSusanna Chapin was born on 5 Apr 1602 in Dorchester, Dorset, England. She died on 14 Nov 1666 in Windsor, Connecticut.(4) Parents: Bernard Capen and Joan Purchase.

She was married to William Rockwell Deacon on 14 Apr 1624 in Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, England. Children were: Samuel Rockwell, Ruth Rockwell.

bullet Euphemia Chapman Sister of the first wife, Hannah Chapman.

She was married to Ezekiel Pitkin. Children were: Denison Palmer Pitkin , William C. Pitkin.

bullet Hannah Chapman was born on 26 Sep 1769. She died on 1 Jul 1803.

She was married to Ezekiel Pitkin on 30 Dec 1793. Children were: Anne Pitkin, Sarah Pitkin .

bullet Miss Mary CHAPMAN

Children were: Hannah Bushnell .

bulletAnne CHARLTON was born about 1480 in Apley, Shropshire, England. Parents: Richard CHARLTON and Anne MAINWARING.

Children were: Elizabeth GROSVENOR, Thomas GROSVENOR, Geoffrey GROSVENOR, Katherine GROSVENOR, Robert GROSVENOR, Margery GROSVENOR, Randall GROSVENOR, Henry GROSVENOR.

bulletRichard CHARLTON was born in 1450. He died in 1522. Parents: Robert CHARLTON and Mary CORBET.

Children were: Anne CHARLTON.

bulletRobert CHARLTON was born before 1430. He died in 1471. Parents: Thomas de Knightley DE CHARLTON and Elizabeth FRANCIS .

Children were: Richard CHARLTON.

bulletJohn Charnould was born about 1560 in Stratford, St. Mary's, Suffolk, England. He died about 1615 in Lawford, Essex, , England.

Children were: Violet Charnould.

bulletViolet Charnould was born on 26 Sep 1596 in Mistley, Essex, England. She died on 9 Nov 1648 in Boston, Massachusetts. Parents: John Charnould .

She was married to Edward Shepard about 1620 in Erwarton, Suffolk, England. Children were: John Shepard.

bullet Bertram Chase was born on 27 May 1871 in Montpelier, Vermont. Death record indicates age as 43 years, 2 months, and 3 days. He died on 30 Jul 1914 in Montpelier, Vermont. Death data from death record. Died of heart disease. He was buried in North Branch Cemetery, Middlesex, VT. Son of Edward Chase and Lestine Guptil.

He was married to Juliette (Jettie) Mabel CARPENTER on 15 Jul 1905 in Cabot, Vermont.

bullet Sarah Chatherton

Children were: Samuel BENTON, Sarah BENTON, Hannah BENTON, Abigail BENTON, Caleb BENTON, Daniel BENTON, Jacob BENTON, Moses BENTON, Lydia BENTON.

bulletLourine Chavis.

She was married to Raymond Leon WHEELER . Children were: Rayleen WHEELER.

bullet Adolph Cheek Parents: Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek and Sarah Adorna BRADLEY.

bullet Grace Cheek Parents: Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek and Sarah Adorna BRADLEY.

bullet Herbert Cheek Parents: Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek and Sarah Adorna BRADLEY.

bullet Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek died in 1895. From the Chiang Mai Newsletter, by Dr. Ted Brown: "McGilvary was followed by other Presbyterian missionaries who were truly doctors, the first three being Dr. Vrooman, Dr. Cheek and Dr. Cary, in that order. Dr. Vrooman and Dr. Cary stayed only a few years. Dr. Cheek, who arrived in 1875, was the most colourful and tragic missionary doctor in Chiang Mai's history. Dr. McGilvary recruited Cheek from his home state of North Carolina and obviously had high hopes for him. The two became brothers-in-law when Dr. Cheek married one of Dr. Bradley's other daughters, Sarah Adorna.
Dr. Cheek raised a pledge of 10,000 dollars from the U.S.A. to build a hospital in Chiang Mai, but the Mission board would not allow it. He was greatly disappointed and embittered. Meanwhile, the Mission was disturbed by his business activities and attempts to have a private clinic. He quit the mission in 1885.
Subsequently, his wife left him and took their children to live in the U.S.A. He became a teak wallah (trader) and acquired several wives. One missionary complained in 1891 that Dr. Cheek had the only sawmill in Chiang Mai and had repeatedly directed his foreman not to saw any lumber for the mission hospital then being built. Cheek ran afoul of some governmental and royal personages and was barred from the logging trade in Siam and Laos. An attempt was made on his life, but he managed to fight off five ruffians with a heavy cane. At the time of his death in 1895, he was the defendant in a lawsuit of such magnitude that it was discussed in the U.S. Senate.
To his credit, he designed a sturdy bridge built at the site of what is today the walking bridge to the Warorot market. The original bridge was removed because it was obstructing the teak logs floating down the Ping River. He helped to build the old church located next to the Ping River, one hundred meters south of the Nawarat bridge. It is now home to the Chiang Mai Christian School. Rev. J.J. Thomas wrote of his death, 'No man has done more in a few years for our mission here, and no man has been so- I was about to say hated- but I will say pitied and discarded by his former friends and loved ones because of what they deemed a misspent and bad life, as Dr. Cheek.' "

Clarence Blachly reported the following: "Dr. Cheek conducted a large teak lumber industry in Northern Siam. Thirty nine elephants were used to handle the timber. It was floated down the river to Bankok. When Dr. Cheek died the Siamese Government confiscated the industry. Damages were sought by the family under international law and eventually $250,000 was awarded Mrs. Cheek. The case was celebrated and established several principles of international law. (National Cyclopedia of American Biography, Vo.. 10, p. 261.) Several letters written by Mrs. Cheek (who was a very poor speller) are preserved by the Library of Congress."

He was married to Sarah Adorna BRADLEY on 30 Nov 1870 in Bangkok, Siam. Children were: Adolph Cheek, Maude Cheek, Herbert Cheek, Sarah Wandee Cheek, Grace Cheek.

bullet Maude Cheek Parents: Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek and Sarah Adorna BRADLEY.

She was married to _______ Sisson.

bullet Sarah Wandee Cheek was born on 12 Mar 1890 in Oakland, California. She died on 17 Jan 1977 in Cupertino, CA. Parents: Dr. Marion Alphonso Cheek and Sarah Adorna BRADLEY.

She was married to Paul Eugene Penniston on 23 Jun 1923. Children were: Lucia Penniston, Nora Penniston.

bullet Sarah Cheney

She was married to Alcander DWINELL on 31 Jan 1849 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Children were: William Alcander DWINELL.

bullet Choate

He was married to Betsy J. Corbett. Children were: Dylan Choate.

bullet Dylan Choate Parents: Choate and Betsy J. Corbett.

bullet Dennis Cholmley

Children were: Thomas NORTON.

bulletAbigail Church. Abigail was the daughter of James Church.

She was married to William PITKIN about 1750. Children were: Mary PITKIN, Anna PITKIN, Abigail PITKIN, William PITKIN, Theodore PITKIN, Lucretia PITKIN, Oliver PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Philomela PITKIN.

bullet Jerusha Church was born on 10 Jan 1729. She died on 5 Oct 1811.

She was married to Col. George PITKIN. Children were: George PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Margaret Church

She was married to Capt. Charles Morrice Brocklesby on 28 May 1884 in Leeds, Quebec.

bullet Maude Church

She was married to Leopold Frank HEILBORN on 10 Oct 1900 in Rhode Island.

bullet Janet Circosta

Children were: Amrit Alexandra Blachly , Sat Hari Khalsa.

bulletAlice Claffy Photo was born on 20 Aug 1888. She died on 21 Dec 1939 in Franklin, New Hampshire. Alice was the daughter of Peter and Mary Claffy.

She was married to Harry Vincent Packer. Children were: Carl Vincent Packer, Harold Arthur Packer.

bullet Elsa L. Clapp was born on 3 May 1884. Parents: William J. Clapp and Mattie E. Hollister.

She was married to Joseph Duncan. Children were: Joseph William Duncan, Pauline Hollister Duncan , Howard Arthur Duncan, Shirley Oberlander Duncan, Walter Marvin Duncan , Dorothy A. Lee Duncan.

bullet Stella Grace Clapp was born on 31 Jan 1886. Hi,
I stumbled across your tree on Ancestry re: Stella Grace Clapp and that shocked me. Her husband was actually Sumner S. Morley, not Samuel but all your dates check out.
What startled me was your listing of two children born to this couple. I was wondering where you found that information. They were married for less than 5 years before Stella's death and were childless as far as anyone knows.
Stella Grace Clapp died in 1911 in a horrific train wreck in Bridgeport, CT. I believe she was the last to be identified and then only by her watch and ring.
Her husband, Sumner, was remarried in 1914 to Carrie Bishop. Then in 1920 Sumner died suddenly. Again, no children.
In the early 1930s Carrie remarried and I am the offspring of that marriage.
My mother remained very close with the Morleys and I am still in touch with one couple in CA. We are not aware of any children born to Sumner and Stella. In fact the year the William Joseph was supposedly born to them they were in England arriving in Boston from Liverpool on July 7th.
Anyway, knowing that strange things turn up in the pursuit of genealogy I wonder if you can shed any light on that information and those children.

Prudence Paine Fish
Gloucester, MA

Thanks so much for your quick response. I think I have figured it out! Stella's sister was Elsa whose married name was Duncan. Her husband was Joseph Duncan from VA. He was born in 1869 and Elsa in 1884. They had several children, the first two children being Joseph William Duncan and Pauline Hollister Duncan. These two were just attached to the wrong sister!
It just didn't make sense particularly because Stella stepped off the boat in Boston after a trip to England just 11 days after the birth of Pauline. That didn't seem credible.
Further, in four and a half years of marriage Stella had not children. After his marriage to my mother still not children. At the time of Sumner's death after another 4.5 hears of marriage there were still no children. They had taken in a foster child and were thinking about adoption which made it all look very unlikely that there were two children out there somewhere.
I also found a Joseph William Morley in England and knew that Sumner and Stella were over there so I began thinking may a child was born to them in England but they didn't go there until 1910 so that was eliminated.
Elsa named another daughter Stella in 1915.
So that mystery is resolved.
What got me started on this train was because I was going to an auction last evening. There was a 1823 sampler listed, made in Boston by a Sylvia Ann Clapp. It was quite fabulous and I was trying to figure out if there was a connection to the Vermont Clapps. I didn't find one. I did bid a couple of time on the sampler which ultimately sold for $450...out of my price range. But people I knew said it was particularly fine and worth in the thousands.
Thanks again for you response and information.
Pru Fish

Parents: William J. Clapp and Mattie E. Hollister.

She was married to Sumner S. Morley on 19 Dec 1906.

bullet William J. Clapp Photo

He was married to Mattie E. Hollister. Children were: Elsa L. Clapp, Stella Grace Clapp.

bullet Agnes Clark was born on 16 May 1548 in Colyton, Devon, England. She died on 22 Sep 1630 in East Budleigh, Devon. Parents: John Clarke and Annes Mayce.

She was married to Richard Conant on 4 Feb 1578 in Colyton, Devon, England. Children were: Jane Conant.

bullet Nicholas Clark

He was married to Hannah Carpenter PITKIN on 31 Jan 2015 in Marshfield, Vermont.

bullet Rebecca CLARK died on 8 Feb 1733. Parents: William Clark .

She was married to Israel RUST on 9 Dec 1669 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Children were: Nathaniel RUST Captain.

bullet William Clark

Children were: Rebecca CLARK.

bulletJohn Clarke was born in 1519 in Colyton, Devon, England. He died on 6 Apr 1585 in Colyton, Devon, England. Parents: James Clerke and Elizabeth Ferrers.

He was married to Annes Mayce on 9 Jun 1544 in Colyton, Devon, England. Children were: Agnes Clark.

bullet Oliver Perry Clay

He was married to Ina F. PITKIN on 22 Oct 1884. Children were: Terry Pitkin Clay .

bullet Terry Pitkin Clay was born on 21 Sep 1885. Parents: Oliver Perry Clay and Ina F. PITKIN.

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