bullet Edgar Esdras Burns

He was married to Marion Pearle "Chick" Wing on 15 Feb 1905 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

bullet Francis Bushnell was born in 1599 in England. He died on 4 Dec 1681 in Saybrook, Connecticut?. Francis Bushnell came to America on the ship "Planter" in 1635. The passenger list of that ship lists also his wife, Mary, and daughter, Martha.

Children were: Hannah Bushnell.

bulletHannah Bushnell. Parents: Francis Bushnell and Miss Mary CHAPMAN.

Children were: Hester Hosmer , Stephen Hosmer, Clemence Hosmer.

bullet? BUTLER was born in England. She died in England.

She was married to Robert DE BULKELEY in England. Children were: William DE BULKELEY.

bullet Mrs. Amy Butler

She was married to Stephen PITKIN . Children were: David PITKIN, George PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth Butler was born in 1643. She died on 28 Apr 1729. Parents: Richard Butler and Elizabeth Bigalow.

Children were: Nehemiah Olmsted.

bulletElizabeth Butler(4) was born about 1491. She died in 1531.

Children were: George Boothe.

bulletRebecca Butler was born about 1709. She died on 10 Jun 1777 in Hartford, Connecticut.

She was married to John Shepard about 1737 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: Aaron Shepard.

bullet Richard Butler died on 6 Aug 1684 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Children were: Elizabeth Butler.

bulletThomas BUTTER OR BUTLER was born in 1500 in Dedham, Essex, England. He died on 15 Oct 1555 in Dedham, Essex, England.

He was married to Joane in England. Children were: Agnes BUTTER , William BUTTER, Miss BUTTER , John BUTTER, Alice BUTTER , Sibell BUTTER, Margaret BUTTER, Gilbert BUTTER, Alice (The Younger) BUTTER.

bullet Agnes BUTTER died in Oct 1580 in Dedham, Essex, England. She was buried on 14 Oct 1580 in Dedham, Essex, England. She was born in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

She was married to Henry SHERMAN SR in 1541 in Dedham, Essex, England. Children were: Alice SHERMAN, Henry SHERMAN JR, Edmund SHERMAN, Judith SHERMAN, John SHERMAN, Thomas SHERMAN, Robert SHERMAN.

bullet Alice BUTTER was born in 1527 in Dedham, Essex, England. She died in 1556/57. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Alice (The Younger) BUTTER was born in 1540 in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Gilbert BUTTER was born in 1539 in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet John BUTTER was born in 1525 in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Margaret BUTTER was born in 1537 in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Miss BUTTER was born between 1521 and 1523 in Dedham, Essex, England. She died on 20 Aug 1555. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Sibell BUTTER was born in 1532 in Dedham, Essex, England. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet William BUTTER was born in 1521 in Dedham, Essex, England. He was christened in 1521 in Dedham, Essex, England. He died on 8 Nov 1594 in Dedham, Essex, England. He was buried on 8 Nov 1594. Parents: Thomas BUTTER OR BUTLER and Joane.

bullet Viola DeEtte Buxton Viola was the daughter of Alonzo Buxton and Fannie Lombard.

She was married to Walter Howard Martin. Children were: Karl Martin.

bullet Francis Byron

He was married to Maude Eileen Dwinell on 1 May 1907 in East Montpelier, Vermont. The record of this marriage indicates it was Maude's second, and her name was Eileen Bemis.

bullet Esther (Burnham) Cadwell was born in 1697. She died on 6 Nov 1784. Esther was the widow of Matthew Cadwell and daughter of Richard Burnham.

She was married to Capt. Ozias PITKIN. Children were: Isaac PITKIN, Ruth PITKIN, Daniel PITKIN, James PITKIN.

bullet Patricia Caldwell Photo was born on 1 Jan 1938.

She was married to Donald Herridge PITKIN on 25 Apr 1959 in New Preston, Connecticut. Children were: Calistria Lynn PITKIN, Shawn Scott PITKIN, Bryan Paul PITKIN.

bullet Chlorinda Caleagni Chlorinda was from Hardwick, Vermont.

She was married to Horace Hollister Duke on 25 Oct 1937. Children were: Stuart Duke.

bullet Grace Marie Cali died in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Children were: Grant Cali McClellan.

bulletBurt Calkins.

He was married to Estella Carleton . Children were: Carleton Calkins, Phyllis Calkins.

bullet Carleton Calkins Carleton married Caroline _________ on June 10, 1940. Resided at Milbank, South Dakota. Parents: Burt Calkins and Estella Carleton.

bullet Phyllis Calkins Parents: Burt Calkins and Estella Carleton.

bullet Amy Madene Cameron Photo was born on 8 Apr 1898. She died on 21 Dec 1991. Amy was the daughter of Bernis Cameron and Mabel Loveland. Hap Hayward recalled that sometime after Clarence died, Amy married Lawrence Farrington. Hap didn't think they ever lived together, and he was quite certain that the marriage lasted only a week or two.

She was married to Clarence George Pitkin on 16 Oct 1926 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Francis Pitkin , Irene Pitkin.

bullet Janet Campbell was born about 1760. She died in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland.

She was married to Donald Buchanan before 1781 in Argyll, Scotland. Children were: Archibald BUCHANAN , Malcolm Buchanan, Jean Buchanan, Ann "Nany" Buchanan, Duncan Buchanan, John Buchanan.

bullet Eleanor Cantelupe died after 27 Apr 1344. Parents: Sir John Cantelupe.

She was married to Sir Thomas West before 1321. Children were: Sir Thomas West.

bullet Sir John Cantelupe

Children were: Eleanor Cantelupe .

bulletBernard Capen(4) was born in 1562. He died on 8 Nov 1638 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was buried in Old North Burying Ground.

He was married to Joan Purchase on 31 May 1596 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Children were: Susanna Chapin.

bullet Irene Capron Irene was the daughter of Elder Capron.

She was married to Horace BEMIS. Children were: Eugene BEMIS.

bullet Elizabeth Carew was born about 1587 in England. She died in 1667 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

She was married to Thomas Pierce in 1606 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Children were: Mary Pierce.

bullet Emily Carleton Emily married Rev. F. C. Lester. They resided Elan College, South Carolina. Parents: Harry B. Carleton and Maud Mears.

bullet Estella Carleton was born about 1887 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Parents: Harry B. Carleton and Maud Mears.

She was married to Burt Calkins. Children were: Carleton Calkins, Phyllis Calkins.

bullet Harry B. Carleton was born on 10 Oct 1867 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died after 1940. Harry was the son of Silas Carleton and Sarah Pike. As a young man, he once rode a big wheeled bicycle furiously down the Main Street in Marshfield village. When he struck a water bar in the road opposite where Harlie Folsom lived in 1940, the bicycle turned a complete somersault, and Harry landed on his head. He lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and later in Winter Park, Florida.

He was married to Maud Mears. Children were: Estella Carleton, Emily Carleton.

bullet Helen Denman Carmer Photo was born on 8 Jan 1896. Helen was the daughter of George Washington Carmer and Fannie Vanderbilt MacMurray [a descendant of Aries V. Vanderbilt who settled in Flatbush in 1667].

She was married to Brainard NORTON. Children were: Natalie Vanderbilt Norton, Robert Donald NORTON, Dorothy Cleveland NORTON .

bullet Mary Carney

She was married to Corliss PITKIN. Children were: David J. PITKIN, Maureen PITKIN.

bullet Abijah Howard CARPENTER Photo was born on 8 Nov 1803 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. He died on 31 Oct 1884 in Victory Township, Guthrie Co, Iowa. According to Howard Carpenter, Abijah once lived in (and perhaps built) the house in Marshfield, Vermont owned in 1940 by Alvi T. Davis, and he owned and operated the village sawmill during the 1850's. He moved to Guthrie Iowa sometime before 1860 with his wife and eight children. None of them ever returned. The following letter was written from Abijah's granddaughter, Myra Russell to Abijah's son, George N. Carpenter of Cabot, regarding the disposition of Abijah' estate: "Guthrie Center, Iowa, April 5th 1894, Dear Uncle George, I will write a few lines in regard to Grandfathers estate it has laid about nine years without being settled, Our folks are trying to have it settled now. C.W. Hill lawyer doing the business. He wants you to give him authority to appear before the May term of Court to have your share set off for you. nearly all the notes are outlawed. you know the first administrator that uncle Jim wanted appointed left the country years ago and it has been hard work to get things together again. I dont suppose there will be much left of it. you had better write right away if you want him to act for you. you can either write to C.W. Hill or to us and we will hand it to him. Father is awful poorly. been sick all winter. dont get much better. Where is Will. is he still in Barre. We have Howard Carpenters little girl with us been here all winter. her mother died last fall she has been with us ever since. she is three years old. an awful smart little thing. Uncle Lew is still in Glendon. Uncle Tom (?) C. oldest boy is dead. Our Susie died nearly a year ago. so it is with life. Our turn will come soon. one by one they go. Would like to see you. I have saw them all but you and uncle Jim. Poor uncle Jim he went quick they tell me. been dead a long time before we ever knew it and then only by accident through Will, as he supposed we knew it. Well uncle George I cant write much as I want to write to some of the rest. answer when you get this and I remain your your niece, Myra E Russell"
Parents: Eliphalet CARPENTER and Lucy (Nabby) Holcomb.

He was married to Susan Dow on 14 May 1827. Children were: Lucinda CARPENTER , James H. CARPENTER, Eliza CARPENTER, Jane CARPENTER, George Nathan CARPENTER, Almira CARPENTER, Myron Dana CARPENTER, Oscar "Lewis" CARPENTER , Ancil CARPENTER, Clarence CARPENTER, Clarissa CARPENTER.

bullet Adrian CARPENTER Adrian married Ruth Barnes, sister of Harold Barnes who married Eva Carpenter. Parents: Myron E. CARPENTER and Minnie Kidder.

bullet Albert (Bert) Newton CARPENTER Parents: Myron Dana CARPENTER and Martha Shadle Gallino.

He was married to Martha (Mattie) Hall. Children were: Ralph CARPENTER , Helen CARPENTER.

bullet Alexander CARPENTER Parents: Brian Alexander CARPENTER and Katherine Anne Whaling.

bullet Alida CARPENTER Photo was born on 12 Jul 1924 in Barre, Vermont. Parents: Glenn Carroll CARPENTER and Lillian Enright.

She was married to Lawrence Erle Pierce on 14 Aug 1948 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Cynthia Joan Pierce, Glenn David Pierce.

bullet Almira CARPENTER Photo was born on 19 May 1840. She died on 24 Oct 1887. Parents: Abijah Howard CARPENTER and Susan Dow.

She was married to H. Homer Hollister on 15 Mar 1856 in Cabot, Vermont. Children were: Mattie E. Hollister, Emma Hollister, Susie Putnam Hollister, Dwight Howard Hollister, Minnie Asenath Hollister .

bullet Ancil CARPENTER was born on 4 Oct 1848 in Marshfield, Vermont. Ancil married Rosa Welsey. Parents: Abijah Howard CARPENTER and Susan Dow.

bullet Arlene CARPENTER was born on 8 Jun 1909. Arlene married Kenneth Allen. They lived in Burlington, Vermont and had a son. Parents: Ivan CARPENTER and Lou Miller.

bullet Brian Alexander CARPENTER was born on 23 May 1966 in Barre, Vermont. Brian graduated from St. Michael's College in 1988. In 1995 he was a member of the ski patrol at Telluride, Colorado, and also worked as a fishing guide in that vicinity. Parents: William John CARPENTER and Daisy Riddel.

He was married to Katherine Anne Whaling on 29 Apr 1995 in Moretown, Vermont. Children were: Hunter CARPENTER, Alexander CARPENTER.

bullet Carly Ashley CARPENTER was born on 28 Oct 1990 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Parents: Col. William David CARPENTER and Jennifer Lee Johnson.

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