bulletDorcas was born on 20 Mar 1795 in Grafton, NH. She died on 7 Feb 1868 in Glover, Vt.

She was married to Ira DWINELL on 26 Mar 1821 in Grafton, NH.

bullet Dorothy

She was married to Edward Budd. Children were: Martha Budd.

bullet Duncan I King of Scotland(1) died in 1040. Duncan I (1001?-40), king of Scotland (1034-40), grandson of King Malcolm II Mackenneth, whom he succeeded. Before his accession to the Scottish throne he was ruler of the kingdom of Strathclyde. Macbeth, who ruled the neighboring kingdom of Moray and served Duncan as a general, killed him and became king of Scotland. Parents: Crinan Abbot of Dunkeld and Bethoc.

Children were: Malcolm III King of Scotland .

bulletEadburgh (Redburg).

Children were: Aethelwulf King of Wessex.

bulletEadgar King of England(1) died in 975.
Edgar, called The Peaceful (944-75), Saxon king of the English (959-75), younger son of King Edmund I. In 957, during the rule of his brother, King Edwy, Edgar was chosen by the Mercians and Northumbrians to be their sovereign. One of his first acts was to recall the monastic reformer St. Dunstan, whom Edwy had exiled; Edgar subsequently made Dunstan bishop of Worcester and London and archbishop of Canterbury. In 959 Edgar succeeded to the entire English Kingdom. His reign was notable for the establishment of national consolidation, reformation of the clergy, improvement of the judiciary system, and formation of a fleet to defend the coast against the Scandinavian Vikings. Parents: Eadmund I King of England and Aelfgifu.

Children were: Aethelred II King of England.

bulletEadgifu (Edgiva) died in 902. Parents: Sigehelm Eald of Kent.

Children were: Eadmund I King of England .

bulletEadmund I King of England(1) died in 946 in Pucklechurch.
Edmund I (921-46), Saxon king of the English (939-46), the son of King Edward the Elder. He participated in the Battle of Brunanburh in 937 and succeeded his half brother Athelstan as king in 939. The following year Olaf Godfreyson, a Viking ruler of Dublin, seized the territory of Northumbria in northern England and extended his rule as far south as Leicester. After Olaf's death in 941, Edmund made war on the Vikings, expelling them from the country three years later. In 945 Edmund occupied the kingdom of Strathclyde, west of Northumbria, and turned it over to his ally Malcolm I MacDonald, king of Scotland. The following year Edmund was stabbed to death by a robber and was succeeded by his brother Edred (reigned 945-55). Edmund was known as a legal reformer, especially for his restrictions on the blood feud. Parents: Eadward King of England and Eadgifu (Edgiva).

Children were: Eadgar King of England.

bulletEadmund II Ironside(1) died in Nov 1016.
Edmund II, called Ironside (981?-1016), Saxon king of the English (1016), son of King Ethelred the Unready. When Ethelred died, Edmund was chosen king by the people of London, but Canute II, king of Denmark, who was leading an invasion of England, secured the support of the council (witenagemot) at Southampton and of Edric (flourished 1001-17), Ethelred's son-in-law. Edmund met the Danes in battle, winning several engagements and relieving Canute's siege of London. He was defeated at Assandun (now Ashington), however, through the treachery of Edric, who had pretended to desert Canute. A truce was arranged between Canute and Edmund; Edmund was permitted to rule the south of England until his death later in the year, when it reverted to Canute. Parents: Aethelred II King of England and Aelfgifu.

Children were: Edward.

bulletEadward King of England(1) died in 924. Edward the Elder (died 924), king of Wessex (899-924), son of King Alfred. He succeeded as king of the Angles and Saxons in 899, despite a rebellion led by his cousin Ethelwald with the support of the Danes of Northumbria and East Anglia. After a protracted struggle he defeated the Danes, and in 912, on the death of his brother-in-law Ethelred, alderman of Mercia, he annexed the cities of London and Oxford and their environs. The Danes submitted formally in 918, and soon thereafter the sovereignty of Edward was acknowledged by the North Welsh, the Scots, the Northumbrians, and the Welsh of Strathclyde. Edward was succeeded by his son Athelstan. Parents: Alfred King of England and Ealswyth.

Children were: Eadmund I King of England.

bulletEaldgyth .

Children were: Edward.

bulletEalswyth died about 902. Parents: Aethelred Mucel Eald of the Gainas.

Children were: Eadward King of England .

bulletEcgbert King of the English(1) died in 839.
Egbert (775?-839), king of Wessex (802-39), and the first Saxon king recognized as sovereign of all England (828-39). He was the son of a Kentish noble but claimed descent from Cerdic (reigned 519-34), founder of Wessex, the kingdom of the West Saxons in southern England. During the late 8th century, when King Offa of Mercia (reigned 757-96) ruled most of England, Egbert lived in exile at the court of Charlemagne. Egbert regained his kingdom in 802. He conquered the neighboring kingdoms of Kent, Cornwall, and Mercia, and by 830 he was also acknowledged as sovereign of East Anglia, Sussex, Surrey, and Northumbria and was given the title of Bretwalda (Anglo-Saxon, “ruler of the British”). During succeeding years Egbert led expeditions against the Welsh and the Vikings. The year before his death he defeated a combined force of Danes and Welsh at Hingston Down in Cornwall. He was succeeded by his son Ethelwulf, the father of Alfred.

Children were: Aethelwulf King of Wessex.

bulletEdward died in 1057. Parents: Eadmund II Ironside and Ealdgyth.

Children were: St. Margaret.

bulletEdward I King of England(1) was born in 1239. He died in 1307. Edward I, called Longshanks (1239-1307), king of England (1272-1307), of the house of Plantagenet. He was born in Westminster on June 17, 1239, the eldest son of King Henry III, and at 15 married Eleanor of Castile. In the struggles of the barons against the crown for constitutional and ecclesiastical reforms, Edward took a vacillating course. When warfare broke out between the crown and the nobility, Edward fought on the side of the king, winning the decisive battle of Evesham in 1265. Five years later he left England to join the Seventh Crusade. Following his father's death in 1272, and while he was still abroad, Edward was recognized as king by the English barons; in 1273, on his return to England, he was crowned.
The first years of Edward's reign were a period of the consolidation of his power. He suppressed corruption in the administration of justice, restricted the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts to church affairs, and eliminated the papacy's overlordship over England.
On the refusal of Llewelyn ab Gruffydd, ruler of Wales, to submit to the English crown, Edward began the military conflict that resulted, in 1284, in the annexation of Llewelyn's principality to the English crown. In 1290 Edward expelled all Jews from England. War between England and France broke out in 1293 as a result of the efforts of France to curb Edward's power in Gascony. Edward lost Gascony in 1293 and did not again come into possession of the duchy until 1303. About the same year in which he lost Gascony, the Welsh rose in rebellion.
Greater than either of these problems was the disaffection of the people of Scotland. In agreeing to arbitrate among the claimants to the Scottish throne, Edward, in 1291, had exacted as a prior condition the recognition by all concerned of his overlordship of Scotland. The Scots later repudiated him and made an alliance with France against England. To meet the critical situations in Wales and Scotland, Edward summoned a parliament, called the Model Parliament by historians because it was a representative body and in that respect was the forerunner of all future parliaments. Assured by Parliament of support at home, Edward took the field and suppressed the Welsh insurrection. In 1296, after invading and conquering Scotland, he declared himself king of that realm. In 1298 he again invaded Scotland to suppress the revolt led by Sir William Wallace. In winning the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, Edward achieved the greatest military triumph of his career, but he failed to crush Scottish opposition.
The conquest of Scotland became the ruling passion of his life. He was, however, compelled by the nobles, clergy, and commons to desist in his attempts to raise by arbitrary taxes the funds he needed for campaigns. In 1299 Edward made peace with France and married Margaret, sister of King Philip III of France. Thus freed of war, he again undertook the conquest of Scotland in 1303. Wallace was captured and executed in 1305. No sooner had Edward established his government in Scotland, however, than a new revolt broke out and culminated in the coronation of Robert Bruce as king of Scotland. In 1307 Edward set out for the third time to subdue the Scots, but he died en route near Carlisle on July 7, 1307. Parents: Henry III King of England and Eleanor of Provence .

Children were: Joan Plantagenet, Princess Elizabeth PLANTAGENET, Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine.

bulletEdward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine died in 1327 in Berkeley Castle. Parents: Edward I King of England and Eleanor of Castile.

He was married to Isabella . Children were: Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine, John Earl of Cornwall , Eleanor, Joanna.

bullet Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine died in 1377. Parents: Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine and Isabella.

He was married to Philippa. Children were: Edward, The Black Prince Prince of Wales & Aquitaine, Isabella.

bullet Edward, The Black Prince Prince of Wales & Aquitaine died in 1376. Parents: Edward III, King of England Earl of Chester, Duke of Aquitaine and Philippa.

bullet Ela was born about 1189. She died on 24 Aug 1261.

She was married to William LONGESPEE Earl of Salisbury in 1198. Children were: Stephen LONGESPEE, Ida LONGESPEE.

bullet Eleanor (2)

Children were: Eltweed Pomeroy.

bulletEleanor died in 1214. Parents: Henry II King of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

bullet Eleanor died in 1355. Parents: Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine and Isabella.

bullet Eleanor of Aquitaine died in 1204. Parents: Guillaume X Duke of Aquitaine.

Children were: William Archbishop of York, Henry, The Young King Duke of Normandy, Count D'Anjou, Matilda, Richard I, King of England Duke of Aquitaine, Count Poitou, Geoffrey Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, Eleanor , Joan, John LACKLAND King of England.

bulletEleanor of Castile died in 1290. Parents: Alphonso X King of Spain.

Children were: Joan Plantagenet , Princess Elizabeth PLANTAGENET, Edward II, King of England Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine.

bulletEleanor of Provence was born in 1223 in Aix-en-Provence, Provence, France. She died on 24 Jun 1291 in Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England. Parents: Raimond Berengar V Count of Provence.

She was married to Henry III King of England on 14 Jan 1236 in Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England. Children were: Edmund Plantagenet Earl of Leicester, Edward I King of England, Margaret.

bullet Elias (Helie Lord of La Fleche died in 1110. Parents: I JEAN.

Children were: Eremburge.

bulletElinor (Ellen, Ellin) was born between 1597 and 1599 in England. She died on 11 May 1659 in Watertown, Massachusetts.

She was married to John Whitney before 1619 in London? England. He married second, 29 Sep 1659, Watertown, MA, Judah (-----) Clement,[7] as her second husband, widow of Robert Clement. Judah ----- was born circa 1595. She married Robert Clement between 1642 and 1657 at Haverhill, MA.[8] She died before 3 Apr 1673, Watertown, MA, since her husband did not mention her in his will. Children were: John Whitney.

bullet Elizabeth died in 1641 in Berkhamsted, England. She was buried on 28 Dec 1641.

She was married to Rev. William PITKIN in 1633. Children were: William PITKIN, Roger PITKIN, Martha PITKIN, Jane PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth

Children were: Mary Wood.

bulletElizabeth (3).

Children were: Experience WOODWARD.

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Thomas HAMMOND.

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Elizabeth Stedman.

bulletElizabeth died after 1571.

Children were: Robert Clements .

bulletElizabeth was born about 1540.

Children were: John HAWKINS .

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Mary Gilson.

bulletElizabeth died in 1707 in Berkhamsted, England. She was buried on 25 Dec 1707 in Berkhamsted, England.

She was married to Francis PITKIN. Children were: William PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Robert PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth

She was married to Simon Fiske in 1520. Children were: Robert Fiske.

bullet Elizabeth was born in 1473. She died in 1558.

She was married to Simon Fiske. Children were: Simon Fiske.

bullet Elizabeth was born in 1607.

She was married to Thomas Fisher . Children were: Constance Fisher, Samuel Fisher, Thomas Fisher.

bullet Elizabeth

She was married to Richard Hildreth in 1645 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Children were: Elizabeth Hildreth , Sarah Hildreth, Mary Hildreth , Ephraim Hildreth, Abigail Hildreth, Joseph Hildreth, Thomas Hildreth, Persis Hildreth, Isaac Hildreth.

bullet Elizabeth died on 17 Jan 1700 in Billerica, Massachusetts.

She was married to Daniel Shedd in 1659. Children were: Samuel Shedd .

bullet Elizabeth was born about 1645. She died on 4 Mar 1721 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She was married to Jerathmael Bowers. Children were: Elizabeth Bowers.

bullet Elizabeth was born in 1858. She died in 1929.

She was married to Orrin Gerry. Children were: Harry Gerry.

bullet Ellen died in 1602.

Children were: Thomas Lathrop.

bulletEmma of the Alamanni. Parents: Nebi.

Children were: Hildegarde of Schwaben.

bulletEochaid IV King of Scotland.

Children were: Alpin King of Scotland.

bulletErchenaud . Parents: Ausbert (Ansbertus) of Moselle Senator and Blithilde of Cologne, France.

Children were: Leutharius Duke of Alemannia.

bulletEremburge died in 1126. Parents: Elias (Helie Lord of La Fleche and Mathilde.

She was married to Fulk V Count of Anjou in 1110. Children were: Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou, Matilda.

bullet Erlafreed

Children were: Geroud (Godfray) Duke of Schwaben .

bulletErmengarde of Anjou. Parents: Geoffrey I Count of Anjou and Adelaide de Vermandois.

She was married to Conan I in 980. Children were: Judith.

bullet Ermengarde of Anjou Parents: Fulk III and Hildegarde of Lorraine.

Children were: Fulk IV Count of Anjou.

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