bulletWilliam BULKELEY was born in 1486 in England. He died in Mar 1571 in Staffordshire, England. Parents: Humphrey BULKELEY and Cecily MOULTON.

Children were: Thomas BULKELEY .

bulletWilliam BULKELEY. Parents: Robert BULKELEY and Agnes.

bulletWilliam BULKELEY. Parents: William DE BULKELEY and Maude DAVENPORT.

bulletSusannah Bull was born in 1642. Parents: Thomas Bull and Susan.

She was married to Thomas Bunce in 1669. Children were: Abigail Bunce.

bullet Theodosia Bull was born on 4 Feb 1725. Theodosia was the daughter of Benedict and Silbella (Bryan) Bull. She was originally named "God's Gift," which was changed to "Theodosia" by the Rev. Samuel Woodbridge.

She was married to Ozias PITKIN. Children were: Samuel PITKIN, Gift PITKIN, Content PITKIN, Ozias PITKIN, Theodosia PITKIN.

bullet Thomas Bull was born in 1610. He died in 1684 in Hartford, Connecticut?.

Children were: Susannah Bull.

bulletByron Nelson Bullock.

Children were: Clara Ella Bullock .

bulletClara Ella Bullock Photo was born on 11 Apr 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 21 Feb 1929 in Hardwick, Vermont. Parents: Byron Nelson Bullock and Ora Ann Bullock.

She was married to Simeon E. DWINELL in Feb 1882. Children were: Maude Eileen Dwinell , May Lucille DWINELL, Fred Chester Dwinell, Dorris Estelle DWINELL.

bullet Dennison E. Bullock was born in 1849. He died on 10 Jan 1870 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Ira Bullock and Mary J. Olmstead.

bullet Ira Bullock Photo was born on 20 Nov 1815 in Marshfield, Vermont. Ira was a very fine singer, and accompanied by his daughter, Ora Ann on the organ or piano, he often sang as part of the entertainment that followed the "circles" (sewing parties of women in the afternoon) in the evening when the men came. Ira was farmer in Marshfield where Kenneth Bassett lived in 1940 (1998 home of the Rev. David Mulliagan).

He was married to Mary J. Olmstead on 3 Jul 1839 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Ora Ann Bullock , Dennison E. Bullock.

bullet Jennie Frances Bullock was born on 11 Nov 1893. Jennie was the daughter of Joseph Harvey Bullock and Theresa Farr.

She was married to Oscar BEMIS on 15 Nov 1911. Children were: Ida May BEMIS.

bullet Myrtie Belle Bullock Photo was born on 23 Apr 1867 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died in 1940. Myrtie was the daughter of Martin Bullock and Hannah Harwood.

She was married to Phineas G. BEMIS on 1 Jan 1890. Children were: Edith BEMIS, Zenith Melinda BEMIS.

bullet Ora Ann Bullock Photo died on 29 Aug 1921 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Ira Bullock and Mary J. Olmstead.

Children were: Clara Ella Bullock.

She was married to Hector Austin on 18 Jan 1867.(11)

bullet Abigail Bunce was born in 1676. She died in 1712. Parents: Thomas Bunce and Susannah Bull.

She was married to Caleb Stanley on 15 Feb 1704. Children were: William Stanley.

bullet Thomas Bunce was born in 1645. He died in 1712. Parents: Thomas Bunce and Sarah.

He was married to Susannah Bull in 1669. Children were: Abigail Bunce .

bullet Thomas Bunce was born in 1612 in England. He died in 1682 in Hartford, Connecticut?.

Children were: Thomas Bunce.

bulletBurbeck .

He was married to Mary. Children were: Elinor Burbeck, Edward Burbeck.

bullet Abigail Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet Abigail Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet Abigail Burbeck was born on 2 Aug 1746 in Boston, Massachusetts. She died on 11 May 1788. Parents: William Burbeck and Abigail Tuttle.

bullet Edward Burbeck Captain was born on 14 Jan 1740 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on 23 Jun 1783 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Edward was a carver by trade. He was a suspected member of the Boston Tea Party, and had a price on his head. He escaped from Boston during the siege by the British and joined the American army. He was a captain of a company in the Gridley Knox regiment from May 1775 to the close of the year 1776. He settled in Newburyport, and some of his descendants later lived in Littleton, New Hampshire. The following is an excerpt from a letter written in 1892 by his 81 year old grandson, George Henry Cook to Eward Carleton Burbeck: ". . .he continued the business of carver after his father went to Castle Island as a gunner; that he with his family were living in Boston at the time of the Battle of Bunker Hill; that while Boston was in possession of British forces under Gen. Howe, he made cartridges for his father, who was manufacturing ammunition for Washington's army. This he did in the night with his blinds closed, so as not to be observed by the British, and secretly managed by the milkmen, and others, to convey them to his father. But the eagle-eyed watch of the British sentries got an inkling of what he was doing, and his friends spirited him away with wife and children over the Charles River in the night, by which he escaped arrest. He stopped a little at Salem - I do not know how long - and moved to Newburyport. He lived there until he was killed by lightning . . .. Whether he pursued the business of carving I do not know, but he took some ventures in privateering in company with others, and they succeeded in making some captures of vessels freighted with supplies for the British army. One of these was the schooner 'Americus,' and after the proceeds of the cargo was distributed among the proprietors in the venture, a small box of jewelry was found, containing about as many pieces as there were owners in the enterprise, and they concluded to distribute the articles among them. In this distribution a small gold brooch in the form of a heart fell to grandfather Edward . . ." Parents: William Burbeck and Abigail Tuttle.

He was married to Jane Milk on 23 Mar 1760 in Boston, Massachusetts. Children were: Jane (Jenny) Burbeck, James Burbeck, Abigail Burbeck, Abigail Burbeck, Elizabeth Burbeck, William Shute Burbeck, Mary Burbeck, Joseph Burbeck.

bullet Edward Burbeck was born on 14 May 1683 in Yorkshire, England. He died on 20 Oct 1740 in Boston, Massachusetts. Edward Burbeck was born of Scottish parents. He sailed to Boston in 1706 and was the original ancestor of all the Burbecks who have since lived in America. The following letter was written to Edward 17 years after his death by his sister Elinor (it was received by his son, William): "To my dear brother Edward Burbeck: This with my love to you if on this side of the grave. If this should reach your hand at so great a distance, and I should have the pleasure of a line from you, it would be the greatest ecstasy of joy I ever received. My brother and sister Mann are both dead. He died many years before her. It's only six years since she died. My nephew Thomas Mann keeps the Inn at Barrowsbridge, their son. He is married and has only one son about seven years of age. I am in my widowhood and live in Wakefield. Here I teach a little petty school for my daily bread, now in my 75th year of my age. I have only one child - a daughter, living in the Town of Wakefield, who has been married above twenty years to our Joseph England. Schoolmaster in said town. They have one son and two daughters. My son is the writer of this letter. My son and daughter were at Barrowsbridge a few days ago, where to my great surprise, Boswell Middleton informed them that my mother Mary Burbeck died in London, at my nephew's Chas. Mann's house, twelve years since. She had considerable money in the bank, but in the troublesome year '45 she wuld not let Chas. Mann alone till he took it out. What became of her effects after her death soon after, I never could make out, but I did not receive the value of one farthing of it. I am apt to think from what old Boswell Middleton told my daughter that it fell a prey to Chas. and Catherine Mann, they being with her at the time of her death. It was always kept a profound secret by the Mann family from me. If I had known, as old as I am, I would have gone up to London to her, but they kept me in darkness. I've never heard of my mother this forty years past, but my children heard from Boswell Middleton last week. The last I saw my mother was at Wigton in Cumberland. I was married then to our William Lees, of Dorchester, an officer in the excise, my first husband. but now am the widow of John Savill of Wakefield, as foresaid. My mother took the last leave of me as she was going to New England to see you, and hoped to spend her last days with you. I conclude in my prayer to the Almighty that He ever have us in his Holy keeping, and I hope thro' the merits of the Immaculate Lamb, that we may all have a blessed inheritance in the Heavenly Jerusalem. I am, my dear brother, as I ought to be Your poor affectionate sister, Elinor Savill. P.S. If god permits, please direct to my daughter's husband which will come safe to my hand. vis - to Joseph England, Writingmaster, near the Cross of Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. I am credibly informed that there is one of my uncle Birbeck's sons now living in the Spanish town of Jamaica. The reason I spelt his name Birbeck is that Dr. Birbeck's sons in York spell their name so, but our father spelt it Burbeck, though his own brother. You have a young man in Boston or near it, our William Trubeshire, born in Wakefield in Yorkshire, who was a schollar of my son, and his brother Thomas Trubeshire of Wakefield, a ropemaker, desires to send his love. My son and daughter present their duty to you. Dear Brother, if I'd known you were living, I would have wrote you many years since. Pray once more, I beg, before I go hence and be no more seen. Adieu. God be with you." Parents: Burbeck and Mary.

He was married to Martha Shute on 12 Dec 1712 in Boston, Massachusetts. Children were: Martha Burbeck, William Burbeck, Edward Burbeck.

bullet Edward Burbeck was born on 12 Dec 1723 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on 14 Mar 1779 in London, England. Edward was a Tory and did not join in the cause of the Colonies. This was attributable to the fact that he married Hannah Loring of Hull, she being the niece of the King's representative in the Colony of Massachusetts at that time. He removed to England at the outbreak of the revolution with his wife and two children, and never returned to America. He forsook his father, mother, brother, and sister. Nothing is known here of lhis descendants. Parents: Edward Burbeck and Martha Shute.

bullet Elinor Burbeck was born about 1682. She died after 1757. Parents: Burbeck and Mary.

bullet Elizabeth Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet James Burbeck was born on 15 Jan 1763 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He died on 17 Mar 1844 in Compton, New Hampshire. Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet Jane (Jenny) Burbeck(25) was born on 12 Oct 1761 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She died on 13 Mar 1845 in Waterloo, Illinois. Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

She was married to Ebenezer Little on 5 Aug 1783 in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Children were: Jerusha LITTLE.

bullet Joseph Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet Martha Burbeck was born on 14 Feb 1714 in Boston, Massachusetts. She died on 14 May 1779. Parents: Edward Burbeck and Martha Shute.

She was married to Edward Tuttle on 13 Aug 1733.

bullet Mary Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet William Burbeck was born on 22 Jul 1716 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on 22 Jul 1785 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was buried in Copps Hill Yard, Boston, Massachusetts. William married a second time in 1748 to Jerusha Glover, and they were admitted to Christ Church (Episcopalian) in 1749. He was a carver by trade and worked successfully at that employment for several years. There are many specimens of his handiwork still to be seen in Boston. The carving on the Corinthian pillars and the frescoing at King's Chapel were done under his direction. While employing himself at this trade, he occupied much of his leisure moments in reading and close study, particularly that of mathematics. The arts of gunnery next engrossed his attention, and having furnished himself with a competent library, he rapidly advanced in these studies and soon became master of every brand of them. He devoted part of his time to the art of pyrotechnics, and after a few years of experimenting became able to make fireworks equal to any and perhaps superior to many that had been made up to that time. He prepared those which were used at the Celebration of the Repeal of the Stamp Act in 1765, and they were considered superior to any that had been produced. He passed many years at Castle William, now Fort Independence, in Boston Harbor, being appionted in 1769, as a token of his skill and knowledge of gunnery and handling of cannon. Castle William was at that time garrisoned and supported by the Colony as their chief fortress of defence. In 1770, late in the fall, it was taken over by the British. He remained there as ordnance storekeeper, but was restless and uneasy under the new regime, however, and sought means of escaping from their jurisdiction and "honors of office." He started when the mechanics were at dinner and rowed to Nodder's Island, now East Boston, thence to Chelsea and Cambridge. He hired a carpenter shop in Cambridge on the northeast side of the common, and employed himself in preparing and selling ammunition In 1774 he received an appointment through his friend Dr. Joseph Warren, who afterwards became famous during the Revolutionary War, to superintend the laboratory to prepare the artillery belonging to the Colony for the expected conflict. When the Revolution began, he joined the cause of the Colonies, and distinguished himself for his patriotism and ardent attachment to the Cause. He made an agreement that in case independence was achieved, his pay would continue through life, and this contract was fulfilled by the government. At the close of 1775, he was appointed Colonel to succeed Col. Gridley, in command of the Massachusetts artillery. But, though skilled in military arts, he declined the appointment and recommended Henry Knox, who was appointed in his place. He filled the office of Lieutenant-Colonel, when the army was in Cambridge. But in 1776, when it marched to New York, he remained under his contract to the Massachusetts Colony. As an officer he was highly esteemed by General Washington, who, it has been stated, received his resignation with much regret. After peace was declared in 1783, and Castle William again came into possession of the state, Col. William Burbeck was appointed in its command and continued until his death in 1785. He was a Junior Warden in St. Andrew's Lodge, the first Masonic lodge in America, to whom he donated the Green Dragon Tavern and other property which he owned. In 1773, the Green Dragon became the meeting place of the Sons of Liberty, whose leading members were Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, William Burbeck, Perry Morton, and James Swan, of whom all five were personally engaged at the destruction of the tea in Boston Harbor. At a meeting held in the Green Dragon Tavern Nov. 2, 1773, a committee was made to wait upon John Hancock, and desire him to meet the members there, and it was voted 'that this body is determined that the tea shipped or to be shipped to Boston shall not be delivered.' William Burbeck's records in the state archives show that he had the rank of Major in Col. Gridley's artillery in 1775, became Lieutenant-Colonel in that regiment in 1776, and was called Colonel of the Train and Commandant of the Laboratory, Jan. 1, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779; and commander at Castle William and Fort of Governor's Island, appointed October, 1779. His will was dated July 20, 1783, two days before his death. His second wife Jerusha died eight years before him in 1777. They were buried side by side in the Copps Hill Burying Ground. Parents: Edward Burbeck and Martha Shute.

He was married to Abigail Tuttle on 3 Sep 1737. Children were: Edward Burbeck Captain, Abigail Burbeck.

bullet William Shute Burbeck Parents: Edward Burbeck Captain and Jane Milk.

bullet Charles Burdick

He was married to Adelle Luse.

bullet Harry P. Burgum was born on 11 Oct 1883. Parents: William Henry Burgum and Lizzie Ellen PITKIN.

bullet Joseph C. Burgum was born on 4 Aug 1885. Parents: William Henry Burgum and Lizzie Ellen PITKIN.

bullet William Henry Burgum William was the son of Arthur T. Burgum and Annie H. Bradley of Gloucestershire, England.

He was married to Lizzie Ellen PITKIN on 4 Jan 1883. Children were: Harry P. Burgum, Joseph C. Burgum.

bullet Gail Burlett Gail was a library clerk. Enjoyed sewing and quilting.

She was married to David J. PITKIN. Children were: Lisa PITKIN, Daniel PITKIN, John PITKIN.

bullet Cyrena Burnap Photo Parents: Ebenezer Burnap and Ruth Tucker.

She was married to Horace PITKIN on 19 Dec 1820. Children were: Erastus PITKIN, Maria Wyman PITKIN, Horace Goodwin PITKIN, Lovinia PITKIN, Luvanne W. PITKIN, Cora PITKIN.

bullet Ebenezer Burnap

Children were: Cyrena Burnap.

bulletMary Burnap was born on 18 Jul 1872. She died on 21 Aug 1957.

She was married to Hi Ola DWINELL in 1890. Children were: Hester DWINELL, Orpah DWINELL.

bullet Mary Henshaw BURNAP was born on 22 Apr 1837 in Ware, Massachusetts. She died on 23 Nov 1908. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont.

She was married to Levi Watson PITKIN on 5 Feb 1857 in Cabot, Vermont. St. Johnsbury Caledonian, March 14, 1857 states that the marriage took place on Feb. 3, in Cabot and was performed by M. P. Wallace, M.D. Children were: Edwin Watson PITKIN, Elmer Elsworth PITKIN, Edith Susan PITKIN, Eva Estelle PITKIN.

bullet Anna Laura Burnham Photo was born on 11 Nov 1865. Anna lived in Marshfield, Vermont. She was superintendent of schools in Marshfield from 1908 to 1913. She never married. Parents: Lewis M. Burnham and Emily Lucretia Gould.

bullet Clayton Burnham Clayton was the son of Albert Burnham of Cabot, Vermont.

He was married to Marion DWINELL. Children were: Dianne Elizabeth Burnham.

bullet Daniel Burnham

Children were: Sally Ann BURNHAM.

bulletDianne Elizabeth Burnham was born in Jun 1938. Parents: Clayton Burnham and Marion DWINELL.

bullet Fred Lorenzo Burnham was born on 3 Apr 1867. He married Emma ______. They lived in Muskegon, Michigan. Parents: Lewis M. Burnham and Emily Lucretia Gould.

bullet Lewis M. Burnham was born on 11 Dec 1842. He died on 22 Aug 1898. Lewis was from East Montpelier, Vermont and was the son of Charles M. Burnham and Ann Wilson Gray.

He was married to Emily Lucretia Gould on 25 Oct 1864. Children were: Anna Laura Burnham, Fred Lorenzo Burnham.

bullet Mary Burnham

She was married to Ephraim SEVERANCE on 25 Nov 1714 in Kingston, New Hampshire. Children were: Mary SEVERANCE, Benjamin SEVERANCE, Elizabeth SEVERANCE, Joseph SEVERANCE, John SEVERANCE, Ephraim SEVERANCE, Jacob SEVERANCE, Samuel SEVERANCE.

bullet Sally Ann BURNHAM was born on 29 Mar 1803 in Colebrook, Connecticut. She died on 17 Apr 1854 in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. Parents: Daniel Burnham and Clarissa Carr.

She was married to Rufus CLEVELAND on 9 Dec 1830 in Winchester, Connecticut. Children were: George Brainard CLEVELAND, Hon. Baker CLEVELAND, Dwight CLEVELAND, Caroline E. CLEVELAND, Edwin CLEVELAND, Ellen CLEVELAND.

bullet William H. Burnham died on 2 Jan 1939.

He was married to Edith G. Smith on 9 Jul 1933.

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