bulletWilliam Bonville .

Children were: Philippa Bonville.

bulletWilliam Bonville Lord Bonville. Could be the same William who was the father of Philippa Bonville.

Children were: Elizabeth Bonville .

bulletBarbara Alison BOOTH Photo was born on 22 Mar 1958 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

She was married to Gary William Berwick.

bullet Bethia BOOTH was born in 1658. She died in 1699. Parents: Richard BOOTH and Elizabeth Hawley.

She was married to Joseph CURTIS in 1676. Children were: Elizabeth CURTIS.

bullet Christopher Leonard BOOTH Photo was born on 15 Oct 1948 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

Children were: Lila Korina BOOTH.

bulletDavid Stanley Booth Photo was born on 6 Nov 1955 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

He was married to Melora Rush on 24 Oct 1998 in Lerici, Italy. Children were: Silas Benjamin Rush Booth , Justin Belden Rush Booth.

bullet Donald William Booth Photo was born on 19 Dec 1916 in Thornburg, Ontario. He died on 21 Jan 2011 in Concord, New Hampshire.

He was married to Lois Gertrude PITKIN on 9 Mar 1946 in North Andover, Massachusetts. Children were: Heather Ann BOOTH, Christopher Leonard BOOTH, Steven Andrew BOOTH, Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH, David Stanley Booth, Barbara Alison BOOTH.

bullet Emma Lois BOOTH was born on 12 Sep 1995. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH and Cheryl Grant.

bullet Heather Ann BOOTH Photo was born on 22 Jul 1947 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

Children were: Rebecca Lyn Booth Russell.

She was married to Norman DI GIOVANNI. Children were: Thomas Alistair di Giovanni, Derek di Giovanni .

bullet Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH Photo was born on 8 Jun 1953 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

He was married to Cheryl Grant. Children were: Nathan Grant BOOTH, Emma Lois BOOTH.

bullet Justin Belden Rush Booth was born on 23 Apr 2003. Parents: David Stanley Booth and Melora Rush.

bullet Lila Korina BOOTH was born on 20 Dec 1971. Parents: Christopher Leonard BOOTH and Janelia Ann Thurman.

bullet Nathan Grant BOOTH was born on 22 Jan 1992. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH and Cheryl Grant.

bullet Richard BOOTH was born in 1607 in England. He died in 1688 in Stratford, Connecticut. (4) Richard Booth came to New Haven, Connecticut from Cheshire, England before 1640. Richard settled in Stratford, Connecticut. His name appears frequently in the town records as "townsman," or selectman. Parents: Richard Booth and Massie.

He was married to Elizabeth Hawley in 1641. Children were: Bethia BOOTH.

bullet Richard Booth(4) was born in 1578. He died in 1628. He resided at in Cogshull, England. Parents: Sir William Boothe and Elizabeth Warburton.

Children were: Richard BOOTH.

bulletSilas Benjamin Rush Booth was born on 23 Apr 2003. Parents: David Stanley Booth and Melora Rush.

bullet Steven Andrew BOOTH Photo was born on 12 Jul 1951 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Parents: Donald William Booth and Lois Gertrude PITKIN.

He was married to Laurie Webster before 1987. He was divorced from Laurie Webster before 1994. Children were: Travis Jonathan WEBSTER-BOOTH.

He was married to Susan Virginia Maranhas on 7 May 1994.

bullet George Boothe(4) was born about 1491. He died in 1531.

Children were: George Boothe.

bulletGeorge Boothe(4) was born about 1515. He died in 1544. Parents: George Boothe and Elizabeth Butler.

Children were: Sir William Boothe .

bulletSir William Boothe(4) was born in 1541. He died in 1579. Parents: George Boothe and Elizabeth Trafford.

Children were: Richard Booth .

bulletHannah Borroughs.

She was married to Nathaniel Rust in Windsor, Connecticut. Children were: Sarah Anna Rust.

bullet Alice Bosworth Parents: Joseph Bosworth.

She was married to Richard HUTCHINSON on 7 Dec 1627. Children were: Mary Hutchinson.

bullet Joseph Bosworth resided at in Holgrave.

Children were: Alice Bosworth.

bulletElizabeth Boughey.

She was married to Robert Harris . Children were: Elizabeth Harris.

bullet Emma Boulris Emma was the daughter of James Boulris and Clemence Evangeline Baxter.

She was married to George D. Powers. Children were: Delsie Loretta Powers, Virginia Emma Powers, Glenn Oliver David Powers , Evangeline May Powers, Elmer Richard Powers, Franklin James Powers , George Erwin Powers, Ralph Vernon Powers, Archie Wayne Powers, Ray Allen Powers, Lou Clemence Powers, Ruth Elaine Powers, Ethel Rose Powers.

bullet Elizabeth Bowers was born in 1672 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts?. Elizabeth married at the age of sixteen years. Parents: Jerathmael Bowers and Elizabeth.

She was married to Samuel Shedd in 1688. Children were: Elizabeth Shedd .

bullet George Bowers died about Dec 1656 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was born in England.

He was married to Elizabeth Worthington on 15 Apr 1649 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Children were: Jerathmael Bowers.

bullet Hannah Bowers was born on 16 Oct 1790 in Danville, Vermont?. She died on 5 May 1870.

She was married to Anson PITKIN on 11 Jun 1808. Children were: Gerathmeel B. PITKIN, Esther K. PITKIN, Emily PITKIN, Julia PITKIN, Nancy PITKIN, Jane PITKIN, Sarah F. PITKIN, Sarah F. PITKIN, Harriet PITKIN.

bullet Jerathmael Bowers was born on 2 May 1650 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He died on 2 Apr 1724 in Groton, Massachusetts. Parents: George Bowers and Elizabeth Worthington.

He was married to Elizabeth. Children were: Elizabeth Bowers.

bullet Eleanor BOYD was born in 1739. She died in 1803. Parents: William Boyd.

She was married to Miller BLACHLY M.D. in Headstone, New Jersey. Children were: Eleanor BLACHLY, William BLACHLY M.D., Miller BLACHLY M.D., Polly BLACHLY, Ebenezer BLACHLY.

bullet William Boyd

Children were: Eleanor BOYD.

bulletAbigail BOYNTON was born on 17 Jun 1729. She died on 5 Mar 1814 in Ellington, Connecticut?. Parents: Zachariah Boynton and Sarah Wicom (Wickham).

She was married to James CHAMBERLAIN Capt. on 27 Jan 1757 in Coventry, Connecticut. Children were: Mary CHAMBERLAIN.

bullet Joshua Boynton was born on 10 Jun 1646 in Rowley, Massachusetts. He died in 1736 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Parents: William BOYNTON and Elizabeth Jackson.

Children were: Zachariah Boynton.

bulletWilliam BOYNTON was born in 1605 in England. He died on 8 Dec 1686. William came from Yorkshire to Rowley, Massachusetts in 1638. He was a husbandman, weaver, tailor, and schoolmaster. Elizabeth was from Yorkshire, and accompanied her husband to the new world.

He was married to Elizabeth Jackson in England. Children were: Joshua Boynton .

bullet Zachariah Boynton was born in 1690 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He was baptized on 20 Jul 1690. He died on 30 Dec 1750 in Coventry. Parents: Joshua Boynton and Hannah Barnett.

He was married to Sarah Wicom (Wickham) on 15 Nov 1715 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Children were: Abigail BOYNTON.

bullet John Boyville Esq.

Children were: Miss Boyville .

bulletMiss Boyville. Parents: John Boyville Esq..

Children were: John Hutchinson.

bulletHannah Brackett was born about 1634. She was baptized on 14 Jan 1634/35 in Boston, Massachusetts. She died on 3 Jul 1706 in Dunstable, Massachusetts. Parents: Richard Brackett and Alice Blower.

Children were: Elizabeth "Goody" KINSLEY.

bulletRichard Brackett was born about 1610 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. He was baptized on 16 Sep 1610 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. He died on 3 Mar 1690 in Braintree, Massachusetts?. John Brooks Threlfall wrote for the American Genealogist in 1976: "Richard Brackett, Puritan emigrant to Boston and then Braintree, Massachusetts, first appears in New England records as No. 144 on the list of organizers of the First Church of Boston in 1630. He returned to England, probably 1633, for a wife, as did a number of other single men during that period, for in the Register of St. Katherine by the Tower, London, as published in 1946, is recorded the marriage of Richard Bracket and Alice Blower, 6 Jan. 1633/4. Neither of these surnames reappears in the period covered by the transcription, 1584-1665, a rather convincing indication at they were not members of a local family in that parish, and there is no hint as to their origins. Soon Richard returned to New England with his bride and their first child, Hannah, was baptized at Boston, 14 Jan. 34/5, just a year after the marriage." LDS data is the only confirmation I have found that this daughter Hannah was the same Hannah Brackett who married Samuel Kinsley (CWP, 1997).

He was married to Alice Blower on 6 Jan 1633/34 in London, England. Children were: Hannah Brackett.

bullet Abraham BRADLEY was born on 24 Oct 1650. He died on 19 Oct 1717. Abraham Bradley was a deacon of the First Church of New Haven. He was a duputy to the General Court or Assembly for 12 terms, 1699-1710, and a Justice of the Peace of New Haven County for 9 terms. He bequeathed a silver cup to the First Church. Parents: William BRADLEY and Alice Prichard.

He was married to Hannah THOMPSON in 1673. Children were: Capt. Daniel Bradley.

bullet Arthur Eugene BRADLEY was born on 5 Nov 1886 in Bangkok, Siam. Parents: Dwight Blachly BRADLEY and Annie E. Davis.

bullet Augustus BRADLEY was born on 2 Feb 1797 in Marcellus, New York. Parents: Hon. Dan BRADLEY and Eunice BEACH.

bullet Barbara Sue BRADLEY was born on 26 Jun 1925. Parents: Dan Theodore BRADLEY and Eloise Smiley ?.

bullet Ben McLane BRADLEY Parents: David John BRADLEY and Elizabeth Bancroft McLane.

bullet Bertha Theresa BRADLEY was born on 15 Dec 1872 in Bangkok, Siam. She died about 1920. Parents: Cornelius Beach BRADLEY and Mary Sarepta Commings.

bullet Cameron BRADLEY Parents: William Crane BRADLEY and Mary Virginia Biart.

She was married to James Ray.

bullet Charles BRADLEY was born on 13 Nov 1812. Parents: Hon. Dan BRADLEY and Nancy Rose.

bullet Charles Crane BRADLEY was born in 1911. Parents: Harold Cornelius BRADLEY and Mary Josephine Crane.

He was married to Mary Maynard Riggs. Children were: Charles Crane BRADLEY Jr., Dorothy Maynard BRADLEY.

He was married to Marie Adelina (Nina) Leopold.

bullet Charles Crane BRADLEY Jr. was born in 1944. From the Aldo Leopold Foundation Board website: "Charles Bradley, Jr. is currently a social worker with Social Services in Sauk County, Wisconsin. Mr. Bradley has worked with both physically and mentally disabled adults for over 17 years. Prior to becoming a social worker he worked with both the Sioux and Crow nations in South Dakota and Montana, respectively. His twelve years with the Crow Indians culminated with an EdD degree from Montana State University and a dissertation on the history of Crow Reservation Schools. Bradley is active in numerous civic organizations including the local Episcopal Church and Habitat for Humanity. His family also has a farm outside Portage, Wisconsin where they practice a conservation lifestyle. " Parents: Charles Crane BRADLEY and Mary Maynard Riggs .

He was married to Susannah Louise Remple on 10 Jun 1969 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Children were: Daniel Charles BRADLEY, Francis Remple BRADLEY .

bullet Charlie Stephenson BRADLEY was born on 12 Dec 2000. Parents: Markas BRADLEY and Laura White.

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