bullet Mary Adele BLACHLY Parents: Bell BLACHLY and Elizabeth "Libbie" Bell(?).

bullet Maud BLACHLY Parents: James BLACHLY and Mary.

bullet Miller BLACHLY M.D. was born in 1773. He died in 1850 in Dane County, Wisconsin?. Dr. Miller Blachly II apparently practiced medicine in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. He moved to Wethersfield, Ohio about 1803. He was one of the founders of the Wethersfield Presbyterian Church in 1838 and of the local temperance society, and was a school director along with the father of President McKinley. Dr. and Mrs Blachly founded a school which was attended by non-resident pupils. The Blachlys moved to Dane County, Wisconson in 1846 with "The Ohio Settlement." The first town meeting was organized in 1848. It was said of Dr. Blachly, "Miller Blachly was a very good man, but positive, and sometimes even obstinate in adhering to his opinions."
Charles Perkins Blachly recalls of his grandfather: "Grandfather Miller Blachly and his friend, Grandpappy Luse, had adjoining farms, so they built a house in common. A family lived at each end of the house, but for convenience thay cut a doorway between the two living rooms so that at the noon hour each man would lie on the floor in his own room with the door open, and discuss religion and politics, mostly the former, grandfather being a Presbyterian and grandpappy a Campbellite. They would become very much excited at times, so that it required the presence of both wives to quiet them. The two men worked together in much of the farm work. On one occasion they were mowing in one of the meadows, Grandpappy Luse being in the lead, Grandfather Blachly following, when Grandpappy Luse ran into a Bumble-bee's nest and dropped his scythe and ran. Whereupon, Grandfather Blachly quoted scripture, saying, `The wicked flee when no man pursueth,' and kept on mowing. But on reaching the vicinity of the bumble-bees, several of them stung him and Grandpappy Luse came back with `But the wicked go on, and are punished.' They were very religious, belonged to the old school, Grandfather being an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church. They were very much opposed to all secret societies, and I might add that all of Miller's sons were members of secret societies, except my father (Eben Blachly), as far as I know. They were anti-tobacco, anti-liquor, and anti-slavery. Grandfather Miller Blachly operated one station of the `Underground Railroad' for running negro slaves from Kentucky to Canada." Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Eleanor BOYD.

He was married to Phoebe BELL in 1795. Children were: Eben BLACHLY M.D., Miller BLACHLY M.D., Phoebe BLACHLY, Bell BLACHLY, Eleanor BLACHLY, Sarah BLACHLY.

bullet Miller BLACHLY M.D. was born on 13 Mar 1738 in Roadston. He died on 2 Dec 1815. Dr. Miller Blachly I was a surgeon of the Fourth Pennsylvania line in the Revolutionary War. He was in the battle of Trenton. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Hannah MILLER.

He was married to Eleanor BOYD in Headstone, New Jersey. Children were: Eleanor BLACHLY, William BLACHLY M.D., Miller BLACHLY M.D., Polly BLACHLY, Ebenezer BLACHLY.

bullet Miller BLACHLY M.D. Photo was born on 13 Aug 1804 in Wethersfield, Ohio. Lived near Baraboo. Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Phoebe BELL.

He was married to Mary. Children were: James BLACHLY, Boyd BLACHLY, Ann M. BLACHLY.

bullet Minerva BLACHLY was born in 1878. Married __________ Dean. Parents: Charles Perkins BLACHLY M.D. and Loua McConnell .

bullet Oscar Eben BLACHLY was born in 1828. He died in 1838. Parents: Eben BLACHLY M.D. and Minerva SEELEY.

bullet Paul Arthur BLACHLY Parents: George Alger BLACHLY .

Children were: Benjie Allen BLACHLY.

bulletDr. Paul Hubbard BLACHLY was born about 1930 in Oregon. He died in 1977. Died in a boating accident with his youngest son. A psychiatrist at Lexington, KY.
Publications: Blachly, Paul H. (1976). Effects of Decriminalization of Marijuana in Oregon. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 282, 405-415.
Blachly, P.H. and B.J. Blachly. 1974. Sampling technique for medically significant drug abuse. Int. J. Addictions 9: 885-890.
Blachly, Paul H. Drug Abuse: Data and Debate. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas Publisher, [1970]. 8vo. 1st Edition. xvi+322+[2]pp.
Blachly, Paul H., ed. Progress in Drug Abuse. Proceedings of the Third Annual Western Institute of Drug Problems Summer School. Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas Publisher, [1972]. 8vo. 1st Edition. xii+321+[3]pp.
Blachly, Paul H. / Disher, William / Roduner, Gregory: »Suicide by Physicians«, in: Bulletin of Suicidology, 1968, Nr. 4, S. 2 – 8 Parents: Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY and Winifred May Hubbard .

He was married to Mary. One child by this marriage.

He was married to B. J. Manson. Five children by this marriage.

bullet Peter MacDonald Blachly Photo was born on 16 Nov 1949. Peter changed his surname to Alexander at the commencement of a short-lived career in acting. MA degree from Antioch College (about 2003). In 2003 he became the executive director of the New England Coalition, a group opposed to the production of nuclear power in New England. In 2005 he became the director of The Biodiversity Project in Madison, WI. Parents: Frederick Johnson Oatman BLACHLY and Elisabeth MacDonald Haughwout.

Children were: Amrit Alexandra Blachly , Sat Hari Khalsa.

bulletPhillip BLACHLY. Parents: Frank BLACHLY and Linda.

bulletPhoebe BLACHLY Photo was born on 6 Mar 1807 in Wethersfield, Ohio. Lived near Lodi, Wisconsin. Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Phoebe BELL.

She was married to William Dunlap. Children were: Eben B. Dunlap, Oscar Dunlap, Sara E. Dunlap, James Dunlap, William Dunlap.

bullet Polly BLACHLY was born in 1775. Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Eleanor BOYD.

bulletRachel BLACHLY. Parents: Arthur Theodore BLACHLY and Peggy.

bulletRachel Ann (Daphne) BLACHLY was born on 2 Mar 1932 in Washington, D.C.. Senior Analyst: United States Department of Justice, retired 1989
Choir Director, Unitarian Universalist Church, Brunswick ME.
Parents: Frederick Frank BLACHLY and Dr. Miriam Eulalie Oatman.

She was married to James Richard Holden on 29 Nov 1958 in Chevy Chase, MD. Children were: Carol Elizabeth Holden, Barbara Ried Holden.

bullet Ralph L. BLACHLY Photo was born on 30 Oct 1924 in Portland, Oregon. He died on 8 Jan 2004 in Cupertino, CA. Lived in Cupertino, CA. Parents: Ralph Reamer BLACHLY and Clara Belle Park.

bullet Ralph Reamer BLACHLY Photo was born on 5 Oct 1887 in Delta, Colorado. He died after 1967. Lived in Oregon. His occupation was as a fireman or engineer (tending a boiler) at a lumber company.

The 1920 federal census of Portland OR lists Ralph and Clara with her mother Hattie E. Park, 65 at 1338 E. 19th St.

The 1940 federal census of Portland, OR lists Ralph and Clara with son Ralph L. and Clara's mother Hattie E. Park, 86, at 6624 SE 19th Ave.

A draft registration card for Ralph Reamer Blachly dated April 25, 1942 gives his date of birth as Oct. 5, 1887, Delta Colorado, age 54, height 6' 1", weight 152, brown hair, grey eyes, dark complexion. Address 6624 S. E. 19th Ave, Portland. Employed by Portland Lumber Mills, foot of North Burlington St., Portland.

A 1950 city directory of Portland lists Ralph as an employee of Portland Lumber Mills and also as a firefighter with the Portland Fire Department. Address 6624 SE 19th Ave., Portland.

In 1960, Ralph and Clara were still living at 6624 S.E. 19th Ave, Porland Oregon. Parents: Andrew Trew BLACHLY and Mary Adelle BRADLEY.

He was married to Clara Belle Park on 1 Mar 1919 in Carlisle, Washington. Marriage info from marriage certificate, Carlisle, WA. Children were: Ralph L. BLACHLY .

bullet Robert M. BLACHLY was born in 1887. Parents: John Williamson BLACHLY and Ida McConnell.

bullet Ryan BLACHLY Parents: Frederick James (Jim) BLACHLY .

bullet Sarah BLACHLY Photo was born on 23 Dec 1818 in Wethersfield, Ohio. She died on 18 Aug 1893 in Bangkok, Siam. Sarah attended Oberlin College from 1841-1845, obtaining her A.B. degree in 1845. She taught school in Dane from 1845 to 1848. The first schoolhouse in Dane County was erected in 1847, and Sarah Blachly was its first teacher. In the summer of 1848, Dan Bradley was at Oberlin and one of his children was seriously ill there. It was at this time that Dan and Sarah met, and on August 30, 1848, Dan recorded their engagement in his diary. On September 12, 1848, Sarah's name was included in Dan's appointment as missionary to Siam. On October 28, 1848, Dan arrived in Dane at the Blachly home, and on November 1, Dan and Sarah were married. The "Oberlin Evangelist" for November 22,1848 reported: "On the 1st inst. at Dane, Dane County, Wisconsin by Rev. Warren Cochran, Rev. Dr. D. B. Bradley M. D. to Miss Sarah Blachly, daughter of Miller Blachly, Esq. Dr. Bradley has been a missionary in Siam about 13 years, and expects soon to return to his work in Bangkok, the capital of that kingdom. Mrs. Bradley is one of few ladies in the country who have received the first degree in the Arts from a literary institution. She is a lady of excellent spirit and talents, and is doubtless the first foreign missionary from our state. They go forth under the auspices of the American Missionary Association. - Wisconsin Barnburner." Before sailing for Siam in October of 1849, Sarah was made a life member of the mission by a contribution of money from Sunday school children. Sarah and Dan's first child, Sarah, was born on the voyage to Bankok. They stopped for a time in Singapore for the birth on April 8, 1850, and then continued on to Bangkok, arriving June 1. Sarah spent the rest of her life in Siam, raising her family, and assisting her husband in his missionary work. At the request of the king, she tutored the women of the royal household in English. As a widow, Sarah continued to live in her home with her daughter, Irene. Together they continued to operate the family printing press, publishing religious tracts, and continuing missionary work. The Oberlin Review contains an obituary for Sarah which reads in part: "Rev. Bradley died in 1874, but so interested was Mrs. Bradley in her work that she could not be induced to return to this country. She has been a missionary for forty-three years and during that time never returned even for a visit. Four of her five children have been educated here. The influence of the Bradleys over the royal family and the better class of people of Siam and the results they accomplished are almost wonderful." Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Phoebe BELL.

She was married to Dan Beach BRADLEY D.D. on 2 Nov 1848 in Dane County, Wisconsin. Children were: Sarah Adorna BRADLEY, Dwight Blachly BRADLEY, Mary Adelle BRADLEY, Dan Freeman BRADLEY, Irene Bell BRADLEY.

bullet Sarah BLACHLY was born on 23 Nov 1739. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Hannah MILLER.

bullet Sarah Glor BLACHLY Photo was born on 29 Jun 1978. Sarah shared the Blachly cabin in Brightwater, Phippsburg, Maine, with her aunt Daphne (Rachel Ann) Holden. In 2002 was living in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. Following article by Marsha McCabe in the Sunday Standard-Times, 4/23/2000:
From Mattapoisett to Mystic, Sarah Blachly makes her name as a boat builder. Sarah Blachly, 21, of Mattapoisett is a young woman who moves to a different drummer. Her decision to "go sailing" instead of "to college" led to the fascinating career she has today as a wooden boat builder in Mystic Seaport, Conn. Though Sarah was an honor student who flew through Old Rochester Regional High School, skipping her senior year and graduating early, she couldn't bring herself to apply to college. She had all the papers but, "It just didn't feel right -- the timing wasn't right," she says. So Sarah took to the sea instead, as a deckhand aboard the H.M.S. Rose, a 179-foot square rigger and the largest operational wooden sailing ship in the world. She was the only female in a 19-person professional crew and she steered, stood watch, handled the sails and did repairs. The H.M.S. Rose is a sailing training boat and ploughs the Great Lakes and the Canadian Maritimes. Sarah, a vibrant young woman, sees mom and dad as her two greatest influences. Sarah's mom, Andree Howard, had home schooled Sarah (and Abby, Ben and Emily) until she reached the seventh grade. "It gave me a large picture of the world, and a regular classroom never felt quite right." The late Dan Blachly was a naval architect and owner of a Mattapoisett boatyard. "I spent my winters hanging out in boatyards with my dad," Sarah says. After two summers aboard the Rose, Sarah was accepted at the "Apprenticeshop" in Rockland, Maine, where she served a two-year traditional apprenticeship in wooden boat building. (It wasn't really this easy -- she sent out about 40 letters of inquiry and heard from two.) All would-be apprentices had to serve as volunteers first to see if this is what they really wanted. "I loved it, I loved the work, the people I was working with." Building a sense of community was as important as building boats at Apprenticeshop. Though Sarah wanted to stay in Maine and work as a boat builder, every job she applied for went to a man, and she admits she was "very discouraged." But at the same time, a magnificent opportunity opened up elsewhere. "I heard they were building a replica of the Amistad in Mystic, a 120-foot schooner, and I applied." The Amistad said YES and Sarah became a shipwright, the only female on the job. "I had never worked with heavy timber before but the skills required were the same," she says. Last month, 10,000 people arrived in Mystic to celebrate the launching of the Amistad. Sarah is now building boats in the historical village in Mystic Seaport. Though the other shops serve as historical interpreters, "the boatbuilding shop is real," she says, smiling. Sarah also teaches an adult-teen class (occasionally mother and son, father and daughter), in which they build a boat together. In the fall she looks forward to teaching a traditional boat building class for women. While continuing as a boat builder at Mystic Seaport, Sarah will soon begin a five-year program leading to a master's degree in education, but her idea of education doesn't fit the standard mold. Sarah has big dreams. Her goal is to use wooden boat building as a tool for the learning of history, literature, writing, art, biology and other arts and sciences -- in an alternative classroom setting. Is boat building a good career path for women? "It's very challenging work, and it's not easy to be accepted, but if you're dedicated, it's just so much fun," she says, her eyes full of stars. "Wooden boat building is an art more than a trade or skill. When you do it right, it's like sculpture."
Parents: Dan Bradley BLACHLY and Andree C. Howard.

She was married to Aaron Brassard on 15 Oct 2005 in Wiscasset, Maine. Children were: Nora Jeanne Blachly Brassard, Josefina True Blachly Brassard.

bullet Seeley BLACHLY was born about 1854. Parents: Lewis Seeley BLACHLY M.D. and Rebecca McCombs.

bullet Thomas Clifford BLACHLY Esq. Photo was born in 1957. Tom was a lawyer in Hardwick and Marshfield, Vermont. He was an active participant in his father's theater, acting in numerous plays during the 1980's and 90's. He was also an enthusiastic explorer of the towns and gores of Vermont. Parents: William Norton BLACHLY and Alice Broadus Clifford.

He was married to Susannah Clifford on 7 Sep 1996 in Calais, Vermont. Children were: Adam Clifford BLACHLY.

bullet William BLACHLY M.D. was born on 25 Jul 1771. He died on 3 Oct 1845. William Blachly had 19 children; 8 by his first wife, and 11 by his second wife. Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Eleanor BOYD.

bullet William Harold BLACHLY Photo was born on 15 Aug 1885 in Delta, Colorado. He died on 18 Sep 1915. Harold attended Oberlin from 1906 to 1908. In the 1910 census of Norwalk, Ohio, Harold's occupation is given as "Evangelist." He was 24 years old and married to Catherine, who was aged 38. He died at his mother's home in Delta of what was described as stomach ulcers that eventually appeared on the outside of his body. Parents: Andrew Trew BLACHLY and Mary Adelle BRADLEY.

He was married to Catherine Kate about 1908. No children.

bullet William K. BLACHLY was born in 1874. Parents: John Williamson BLACHLY and Ida McConnell.

bullet William Norton BLACHLY Photo was born on 13 Apr 1924. Bill developed an interest in theater as a youth, which stayed with him the rest of his life. He served in WWII. About 1956 he came to Plainfield, Vermont where he did some work for Goddard College as acting dean of admissions. Bill purchased Broadview Farm in Calais, and moved there permanently a few years after his marriage to Alice Clifford. He tried farming for about two years, and found it did not suit his temperment. In 1965 he represented Calais in the state legislature, and later campaigned unsuccessfully to be elected to the state senate. He was very active in the local community theaters. In 1978 he directed a summer repertory at the Plainfield Little Theatre. In 1979 he directed a repertory at Spaulding High School in Barre, and was the primary moving force in the initial effort to restore the Barre Opera House. In 1982 he began directing performances in his barn at Broadview which he called the Unadilla Theater, named for the company which had made the rafters of the barn. This was a great local attraction. Usually five or six shows were performed in series or in repertory from July through August or early September, but one year Bill rented a big tent and had two performances simultaneously each evening. The fare usually included one Gilbert and Sullivan, one Shakespeare, one of the masterpieces, and one or more contemporary plays. The theater was not a big money maker for Bill, but managed to support him during the summers for at least ten years. During the winters, he usually went to the Bahamas where he owned and operated a charter sail boat, the Ibis. Bill and Alice were divorced about 1983. After 1985, Bill formed a very close friendship with Ann O'Brien of Tunbridge, with whom he shared his life and work. Parents: Louis Bradley Blachly and Natalie Norton.

He was married to Alice Broadus Clifford in May 1956. He was divorced from Alice Broadus Clifford about 1983. Children were: Thomas Clifford BLACHLY Esq. , Ellen Orr BLACHLY.

bullet Zophar BLACHLY was born on 23 Nov 1733 in Roadston. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Hannah MILLER.

bullet Grace Black was born on 10 Mar 1876. She died on 20 Sep 1959.

She was married to Alexander Cruickshank on 28 Jun 1896. Children were: Charles Lyman Cruickshank, Kenneth Melrose Cruickshank, William Glanville Cruickshank .

bullet Mary BLACKSOLL was born in 1574 in England. She died on 1 May 1624 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England. Information from Bailey S. Rogers 10018 Regency St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 "History of Hampton N.H." Joseph Dow "Old Familes of Salisbury and Amersbury" David Hoyt "A Merrill Memorial" Joseph Merrill

She was married to Nathaniel MERRILL on 27 Feb 1592 in Belstead, Suffolk, England. Children were: Nathaniel MERRILL, John MERRILL, Daughter MERRILL, Mary MERRILL, Martha MERRILL, Frances MERRILL, Michael MERRILL.

bullet Dr. Harrison Blackstone

He was married to Helen Scales . Children were: William Blackstone.

bullet William Blackstone Photo Parents: Dr. Harrison Blackstone and Helen Scales.

bullet Hannah Blaisdell Hannah was a school teacher.

She was married to Daniel Wooster. Children were: John Steven Wooster .

bullet Mary Blake

She was married to Zacheus Curtis on 4 Dec 1673 in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Children were: Sarah Curtis.

bullet Thomas BLAKESLY? In colonial times, the spelling of the family name was "Blatchley," "Blatchy," "Blachly." Henry Barber, in "British Family Names" states that "Blatchley" was derived from the village of Bletchley in the north of Shropshire, England, a county on the border of Wales, whence it is reputed came Thomas Blatchley, the Immigrant.
The Hertz Genealogist and Antiquary, Vol. I, p. 336 gives an abstract of the will of Thomas Blakesley of Buntingford in Hertfordshire. Thomas Blakesley had sons, Thomas (the eldest), William, _______?, A third brother, Samuel, appears to have come to America.
Other sources indicate the origin at Blakesley, in Northhamptonshire, or at Blackley (pronounced Blakely) in Lancashire, England. - Source: The Media Research Bureau, Washington, D.C.

Children were: Thomas BLATCHLY.

bulletAbigail BLATCHLY. Parents: Thomas BLATCHLY and Susannah Ball.

bulletMarie BLATCHLY. Parents: Thomas BLATCHLY and Susannah Ball.

bulletMoses BLATCHLY. Parents: Thomas BLATCHLY and Susannah Ball.

bulletThomas BLATCHLY was born in 1615 in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England?. He died in 1674 in Boston, Massachusetts. Thomas Blatchley sailed from London to Boston in the "Hopewell" under Captain Babb, with his brother Samuel in 1635. The colonial records in New Haven, Connecticut furnish many facts regarding his history, his transactions in real estate in the early days of the colony, and the offices which he held in the community. He was at Hartford in 1640, and removed to New Haven in 1643. He took the oath of fidelity in 1644. He moved to Branford, Connecticut in 1645. There, and later in Guilford, he lived as a planter, and perhaps, a merchant. His business included marine haulage and the transport of cattle and other livestock for hire. In 1645 he encouraged the removal of others to Newark, New Jersey, where he may have made a short stay. On October 30, 1666 at Branford he signed the Fundamental Agreement relating to the Newark Settlement. He was one of a committee of 11 chosen at the first meeting at Newark to organize this settlement. He was elected a deputy to the General Court of Connecticut, May 9, 1667, and re-elected each session thereafter until October, 1672. In 1670 he was granted 60 acres of land for services in the Pequot War. In his latter days he resided at Guilford, Connecticut, Probably with one of his sons.
There is a family tradition that Thomas, in the latter years of his life, entered the profitable West Indies trade of the times and that his death occurred about 1674, on a ship about to sail from Boston on a trading venture. Parents: Thomas BLAKESLY?.

He was married to Susannah Ball in 1644. Children were: Aaron BLACHLY , Abigail BLATCHLY, Moses BLATCHLY , Marie BLATCHLY.

bullet Johanna, Friederike Blechert was born on 2 Oct 1862. She died on 6 Apr 1929.

She was married to Carl, Leopold, Louis HEILBORN on 20 Jun 1890. Children were: Wilhelm HEILBORN, Engelbert, Carl, Joseph HEILBORN, Catharina, Johanna, Helene, Aloysia HEILBORN, Helene, Wilhelmine, Gertrudis HEILBORN, Carl, Felix, Andreas HEILBORN, Auguste, Henriette, Johanna HEILBORN, Heinrich, Franz, Joseph HEILBORN, Bernadine, Julia, Maria HEILBORN , Johanna, Maria, Julia HEILBORN, Katharina, Wilhelmine, Laura HEILBORN.

bullet Albert E. Bliss Lived in Reynoldsburg, OH in 1980. Parents: Edward N. Bliss and Dorice E. Kenney.

Children were: Beverly Bliss, Loren Bliss.

bulletAlbert Norman Bliss Photo was born on 31 Jan 1851. He died on 27 Jul 1903 in Calais, Vermont. "There is a rapidly growing belief among the neighbors of the late Albert Bliss of Marshfield, that Mr. Bliss' death was due to an accident, and not premeditated - as at first supposed, and as pronounced by the physicians at the autopsy. It will be remembered that on Monday last, the body of Mr. Bliss was found in the water tub, situated in the stable yard, by Lee Ketchum, the hired man, and the report at once spread that Mr. Bliss had committed suicide, and to this report the physicians making the autopsy agreed. Until the day of the funeral, no other theory was advanced, but at this time, something was discovered which gave rise to the idea of an accidental death.
"It is true that Mr. Bliss was subject to fits of despondency and that these attacks have been more frequent this spring that formerly. It is also true that during these attacks he sought seclusion, and that this habit had, to a small extent, caused anxiety to his family and friends, but it is also true that Mr. Bliss had never to the knowledge of any one made any threat, with regard to a suicidal death, nor is it believed by any one that he was at any time affected sufficiently enough to cause him to become a felodese. But on the day of the funeral, a large cut was noticed upon his nose, first by C. R. Dwinell, one of his neighbors, and one of the bearers at the funeral. He at once called the attention of other neighbors and friends to this fact, which had already been noticed by the family of the deceased - and being acquainted with the yard, tub and the arrangement of the tub, and the custom of Mr. Bliss each morning, it was at once concluded by them that death was due to an accident on the part of Mr. Bliss.
"It was the custom of Mr. Bliss to keep his milk cans in the water tub, which is circular in build, about five feet in diameter and two feet in depth, and each forenoon previous to going to his work in the field to place cans of new milk in the tub. Across the top of the tub, opposite the side approached by one in going to the tub, are placed two or three boards, and on measuring it was found that a person of Mr. Bliss' height, in leaning over the tub, might fall upon the board nearest him, striking the board about upon the nose, Mr. Bliss did not have any gash or cut upon his nose previous to his death, for he was seen by the family just before being found in the tub, and nothing of the sort was observed. It is impossible to conceive of any way in which he could have gotten the cut after being in the water. Consequently it is believed by Mr. Dwinell and others that Mr. Bliss was carrying his milk cans to the tub and on reaching up and over to place them in the water, lost his balance and fell striking his nose upon the board and thence into the water where he was found curled about the bottom of the tub.
"A few years ago Mr. Bliss fell out of a cart and hurt his head, and since then he has been subject to fits and it may be that at this particular time that he was taken with one of these fits just previous to falling, or as he struck the board, rendering him unconscious. Reasoning either way, it is safe to say that he was unconscious upon receiving the blow upon the nose, which rendered him unable to do anything for himself, afterward, in the way of getting out of the water. The blow upon the nose was a severe one, for a considerable amount of blood flowed from the cut, and the gash was no small one.
"Mr. Dwinell was seen by a Journal representative on Friday, and he goes so far as to state that he is confident that the death of Mr. Bliss was accidental and not at all premeditated or due to any rash act upon the part of the deceased. He further states that he is not alone in his belief, but this opinion he shares with many others including the family and friends, who saw the body of Mr. Bliss at some time during the interval between taking the body from the tub, and the burial. Mr. Dwinell further stated that, as a matter of fact, it could never be known precisely how Mr. Bliss met his death, as no one saw him approach the tub and no one saw how he got within its contents, but that those most interested in the man and best acquainted with him and the premises, are now resting assured of the fact that the death of Mr. Bliss last Monday forenoon was purely due to an accident on his part and was not a case of suicide. It is certainly more comforting for the family and all interested in the case to accept this cause of his death."
Parents: Norman Wellington Bliss and Eunice Cole.

He was married to Flora Belle Stoner on 8 Aug 1894. Children were: Clara Bliss, Laura Bliss, Edward N. Bliss.

He was married to Minnie Reid Swasey on 26 Aug 1890. Children were: Gertrude Laura Bliss, Minnie Swasey Bliss.

bullet Alonzo Bliss was born on 26 Dec 1807. Lived in Kentucky. Parents: Frederick Bliss and Hannah Patience Cole.

bullet Aruna Bliss was born on 28 Dec 1790. Parents: Frederick Bliss and Hannah Patience Cole.

He was married to Anna Olmstead on 8 Nov 1818. Anna was from Marshfield.

bullet Asenath Bliss Photo was born on 3 Jul 1848 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. She died on 14 Aug 1928 in Greeley, Colorado. Asenath married in 1868, Jasper Riggs (1843-1929). He was a farmer. They had eleven children: Warren E. (twin 1870-1956), Walter A. (twin 1870-1944), Leonard Marion (1872-1964), Millard D. (1874-1950), Ellen Leonora (1876-1974), Augustus Ross (1879-1968), Edith May (1881-1962), Charles Oscar (1884-1972), Alvin E. (1886-1892), Jeanette (1889-), and Albert Ray (1893-1963). Parents: David Bliss Jr. and Leonora PITKIN.

bullet Beverly Bliss Parents: Albert E. Bliss.

bullet Celinda Bliss was born on 29 Mar 1810. She died on 28 Jan 1892. Parents: Frederick Bliss and Hannah Patience Cole.

She was married to Aaron Lilley after 1859.

bullet Charles Bliss was born on 16 Jul 1786. Parents: Frederick Bliss and Hannah Patience Cole.

He was married to Lucy Wheelock. Children were: Norman Wellington Bliss, Sophronia Bliss, George Bliss, Susan Bliss.

bullet Charles Edward Bliss Photo was born on 24 Aug 1861 in Creston, Iowa. He died on 26 Sep 1950 in Riverside, California. He was buried in Platte Township, Union County, Iowa. Charles was a farmer and horse breeder in Lincoln Township, Ringgold County, Iowa. He married in 1883, Emma Edmonds Brent (1863-1943). They had five children: Howard A. (1884-1966), Bertha May (1888-1958), Harrison Sovereign (1892-), Elmer Brent (1900-1976), and Alice Clarissa (1906-). Parents: David Bliss Jr. and Clarissa Pitkin.

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