bullet William Bidwell was born on 27 Nov 1703.

He was married to Abigail PITKIN. Children were: William Bidwell, Ozias Bidwell, Elizabeth Bidwell, Abigail Bidwell, Anna Bidwell, Hannah Bidwell.

He was married to Hannah PITKIN .

bullet William Bidwell Parents: William Bidwell and Abigail PITKIN.

bullet Carl Bielenberg Photo Carl worked as a technologist for a company called Alternative Technologies Incorporated. He had a machine shop in Calais, Vermont where he designed a built low cost machinery for use in developing countries. Before that he had lived and worked in Cameroon in Africa.

He was married to Ellen Orr BLACHLY on 21 Dec 1985 in Calais, Vermont. He was divorced from Ellen Orr BLACHLY about 1992. Children were: Sofia BIELENBERG, Heidi BIELENBERG.

bullet Heidi BIELENBERG Photo was born in 1989. Parents: Carl Bielenberg and Ellen Orr BLACHLY.

bullet Sofia BIELENBERG Photo was born in 1987. Parents: Carl Bielenberg and Ellen Orr BLACHLY.

bullet Elizabeth Bigalow died on 11 Sep 1691.

Children were: Elizabeth Butler.

bulletMary BIGELOW was born on 14 Mar 1648 in Watertown, Massachusetts. She died on 3 Sep 1704 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Parents: John BIGLO and Mary Warren.

She was married to Michael FLAGG on 3 Jun 1674. Children were: Mary FLAGG.

bullet John BIGLO was born in 1617 in Wrentham, Suffolk, England. He immigrated in 1632. He died in 1703. Parents: Randall BEAGELEY (?) and Jane.

Children were: Mary BIGELOW.

bulletChristiana Billett. Parents: John Billett.

She was married to John Drake between 1413 and 1422. Children were: John Drake.

bullet John Billett resided at in Ashe, Devon.

Children were: Christiana Billett.

bulletNicola BIRD was born in England. She died in England. Parents: Thomas LE BIRD.

She was married to Peter BULKELEY in England. Children were: John BULKELEY, Richard BULKELEY, Margery BULKELEY, Clementia BULKELEY.

bullet Hannah Birdsey was born in 1671. She died in 1750. Parents: John BIRDSEY and Phoebe Willcockson.

Children were: Elnathan Beach Capt..

bulletJohn BIRDSEY was born in 1642. He died in 1697. Parents: John BIRDSEY Deacon and Phillipa Smith.

He was married to Phoebe Willcockson in 1669. Children were: Hannah Birdsey.

bullet John BIRDSEY Deacon Deacon John Birdsey was said to have come from Reading, Berkshire, England to America in 1636. He came to Weathersfield, Connecticut where he married Phillipa Smith. He probably came to Stratford in 1649. His second wife was Alice Tomlinson. He was a deacon in the Congregational Church.

Children were: John BIRDSEY.

bulletRuth Bitfield.

Children were: Ruth SAWYER.

bulletAaron BLACHLY was born in 1644. He died in 1699. Aaron Blachly signed the Fundamental Agreement to found Newark, New Jersey in 1666. He returned to Guilford, Connecticut before 1683, the home of his wife's family. In 1686 he married second Sarah (or Hannah) Foote, widow of Robert Foote. His home lot in Guilford was 9 acres and 11 rods. One of his duties in Newark was to "make and maintain gates." Another was to "warn town meetings." Parents: Thomas BLATCHLY and Susannah Ball.

He was married to Mary Dodd in 1665. Children were: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D..

bullet Abigail Taylor BLACHLY Photo was born on 28 Mar 1980. Parents: Dan Bradley BLACHLY and Andree C. Howard.

She was married to Sara Nelson in Massachussetts.

bullet Adam Clifford BLACHLY Photo was born on 12 Jan 1999 in Barre, Vermont. Parents: Thomas Clifford BLACHLY Esq. and Susannah Clifford.

bullet Alice BLACHLY Married _______ Krueger. Parents: Charles Howard BLACHLY and Helen Willey.

Children were: Sarah Krueger, Christopher Krueger, Thomas Krueger.

bulletAlice Elizabeth BLACHLY was born on 4 Aug 1921 in Portland, Oregon. She died after 1988. The 1940 federal census of Forest Grove, OR lists Alice E. Blachly, 18, single, born Oregon, living with her aunts, Nellie A. Cole, 57, born Turkey, teacher, and Alice H. Cole, 54, born Turkey. All living at 103 5th St. SE

In 1864 Alice was living in San Diego, CA.

Alice lived in Portland in 1988. Parents: Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY and Mary Elizabeth Cole.

She was married to Malicoat.

bullet Amrit Alexandra Blachly was born on 29 Mar 1972. Hi Caleb,

I was looking on the awesome genealogy that you have worked on. I wanted to note that my parents legally changed out name to Hassle sometime in the mid 70's(I can find out the exact date if you want me to). My name is legally became Amrit Kaur Khalsa.

Not a big deal, but thought I should mention it.

All the best,
Parents: Peter MacDonald Blachly and Janet Circosta.

Children were: Hari Akal Singh Khalsa, Guru Raj Singh Khalsa.

bulletAndrea BLACHLY. Married with five or six children (2002). Parents: Frederick James (Jim) BLACHLY.

bullet Andrew Theodore BLACHLY Parents: Arthur Theodore BLACHLY and Peggy.

bullet Andrew Trew BLACHLY Photo was born in 1847 in Dane County, Wisconsin. He died on 7 Sep 1893 in Delta, Colorado. After two years at Washington and Jefferson colleges, Trew went to work in a quartz mine, and later worked as a station agent in Monument, Colorado. In 1874 he was an organizer of the Bergens Park and Fairplay Wagon Road Company. After their marriage, Trew and Dellie lived first in Monument, where Trew operated a drug store and established The Weekly Mentor, the community's first paper. For a short time, Trew had a general store in Salida, Colorado. In 1881 the family moved to Gunnison, Colorado. After a few years there, Trew had to close his bankrupt drugstore, and in 1885 they moved once again, this time to Delta, Colorado where Trew had purchased, in better times, 160 acres sight unseen. Farmwork was difficult for Trew, and after several years of hard work and poverty, he studied law and was admitted to the bar. He entered the real estate business and was a founder of the Farmers and Merchants bank, where he was working when he was killed in a robbery attempt in 1893. Throughout his life, Trew suffered from various ailments which prevented him from working at times. As long as he lived, his family was dependent upon the charity of relatives for their survival. He led an exciting and varied life which is documented in Ruth Bradley's "Dellie", and in the family correspondance.

BLACHLY, Andrew T., b 1847; 1905 Bio, Delta County, Colorado http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/co/delta/bios/blachlyat.txt

Donated September 29, 2001
Transcribed by Judy Crook <jlcrook@rof.net> from the book:
Progressive Men of Western Colorado
Published 1905, A.W. Bowen & Co., Chicago, Ill.

The late Andrew T. Blachly, of Delta, whose tragic death on September 7, 1893, at the age of forty-six, by a daring hold-up and robbery of the Farmers & Merchants' Bank, of which he was at the time cashier, awakened universal regret and horror throughout the Western slope of this state, was born in Dane county, Wisconsin, on September 22, 1847, and was the son of Eben and Jane (Trew) Blachly, of that state, both of whom are now deceased. The father was a doctor and after many years of general practice in Wisconsin, moved to the vicinity of Kansas City, Missouri, where he opened and conducted a school for Negro children, carrying it on in conjunction with his wife, who had, like himself, received a college education and was well qualified for the work. They kept the school going mainly by their own endeavors and at their own expense from 1866 until 1877, when the father died and the mother sold her property and joined her son in the West. They were the parents of five sons and one daughter. The first and second born of the sons served in the Civil war. One was captured and confined in Libby prison and the other died in a military hospital. Andrew received a good education, attending the Lodi (Wisconsin) Academy and pursuing a partial course at Washington and Jefferson College, in Washington, Pennsylvania. He left home in 1869 and came to Colorado, where he clerked in the office of the Kansas Pacific Railroad at Denver part of the time, teaching school during the rest until 1872. From that time until 1878 he was occupied in mercantile business for himself at Monument, Colorado, and also published a paper called the Mentor for two years. In 1880 he moved to Salida and kept a drug store until 1881, when he changed his base to Gunnison and there carried on the same business until his health broke down in 1885. He then moved to Delta county and took up a homestead on which he lived five years. He planted a few acres in fruit, but sold the place before the trees began to bear much. Locating at Delta, he opened a real-estate office and pushed his business vigorously and profitably for two years. At the end of that period, in company with D.S. Baldwin, he organized the Farmers and Merchants' Bank of Delta. He served as cashier of this institution until September 7, 1893, when just after the bank had been opened for business three robbers walked into the room and ordered him to throw up his hands and turn over to them the cash. Instead of doing this he called for help and the leader of the outlaws shot him, killing him instantly. The robbers then went behind the bars and talking all the money in sight, made their way to the back door where their horses were tied. As they mounted their horses and passed to the rear of the post office they encountered W.R. Simpson, who had heard of the robbery. He stepped into an alley and shot two of them dead. The third man, who was their guard while they made the raid, succeeded in getting away with the money they had taken. At the time of Mr. Blachly's death he was living on a ranch he had purchased a short time before. On this property his family resided until recently and under the wise and vigorous management of his widow it became one of considerable value and productiveness. Mr. Blachly was married on September 7, 1877, to Miss Mary A. Bradley, a native of Bangkok, Siam, the daughter of Dan B. and Sarah (Blachly) Bradley, the former born in Utica, New York, and the latter in Dane county, Wisconsin. The father died in 1876 and the mother in 1893. To Mr. and Mrs. Blachly eight children were born, all sons and all now living. They are Arthur T., Fred F., Clarence D., Howard D., Harold W., Ralph R., Louis B. and Edward H. By their help Mrs. Blachly has been able to carry on the operations of the ranch and greatly enlarge its productiveness. She sold the one on which they were living at the time of her husband's death and bought another of forty acres. On this she has four acres in fruit and also runs a fine herd of cattle in the hills. She and her sons are very successful in managing the business, and she has won a high reputation as a business woman of excellent judgment. The oldest son was fifteen years old when his father died and the youngest one year old. The first named is now a student in the medical department of the State University at Boulder, and will be graduated there in a short time, after which he will practice his profession in the neighborhood of his home. Mrs. Blachly has prospered in all her undertakings and made money steadily. She is regarded as a very good manager and a lady of great industry and enterprise. Her husband was a Republican in politics, a Mason in fraternal life and a Presbyterian in church membership. She is also a Presbyterian and she and the sons are in sympathy with the principles of the Republican party in political affairs. Their ranch is located one mile and a half east of Delta, on the Garnett mesa.

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He was married to Mary Adelle BRADLEY on 5 Sep 1877 in Kansas City, Missouri. Children were: Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY, Frederick Frank BLACHLY , Clarence Dan BLACHLY, Howard Dwight BLACHLY, William Harold BLACHLY, Ralph Reamer BLACHLY, Louis Bradley Blachly, Edward Hugh BLACHLY.

bullet Ann M. BLACHLY Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Mary.

bullet Anna BLACHLY was born in 1711. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Jane INGERSOLL?.

bullet Arthur Theodore BLACHLY was born about 1925 in Oregon. A bridge designer for the Oregon Dept. of Transportation. Lived in Salem, Oregon. From the Salem, Oregon Public Library Newsletter: "VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH: TED BLACHLY
Congratulations to Ted Blachly, the Circulation volunteer of the month. Ted has been a volunteer since 1994. Ted, a retired bridge designer for the Department of Transportation, is committed to staying active. He commuted to his job by bicycle for 26 years, and now bikes to the library. We are always happy to see Ted arrive with his bike helmet in hand, ready to shelve, sort and shift. Ted has adopted the 700's area of the non-fiction shelves, one of the busiest areas in the library. Ted has lived in the same home in Salem for 40 years. He enjoys singing and is a member of the Just for Fun Singers at Chemeketa Community College. He also enjoys gardening, hiking and woodworking. He and his wife Peggy have been married 49 years. They have traveled extensively and particularly enjoyed hiking and sightseeing in England. Ted’s family also includes three children and three grandchildren. We truly appreciate the time and effort that Ted gives us. The next time you are in the 700 section, thank Ted for keeping it neat and in order." Parents: Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY and Winifred May Hubbard.

He was married to Peggy about 1953. Children were: Elizabeth BLACHLY , Andrew Theodore BLACHLY, Rachel BLACHLY.

bullet Dr. Arthur Trew BLACHLY Photo was born on 11 Nov 1878 in Monument, Colorado. He died on 4 Apr 1952 in American Lake, Pierce, WA. He was buried on 9 Apr 1952 in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Oregon. A medical doctor in Portland, Oregon. Parents: Andrew Trew BLACHLY and Mary Adelle BRADLEY.

He was married to Grace Minnie Rand on 24 Jul 1907 in Klamath, Oregon. Children were: Marion Amy BLACHLY.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth Cole on 29 May 1920. Children were: Alice Elizabeth BLACHLY.

He was married to Winifred May Hubbard on 20 Apr 1923 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Marriage record, Fort Dodge, Iowa Children were: Arthur Theodore BLACHLY, Dr. Paul Hubbard BLACHLY .

bullet Barbara BLACHLY Photo was born on 24 Mar 1929 in Montclair, New Jersey. Barbara grew up in Montclair, New Jersey and New York City, spending some summers at Phipsburg, Maine, where one of her uncles had a summer home. She attended Oberlin College and traveled in Europe and the United States before settling down permanently in Vermont after 1952. She bought her farmhouse in 1947 for one hundred dollars, and began to make improvements on it over a number of years, with the help of Ed Duke of Marshfield and others. She began visiting the neighboring Carpenter farm, where she worked first for Flora, and later for Charles. She and Charles began to build up a farm immediately after thier marriage in 1958. While their children were growing up, Barbara was an active participant in the farm work, and also became involved in the community through the 4-H, the PTA, and later the Cabot Historical Society. She tape recorded interviews with many elderly residents of Cabot, which served as a basis for the publication of a history of the town. For a few years she made and sold brown ash baskets, and became known as something of an expert at the craft. For many years she served as Cabot's zoning administrator, and was instrumental in the renovation of the Cabot Town Hall in 1994. She continued to farm after the death of her husband, being the last dairy farmer in the state of Vermont to daily transport her milk to the creamery in ten gallon milk cans (1995). She had a reputation for breeding superior Jersey cattle and producing high quality milk. She was also involved in the operation of Hillcrest Nursery which she purchased from Lewis and Nancy Hill of Greensboro in 1981. Barbara enjoyed local history, traveling around Vermont, drawing, gardening, and spending time with her daughters and granddaughters. Parents: Louis Bradley Blachly and Natalie Norton.

She was married to Charles Howard CARPENTER on 6 Aug 1958 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Mary Adele CARPENTER , Susan CARPENTER.

bullet Bell BLACHLY Photo was born on 23 Feb 1815 in Wethersfield, Ohio. He died on 26 Feb 1901 in Cameron, Missouri. Lived in Cameron Missouri. Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Phoebe BELL.

He was married to Elizabeth "Libbie" Bell(?). Children were: Bell Miller BLACHLY, Howard BLACHLY, Lillie BLACHLY, Birdie Saphrona BLACHLY, John Freemont(?) BLACHLY, Burke BLACHLY, Mary Adele BLACHLY, Harle BLACHLY.

bullet Bell Miller BLACHLY Was living in Oregon in 1870. Parents: Bell BLACHLY and Elizabeth "Libbie" Bell(?) .

He was married to Lucy. Children were: George Alger BLACHLY.

bullet Ben Howard BLACHLY Photo was born on 21 May 1983. Parents: Dan Bradley BLACHLY and Andree C. Howard.

He was married to Aimee Elizabeth in Massachussetts. Children were: Connor Bradley BLACHLY .

bullet Benjamin BLACHLY was born on 6 Aug 1718. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Jane INGERSOLL?.

bullet Benjie Allen BLACHLY Parents: Paul Arthur BLACHLY.

Children were: Blade Cassedy BLACHLY.

bulletBirdie Saphrona BLACHLY. In 1870 was living with the family of her brother Miller in Oregon. She returned to Dane County the following year. Parents: Bell BLACHLY and Elizabeth "Libbie" Bell(?) .

bullet Blade Cassedy BLACHLY was born about 2002. Parents: Benjie Allen BLACHLY.

bullet Boyd BLACHLY Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Mary.

He was married to Josie.

bullet Burke BLACHLY Parents: Bell BLACHLY and Elizabeth "Libbie" Bell(?).

bullet Catherine BLACHLY Parents: Frank BLACHLY and Linda.

bullet Dr. Charles Dallas BLACHLY was born in 1878. He died in 1949. He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Chautauqua, Kansas. Parents: John Williamson BLACHLY and Ida McConnell.

bullet Charles Howard BLACHLY was born on 2 Dec 1919 in Oklahoma City, OK. He died about 1989 in St. Augustine, FL. Always called Howard. Parents: Frederick Frank BLACHLY and Dr. Miriam Eulalie Oatman .

He was married to Helen Willey. Children were: Dan Bradley BLACHLY, Alice BLACHLY, Frank BLACHLY.

bullet Charles Paul BLACHLY was born in 1884. He died in 1940. Vice President of Metropolitan Insurance Co. Parents: Charles Perkins BLACHLY M.D. and Loua McConnell.

bullet Charles Perkins BLACHLY M.D. was born on 6 May 1841 in Ohio. He died on 25 Apr 1915 in Manhattan, Kansas. Charles had nearly completed a course at the University of Wisconsin when he joined the 40th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. At the close ot the war he began the practice of dentistry at Wyandotte, Kansas, moving in 1868 to Manhattan, Kansas. In 1870 he married Lena McConnell of Leavenworth, Kansas.. He served as a member of the Board of Education, the City Council, and as Mayor. He had charge of church music a number of years. He left an important collection of mounted birds and animals to the Kansas State Agricultural College. Parents: Eben BLACHLY M.D. and Minerva SEELEY.

He was married to Loua McConnell in 1870. Children were: Elizabeth BLACHLY, Dr. John Harold BLACHLY, Minerva BLACHLY, Loua Adelle BLACHLY, Charles Paul BLACHLY.

bullet Clarence Dan BLACHLY Photo was born on 20 Dec 1881 in Gunnison, Colorado. He died on 15 Sep 1970. Graduated 1908 from Grinell College of which his uncle Dan Bradley was president. Studied languages in Europe for 15 months. Received Ph.D. from University of Chicago. Worked as an economist for the Federal Government in Washington DC until 1949, when he moved to New Mexico. Author of several volumes of poetry. Parents: Andrew Trew BLACHLY and Mary Adelle BRADLEY.

He was married to Margaret Bacon about 1916 in Chicago, Illinois. No children.

bullet Connor Bradley BLACHLY Photo was born about 2009. Parents: Ben Howard BLACHLY and Aimee Elizabeth.

bullet Cornelius BLACHLY was born on 23 May 1741. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Hannah MILLER.

bullet Dan Bradley BLACHLY was born about 1952. He died on 24 May 1998. BLACHLY -- Of Mattapoisett, May 24, 1998, Dan Bradley Blachly, 46. His spirit survives in his four children, Sarah Glor Blachly, Abigail Taylor Blachly, Ben Howard Blachly and Emily Royce Blachly, and their mother, Andree C. Howard, his siblings, Alice Krueger and Frank Blachly, several nieces and nephews, as well as his cat, Callie. A celebration of his life will be held in Dan's yard at 35 River Road, Mattapoisett, Thursday May 28, at 3 p.m. Don't wear black. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. In lieu of flowers remembrances may be made to the Dan Blachly Memorial Fund at Tobey Hospital, 43 High St., Wareham, MA 02571. Arrangements are by the SAUNDERS- DWYER MATTAPOISETT HOME FOR FUNERALS, 50 County Rd., Mattapoisett.

Dan was a naval engineer and owner of a Mattapoisett boatyard.

WAREHAM-- Dan Bradley Blachly, 46, of Mattapoisett, died Sunday, May 24, 1998, at Tobey Hospital after fighting Crohn's Disease for 30 years. He was the son of the late Charles and Helen Blachly. Mr. Blachly was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in Mattapoisett for many years. He received a degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from the Webb Institute and founded his own business, Blachly International, at his home in Mattapoisett. He was happiest on the water, especially with his children, whom he taught to sail. His children said their fondest memories of their father included summers spent at their cabin in Brightwater, Maine; his sense of humor, which allowed him to make friends effortlessly, and his loves of music and muffin-making. Mr. Blachly is survived by three daughters, Sarah Glor Blachly of No. Stonington, Conn., Abigail Taylor Blachly and Emily Royce Blachly, both of Mattapoisett; a son, Ben Howard Blachly of Mattapoisett; his former spouse, Andree C. Howard of Mattapoisett; a sister, Alice Krueger of Colorado; a brother, Frank Blachly of Maryland; and several nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday at Mr. Blachly's home, 35 River Rd., Mattapoisett. Arrangements are by the Saunders-Dwyer Mattapoisett Home for Funerals, 50 County Road, Mattapoisett.
Parents: Charles Howard BLACHLY and Helen Willey.

He was married to Andree C. Howard . Children were: Sarah Glor BLACHLY, Abigail Taylor BLACHLY, Ben Howard BLACHLY, Emily Royce BLACHLY.

bullet Daniel BLACHLY was born on 6 Aug 1720. Parents: Ebenezer BLACHLY M.D. and Jane INGERSOLL?.

bullet Eben BLACHLY M.D. was born on 28 Apr 1800 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania?. He died on 21 Jul 1877 in Quindaro, Kansas. Dr. Eben Blachly passed the Ohio State Medical Examination in 1828 ane then practiced medicine in Warren, Ohio for about 10 years. He moved with his father to Dane County, Wisconson in 1846. A Congregational church was organized in 1848 and he was its pastor. Eben had a farm in Dane County. About the end of the civil war Dr. Blachly was captured by the confederates while searching for one of his sons who had also been captured. He was tried as a spy, and was placed under a tree with a noose around his neck. Granted permission to pray, he prayed so long and effectively that he was released. In 1866, Eben and Jane Blachly sold their Wisconson farm and holdings and moved to Kansas to 130 acres purchased from the Wyandotte Indians. 30 of these acres were lost to squatters who had established rights there. The Blachlys opened Freedman's University on the remaining land, for the education and spiritual improvement of newly freed blacks. When Eben became too ill to continue the work, the university was turned over to a church group, except for the stone house in Quindaro where Eben died.
Jane Trew Blachly wrote in 1875 "Your brother Dr. is very much engaged about the school, trying to bring the property into a shape to support the school. His health is very good & he is very bright, sister thinks he is the smartest old man she ever saw. He preaches to the whites now the Colored preferring their own more excitable preacher. He has a sore on his lip of ten years standing & a large wart near the left eye. They are pronounced cancerous by many physicians. He however does not quite believe it. Some call it lupus a malignant disease but not so bad as cancer."

News Releases
Kansas State Historical Society
February 15, 2001
A rare 1926 Western University yearbook from the Quindaro (now Kansas City, Kan.) community was recently added to Kansas State Historical Society's collection. The "Bulldog" features class photos and interesting stories and comments about students attending the university.
Western University evolved from Rev. Eben Blachly's effort to begin a school for the children of escaped slaves around 1862 in Quindaro. In 1865 the school was incorporated as Freedman's University. The young school struggled, and in 1881 it was taken over by the African Methodist Episcopal Church and renamed Western University.
In 1899, the state established the Industrial Department as part of the university, and through the early part of the 20th century, the church operated a seminary and offered collegiate and college preparatory coursework, while the state offered commercial and vocational training. The Depression and deteriorating relations between the church and state caused another decline, and the school closed in 1943; the Industrial Department was consolidated with the Kansas Vocational Institute, another African American school, in Topeka.
The yearbook can be viewed in the research room of the Center for Historical Research at the Kansas History Center, 6425 SW Sixth Avenue, Topeka, KS 66615-1099. For more information call 785-272-8681, ext. 117; TTY 785-272-8683; or visit the KSHS web site at www.kshs.org.
Parents: Miller BLACHLY M.D. and Phoebe BELL.

He was married to Minerva SEELEY on 28 Mar 1822 in Niles, Ohio. Children were: Lewis Seeley BLACHLY M.D., Oscar Eben BLACHLY, Marion Minerva BLACHLY, John Williamson BLACHLY , Charles Perkins BLACHLY M.D..

He was married to Jane Baxter TREW in 1846 in Dane County, Wisconsin. Children were: Andrew Trew BLACHLY, Frank Chalmers BLACHLY.

bullet Dr. Eben McCombs BLACHLY A dentist. Parents: Lewis Seeley BLACHLY M.D. and Rebecca McCombs.

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