bullet Martha Wilson Widow

She was married to Onesiphorus Pike on 18 Oct 1735 in Leicester, Massachusetts.

bullet Mary WILSON was born in 1519 in Of Buckingham, England. Parents: Thomas WILSON.

Children were: John LINGWOOD .

bulletRobert Wilson. Robert married Pearl Phelps of South Ryegate, Vermont. They had a son, Robert, Jr. Parents: Bernis G. Wilson and Rose E. Newton.

bullet Thomas WILSON was born about 1493. He was christened in Of Buckingham, England.

Children were: Mary WILSON.

bulletAlice Maud Wing Photo was born on 24 Jul 1880. She died on 3 Jan 1963 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. She was buried in Old Protestant Cemetery, Island Pond, Vermont. Parents: Frederick Louis Wing and Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY .

She was married to Peter Dusseault.

bullet Frederick Louis Wing Photo was born on 23 Jan 1858. He died on 8 Oct 1915.

He was married to Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY on 3 Dec 1876 in Island Pond, Vermont. Children were: Alice Maud Wing, Marion Pearle "Chick" Wing, Robert Irving Wing.

bullet Marion Pearle "Chick" Wing Photo was born on 15 Jul 1885. She died on 19 May 1923. Marion married Ed Burns. She had an opium addiction. Parents: Frederick Louis Wing and Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY.

She was married to Edgar Esdras Burns on 15 Feb 1905 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

bullet Nancy Wing Nancy was the daughter of Josiah Wing.

She was married to Truman PITKIN after 1847. Children were: Clara R. PITKIN.

bullet Robert Irving Wing was born on 4 Aug 1890. He died on 19 Jan 1900. "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ladd have just returned from the funeral of their nephew at Island Pond - little Robbie Wing. the little fellow had been a great sufferer since the 9th of October, last, with a species of brain trouble. He bore his terrible pain with the courage of a little hero and not long before his death sang in a feeble little voice "Nearer My God to Thee" The bright active little life will be remembered and missed long years by those who mourn his loss." Parents: Frederick Louis Wing and Caroline Glanville MCKELVEY.

bullet Wingar resided at in Sharpenhow, Bedfordshire, England.

Children were: Marjery Wingar.

bulletMarjery Wingar. Parents: Wingar.

Children were: William Norton.

bulletPhyliss Lorrain Winkleman was born on 20 Dec 1928 in Buffalo Center, Iowa. Phyllis was a teacher. She played the organ in church and school.

She was married to Robert Earl PITKIN on 5 Feb 1949 in Buffalo Center, Iowa.

She was married to Lawrence Charles PITKIN on 28 Dec 1950 in Austin, Minnesota. Children were: Jaqueline Kaye PITKIN, Jerald Ray PITKIN, Jeffrey Jay PITKIN.

bullet Anne WINN was born in 1626 in Wales. She died before 6 May 1682 in Woburn, Massachusetts?. Parents: Edward Winn and Joanna.

She was married to Moses CLEVELAND on 26 Aug 1648 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Children were: Samuel CLEVELAND.

bullet Edward Winn

Children were: Anne WINN.

bulletMary Edna Winslow was born in 1842. She died in 1911.

She was married to Edward Steele on 10 Jun 1869.

bullet Christopher Wolcott was born on 4 Jul 1672. Christopher never married. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth Wolcott was born on 19 Aug 1662. Elizabeth married Daniel Cooley of Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Lieut. Henry Wolcott was born on 20 May 1670. Henry married first on 1 April, 1696, Jane Allyn of Windsor, Connecticut, daughter of Thomas Allyn. He married second Rachel Talcott. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Joanna Wolcott was born on 30 Jun 1668. Joanna married 2 September, 1690, John Colton of Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Martha Wolcott was born on 17 May 1664. Martha married Thomas Allyn of Windsor, Connectucut on 6 January, 1686. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Mary Wolcott was born in 1674. She died in 1676. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Roger Wolcott was born on 4 Jan 1679. From Roger Wolcott's journal: "In 1707 I took my first step to preferment, being this year chosen selectman of the town of Windsor. In the year 1709 I was chosen a Representative for that town in the General Assembly. In 1710 I was put on the Bench of Justices. . . In the year 1711 I went on the expedition against Canada, Commissary of the Connecticut Stores. . . In 1714 I was chosen into the Council. . . .In the year 1731 I was appointed judge of the County Court. In the year 1732 I was appointed one of the Judges of the Superior Court. . . In the year 1741 I was chosen Deputy Govr of this Colony and appointed Chief Judge of the Superior Court. In the year 1745 I led forth the Connecticut troops in the expedition against Cape Breton and recd a Commission from Govr Shirley and Govr Law for Major General of the Army. I was now in the 69th year of my age and the oldest man in the army except the Revd Mr. Moody. . . . In the year 1750 I was chosen Governor of the Colony of Connecticut." Roger composed poetry in his later years. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

He was married to Sarah Drake on 3 Dec 1702.

bullet Simon Wolcott was born in 1630 in Somerset, England. He died on 11 Sep 1687 in Connecticut.

He was married to Martha PITKIN on 17 Oct 1661 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth Wolcott, Martha Wolcott, Simon Wolcott, Joanna Wolcott, Lieut. Henry Wolcott, Christopher Wolcott, Mary Wolcott, William Wolcott, Roger Wolcott.

bullet Simon Wolcott was born on 24 Jun 1666. Simon married on 5 December, 1689, Sarah Chester, daughter of Capt. John Chester of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet William Wolcott was born on 6 Nov 1676. William married Abiah Hawley in 1676. Parents: Simon Wolcott and Martha PITKIN.

bullet Gregory WOLTERTON died in 1674 in Hartford, Connecticut. He was buried in Old Burying, Ground, S. Cong. Church, Hartford. Parents: Stephen WOLTERTON and Susanna.

bullet Stephen WOLTERTON was born in England. He died in England.

Children were: Susanna WOLTERTON, Gregory WOLTERTON.

bulletSusanna WOLTERTON was born in 1600/1 in England. She died on 15 Jan 1672 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Parents: Stephen WOLTERTON and Susanna.

She was married to Nathaniel MERRILL in 1630 in Salisbury Co., Wilts, England. Children were: John MERRILL, Abraham MERRILL, Nathaniel MERRILL, Susanna MERRILL, Abel MERRILL, Daniel MERRILL.

bullet Maud Womec Maude was from Tennessee.

She was married to Murray Edward BEMIS. Children were: Buella BEMIS .

bullet David Wood was born on 31 Jul 1691 in Bradford, Massachusetts. Parents: Solomon WOOD and Mary.

Children were: Mary Wood.

bulletDonald Morton Wood.

He was married to Loretta Frances White on 8 Mar 1952. Children were: Karen Gail Wood.

bullet Hattie F. Wood was born on 13 Feb 1844. She died on 27 Nov 1879.

She was married to Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN on 1 May 1869.

bullet Karen Gail Wood was born on 8 Dec 1953 in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. Karen married four times. First on 12/2/1972 to Harry L. Moore, Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida. Second on 5/5/1975 to Larry Hall of Rome, Georgia. Third on 10/21/1983 to Guy Summers, III of High Springs, Florida. Fourth on 10/17/1996 to Lindsey Summers of High Springs, Florida. Parents: Donald Morton Wood and Loretta Frances White.

bullet Mary Wood was born on 3 Jan 1721. She died on 23 Jun 1809. Parents: David Wood and Elizabeth.

She was married to Nathaniel Hall on 27 Oct 1743 in Bradford, Massachusetts. Children were: Sarah Hall.

bullet Solomon WOOD

Children were: David Wood.

bulletElizabeth Woodbridge was born on 10 Jan 1746. She died on 12 Apr 1781. Daughter of Rev. Russell Woodbridge and Anna (Olmsted) Woodbridge, and niece of Rev. Ashbel Woodbridge who married Jerusha Pitkin

She was married to Capt. John PITKIN on 21 Nov 1771. Children were: infant PITKIN, Emily PITKIN, Capt. John PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Mary Woodbridge was born on 19 Jun 1692. She died on 17 Feb 1766.

She was married to Governor William PITKIN on 7 May 1724. Children were: William PITKIN, Timothy PITKIN, Col. George PITKIN, Epaphras PITKIN, Ashbel PITKIN.

bullet Elmer Ellsworth Woodcock was born on 4 Jul 1861 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 17 Jan 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Parents: Orson S. Woodcock and Ruth H. Austin.

bullet Orson S. Woodcock Photo was born on 5 Jan 1834 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Orson and Ruth Woodcock lived in West Randolph, Vermont. He served in the Civil war in Company C, 13th Vermont Regiment, which was at the Battle of Gettysburg.

He was married to Ruth H. Austin. Children were: Elmer Ellsworth Woodcock.

bullet Jerusha Woods

She was married to Erastus B. DWINELL . Children were: Gilbert L. DWINELL, Alice Achsah DWINELL, Edna F. DWINELL, infant DWINELL.

bullet Experience WOODWARD was born in 1642 in Dorchester, Massachusetts?. She died on 8 Jun 1686. Parents: Henry Woodward and Elizabeth.

She was married to Medad POMEROY Deacon on 21 Nov 1661. Children were: Mary Pomeroy.

bullet Henry Woodward

Children were: Experience WOODWARD .

bulletMary Woodward . Parents: Robert WOODWARD.

Children were: Hannah Goodwin, Nathaniel GOODWIN.

bulletRobert WOODWARD was born in Braintree?, England.

Children were: Mary Woodward.

bulletJane Woolen.

Children were: Thomas HALL.

bulletLilli Dell Woolsey.

She was married to Joel M. PITKIN . Children were: Hattie May PITKIN.

bullet Clara E. Wooster was born on 24 Jan 1857. Clara married Henry Joselyn. They resided in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and also in California. Parents: John Steven Wooster and Dorcas F. PITKIN.

bullet Curtis S. Wooster Photo was born on 22 Jan 1855. He died in 1912 in Winona, Minnesota. 1912 - "Following is an account of the death of a former townsman, Curtis S. Wooster, taken from the Trempealean Record, recently received by friends in this town: Curtis S. Wooster of Winona, Minn., was born in the town of Marshfield, Vt., 57 years ago, spending his boyhood days in that and surrounding towns. He was the son of Stephen and Dorcas Pitkin Wooster, receiving his higher education at Goddard seminary, graduating in the class of 1875. Mr. Wooster married Miss Idella West of East Montpelier and they went west to make their home, living in the towns of Chatfield, Minn., and Trempealean, Wiss. While at Trempealean he was engaged in fruit growing, and was a successful breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle. To Mr. and Mrs. Wooster were born three daughters and two sons. The deceased is survived by the widow, three daughters, Mrs. Fanny Dugan and Miss Laura Wooster of Winona and Mrs. Luella Johnson of Centerville, Minn., also two sons, Walace and Ralph, also of Winona."

Curtis was Salutatorian of his Goddard class. His address was entitled "Public and Private Life." Parents: John Steven Wooster and Dorcas F. PITKIN.

He was married to Idella West after 1875. Children were: Fanny Wooster , Laura Wooster, Luella Wooster, Wallace Wooster, Ralph Edward Wooster.

bullet Daniel Wooster was born on 4 Jul 1793. He died on 21 Oct 1864 in Marshfield, Vermont. Daniel was a school teacher who came from New Hampshire to Walden, Vermont where he served as town clerk for 38 years. He later moved to Riverside Farm in Marshfield (owned in the 1990's by George and Gail Twine).

He was married to Hannah Blaisdell. Children were: John Steven Wooster .

bullet Fanny Wooster died after 1912. Fanny married Mr. Dugan. Parents: Curtis S. Wooster and Idella West.

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