bullet Sarah Whitney was born on 30 Sep 1769 in Warwick, MA. Parents: Daniel Whitney and Sarah Gay.

bullet Sarah A Gay Whitney was born about 1816. She died on 17 Nov 1853. Sarah's bible is in the possession of Caleb Pitkin in 2014, a decendent of her sister Clotilde. Parents: Elijah Whitney and Margaret Whitney.

bullet Susannah Whitney was born on 31 Jan 1773 in Warwick, MA. Parents: Daniel Whitney and Sarah Gay.

bullet Susie E. Whitney was born about 1883.

She was married to Ernest W. BEMIS on 14 Nov 1908 in Williamstown, Vermont. Children were: Raymond BEMIS, Ralph BEMIS , Ernest BEMIS, girl BEMIS .

bullet Thomas Whitney was born about 1550. He died on 18 May 1637. He was buried on 20 May 1637 in St. Margaret's, Westminster, England. "On May 10, 1583, he obtained from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster a license to marry Mary, daughter of John Bray, in which he is described as 'Thomas Whytney of Lambeth Marsh, gentleman,' and on May 12th the marriage ceremony was performed in St. Margaret's. 'Lambeth Marsh' is a name still applied to a locality near the Surrey end of Westminster bridge. There were born to him nine children [sic: There were at least eleven, and perhaps thirteen.--RLW], viz: Margaret, Thomas, Henry, Arnwaye, John, Nowell, Francis, Mary, and Robert, but only three [sic: That should be five.--RLW], viz., John, Francis, and Robert, survived childhood. Of these John emigrated to Watertown, Mass., Francis died at Westminster in 1643, and Robert in the parish of St. Peters, Cornhill, London, in 1662. In 1611 it is recorded that Thomas paid the subsidy tax, and December 6, 1615, on the probate of the will of his father-in-law, John Bray, he was appointed executor. February 22, 1607, he apprenticed his son John, and November 8, 1624, his son Robert. The record of the latter, like the marriage license, describes him as a "gentleman." September 25, 1629, he buried his wife, and in April, 1637 [sic: That should be May, 1637.--RLW], died himself. His eldest surviving son, John, being then out of England, administration of his estate was, on May 8, 1637, granted to the other two, Francis and Robert. The accounts of the latter show that the deceased was in comfortable circumstances.[7]"

In 1603, London was hit by a several-year-long outbreak of the plague in which 34,000 people perished and about 2/5ths of the population fled the city. Typically, it was the aristocracy and the rich who could afford to escape, and we know that Thomas Whitney was of some means, being styled "gentleman" in the records of his marriage. This plague could explain why their daughter Alice's baptism has not been located in Westminster, and why their daughter Margaret was buried in Isleworth in 1604/5.

Note that Thomas was not the son of Robert Whitney, third son of Sir Robert and Sybil (Baskerville) Whitney of Whitney, Herefordshire, as has been widely reported.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Bray) Whitney:

i. Margaret Whitney; bapt. 18 Oct 1584, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[9] bur. 12 Jan 1604/5, Isleworth, co. Middlesex, England.[10]
ii. Thomas Whitney; bapt. 25 Jul 1587, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[11] bur. 19 Aug 1587, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[12]
iii. Henry Whitney; bapt. 11 Nov 1588, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[13] bur. 4 Jan 1588/9, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[14]
iv. Arnwaye Whitney; bapt. 2 Feb 1589/90, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[15] bur. 11 Aug 1591, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[16]
v. John1 Whitney; bapt. 20 July 1592, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[17] m.(1) Elinor -----; m.(2) Judah (-----) Clement.
vi. Nowell Whitney; bapt. 30 Oct 1594, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[18] bur. 28 Feb 1596/7, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[19]
vii. (probably) Meliora Whitney; b. say 1596, bur. 2 Jul 1599, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[20]
viii. Francis Whitney; bapt. 27 Jan 1598/9, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[21] d. Aug 1643, Westminster, England; m. Elizabeth -----.
ix. Mary Whitney; bapt. 2 Aug 1600, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[22] bur. 8 Aug 1600, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England.[23]
x. Alice Whitney; b. say 1602,[24] m. Francis Beale.[25]
xi. Robert Whitney; bapt. 10 Nov 1605, St. Margaret's, Westminster, England;[26] probably d. young.
xii. Thomas Whitney; b. about 1609; m. Margaret (Mogge) George.
xiii. Robert Whitney; b. about 1610; m. Mary Towers.

He was married to Mary Bray on 12 May 1583 in St. Margaret's, Westminster, England. Children were: John Whitney.

bullet Donald Whyte was born before 20 Mar 1747/48 in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. He died in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland. Parents: Malcolm Whyte .

He was married to Anne "Nany" Mackellar before 1784 in Stralachlan, Argyll, Scotland. Children were: Catherine (Kate) WHITE, Archibald White, Daniel White, Neil White, Hugh White.

bullet Malcolm Whyte was born about 1715 in Argyll, Scotland. He died in Kilfinan, Argyll, Scotland.

Children were: Donald Whyte.

bulletSarah Wicom (Wickham) was born on 29 Aug 1688 in Rowley, Massachusetts.

She was married to Zachariah Boynton on 15 Nov 1715 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Children were: Abigail BOYNTON.

bullet Daniel Wight was born in England. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

bullet Elizabeth Wight was born on 2 Nov 1606 in Hareby, Lincolnshire, England. She died on 11 Mar 1671. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

She was married to Nathaniel Heaton on 21 Apr 1631 in Hareby, Lincolnshire, England. Children were: Samuel Heaton, Jabez Heaton, Mary Heaton, Leah Heaton, Eleazur Heaton, Nathaniel Heaton, James Heaton, Elizabeth Heaton.

bullet John Wight was born about 1552.

He was married to Anna Bray. Children were: Robert Wight.

bullet John Wight was born in 1608 in England. He died in 1662 in New York. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

bullet Marie Wight was born in 1610 in England. She died in 1611. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

bullet Robert Wight was born in 1578. He died on 8 Jan 1617 in England. He resided at Hareby in Lincolnshire, England. Parents: John Wight and Anna Bray.

He was married to Elizabeth Fulshaw on 21 Jul 1603 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England. Children were: Daniel Wight, Sarah Wight, Elizabeth Wight, Thomas Wight, John Wight, Marie Wight.

bullet Sarah Wight was born in 1605 in England. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

bullet Thomas Wight was born in 1607 in England. He died in 1674 in Massachussetts. Parents: Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw.

bullet Hellen WILBRAHAM was born in Woodley, England. Parents: Thomas WILBRAHAM.

Children were: Humphrey BULKELEY , Mable BULKELEY, Margarett BULKELEY.

bulletThomas WILBRAHAM was born in Woodley, England.

Children were: Hellen WILBRAHAM.

bulletIsabelle Wilder.

She was married to Robert Wakefield McKelvey .

bullet Emma Gullin Wilkin was born on 3 Dec 1846. She died on 21 Apr 1922. Emma was the daughter of John Wilkin and Anna Gullen. She was a school teacher before marriage, and kept a diary during most of her life. She was despondant and lonely after the death of her husband, but managed to continue farming with the help of her sons.

She was married to John Yeoman Cruickshank on 25 Jun 1873 in Leeds, Quebec. Children were: James Cromarty Cruickshank, Robert Yeoman Cruickshank , William Charles Herbert Cruickshank.

bullet Phoebe Willcockson was born in 1651. She died in 1743. Parents: William WILLCOCKSON and Margaret.

She was married to John BIRDSEY in 1669. Children were: Hannah Birdsey.

bullet William WILLCOCKSON William Wilcoxon came to America from England with his wife and son, John, in 1635 aboard the ship "Planter" and settled in Stratford, Connecticut. He was a linen weaver by trade.

Children were: Phoebe Willcockson.

bulletHelen Willey.

She was married to Charles Howard BLACHLY . Children were: Dan Bradley BLACHLY, Alice BLACHLY, Frank BLACHLY.

bullet Cassidy Williams was born about 1878 in Rhode Island. The 1880 federal census of New York City lists Cassidy Williams, 2, born Rhode Island, granddaughter of Augustine and Mary Tierney. Parents: Williams? and Margaret Tierney.

bullet John Williams died about 1786. From "The History Of Bucks County" Chapter XXIV

John Williams, thought to be a descendant of Roger Williams, Rhode Island, settled in Hilltown prior to 1740, and was a member of the Baptist church. His farm, partly in New Britain, was northwest of New Galena. His son William, was educated at Brown University, graduating in the first class, 1769, at the age of twenty-one. He was born, 1748, died 1823, and was pastor of a Baptist church at Wrentham, Massachusetts, for forty-eight years. The father died about 1786, intestate. The son William, preached at New Britain at one time, but was not the settled pastor. The daughter, Rebecca, married William James. The other children of John Williams were: Sarah, Isaac, and Elizabeth. The Rev. William Williams had a famous debate with David Evans, a noted Universalist, at New Britain church. The descendants are living at Providence, Rhode Island.

Children were: Rev. William Williams.

bulletLaura Williams was buried in Underwood, Iowa.

She was married to Charles PITKIN. Children were: Edwin PITKIN , Lawrence PITKIN, Anna Belle PITKIN, Ida May PITKIN, Raymond PITKIN.

bullet Owen Mervyn Williams

He was married to Myra Margaret Cruickshank on 19 Jul 1947. Children were: Robert Owen Williams.

bullet Rebecca Williams was born on 16 Oct 1772 in West Wrentham, Massachusetts?. Rebecca's birth date is taken from handwritten family records in the possession of Clotilde Pitkin. Records apparently copied from a Fisher family bible. She was buried in 1860 in Wrentham Center Cemetery, Wrentham, MA. She died on 12 May 1860. Rebecca was said to be a descendant of Roger Williams.

Rhode Island birth record extracts show a Rebecca Williams, born October 16, 1772 the daughter of William and Patience Williams.

Death Record for the town of Wrentham 1860: Rebecca Fisher, died in May of old age. Widow. Born in Mass.

Gravestone (photo) located in Wrentham Centre Cemetery "Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Capt. Lewis Fisher & Daughter of the Rev. William Williams, died May 12, 1860, aged 87 yrs, 6 months, 27 days

US pension records indicate that after the death of her husband, Rebecca received a yearly pension of $25 for his service in the Revolutionary war and the war of 1812. Parents: Rev. William Williams and Patience Miller.

She was married to Capt. Lewis Fisher on 14 Aug 1791 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Marriage record Town of Wrentham August 14, 1791: Lewis Fisher and Rebecca Williams. Children were: Lewis Pond Fisher, Rebecca Williams Fisher, Alfred Fisher, James Fisher, Carlo Mauran Fisher, Thomas Rand Fisher, Caleb Miller Fisher, Francis Waite Fisher, George Williams Fisher .

bullet Robert Owen Williams was born on 28 Jul 1950. Parents: Owen Mervyn Williams and Myra Margaret Cruickshank .

bullet Rev. William Williams was born on 4 Aug 1749 in Hilltown, PA. Death record indicates a birth year of about 1749. He died on 22 Sep 1823 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Death date from headstone and death record in Wrentham, MA. Age at death, 74 years. William Williams (1752-1823), was born in Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 1752, the son of a prosperous farmer who had emigrated from Wales. He was educated at Hopewell Academy and in 1766 entered Rhode Island College, then in its second year of existence under the care of another Hopewell graduate, James Manning, in the parsonage of the Baptist Church in Warren. He graduated with the first class of seven members in September 1769. At the Commencement exercises he spoke for the negative in a forensic dispute, “The Americans, in their present Circumstances, cannot, consistent with good Policy, affect to become an Independent State.” He remained in Warren, teaching school, married Patience Miller, daughter of Colonel Nathan Miller, was baptized by his classmate Charles Thompson, pastor of the Warren Baptist Church in September 1771 and licensed to preach by that church in April 1773. He preached in Wrentham, Massachusetts, beginning in 1773, and opened an academy there, from which over the years about eighty of his students came to Rhode Island College. He became pastor of the Wrentham church in 1775 and was ordained the next year. During the Revolutionary War, when the College Edifice was used as barracks for American troops and a hospital for French soldiers, the books in the college library were sent to Williams for safekeeping. Williams continued as pastor of the church in Wrentham until his death on September 22, 1823.

The above entry appears in Encyclopedia Brunoniana by Martha Mitchell, copyright ©1993 by the Brown University Library. It is used here by permission of the author and the University and may not be copied or further distributed without permission. Parents: John Williams and Ann White.

He was married to Patience Miller on 25 Feb 1770 in Warren, Rhode Island. Children were: Rebecca Williams.

bullet Williams?

Children were: Cassidy Williams.

bulletChristine Jenks WILLIAMSON was born on 10 Apr 1980 in Washington, D.C.. Parents: Frederick Ely Williamson and Cynthia Lou WETHERELL .

bullet Elizabeth Wetherell (Betsy) WILLIAMSON was born on 19 May 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts. Parents: Frederick Ely Williamson and Cynthia Lou WETHERELL.

bullet Frederick Ely Williamson Photo was born on 6 Apr 1953.

He was married to Cynthia Lou WETHERELL on 5 Jun 1976 in Mystic, Connecticut. Children were: Christine Jenks WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth Wetherell (Betsy) WILLIAMSON.

bullet Brainard Willis was born on 23 Dec 1832.

He was married to Lovinia PITKIN on 12 Feb 1857. Children were: Charles O. Willis, Frederic P. Willis, Cora L. Willis.

bullet Charles O. Willis was born on 19 Jun 1859. He died on 8 Oct 1859. Parents: Brainard Willis and Lovinia PITKIN.

bullet Cora L. Willis was born on 14 Jan 1863. Parents: Brainard Willis and Lovinia PITKIN.

bullet Frederic P. Willis was born on 13 Oct 1861. Parents: Brainard Willis and Lovinia PITKIN.

bullet Nathan Willis

He was married to Philinda Tubbs on 19 Dec 1824 in Marshfield, Vermont.

bullet Samuel Willis

He was married to Sarah Glanville on 10 Oct 1787 in Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London, England.

bullet Eleanor Willison

She was married to Wallace Johnson . Children were: Peggy Johnson.

bullet Agnes Wilson Agnes married Floyd Chase. They had children; Floyd, Jr., Priscilla, and Elsie Mae. Parents: Bernis G. Wilson and Rose E. Newton.

bullet Ava Wilson Photo was born on 10 Aug 1885 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Hiram Wilson and Laura J. Smith.

She was married to Charles George on 19 Aug 1905. Children were: Carroll George, Clarence George, Grace George, Dorothy George, Clyde George.

bullet Bernis G. Wilson was born on 25 Mar 1889 in Cabot, Vermont. He died on 12 May 1946. Bernis lived in Wells River, Vermont and worked for a power company in Woodsville, New Hampshire. Parents: Hiram Wilson and Laura J. Smith.

He was married to Rose E. Newton . Children were: Robert Wilson, Agnes Wilson.

bullet Eleanor Wilson Eleanor was the daugter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Wilson of Clinton, New York.

She was married to Llewellyn Robert Jones on 7 Dec 1940 in Waterville, New York. Children were: Carol Ann Jones, Edmund Robert Jones, Barbara Jones.

bullet Eliza W. Wilson was born on 25 Oct 1801. She died on 10 Jan 1864.

She was married to Rev. John PITKIN on 2 Nov 1824. Children were: Rev. Paul Henry PITKIN Jr..

bullet Hazel Wilson Parents: Leon A. Wilson and Martha Dwinell.

bullet Hiram Wilson Photo was born on 10 Apr 1863 in Barre, Vermont. He died on 2 May 1946. Hiram was a farmer in South Cabot, Vermont, where Joseph Smith had lived and was also a carpenter in Marshfield Village. He was the son of William Wilson and Elsie Batchelder.

He was married to Laura J. Smith on 10 Apr 1884. Children were: Ava Wilson, Bernis G. Wilson, Leon A. Wilson.

bullet Leon A. Wilson Photo was born on 20 Jul 1891 in Cabot, Vermont. Leon lived in Wells River, Vermont. Parents: Hiram Wilson and Laura J. Smith.

He was married to Martha Dwinell . Children were: Maida Wilson, Hazel Wilson.

bullet Maida Wilson Parents: Leon A. Wilson and Martha Dwinell.

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