bullet Dionis Stevens was born about 1613. She died about 1676. Dionis was (according to two different accounts) born in 1613, or baptized 4 March, 1609. She died either 16 October, 1676 (when they were living in Salisbury) or 6 November, 1684 (after her husband had died on Nantucket). Parents: Robert Stevens .

She was married to Tristram Coffin in England. Children were: Peter Coffin, Tristram Coffin, Elizabeth Coffin, James Coffin, John Coffin, Mary Coffin, John Coffin, Stephen Coffin, Deborah Coffin.

bullet John "Floyd Stevens

He was married to Pearl Emaline BEMIS.

bullet Robert Stevens

Children were: Dionis Stevens.

bulletMargaret Stevenson Photo was born in 1808 in Ireland. She died on 24 Nov 1873 in Leeds, Quebec. Death record in the Leeds, PQ Presbyterian Church. In 1996, Caleb Pitkin found a lock of Margaret's graying red hair in a letter from her son John to her son Joseph, informing him of her death. "Dear Brother & Sister, I sit down with sorriful heart to acquaint you with the death of our dear mother whom we have consigned to the grave. She was taken suddenly ill on Saturday 22th at 11 o'clock at night and suffered hard till Monday 24th at 11 o'clock in the fore noon she quietly Breathed her last. She was in remarkable good health Saturday, sat up late Saturday night talking and after she went to bed took the same complaint which terminated in a speedy removal of the soul from the earthly tabernacle to enjoy eternal felicity with God we hope. We feel and mourn her loss deeply but we are subject to death. We don't know how soon we may follow her and we must submit to the will of god. We laid her along side of father. The two mounds is side by side. It is the deepest sorrow I have ever experienced. But we have got put up with it. Dear Brother I will send you a lock of her hair as it is all I can send you in this. But you must excuse me for I cannot write any more this letter. I will tell you all when I go out. Give my love to them, except the same yourself your affec't Brother, John Mc. Would you write to James and let him know."

The 1871 census of Leeds, PQ shows that Margaret and her daughter Louisa were living in the home of Margaret's daughter Mary and Joseph Ramsey.

She was married to Alexander McKelvey in 1828 in Ireland. Marriage data from Lois Webster. Estimated date? Children were: James McKelvey, Joseph H. MCKELVEY, Hon. Alexander T. McKelvey, William McKelvey , Mary Jane McKelvey, Martha McKelvey, Agnes McKelvey, John McKelvey, Louisa McKelvey.

bullet Eliza Ann Stewart Photo was born on 3 Oct 1831. She died on 22 Apr 1863.

She was married to Horace Goodwin PITKIN on 23 Jan 1850. Children were: Albert Henry PITKIN, Jennie Luvan PITKIN, Eva Ann PITKIN, Dora F. PITKIN.

bullet Ella Stimson

She was married to Isaac Wallace Cate . Children were: Esther Cate, Weston Atwood Cate, Paul Stimson Cate, Philip Harding Cate, Ione Chesiko Cate.

bullet George STOCKING was born about 1582 in Suffolk, England.

Children were: Hannah Stocking.

bulletHannah Stocking. Parents: George STOCKING and Anna.

She was married to Andrew BENTON Capt. in 1649. Children were: John BENTON, Hannah BENTON, Andrew BENTON, Mary BENTON, John BENTON, Samuel BENTON, Dorothy BENTON, Joseph BENTON.

bullet Flora Belle Stoner was born on 19 Sep 1872. She died on 16 Apr 1950. Flora had a sister, Fannie, who was married to Edwin Bridgeman. Fannie and Edwin owned the Clark Bent farm in Marshfield During the 1950's and 1960's.

She was married to Silas Houghton Packer.

She was married to Albert Norman Bliss on 8 Aug 1894. Children were: Clara Bliss, Laura Bliss, Edward N. Bliss.

She was married to Pliny J. Hamilton on 26 Feb 1943.

bullet Asahel S. Storrs was born on 12 Nov 1834. Asahel married Mahala Parsons. Parents: Charles Storrs and Susan PITKIN.

bullet Charles Storrs was born on 23 Aug 1807. Charles was the son of John and Thankful Storrs of Royalton, Vermont. The widow Thankful Storrs married as his second wife, Susan Pitkin's uncle, Joshua Pitkin. Charles was a farmer in Burlington, Vermont. Parents: John Storrs and Mrs. Thankful STORRS.

He was married to Susan PITKIN on 30 Jun 1831. Children were: Martha L. Storrs, Asahel S. Storrs, Charles A. Storrs, Susan M. Storrs, Orvis Storrs.

bullet Charles A. Storrs was born on 28 Apr 1836. He died on 12 Jun 1870. Charles married Antoinette Parks. Parents: Charles Storrs and Susan PITKIN.

bullet John Storrs

He was married to Mrs. Thankful STORRS . Children were: Charles Storrs.

bullet John Storrs

He was married to Lucinda W. PITKIN in 1851. Children were: Lucinda A. Storrs Pitkin .

bullet Martha L. Storrs was born on 28 Oct 1832. Martha married Horace Allen Parents: Charles Storrs and Susan PITKIN.

bullet Mrs. Thankful STORRS died on 28 Jan 1855 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont.

She was married to Joshua PITKIN on 22 Jan 1824 in Marshfield, Vermont.

She was married to John Storrs. Children were: Charles Storrs.

bullet Orvis Storrs was born on 19 Jul 1840. Parents: Charles Storrs and Susan PITKIN.

bullet Susan M. Storrs was born on 13 Nov 1838. Susan and her family resided in Montpelier, Vermont Parents: Charles Storrs and Susan PITKIN.

She was married to James English . Children were: John English, Louise English, Belle English.

bullet Harlowe Douglas STRYKER was born on 13 Sep 1991. Parents: Steven Harlowe STRYKER and Calistria Lynn PITKIN .

bullet Steven Harlowe STRYKER was born on 7 May 1954 in Bath, New York.

He was married to Calistria Lynn PITKIN on 23 Nov 1991. Children were: Harlowe Douglas STRYKER.

bullet Janet (?) Stynte Parents: Thomas Stynte.

She was married to Richard Welby in M.I. Holbeach Church. Children were: Thomas Welby Esquire.

bullet Thomas Stynte

Children were: Janet (?) Stynte.

bulletCharlotte Sulham. Parents: Wavie T. Sulham and Ethel L. Powers.

bulletEllsworth Sulham died on 7 Jun 1925 in East Montpelier, Vermont. Ellsworth drowned in the Winooski River with his aunt and uncle, Glenn and Ruth Powers. Parents: Wavie T. Sulham and Ethel L. Powers.

bullet Wavie T. Sulham

He was married to Ethel L. Powers . He was divorced from Ethel L. Powers. Children were: Charlotte Sulham, Ellsworth Sulham.

bullet Sullivan

He was married to Ellen Dorman between 1875 and 1891.

bullet Henry Cleaves Sullivan

He was married to Alice Dairy ________ . Children were: Mary Sullivan.

bullet Mary Sullivan Parents: Henry Cleaves Sullivan and Alice Dairy ________.

She was married to John M. Curley. Children were: Henry Eugene Curley .

bullet Maria Louise Sumner was born in Calais, Vermont. Maria was the daughter of Henry W. Sumner and Polly Hall.

She was married to George BEMIS. Children were: Daniel H. BEMIS, Etta M. BEMIS.

bullet Lola Sundberg

She was married to Albert Murray Cate on 23 Apr 1949 in Burlington, Vermont.

bullet Diana Lee Swain was born on 31 Mar 1962. Parents: Donald Swain and Margaret Mary CARPENTER.

She was married to Robert Petrillo on 7 Oct 1995. Children were: Danny Petrillo.

bullet Donald Swain was born on 16 Apr 1936. Donald was the son of Kenneth W. and Letha (Proskine) Swain.

He was married to Margaret Mary CARPENTER on 15 Jul 1961. He was divorced from Margaret Mary CARPENTER in Jun 1986. Children were: Diana Lee Swain, Patricia Estelle Swain, Matthew Francis Swain , William Mark Swain, John Carpenter Swain.

bullet John Carpenter Swain was born on 28 May 1974. Parents: Donald Swain and Margaret Mary CARPENTER.

bullet Matthew Francis Swain was born on 6 Jun 1966. Parents: Donald Swain and Margaret Mary CARPENTER.

bullet Patricia Estelle Swain was born on 29 Apr 1964. Parents: Donald Swain and Margaret Mary CARPENTER.

bullet William Mark Swain was born on 2 Jul 1967. Parents: Donald Swain and Margaret Mary CARPENTER.

bullet Marion/Marianne Swanson was born in Scotland. She died in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland.

She was married to John Thomson on 14 Nov 1730 in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. Children were: Christian Thomson, William Thomson, Robert Thomson, David Thomson, John Thomson, James Thomson.

bullet Charles Swasey was born on 17 Aug 1893. He died on 5 Sep 1964.

He was married to Minnie Swasey Bliss on 10 May.

bullet Minnie Reid Swasey Photo was born on 11 Jul 1862. She died on 28 Apr 1893.

She was married to Albert Norman Bliss on 26 Aug 1890. Children were: Gertrude Laura Bliss, Minnie Swasey Bliss.

bullet Christopher Sweeney

He was married to Ellen Frances Tamm . He was divorced from Ellen Frances Tamm. Ellen changed her surname to OAK after her divorce.

bullet Carol Sweet

She was married to Jonathan Oatman BLACHLY .

bullet Eunice Sweney was born about 1830. She died on 2 Mar 1848. She was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. She was adopted. Parents: Stephen PITKIN Jr. and Hannah Chandler Davis.

bullet Dorothy Swiderski

She was married to Carrol Perry WHEELER on 22 Mar 1958.

bullet Beverly Swift

She was married to Walter Benton Town on 6 Apr 1949. She was divorced from Walter Benton Town on 20 Jun 1972. Children were: Jeffrey Gordon Town, David Benton Town, Cynthia Carol Town, Steven Scott Town.

bullet ? Syagria Parents: Flavius Afranius Syagrius Senator .

Children were: Tonantius Ferreolus Consul.

bulletFlavius Afranius Syagrius Senator died after 381.

Children were: ? Syagria.

bulletBarbara Ann Taggart was born on 21 Nov 1964.

She was married to Shawn Scott PITKIN. Children were: Eric Justin PITKIN .

bullet Henry Tailboys died on 23 Feb 1368. Parents: William Tailboys and Margaret.

Children were: Sir Walter Tailboys Lord Kyme, Sheriff of Lincoln.

bulletMaud Tailboys. Parents: Sir Robert Tailboys Lord Kyme and Elizabeth Heron.

Children were: Katharine Tyrwhit.

bulletSir Robert Tailboys Lord Kyme was born about 1451. He died on 30 Jan 1494. Robert was a member of Parliament 1472-1478 Parents: Sir William Tailboys Lord Kyme and Elizabeth Bonville .

Children were: Maud Tailboys.

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