bullet Mary SOUTHERNWOOD was buried on 26 May 1660.

Children were: Andrew BENTON Capt., Thomas BENTON, Marie BENTON, Elizabeth BENTON.

bulletRuth Sparks. Parents: Thomas Sparks.

She was married to Elizur Loveland on 17 May 1758 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Children were: Keturah Loveland.

bullet Thomas Sparks

Children were: Ruth Sparks.

bulletAntoinette Gay Spaulding. Parents: John Spaulding and Buella BEMIS.

bulletJohn Spaulding. John was from California.

He was married to Buella BEMIS. Children were: Antoinette Gay Spaulding , Mark Bemis Spaulding.

bullet Mark Bemis Spaulding Parents: John Spaulding and Buella BEMIS.

bullet Asenath Speaker was born in 1826. She died in 1900.

She was married to William Steele in 1849.

bullet Laurie E. Spear was born on 24 May 1960 in Barre, Vermont. Laurie graduated from Spaulding High School in 1978. She received a B.S. in nursing in 1982 from Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York. She is currently a school nurse for the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, and Fayston, Vermont (1996). They reside in Barre, Vermont.

She was married to Daniel Francis Reilly on 1 Sep 1984 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Shanon Daniele Reilly, Patrick Lawrence Reilly.

bullet Edward E. Spencer was born on 28 Feb 1861. Parents: Ira Spencer and Philura F. Pitkin.

bullet George Spencer was born on 5 Aug 1830. He died in Dec 1914. George was the son of Bishop Spencer and Mary Greeley of Marshfield.

He was married to Abigail A. Pitkin on 8 Mar 1870. Children were: Gertrude Spencer.

bullet George A. Spencer was born on 3 Aug 1866 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Ira Spencer and Philura F. Pitkin.

bullet Gertrude Spencer was born on 29 May 1873. Gertrude carried on her parents' farm on East Hill in Plainfield, Vermont. Shortly before her mother's death in 1921, She hired Raymond L. Martin, who worked on the farm for twenty eight years. He made butter there, at one time receiving Second Prize at the Dairy Show in Burlington, Vermont. Gertie and Raymond carried on an extensive dairying business into the 1940's. Parents: George Spencer and Abigail A. Pitkin.

bullet Ira Spencer was born on 10 Jan 1837 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died in 1911. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Ira was the son of Bishop Spencer and Mary Greeley. He was a farmer in Marshfield, Vermont.

He was married to Philura F. Pitkin on 14 Feb 1860. Children were: Edward E. Spencer, George A. Spencer.

bullet Lydia Ann Spencer was born on 11 May 1818 in Malone, New York. She died on 26 Aug 1861 in Marshfield, Vermont. Lydia was the daughter of Asa Spencer, Jr. and Jane Wright.

She was married to Isaac A. BEMIS . Children were: Hattie BEMIS.

bullet Franziska Spiegelberg was born in 1789. She died on 2 Jan 1830.

She was married to Leopold Augustin HEILBORN on 16 May 1816 in Munster, Westfalia, Germany. Children were: Anton Joseph HEILBORN , Joseph Christian HEILBORN, Carl Theodor HEILBORN, Franz Joseph HEILBORN.

bullet Richard Stanbridge was born before 28 Mar 1726 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Parents: Richard Stanbridge and Ellen Field.

He was married to Hannah before 1752. Children were: Sarah Stanbridge.

bullet Richard Stanbridge was born before 12 Sep 1698 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. He died in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Parents: Richard Stanbridge.

He was married to Ellen Field on 7 Oct 1721 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Children were: Richard Stanbridge.

bullet Richard Stanbridge was born about 1670. Married before 1692.

He was married before 1692. Children were: Richard Stanbridge.

bullet Sarah Stanbridge was born before 28 Sep 1755 in Leatherhead, Surrey, England. She died after 1809 in London, England. Parents: Richard Stanbridge and Hannah.

She was married to William COOKE on 25 Mar 1781 in Mickleham, Surrey, England. Children were: John Yeoman COOKE, James COOKE, Sarah COOKE, George COOKE, Jane COOKE, William COOKE.

bullet Anna STANLEY was born on 17 Jan 1740 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 14 May 1797 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Anna's second husband, Daniel Marsh of Hartford, was the holder of several large tracts of land in Marshfield, Vermont, a town named not for him, but for a relative, Isaac Marsh, who had purchased the township from the Indians. Daniel was the father of Hannah, who married Anna's son Caleb, and Polly, who married Gideon Spencer. The families of Caleb and Gideon, along with Aaron Elmer, were the first to settle in Marshfield (1793), and their decision to locate there was no doubt influenced by gifts of land from Daniel.
Anna's other children all moved to Marshfield during the 1790's. Daniel made at least three trips to Vermont to visit his children and on the last trip on January 7, 1797, Anna travelled with him. Hannah Pitkin (Mrs. Stephen Pitkin Jr.) wrote of these visits in 1869; "These visits were seasons of great interest to their children, and no less to themselves. They were made very happy by seeing the prosperity of the settlement, and the thrift which was apparent among their children. Mrs. Marsh died the next summer. Capt. Marsh lived some years longer and married the (fourth) wife. When Captain Marsh and his wife returned home, Joshua Pitkin (her son) went in company with them as far as Walpole, New Hampshire; was four days going and four returning. They went the first day to Williamstown, the next to Pomfret, the next to Cavendish, and the next to Walpole." Parents: William Stanley and Clemence Olmstead.

She was married to Joshua PITKIN in 1762 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Joshua and Anna were second cousins. Children were: Martin PITKIN, Joshua PITKIN, Levi PITKIN, Caleb PITKIN, Anna PITKIN, Hon. Stephen PITKIN, Levi PITKIN.

She was married to Daniel Marsh Captain in Dec 1779 in East Hartford, Connecticut.

bullet Capt. Caleb Stanley was born in Mar 1642. He died on 5 May 1718. Caleb was married a second time to Hannah Spencer, May 13, 1686, daughter of Samuel Spencer. Parents: Timothy Stanley and Elizabeth Morris.

He was married to Hannah Cowles in 1665. Children were: Hannah Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley, Caleb Stanley.

bullet Caleb Stanley was born on 6 Sep 1674. He died on 4 Jan 1711. Parents: Capt. Caleb Stanley and Hannah Cowles.

He was married to Abigail Bunce on 15 Feb 1704. Children were: William Stanley.

bullet Elizabeth Stanley was born on 24 Oct 1669. She died on 12 Feb 1751. Parents: Capt. Caleb Stanley and Hannah Cowles.

She was married to William PITKIN in 1686. Children were: Elizabeth PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, Martha PITKIN, Governor William PITKIN, Joseph PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Thomas PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, John PITKIN, Col. John PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Hannah Stanley was born on 13 Oct 1666. She died on 1 Nov 1703. Parents: Capt. Caleb Stanley and Hannah Cowles.

She was married to Roger Pitkin in 1683. Children were: Hannah PITKIN, Caleb PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Rachel PITKIN, Mabel PITKIN, Jonathan Pitkin, Mabel Pitkin, Roger PITKIN.

bullet John Stanley was born in England.

Children were: Timothy Stanley.

bulletSusannah Stanley was born on 2 Jul 1742. She died on 4 Jan 1815. She was the daughter of Jonathan Stanley and Mabel Olmsted.

She was married to Daniel PITKIN on 20 Oct 1763. Children were: James PITKIN, Daniel PITKIN, Susannah PITKIN, Ozias PITKIN.

bullet Theodore Stanley was born on 18 Oct 1752. He died on 15 Dec 1830. Parents: William Stanley and Clemence Olmstead.

He was married to Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Timothy Stanley was born in 1602 in England. He died in 1648. Timothy came to New England with the Rev. Thomas Hooker. Parents: John Stanley .

Children were: Capt. Caleb Stanley.

bulletWilliam Stanley was born on 5 Oct 1711. William was born nearly nine months to the day after the death of his father. Could be a problem here with the dates, or a scandal involving the widow Stanley. He died on 24 Mar 1767. Parents: Caleb Stanley and Abigail Bunce.

He was married to Clemence Olmstead on 29 Apr 1736. Children were: Anna STANLEY, Theodore Stanley .

bullet Gerald Staples Photo was born on 15 Jul 1903 in North Berwick, Maine. He died on 3 Jul 1961 in Providence, Rhode Island. Obituary, July 5, 1961: "Private funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon for Gerald C. Staples, 57, former Journal-Bulletin reporter and copy editor, who died Monday after a prolonged illness. Mr. Staples had worked for the Journal-Bulletin on two occasions, joining the Newport Bureau in 1927 and working there until 1930. After a period when he worked on a Bristol County weekly paper, and in the West, he rejoined the Journal-Bulletin staff as a reporter in 1943, later becoming a copy editor. He left in 1959. Born in North Berwick, Maine, son of the late Leroy G. and Alberta N. Staples, he attended high school in Warren, where his father was school superintendent for 28 years, and Bates College. He later attended the former Rhode Island College of Education, but abandoned the idea of a teaching career. Mr. Staples was a past president of the Warren High School Alumni Association and was a former secretary of the Warren Lions Club and a member of the Providence Newspaper Guild. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Marjorie H. Staples, whom he married in 1953, and a sister, Mrs. Frederic Cornell of Manchester, N. H.. Mr. Staples and his wife had lived at 115 Bowen St., where he died."

He was married to Marjorie Berton HEILBORN on 5 Jun 1953 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

bullet Isaac Stearns died on 19 Jun 1671 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He was born in England. Isaac Stearns came to Ameerica in 1630 in the ship Arabella with Governor Winthrop and Sir Richard Saltonstall. He settled in Watertown, where he was admitted freeman May 18th, 1631. He was a selectman for several years and in 1647 he and a Mr. William Biscoe or Briscoe were appointed to arrange for the building of a bridge over the river at Watertown.

He was married to Mary Barker in 1622 in England. Children were: Mary Stearns.

bullet Mary Stearns was born before 1626 in England. She was baptized on 6 Jan 1626 in Nayland, County Suffolk, England. Parents: Isaac Stearns and Mary Barker.

She was married to Isaac LEARNED on 9 Jul 1646. Children were: Hannah Learned.

bullet Elizabeth Stedman Parents: Isaac Stedman and Elizabeth.

Children were: Elizabeth Hammond .

bulletIsaac Stedman resided at in Scituate, Massachusetts.

Children were: Elizabeth Stedman.

bulletAbigail Steele was born in 1831. She died in 1850. Abigail died aged 19. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

bullet Alfred Steele was born in 1828. He died in 1830. Alfred died young. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

bullet Bethia Steele was born about 1690 in Hartford, Connecticut. She died about 1736.

She was married to Samuel Shepard on 17 May 1709 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: John Shepard .

bullet Edward Steele was born in 1836. He died in 1888. Edward married Mary E. Winslow. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

He was married to Mary Edna Winslow on 10 Jun 1869.

bullet Eliza Steele Photo was born in 1823. She died in 1913. Eliza married Russell B. Goodwin. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

She was married to Russell Beldon Goodwin in 1859 in East Bloomfield, New York.

bullet Henry Goodwin Steele Photo was born in 1833. He died in 1913. Henry married Lucretia L. Hudson. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

He was married to Lydia Lucrecia Hudson in 1861.

bullet Joseph Stanley Steele Photo was born in 1826. He died in 1921. Joseph married Elizabeth Smith. Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

He was married to Elizabeth Smith in 1858.

bullet Lucy Steele was born on 24 Jan 1740. She died on 20 Feb 1804. Lucy was the daughter of Dr. Joseph Steele and Elizabeth Hollister.

She was married to Jonathan Pitkin in 1760. Children were: Roger Pitkin , Ezekiel Pitkin, Seth Pitkin , Selah Pitkin, Lucy Pitkin , Allen Pitkin, Infant Pitkin , Rebecca Pitkin, Mabel Pitkin, Allen Pitkin, Jonathan Pitkin, Elijah Pitkin.

bullet Mary Steele

She was married to Lyman O'Hara Beecher . Children were: George Buckingham Beecher II.

bullet Mr. STEELE

bulletWilliam Steele was born on 10 Sep 1781. He died on 9 Apr 1859. William was the son of Elisha Steele and Susannah Strong.

He was married to Eliza PITKIN on 8 Mar 1822. Children were: Eliza Steele, William Steele, Joseph Stanley Steele, Alfred Steele, Abigail Steele, Henry Goodwin Steele, Edward Steele.

bullet William Steele Photo was born in 1825. He died in 1897. William married Asenath Speaker Parents: William Steele and Eliza PITKIN.

He was married to Asenath Speaker in 1849.

bullet Iris Caroline Steinfeldt was born on 2 Mar 1930 in Woden, Iowa.

She was married to Francis Luverne PITKIN on 28 Dec 1948 in Woden, Iowa. Children were: Rand Luverne PITKIN, Rick Eugene PITKIN, Susan Renee PITKIN, Deborah Lynn PITKIN, Stacey Ann PITKIN, Lisa Iris PITKIN, Scott Francis PITKIN.

bullet Ann STEPHEN was born in 1511 in Thaxted, Essex, England.

She was married to Thomas LUMMYS in 1535 in Thaxted, Essex, England. Children were: John (Lummuys) LUMMYS OR LOOMIS.

bullet Timothy Stephens

He was married to Almira Tubbs about 1825.

bullet Stern

She was married to Frances Guild GILLIS.

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