bullet Roger W. Babson

He was married to Grace Margaret Knight on 29 Mar 1900 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

bullet Margaret Bacon died on 14 Mar 1954.

She was married to Clarence Dan BLACHLY about 1916 in Chicago, Illinois. No children.

bullet Clifton Bailey

He was married to Ethel L. Powers. Children were: Wanda Bailey, Wendon Bailey.

bullet Elizabeth Bailey Parents: George Bailey.

She was married to Christopher Huntington on 7 Apr 1537. Children were: George Huntington.

bullet George Bailey resided at in London, England.

Children were: Elizabeth Bailey.

bulletMary L. Bailey.

She was married to Lewis Bliss in 1833.

bullet Wanda Bailey Parents: Clifton Bailey and Ethel L. Powers.

bullet Wendon Bailey Parents: Clifton Bailey and Ethel L. Powers.

bullet Abigail Baker Parents: John Baker and Abigail Fisher.

She was married to Nathaniel Kingsbury . Children were: Abigail Kingsbury.

bullet Anna Baker

She was married to John Scales. Children were: James Scales.

bullet Celia Baker

She was married to Charles George Fisher . Children were: Charles Fisher, Georgia (Georgie) Elizabeth Fisher.

bullet Delbert J. Baker was born on 1 Mar 1909 in Canada. Delbert was the son of Samuel and Margaret Baker. He lived in Utica, New York.

He was married to Elizabeth Maebelle Jones on 25 Oct 1941 in New Hartford, New York. Children were: Susanne Elizabeth Baker, John Alan Baker.

bullet Dorothy Lorraine Baker was born on 22 Jun 1921 in Winnebago County, Iowa.

She was married to Virgil Kenneth PITKIN on 24 Jan 1941 in Ventera, Iowa. Children were: Nylene Kay PITKIN , Janet Lorayne PITKIN, Richard Virgil PITKIN, Jay Allen PITKIN.

bullet John Baker John was the son of Edward and Joan Baker.

He was married to Abigail Fisher. Children were: Abigail Baker .

bullet John Alan Baker was born on 23 Jun 1949 in Utica, New York. Parents: Delbert J. Baker and Elizabeth Maebelle Jones .

bullet Susanne Elizabeth Baker was born on 14 Feb 1944 in Utica, New York. Parents: Delbert J. Baker and Elizabeth Maebelle Jones .

bullet Susannah Ball

She was married to Thomas BLATCHLY in 1644. Children were: Aaron BLACHLY, Abigail BLATCHLY, Moses BLATCHLY, Marie BLATCHLY.

bullet Mary Ann Ballard

She was married to Hugh Alexander (Alex) BLACHLY on 2 Oct 1988.

bullet Sarah Ballard(12) died on 25 Nov 1733 in Andover, Massachusetts. She was born in Andover, Massachusetts. Parents: William Ballard and Grace Berwick.

She was married to Henry HOLT on 24 Feb 1669 in Andover, Massachusetts. Children were: Oliver HOLT.

bullet William Ballard(12) died on 10 Jul 1689 in Andover, Massachusetts.

He was married to Grace Berwick about 1642. Children were: Sarah Ballard.

bullet Daniel W. Bancroft Daniel made and distributed household remedies. He built an $8000 house on the site where the Marshfield Creamery later stood. His laboratory stood on Main Street and burned in the village fire of 1905.

He was married to Daphne BEMIS.

bullet Eva Bancroft

She was married to Henry Ward Cate . Children were: Robert Cate.

bullet Eliza "Jennie" Bandell Photo was born in Sep 1855 in Illinois. Birthdate provided by Tiffany Applegate.

She was married to Levi Martin BEMIS.

bullet Eva Bandelli

She was married to Waldo Simeon BEMIS . No children.

bullet Michael T. Barden

He was married to Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN.

bullet Skyler Pitkin Barden was born about 1985. Parents: Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN.

bullet Christopher BARET died in Aug 1649.

Children were: Margaret BARET.

bulletMargaret BARET. Parents: Christopher BARET.

She was married to Simon Huntington on 21 Jun 1627. Children were: Christopher HUNTINGTON.

bullet John Barker John Barker was a clothier in Stoke, Nayland, County Suffolk, England.

Children were: Mary Barker.

bulletLady BARKER was born in 1492 in Nedging, Suffolk, England.

Children were: Humphrey MUNNING.

bulletMary Barker died on 2 Apr 1677 in Massachussetts. Parents: John Barker and Margaret.

She was married to Isaac Stearns in 1622 in England. Children were: Mary Stearns.

bullet Edson Barlow

He was married to Pauline "Polly" Goodrich.

bullet Emily Barnes was born on 3 Sep 1829.

She was married to Erastus PITKIN on 1 Jan 1849. Children were: Rose L. PITKIN, Alta PITKIN, Joel M. PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Maggie PITKIN.

bullet Harold Barnes Parents: N. Ernest Barnes and Inez Lamberton.

bullet Henry Barnes Parents: N. Ernest Barnes and Inez Lamberton.

bullet James Barnes

He was married to Phebe(?) Belle Luse . Children were: Lorena Barnes.

bullet Judith Barnes was born on 21 Dec 1945.

She was married to James Richard CROZIER. Children were: Josephine Hulett CROZIER, Ellen Severance CROZIER.

bullet Lorena Barnes was born in Jun 1870. Parents: James Barnes and Phebe(?) Belle Luse.

bullet Molly Barnes was born in 1754 in Concord, Massachusetts. She died in 1851 in Westminster, Vermont.

She was married to Samuel Averill in 1776. Children were: Rebecca Averill.

bullet N. Ernest Barnes

He was married to Inez Lamberton . Children were: Henry Barnes, Harold Barnes.

bullet Hannah Barnett died on 12 Jan 1722.

Children were: Zachariah Boynton.

bulletMary "Goody" Barnett died on 9 Jan 1809 in Greensboro, Vermont.

She was married to Ashbel Shepard on 28 Sep 1786 in Newbury, Vermont. Marriage record in Newbury, VT. Children were: Ashbel Shepard, Samuel Shepard, Thomas Shepard, Scott Shepard, Hazen Shepard, Tamar Shepard, Abigail Shepard, Dolly Shepard, Sally Shepard, Eliza Shepard.

bullet Jennie Barnham Jennie was from New York City.

She was married to Earle BEMIS. Children were: Marjorie BEMIS, Albert BEMIS, Arthur BEMIS , Earle BEMIS Jr., Jane BEMIS .

bullet Ada Louise Barron

She was married to Dr. Byron Lee DWINELL. Children were: Barron DWINELL, Alice DWINELL.

bullet Benny Sue Barry was born on 9 Mar 1942 in Miami, Florida. Parents: John Calhoun Barry and Mary Jane Dunton.

bullet John Calhoun Barry was born on 9 Nov 1917 in Lewiston, Maine. Son of John and Ethel Barry.

He was married to Mary Jane Dunton on 30 Aug 1939 in Auburn, Maine. Children were: Benny Sue Barry, Judith Ann Barry, Kathleen Ruth Barry.

bullet Judith Ann Barry was born on 5 Oct 1945 in Sandusky, Ohio. Parents: John Calhoun Barry and Mary Jane Dunton.

bullet Kathleen Ruth Barry was born on 9 Mar 1948 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Parents: John Calhoun Barry and Mary Jane Dunton.

bullet Alvin Bartlett Photo

He was married to Sarah H. BUCHANAN. Children were: Jane Edna Bartlett, Amy Kate Bartlett, Elvin Malcolm Bartlett, Elizabeth Rebecca Bartlett , Edith Emily Bartlett.

bullet Amy Kate Bartlett Photo died on 1 Aug 1907 in Island Pond, Vermont. Parents: Alvin Bartlett and Sarah H. BUCHANAN.

She was married to Porter Hinman Dale about 1892. Children were: Timothy Dale, George N. Dale.

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