bullet Carmen Rich Parents: Mr. Rich and Margaret Thompson .

bullet Irene Rich was born on 7 Jun 1821. She died on 11 Jun 1889.

She was married to Albert DWINELL. Children were: Franklin Albert DWINELL, Clarence Rich DWINELL , Dell Burton Dwinell.

bullet Mr. Rich

He was married to Margaret Thompson. Children were: Carmen Rich.

bullet Ruth Putnam Rich Photo

She was married to Horace H. Hollister. Children were: H. Homer Hollister, J. Edward Hollister.

bullet Agnes Richards

She was married to Thomas White. Children were: Richard White.

bullet Ezekiel RICHARDSON(39) Ezekiel came to Charlestown, Massachusetts about 1630, and from there later moved to Woburn.

Children were: Josiah Richardson Capt..

bulletJosiah Richardson Capt. was baptized on 7 Nov 1635. Parents: Ezekiel RICHARDSON and Susannah.

Children were: Susannah RICHARDSON.

bulletSusannah RICHARDSON was born on 3 Sep 1677. Susannah's mind became deranged after the deaths of her husband and two of her sons (Josiah and Jonathan). She lived for many years with her daughter Hannah. Parents: Josiah Richardson Capt. and Remembrance Underwood .

She was married to Henry FARWELL Capt. on 23 Jan 1695. Children were: Hannah FARWELL.

bullet Usula Richardson died about May 1603 in Great Easton, Essex, England. She was buried on 4 May 1603 in Great Easton, Essex, England.

She was married to Thomas Shedd on 23 Nov 1572 in Debden, Essex, England. Children were: Thomas Shed.

bullet Daisy Riddel Photo was born about Jun 1927 in Williamstown, Vermont. She died on 17 Aug 2012 in Berlin, Vermont. Daisy was the daughter of Alexander George Riddel and Elsie Pirie.

MONTPELIER - Daisy Riddel Carpenter passed away on August 17, 2012, at the Woodridge Nursing Home, surrounded by her family.

Daisy was born June 10, 1927, in Williamstown, the daughter of Elsie and Alexander Riddel. Daisy was a 1945 graduate of Spaulding High School. She married William J. Carpenter on July 1, 1950.

Daisy is survived by her five children and their respective spouses, USAF Col. (Ret) William Carpenter and wife Iris, Mary Phalen and husband Kim, Sara Gage and husband Tom, Julie Grunvald and husband Lloyd and Brian Carpenter and wife Kate.

Daisy leaves behind her grandchildren Ryan, Lauren, Carly Carpenter and stepgranddaughter Yung Winata, Cait Phalen Keeler and husband Aaron, Maggie Phalen Connolly and husband Christian, William Gage and wife Rachel, Michael Gage and wife JoAuna, Miles, Hannah and Warren Grunvald and Hunter and Alexander Carpenter; three great-grandchildren, Noah and Andrew Keeler and Ruby Gage.

She is also survived by her brother, Douglas Riddel and wife Sherwood, sisters June Clark and Beverly Tanguay; three sisters-in-law, Elise Riddel, Margaret Swain and Connie Reilly and husband Larry, brother-in-law Homer Fitts and wife Margaret, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Daisy is predeceased by her husband Bill in 2006, her parents, her sister Elsie Fitts, brother Alan Riddel and brothers-in-law Thomas Clark and Donald Tanguay.

Daisy's greatest love was raising her five children and enjoying her grandchildren. Her family expresses thanks to the staff of Woodridge Nursing Home for the special care they gave Daisy during the last few months of her life.

Funeral services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Graniteville at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, August 19, 2012.

Interment will be made in the Wilson Cemetery in Barre Town.

There are no calling hours.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Patient Activity Fund, Woodridge Nursing Home, P.O. Box 550 Barre, VT 05641.

The Hooker and Whitcomb Funeral Home, 7 Academy Street, Barre is in charge of the arrangements.

She was married to William John CARPENTER on 1 Jul 1950 in St. Monica's Church, Barre, Vermont. Children were: Col. William David CARPENTER, Mary Ellen CARPENTER , Sara Ann CARPENTER, Julie Louise CARPENTER, Brian Alexander CARPENTER.

bullet Mary Maynard Riggs was born on 30 Jan 1913. She died on 13 Dec 1969. Daughter of Lawrason Riggs and Dorothy Laura Maynard Kidder.

She was married to Charles Crane BRADLEY. Children were: Charles Crane BRADLEY Jr., Dorothy Maynard BRADLEY.

bullet Margaret Riley

She was married to Henry Clay Pearce on 10 Jun 1858. Children were: Henry Clay Pearce , Annie E. Pearce, Emerancy "Emma" Pearce, Thirza Pearce, Margaret "Etta" Pearce, Christina Pearce .

bullet Arathusa Ripley

Children were: Thirza W. SCALES, Francis R. Scales, Jane Amanda Scales, infant Scales twin, infant Scales twin, Rosamond Scales, Helen Scales, Mary E. Scales.

bulletJoane Rippingale was born in 1550 in St.Peter Cornhill, London, England. She died about 1574 in St. Mildred Poultry, London, England.

She was married to Robert Hayward on 25 Sep 1568 in Dorset, England. Children were: Thomas Hayward.

bullet Robert Robbins was born on 12 Apr 1675 in Concord, Massachusetts.

He was married to Elizabeth Shedd on 3 Jan 1720 in Groton, Massachusetts.

bullet Benjamin Roberts

He was married to Dorothy PITKIN. Children were: Benjamin Roberts Jr., Dorothy Roberts.

bullet Benjamin Roberts Jr. Parents: Benjamin Roberts and Dorothy PITKIN.

He was married to Dorothy Pitkin Goodwin.

bullet Dorothy Roberts Parents: Benjamin Roberts and Dorothy PITKIN.

She was married to Lemuel Kingsbury . Children were: Elizabeth Kingsbury.

bullet Cressie Robertson was born on 19 Mar 1888. She died on 22 Dec 1946.

She was married to Ralph J. PITKIN on 28 Jan 1908. Children were: Mildred PITKIN, Gladys Rose PITKIN, Keith R. PITKIN, B. Merle PITKIN, D. Clair PITKIN, Gayle J. PITKIN, Allan J. PITKIN.

bullet Earl G. Robertson was born on 24 Aug 1902 in Shannon City, Iowa. He died on 9 Jan 1997 in Winterset, Iowa. Earl was a farmer in Union County, Iowa. He married Minerva Louise Berry (1903-1984) on July 29, 1921. They had one child, Doris, who married Billy Nealis. Louise died in 1984, and Earl married second in 1986 in Tingley, Iowa, Wilda Denton. Parents: Robert N. Robertson and Chloe PITKIN.

bullet Robert N. Robertson was born on 11 Jan 1880. He died on 29 Sep 1965. He was buried in Shannon City, Iowa. He was a farmer and lived on the same farm in Union County, Iowa for more than 50 years.

He was married to Chloe PITKIN on 20 Feb 1901. Children were: Earl G. Robertson .

bullet Robertson?

He was married to Georgia (Georgie) Elizabeth Fisher .

bullet Margery Rockett(2) was born in 1605. She died on 5 Jul 1655. Parents: Thomas Rockett.

She was married to Eltweed Pomeroy on 7 May 1629. Max E. Sauerbry (member of Compuserve Genealogy Forum) Children were: Eldad Pomeroy, John Pomeroy, John Pomeroy, Medad POMEROY Deacon, Caleb Pomeroy, Mary Pomeroy, Joshua Pomeroy, Joseph Pomeroy.

bullet Thomas Rockett

Children were: Margery Rockett.

bulletJohn ROCKWELL was born in 1560 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England. He died in 1636. He was buried on 23 Feb 1636 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England. Parents: William? Rockwell and Mariam Wyke? Pyke? Kyne? .

He was married to Honor Newton on 19 Jul 1585 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England. Children were: William Rockwell Deacon.

bullet Joseph ROCKWELL was born on 15 Mar 1715. He died in Jul 1776 in Colbrook, Connecticut. Joseph died in a fit of apoplexy Parents: Joseph Rockwell and Hannah HUNTINGTON.

Children were: Mary ROCKWELL.

bulletJoseph Rockwell was born on 23 Nov 1695. He died on 16 Oct 1746. Parents: Joseph ROCKWELL and Elizabeth DRAKE.

He was married to Hannah HUNTINGTON in 1714. Children were: Joseph ROCKWELL.

bullet Joseph ROCKWELL was born on 22 May 1670. He died on 26 Jun 1733. Parents: Samuel Rockwell and Mary NORTON.

He was married to Elizabeth DRAKE on 23 Jan 1694. Children were: Joseph Rockwell.

bullet Mary ROCKWELL(60) was born after 1744 in East Windsor, Connecticut. Parents: Joseph ROCKWELL and Anne Dodd.

Children were: Damaris GOODWIN, Naomi GOODWIN.

bulletRuth Rockwell was born in Aug 1633 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Parents: William Rockwell Deacon and Susanna Chapin.

She was married to Christopher HUNTINGTON on 7 Oct 1652 in Windsor, Connecticut. Children were: John Huntington .

bullet Samuel Rockwell was born on 28 Mar 1631 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He died in 1711 in Windsor, Connecticut.(4) Parents: William Rockwell Deacon and Susanna Chapin.

He was married to Mary NORTON on 7 Apr 1660. Children were: Joseph ROCKWELL.

bullet William Rockwell Deacon was born in 1591 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England. He was baptized on 6 Feb 1591. He died on 15 May 1640 in Windsor, Connecticut. William Rockwell came to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 on the ship "Mary and John" with the Winthrop emmigration. Much biographical information is available in the book "Rockwell" by Francis Williams Rockwell, published in Pittsfield, Ma. in 1924. Also in "Rockwell Family in America" by Henry Ensign Rockwell, published by Rockwell and Churchill, Publishers, Boston, Ma., 1924. Parents: John ROCKWELL and Honor Newton.

He was married to Susanna Chapin on 14 Apr 1624 in Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, England. Children were: Samuel Rockwell, Ruth Rockwell .

bullet William? Rockwell(4) died in 1577. He was buried on 27 Dec 1577 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England.

Children were: John ROCKWELL.

bulletBethia Rockwood? died on 20 Jul 1738 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Town of Wrentham Death Records, July 20, 1738, Bethiah Man.

She was married to William Man on 1 Dec 1701 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Children were: Michal Man.

bullet Charles A. Rogers was born on 1 Dec 1866. Parents: Isaac Newton Rogers and Harriet E. PITKIN.

bullet Elizabeth ROGERS was born in 1581. She died on 7 Oct 1681 in Windsor, Connecticut. Parents: Thomas Rogers.

She was married to John DRAKE about 1620 in England. Children were: John DRAKE Jr..

bullet Isaac Newton Rogers was born on 28 Feb 1842. He was the son of Robert G. Rogers and Rachel Jenkins.

He was married to Harriet E. PITKIN on 21 Dec 1865. Children were: Charles A. Rogers .

bullet Thomas Rogers died in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. (4) Thomas Rogers immigrated to Plymouth in 1620 on the "Mayflower"

Children were: Elizabeth ROGERS.

bulletRuth Ann Rohman was born on 13 May 1936.

She was married to Lt.Col, Robert George Dorsey on 28 Apr 1961 in Cumberland, Maryland. Children were: Thomas Brooks Dorsey, Robert Samuel Dorsey.

bullet Josephine Roleau Photo died in 1921 in Montpelier, Vermont. Josephine was the daughter of Edmund Roleau. She was known by the family as "Aunt Bo." Her great-granddaughter Shane Pitkin writes: "Josephine "Bo" Pitkin built a summer cottage on Cliff Island in 1910. It is currently still in the family, though also currently on the market. This was the house used in the movie "The Whales of August." Dad built a small log cabin on the property so he could retire on the island and have a winterized home.
We had a 24' twin keel sloop than we cruised in for many years. The 2.5' draft allowed for some interesting gunkholing. We often overnighted in Quahog Bay and ventured up the New Meadows on weekend sails. The two week cruises would take us downeast. These days I drive the coast and play tourist. My dog and I like Mt Batte in Camden. Traipsing through the streets in Boothbay Harbor reminds me of my cruising days. A lot has changed, but a lot remains the same. There is some comfort in that."
In 1919 she was a widow living at 146 Main St. in Montpelier.

She was married to Frank Ivan PITKIN. Children were: Perley PITKIN.

bullet Hannah Rolfe

Children were: Hannah Colburn.

bulletAlexander Shearn Romanchuk was born on 17 Mar 1992. Parents: Timothy Max Romanchuk and Michelle Anne Glaude .

bullet Nathaniel Max Romanchuk was born on 13 Apr 1983. Parents: Timothy Max Romanchuk and Michelle Anne Glaude .

bullet Nicholas George Romanchuk was born on 19 Oct 1984. Parents: Timothy Max Romanchuk and Michelle Anne Glaude .

bullet Timothy Max Romanchuk

He was married to Michelle Anne Glaude on 26 Apr 1980. Children were: Nathaniel Max Romanchuk , Nicholas George Romanchuk, Alexander Shearn Romanchuk.

bullet Dylan Severance ROOS was born on 28 Feb 1985 in San Francisco, California. Parents: Mark Roos and Sarah Beecher PITKIN.

bullet Emily ROOS was born on 2 Sep 1988 in San Francisco, California. Parents: Mark Roos and Sarah Beecher PITKIN.

bullet Mark Roos

He was married to Sarah Beecher PITKIN on 4 Jan 1982 in San Francisco, California. Children were: Dylan Severance ROOS, Emily ROOS.

bullet Nancy Rose was born about 1781.

She was married to Hon. Dan BRADLEY on 3 Feb 1805. Children were: Eunice BRADLEY, Walter BRADLEY, Charles BRADLEY, Isaac BRADLEY.

bullet Luella Louise Rosendahl was born on 10 Jul 1933 in Garner, Iowa.

She was married to Curtis Alan PITKIN on 16 Sep 1950 in Garner, Iowa. Children were: Michael Lynn PITKIN, Gregory Richard PITKIN, Nancy Dennae PITKIN , Alan Curtis PITKIN, Joan Marie PITKIN.

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