bullet Willis PITKIN was born on 1 Jun 1856. He died on 1 Oct 1864. Parents: Lucius M. PITKIN and Sarah B. Shepard.

bullet Edmund Plantagenet Earl of Leicester was born on 16 Jan 1245 in London, England. He died on 5 Jun 1296 in Bayonne, Bearn, France. He was buried on 15 Jul 1296 in Westminster Abbey. He gained the title of King Edmund of Sicily on 7 January 1254. He abdicated as King of Sicily in 1263. He gained the title of Earl of Leicester on 26 October 1265. He gained the title of 1st Earl of Lancaster on 30 June 1267. As a result of his marriage, Edmund 'Crouchback' Plantagenet, Earl of Leicester was styled as Comte de Brie in 1276. As a result of his marriage, Edmund 'Crouchback' Plantagenet, Earl of Leicester was styled as Comte de Champagne in 1276 Parents: Henry III King of England and Eleanor of Provence.

He was married to Blanche d'Artois before 3 Feb 1276. Children were: Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl of Lancaster.

bullet Elizabeth Plantagenet(2) was born about 1493 in Of Thaxted, Essex, England.(59)

She was married to Laurent LUMMYUS in 1511 in England. Children were: Thomas LUMMYS, William LUMMANSE.

bullet Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou(1) was born in 1113. He died in 1151. Plantagenet, surname, originally nickname, of the English royal house of Anjou or the Angevin dynasty, founded by Geoffrey IV, count of Anjou (1113-51), husband of Matilda (1102-67), daughter of King Henry I of England. The name is derived from the Latin planta (sprig) and genista (broom plant), in reference to the sprig that Geoffrey always wore in his cap. Reigning from 1154 to 1485, the Plantagenet kings, in the main line of descent, were Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, and Richard II; through the house of Lancaster, Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI; and through the house of York, Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III. Parents: Fulk V Count of Anjou and Eremburge.

He was married to Maud The Empress in 1129. Children were: Henry II King of England, Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Nantes, William PLANTAGENET Count of Poitou.

bullet Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Nantes died in 1157. Parents: Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou and Maud The Empress.

bullet Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl of Lancaster was born about 1281 in Grosmont Castle, Monmouthshire, Wales. He died on 22 Sep 1345 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. He was buried in Newark Abbey, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. He gained the title of Earl of Leicester on 29 March 1324. He gained the title of 3rd Earl of Lancaster on 26 October 1326. He gained the title of Lord of Beaufort and Nogent circa 1336 Parents: Edmund Plantagenet Earl of Leicester and Blanche d'Artois.

He was married to Matilda de Chaworth before 2 Mar 1297. Children were: Lady Joan Plantagenet.

bullet Joan Plantagenet Parents: Edward I King of England and Eleanor of Castile.

Children were: Margaret de Clare.

bulletLady Joan Plantagenet was born about 1312. She died on 7 Jul 1345. She was buried in Byland Abbey, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl of Lancaster and Matilda de Chaworth.

She was married to Sir John de Mowbray 3rd Lord Mowbray after 28 Feb 1327. Children were: Eleanor Mowbray.

bullet Princess Elizabeth PLANTAGENET died in 1316. Parents: Edward I King of England and Eleanor of Castile.

Children were: Lady Margaret de Bohun.

bulletWilliam PLANTAGENET Count of Poitou died in 1164. Parents: Geoffrey PLANTAGENET Count of Anjou and Maud The Empress.

bullet Debby Plunkett It's all a lot to digest, but believe it or not, I follow every word you say because I have been trying to understand all this for a while! I found your website when I found a picture of Adeline's dad on Ancestry and you had made a comment on the middle name. You posted your website, and I checked it out.
I have a friend who is a genealogist and she did a direct pedigree of my parents for me...but she did not fill in any family tree information, or branches. So, I have started filling in all of that.
I have been trying to find out why Charles Gardner Fisher's wife is so elusive. I had not heard anything about her going mad, until I read the letter on your website. I keep seeing trees with her named as "Ella." I have seen no hard evidence of this. His son, my 3rd great grandfather, was Charles George Fisher. It is on the 1870 Census, I see his mother listed as Ella. So I believe that, I just don't know her maiden name.
I've seen some Illinois information about a Charles C Fisher married to a Luella...and the dates look legit...but that changes "Gardner's" middle initial...which could be a mispell...it's in handwriting. I want to dismiss it, but I know that even though Charles George Fisher was born in Nashville, he died in Illinois.
Charles George Fisher was married to Cecilia Baker..they had a bunch of kids...including, yet, another Charles Fisher. Their child, Georgia Elizabeth Fisher (who went by Georgie) is my great grandmother. She married King Tinnin (her second marriage). They had a few kids, and Benny King Tinnin was my grandpa. He was born in 1929. When he was an adult, I'm assuming before he married my grandma, he changed the spelling of his last name to "Tinnon." I asked him about this, years ago, and he told me that it was because when he was younger, there was some murder that made national news that involved someone who was unrelated, but had the name of Tinnin....he said he wanted no association to that. I have searched for information that would coincide with that...and I found some old newspaper that had a story about a murder of a lady, over her insurance money. Her lawyer had hired an "Albert Tinnin" to kill this lady. I think that was the story that my grandpa spoke of because Grandpa had a half-brother Albert Robertson...and although his last name was not Tinnin, he grew up in the TInnin household. Anyways...my grandpa married Naomi Short and they had 4 kids....my mom is one of them.
I trust most of the information up through Charles George Fisher and Cecilia Baker. The picture that I have found on Ancestry of Charles George Fisher looks so much like my grandpa, that it's uncanny. And his wife fits some of the faces in our family, too.
I'd include a picture of my grandpa, but I don't have a digital file of one. He passed away several years ago. He was born in Nashville.
I'm in touch with some Fishers, and am in the process of trying to get pictures of Charles George Fisher's dad.
Also, if you are interested in connecting with Fishers, there are a lot of us out there. There is a Tinnin/Fisher reunion in Goodlettsville, Tennessee (15 minutes north of Nashville) the Sunday before Labor Day. From what I understand, they do this every year and have since my mother was a child.
As of right now, that is all I can think of to tell you. I will close with a picture of "Charles G. ("Gardner?") Fisher's son...Charles George Fisher.
Thanks for the quick reply!
Debby Plunkett

Parents: Daughter Tinnon.

bullet Jennie A. Poland

She was married to Perley Peabody PITKIN on 26 Jul 1886 in Montpelier, Vermont.

bullet Caleb Pomeroy Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bullet Eldad Pomeroy(2) Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bullet Eltweed Pomeroy was born in 1585.(2) Parents: Richard Pomeroy and Eleanor .

He was married to Margery Rockett on 7 May 1629. Max E. Sauerbry (member of Compuserve Genealogy Forum) Children were: Eldad Pomeroy, John Pomeroy, John Pomeroy, Medad POMEROY Deacon, Caleb Pomeroy, Mary Pomeroy, Joshua Pomeroy, Joseph Pomeroy.

He was married to Lydia (Brown) Parsons on 30 Nov 1667.

bullet Henry Pomeroy was born in 1531.(2)

Children were: Richard Pomeroy.

bulletJohn Pomeroy(2). Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bulletJohn Pomeroy. Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bulletJoseph Pomeroy. Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bulletJoshua Pomeroy. Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bulletMary Pomeroy was born on 15 Feb 1684. She died on 18 Sep 1773. Death date obtained from Max E. Souerbry via Compuserve genealogy forum Parents: Medad POMEROY Deacon and Experience WOODWARD .

She was married to Samuel BENTON on 12 Jan 1704. Max Sauerbry gives marriage date as 2 Jan 1705 Children were: Medad BENTON, Jonathan Benton, Timothy BENTON, Mary BENTON, Samuel BENTON, Sarah BENTON.

bullet Mary Pomeroy Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

bullet Medad POMEROY Deacon was born on 19 Aug 1638 in Windsor, Connecticut. He died on 30 Dec 1716 in Northampton, Massachusetts. He resided at in Northampton, Massachusetts. Parents: Eltweed Pomeroy and Margery Rockett.

He was married to Experience WOODWARD on 21 Nov 1661. Children were: Mary Pomeroy.

bullet Richard Pomeroy(2) was born in 1560. Parents: Henry Pomeroy and Anna Huckmore .

Children were: Eltweed Pomeroy.

bulletAsa Alvis Pond was born in 1879. He died in 1957.

He was married to Vera Mae Decker.

bullet Daniel Pond died on 4 Feb 1698. Parents: Robert Pond and Mary.

He was married to Abigail Shepard. Children were: Ephraim Pond .

bullet Ephraim Pond III was born on 22 Sep 1711 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Town of Wrentham Birth Record: Sept 22, 1711, Ephraim Pond, son of Ephraim and Mary Pond. Parents: Ephraim Pond II and Mary Colbourn.

He was married to Michal Man on 22 Sep 1736 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Marriage Records of Wrentham, MA. Sept. 22, 1736, Ephraim Pond, Jr. married Michal Man. Children were: Ketura Pond.

bullet Ephraim Pond II was born on 21 Oct 1686. Birth Record, Town of Wrentham, MA. Oct. 21, 1686, Ephraim Pond, son of Ephraim and Deborah Pond. Parents: Ephraim Pond and Deborah Hawes.

He was married to Mary Colbourn on 1 Nov 1710. Marriages Registered in Boston. Nov. 1, 1710, Ephraim Pond and Mary Colbourn, both of Wrentham by the Hon. Sam'l Sewell, Esq. Justice of the Peace. Children were: Ephraim Pond III.

bullet Ephraim Pond was born about 1656. He was baptized on 6 Jul 1656. He died on 22 Dec 1704 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Parents: Daniel Pond and Abigail Shepard.

He was married to Deborah Hawes on 6 Jan 1685. Children were: Ephraim Pond II.

bullet Ketura Pond was born on 20 Dec 1738 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Town of Wrentham Birth Record, Dec. 20, 1838, Keturah Pond, daughter of Ephraim and Michal. She died on 11 Mar 1769 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Town of Wrentham Death Records Mar. 11, 1769, Keturah Fisher. Parents: Ephraim Pond III and Michal Man.

She was married to Timothy Fisher on 2 Oct 1755 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Marriage record Town of Wrentham: Oct 2, 1755, Timothy Fisher and Keturah Pond. Children were: Capt. Lewis Fisher, Cyrus Fisher.

bullet Robert Pond resided at Dedham in Massachussetts.

He was married to Mary. Children were: Daniel Pond.

bullet Alice Poor was born in 1618. She died in 1680.

Children were: Joseph Little.

bulletMiriam Pope Photo.

She was married to William McKelvey King. Children were: Ronald King.

bullet Damaris Porter Damaris was the daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Goodwin) Porter, who settled at New Hartford.

She was married to Ensign Caleb PITKIN. Children were: Caleb PITKIN, Stephen PITKIN, Dorothy PITKIN, Damaris PITKIN, John PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Timothy PITKIN.

bullet Roxanna PORTER was born on 25 Dec 1768 in Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 18 Jul 1857 in Marshfield, Vermont. Roxanna was the daughter of Hezekiah Porter and Sarah Carver. At the time of the 1850 census, at the age of 82, she was living with the family of her daughter, Louisa Underhill. Also living in the household at that time were Hiram and Sabrina Potter (Porter?) aged 40 and 41, and Jane and Hannah Howard, aged 12 and 73.

She was married to Martin PITKIN in Feb 1792 in East Hartford, Connecticut?. Children were: Owen PITKIN, Harriet PITKIN , Harris PITKIN, Harris Pitkin , Abigail PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Louisa PITKIN.

bullet Thankful Porter was born in 1734. She died on 3 May 1806.

She was married to Nathaniel PITKIN. Children were: Nathaniel PITKIN , Thankful PITKIN, David PITKIN, Samuel PITKIN.

bullet Susannah Potter was born in Jul 1748. She died on 21 Aug 1789 in Waterborough, Maine. She was buried in Waterborough, Maine.

Children were: Polly or Mary PERRY, Joshua PERRY, Mehitabel PERRY, Hazen PERRY, Anthony Potter PERRY, John PERRY, Rev. Nathaniel Perry Sr., Hannah PERRY, Martha PERRY.

bulletDr. Albert Quincy Pottle died in 1904. Dr. Pottle practiced medicine in Island Pond, Vermont

He was married to Angeline Glanville McKelvey on 10 May 1882 in Island Pond, Vermont. Lois Webster gives marriage location as Manchester, NH. Children were: Lavinia Glanville "Pink" Pottle.

bullet Lavinia Glanville "Pink" Pottle was born on 22 Jun 1885 in Island Pond, Vermont. She died on 28 Feb 1974 in Arlington, Massachusetts. Pink attended Northfield Seminary. She never married, and when her mother died in 1919, she went to live with her cousin Adelaide McKelvey Shores in Whitefield, New Hampshire. Pink inherited a house in Boston from her aunt and she and Adelaide resided there. Parents: Dr. Albert Quincy Pottle and Angeline Glanville McKelvey.

bullet Almeda Powers

She was married to Simeon Bliss in 1818. No children.

bullet Archie Wayne Powers Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet Delsie Loretta Powers Delsie married Eugene Allard in 1939. They lived in Rhode Island and had two children, Kenneth Wayne, and Elaine Kathrine. Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet Elmer E. Powers Elmer was from Woodbury, the son of David A. Powers and Lydia A. Burnham.

He was married to Etta M. BEMIS in 1885. Children were: Eva M. Powers, Glenn Powers, George D. Powers, Ethel L. Powers.

bullet Elmer Richard Powers Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet Ethel L. Powers Parents: Elmer E. Powers and Etta M. BEMIS.

She was married to Wavie T. Sulham . She was divorced from Wavie T. Sulham. Children were: Charlotte Sulham, Ellsworth Sulham.

She was married to Clifton Bailey. Children were: Wanda Bailey, Wendon Bailey.

bullet Ethel Rose Powers Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet Eva M. Powers died on 12 Jan 1936. Parents: Elmer E. Powers and Etta M. BEMIS.

She was married to Harley Wheeler. Children were: Ethel G. Wheeler.

bullet Evangeline May Powers Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet Franklin James Powers Parents: George D. Powers and Emma Boulris.

bullet George D. Powers George was a farmer on his father's farm. Parents: Elmer E. Powers and Etta M. BEMIS.

He was married to Emma Boulris. Children were: Delsie Loretta Powers, Virginia Emma Powers , Glenn Oliver David Powers, Evangeline May Powers, Elmer Richard Powers , Franklin James Powers, George Erwin Powers, Ralph Vernon Powers, Archie Wayne Powers, Ray Allen Powers, Lou Clemence Powers, Ruth Elaine Powers, Ethel Rose Powers.

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