bullet Sarah PITKIN was born in 1816 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 10 Apr 1847. Parents: Owen PITKIN and Betsy Dodge.

She was married to Dr. Joel Warner on 1 Jan 1835. Children were: Henry Warner.

bullet Sarah PITKIN Sarah married Henry Johnstone on July 25, 1674. Parents: Francis PITKIN and Elizabeth.

bullet Sarah PITKIN was born on 26 Mar 1698. She died on 18 Dec 1801. Parents: William PITKIN and Elizabeth Stanley.

bullet Sarah PITKIN was born on 28 Nov 1702. She died on 6 Jun 1784. Sarah married Eleazur Porter. Parents: William PITKIN and Elizabeth Stanley.

bullet Sarah Pitkin was born on 17 Mar 1801. She died on 9 Jul 1867. Unmarried. Parents: Ezekiel Pitkin and Hannah Chapman.

bullet Sarah PITKIN was born on 20 Sep 1838. She died on 3 Dec 1855. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Lucinda Smith.

bullet Sarah Beecher PITKIN Photo was born on 25 Jun 1958. Sarah attended Twinfield High School in Marshfield, Vermont, Yale University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She and her husband were partners in BBI, a company which designed and installed sound systems. Sarah was actively involved in the operation of the company. They resided in San Francisco. Parents: Ronald Robert PITKIN and Ellen Dean Beecher.

She was married to Mark Roos on 4 Jan 1982 in San Francisco, California. Children were: Dylan Severance ROOS, Emily ROOS.

bullet Sarah D. Pitkin Photo was born about 1832. The 1850 census listed Sarah at age 17, her brother Dan at 19 years and Roxanna at 15 years of age. She was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Sarah married David T. Jameson. Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

She was married to David Jameson.

bullet Sarah E. PITKIN was born about 1871 in Bogata, SA. Parents: Rev. Paul Henry PITKIN Jr. and Rebekah Ellen Pierce .

bullet Sarah F. PITKIN was born on 9 Jun 1821. She died on 21 Sep 1822. Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

bullet Sarah F. PITKIN was born on 24 Jul 1823. She died on 24 Aug 1824. Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

bullet Sarah P. PITKIN was born on 21 Feb 1794. She died on 20 Oct 1870. Sarah married Hon. James F. Baldwin. Parents: Samuel PITKIN and Sarah Parsons.

bullet Scott Francis PITKIN was born on 7 Jul 1961 in Forest City, Iowa. Scott was a distributor for 3-M Corporation. He lived in Forest City, Iowa, and was unmarried as of January, 1997. Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt.

bullet Sean Garrett PITKIN was born on 5 Mar 1982 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Rand Luverne PITKIN and Myrna Jane Koehler.

bullet Selah Pitkin was born in 1766. He died in 1782. Unmarried. Selah was in the War of the Revolution, was taken prisoner, and died in the Prison Ship. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

bullet Seth Pitkin was born in 1764. He died in 1819. Unmarried. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

bullet Seth Edward PITKIN Photo was born on 29 Jan 1960 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Seth attended Johnson State College in Vermont and later Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He enjoyed traveling during his college years, traversing the country several times, and spending a summer traveling in Alaska with a group of students from Goddard College. After graduating from college, he worked at odd jobs for a year or so, and eventually found employment with Martin Johnson's engineering company in Montpelier, where his father, Belmont, was working at the time. Seth was a hydro-geologist, usually working in the area of environmental remediation. Later employed by Stone Environmental Engineering. Seth and Susan lived first in the Yamamoto house in Marshfield, Vt., later in a house on Thistle Hill in Cabot, and still later in East Montpelier. In 1992, he entered a graduate program at the University of Ontario at Waterloo, and the family resided there for about 18 months while he worked on an M.S. degree in hydro-geology. They returned to the house on Thistle Hill for a short time, and in the summer of 1994, purchased a house on the Cabot Plains Road in Cabot. Parents: Belmont Royce PITKIN and Clotilde Whitney DORMAN.

He was married to Susan Jean CURLEY on 3 Jan 1987 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Molly Elizabeth PITKIN, Rachael Whitney PITKIN .

bullet Seth Rand PITKIN was born on 5 Mar 1982 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Rand Luverne PITKIN and Myrna Jane Koehler.

bullet Shamus Ray PITKIN was born on 2 Mar 1977 in Charles City, Iowa. Parents: Rand Luverne PITKIN and Myrna Jane Koehler.

bullet Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN Karen changed her name to Shane Pitkin.

"Hey, Caleb.
Ancestral photos are interesting. You never know whose nose or jaw line you'll recognize looking backwards. Studying genealogy is like star gazing. What you're looking at happened many years ago, yet the image creates an effect on the your present.

My mother was Rhoda Lee Nicholson from Massapequa NY. Her parents were Edward Lawrence Nicholson and Tusha Rhoades Nicholson.
My dad's second wife was Carolyn Brown. She was Carolyn Brown Lockwood when they married. They did not have children together.
Dad's mother's name was Sylvia Sherman. I don't know if she had a middle name. I believe her mother was a Drake.

Josephine "Bo" Pitkin built a summer cottage on Cliff Island in 1910. It is currently still in the family, though also currently on the market. This was the house used in the movie "The Whales of August." Dad built a small log cabin on the property so he could retire on the island and have a winterized home.

We had a 24' twin keel sloop than we cruised in for many years. The 2.5' draft allowed for some interesting gunkholing. We often overnighted in Quahog Bay and ventured up the New Meadows on weekend sails. The two week cruises would take us downeast. These days I drive the coast and play tourist. My dog and I like Mt Batte in Camden. Traipsing through the streets in Boothbay Harbor reminds me of my cruising days. A lot has changed, but a lot remains the same. There is some comfort in that.

Please stay in touch!


Parents: Dr. Frank Ivan PITKIN and Rhoda Lee Nicholson.

Children were: Farrah Pitkin , Tayler Pitkin, Skyler Pitkin Barden.

She was married to Michael T. Barden .

bullet Shane Francis PITKIN was born on 7 Nov 1974 in Ames, Iowa. Parents: Rand Luverne PITKIN and Myrna Jane Koehler.

bullet Sharon Louise PITKIN was born on 4 Aug 1954 in Davenport, Iowa. Parents: Allen Truman PITKIN and Jacqueline Joyce Brees .

bullet Shawn Scott PITKIN Photo was born on 23 Jul 1963 in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Parents: Donald Herridge PITKIN and Patricia Caldwell.

He was married to Barbara Ann Taggart. Children were: Eric Justin PITKIN.

bullet Sherril Marlin PITKIN was born on 12 Nov 1940 in Mason City, Iowa. Sherril served with the Army Corps of Engineers 1963 - 1965. He was a graduate of Iowa State University, and recieved a Masters Degree at Stanford University. He was a professional engineer consultant and manager of the C.H.2 M-Hill Div. office at Boise, Idaho. He lived at 179 Old Saybrook Dr., Boise, Idaho. Parents: Sherwood Otto PITKIN and Marion Lorenda Olson .

He was married to Susan Lombard Simpson on 1 Sep 1968 in Sacremento, California. Children were: Kristine Angola PITKIN, Brian Michael PITKIN .

bullet Sherwood Otto PITKIN Photo was born on 16 Aug 1914 in Miller, Iowa. He died on 2 Oct 2003. Sherwood was a farmer and lived at Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Austin Otto PITKIN and Nellie Sophie Schwartz.

He was married to Marion Lorenda Olson on 18 May 1938 in Garner, Iowa. Children were: Sherril Marlin PITKIN, Donna Elaine PITKIN, James Sherwood PITKIN.

bullet Shirley PITKIN was born about 1926 in Massachussetts. Parents: Paul Henry PITKIN and Bertha C..

bullet Simeon PITKIN was born on 22 Dec 1834 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 17 Jan 1843 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Dwinell Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

bullet Solomon PITKIN was born on 28 Mar 1767. He died on 18 Jul 1793. Unmarried. Parents: Squire Elisha PITKIN and Hannah Buel Pitkin.

bullet Solomon PITKIN was born on 15 Sep 1797. He died in Aug 1852. Solomon married Nancy Ives. Parents: Timothy PITKIN and Jerusha PITKIN.

bullet Sophia PITKIN was born on 22 Apr 1806. She died on 28 Mar 1838. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Ruth Case.

bullet Sophia PITKIN was born on 26 Jan 1839. Sophia never married. Parents: Orrin PITKIN and Julia Scoville.

bullet Stacey Ann PITKIN was born on 15 Jan 1956 in Forest City, Iowa. Stacey married James William Ott, Jr. (b.1955) in 1977 in Charles City, Iowa. They farmed in Rockford, Iowa, and had three children; Paul Eugene (b.1981), Gary Francis (b. 1985), and Daren Diane (b.1989). Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt.

bullet Hon. Stephen PITKIN was born on 29 Nov 1772 in Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 22 May 1834 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Stephen Pitkin came to Marshfield on March 1, 1795 with his brother Joshua and cousin Nathaniel (son of Nathaniel Pitkin and Thankful Porter). Presumably Stephen built a log cabin in that year. He returned to Hartford in 1796 to marry his cousin, Damaris Goodwin, and they moved immediately to Marshfield. He and Joshua worked in partnership during their first years in Marshfield. Their homes were only a few hundred yards apart and within a quarter of a mile of Caleb's homestead. On July 4, 1796, they raised the first framed barn in town near Joshua's cabin. This barn was to become the property of Joshua when the two dissolved their partnership a few years later. The following year, on June 26, 1797, Stephen and Caleb each had a barn raised. It wasn't until about 1802 that Stephen built a frame house for his family, the second frame house in Marshfield. Joshua raised his two story house on September 24, 1803, and kept a tavern there after 1805.
At the first Town Meeting, March 10 and 24, 1800, at Joshua's home, Stephen was elected 2nd selectman, Juryman to the Supreme Court, and moderator pro tem. In 1804 he was elected to the first of 13 terms in the legislature. He was a First Militia Captain, and later Major, and was Assistant County Judge for four years.
From the account book of his brother, Martin, it is apparent that Stephen was very much engaged in commercial ventures of all sorts. In the cold summer of 1816, when there was no harvest, he bought barrels of salmon at Montpelier, and sold it on credit to those who needed food, taking his pay in labor later on. His land transactions in Marshfield were considerable, and he built at least four mills in town over the years. In 1802 Stephen built a sawmill on Lye Brook at what is now Laird's pond. This mill was the only one in town, and the lumber used in all the nearby houses was sawed there. In 1812, he built the sawmill in what is now the village, and in 1818, a gristmill just downstream from the sawmill. According to Martin's account book, Stephen built a cider mill in 1820, which was framed in August of that year, and, in 1822, a clover mill a mile above the village. This was carried off in the great flood of September, 1828, but was evidently rebuilt thereafter by his son Stephen, and expanded to include a starch factory. This mill stood until it burned on the night of December 10, 1853. Stephen was also involved in many land transactions which may have provided him with some income. For a time, he seems to have been in a partnership with Horace Hollister in this business. In a petition to the Vermont legislature in 1796, Stephen signed his name as the owner of 3000 acres in Marshfield. His brother Joshua signed twice, once as 'Joshua Pitkin & Company,' (which may have been a partnership with Stephen) the owners of 2000 acres.
Stephen was a sugarmaker and was also interested in orcharding. He planted (or had planted for him) apple trees on ten acres of land which later became a part of the farm of his son Edwin. The orchard on the Edwin Pitkin farm eventually numbered 500 trees, one of the largest in Marshfield. Nearby this ten acres, on the farm now owned by Belmont Pitkin (1996) Stephen either built or purchased a cider mill which was probably located on what is now known as the Beaver Meadow Brook.
He was involved in a survey to explore the possibility of building a canal between the Wells River and the Winooski River through Marshfield. In the summer of 1829 he served as a guide to Araunah Waterman who was charged with finding possible sources of water for such a canal, and for laying out a route. Nothing ever came of this project.
Hannah Pitkin (Mrs. Stephen Pitkin, Jr.) wrote of her father-in-law; "He was very well educated for the times, and possessed of a strong mind and great energy. His keen eye, and commanding look gave evidence he was one to lead others, rather than one to be led. His influence was great in the business transactions of the town." Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Anna STANLEY.

He was married to Damaris GOODWIN in 1796. Children were: Horace PITKIN, Edwin PITKIN, Truman PITKIN, Stephen PITKIN Jr., Cynthia PITKIN, Wesley PITKIN, Leonora PITKIN, Mary Ann PITKIN, William PITKIN, Laura PITKIN, Laura PITKIN, Jerusha PITKIN, Clarissa Pitkin.

bullet Stephen PITKIN Jr. was born on 8 Jan 1802 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 2 Jan 1854 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Stephen Pitkin and his wife initiated the movement in Marshfield to establish the Methodist Church there, having previously joined with the Methodist church in Cabot. They lived in the brick house on the common in Marshfield Village, and donated the land for the village cemetery which was located behind their house. Their adopted daughter, Eunice, was the first burial in that cemetery (?). Stephen's wife wrote of him after his death: "Stephen . . . was very unassuming in his manners, and very strong in his temperance and anti-slavery principles. He belonged to the old Liberty party when in this town; their caucuses were opened with prayer. He had a great aversion to pretension. He once lent his sleigh and harness to a man calling himself John Cotton, to go to Barnet, to be gone three days. Cotton was quite a stranger, having been in our place but 6 weeks, during which he had boarded with my husband's brother (Edwin), working for him a part of the time, and the rest of the time selling clocks he had purchased of a Mr. Bradford, in Barre. Four days went by. On inquiry, Mr. Pitkin found that the clocks had been purchased on trust, and sold for watches or money; that he owed $60 toward his horse, and that he had borrowed of the brother with whom he boarded, horse-blanket, whip and mittens. It seemed sure he was a rogue. What could be done? Pursuit was useless after such a lapse of time, Mr. P felt his loss severely; he had little property then, and what he had was the product of hard labor; but he always made his business a subject of prayer. About 3 weeks passed away. One evening, having been out some time, he came in, and with his characteristic calmness said, 'Hannah, I shall not worry any more about my sleigh and harness; I think I shall get them again. . . . I have been praying to God to arrest Cotton's conscience, so that he will be obliged to leave them where I can get them, and I believe he will do it,' and from this time, Wednesday evening, he seemed at rest on the subject. The next Tuesday morning as he stepped into the post-office, a letter was handed him from Littleton, H.H., written by the keeper of a public house there: 'Mr Pitkin - Sir: - Mr. John Cotton left your sleigh and harness here, and you can have them by calling for them. Yours, JOHN NEWTON.' He started for Littleton the same day, some 40 miles, found the sleigh and harness safe, with no encumbrance. The landlord said the Wednesday night previous, at 12 o'clock, a man calling himself John Cotton came to his house, calling for horse-baiting and supper. He would not stay till morning, but wished to leave the sleigh and harness for Mr. Pitkin of Marshfield, Vermont. He requested the landlord to write to Mr. Pitkin, and said he could not write, and that he took them for Mr. Pitkin on a poor debt, and started off at 2 o'clock at night, on horseback, with an old pair of saddlebags and a horse-blanket on a saddle with one stirrup, and no crupper, on one of the coldest nights of that winter. None of the other men to whom he was indebted received anything from him, or ever heard from him after."
Stephen operated a clover mill and starch factory (built by his father) across the Danville Road from is house on the Village Common. This mill burned in 1853, and Stephen rebuilt it thereafter.
In 1838, Stephen traveled to Ohio, probably to visit the family of his brother Horace. Andrew English recorded at the time: "Stephen Pitkin has just returned from the state of Ohio and says he is contented to stay in Vermont." Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

He was married to Hannah Chandler Davis on 31 May 1826 in Montpelier, Vermont. Children were: Jennie Blodgett, Eunice Sweney.

bullet Stephen PITKIN was born in 1753. He died in 1807. Stephen moved to Hampton, Washington County, New York at the close of the Revolution, and from there to Poultney, Vermont in 1790. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Anne Hills.

He was married to Abigail Buckland . Children were: Abigail PITKIN, Stephen C. PITKIN, Joseph PITKIN, Russell PITKIN, Rev. John PITKIN, Anna PITKIN.

He was married to Mrs. Amy Butler . Children were: David PITKIN, George PITKIN.

bullet Stephen PITKIN was born in 1734. He died on 15 Sep 1745. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Mary Lord.

bullet Stephen PITKIN was born on 19 Sep 1754. He died on 1 Nov 1833. Stephen married Jemima Tyler. Parents: Ensign Caleb PITKIN and Damaris Porter.

bullet Stephen PITKIN was born on 23 Feb 1787. He died on 11 Aug 1817. Unmarried. Parents: Squire Elisha PITKIN and Hannah Buel Pitkin.

bullet Stephen C. PITKIN was born in 1786. He died in 1812. Unmarried Parents: Stephen PITKIN and Abigail Buckland.

bullet Stephen Goodwin PITKIN was born on 25 May 1834. Stephen and his family lived in Chicago, where he was a member of the firm Pitkin and Vaughan Co., printers and engravers. Parents: Wesley PITKIN and Sarah W. DAVIS.

He was married to Mary Jane Soden on 15 Oct 1857. Children were: Mary E. PITKIN , Walter Soden PITKIN, Stephen W. PITKIN.

bullet Stephen W. PITKIN was born on 27 Jun 1866. Parents: Stephen Goodwin PITKIN and Mary Jane Soden.

bullet Susan PITKIN was born on 26 Jul 1802 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 1 Nov 1881. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Hannah Marsh.

She was married to Charles Storrs on 30 Jun 1831. Children were: Martha L. Storrs , Asahel S. Storrs, Charles A. Storrs, Susan M. Storrs, Orvis Storrs.

bullet Susan Renee PITKIN was born on 31 Dec 1953 in Forest City, Iowa. Susan married Wayne Lee Buhr (b. 1950) in 1978 in Charles City, Iowa. They had two children; Tessa Renee (b.1981), and Abigail Louise (stillborn, 1984). Susan and Wayne were divorced. She was employed by the Waterloo Public schools in the media distribution unit. He was a self employed auto body mechanic. They lived in Waterloo, Iowa. Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt.

bullet Susannah PITKIN was born on 21 Oct 1774. Susannah married William Flagg. Parents: Daniel PITKIN and Susannah Stanley.

bullet Susie C. PITKIN was born on 26 Dec 1865. Parents: Horatio PITKIN and Caroline Glosser.

bullet Suzette PITKIN Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN Jr..

bullet Sylvester PITKIN was born on 29 Jun 1790. He died on 18 Dec 1865. Sylvester married Hannah Randall and second, Mary A. Clark. He moved from East Hartford, Connecticut to Pawlet, Vermont in 1815. He was a carpenter and builder. He was commissioned Captain of a militia company in Vermont. No children. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Esther Kilbourn.

bullet Sylvia PITKIN was born on 8 Jun 1928 in Montpelier, Vermont. She died on 6 Feb 1979 in Somers Pt., New Jersey. Sylvia married Mac McLennan. No children. Parents: Perley PITKIN and Sylvia Sherman.

bullet Tayler Pitkin Photo was born on 5 Jan 1979. (Received 12/9/07)
Hello Caleb and family,
My name is Tayler Pitkin Barden and I am Shane (Karen) Pitkin's oldest son. I grew up on Cliff Island, ME, and was an ocean farmer (lobsterman) until I went to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, and am still in the area today. My Grandfather Frank Ivan Pitkin passed away when I was about 16 years old. He was a great man in all aspects of his life and he taught me so much about life, hunting, fishing, music, and being a gentleman.
I have enjoyed reading through the family history on your website. It must have taken some time to build, and I must thank you. Hopefully someday we could meet. . . . . Also, Frank (or Grampa No, as we called him growing up) told me that the name Pitkin came from the English name "Pitcairne" or "Pitcairn" same as the island in the story "Mutiny on the Bounty." Happy Holidays, Tayler Pitkin Barden PS: Attached is a picture of myself with my fiancé Sarah. Everyone says I look exactly like Frank.

Cliff Island was an incredible place to grow up, but it had it's hardships. Riding a ferry for an hour and a half each way, twice a day, some days with broken heat, can really get to you. Leaving school early for an emergency last run down the bay because a squall kicked up was a bonus. I have never been to Phippsburg before. Sounds like I should go sometime and see for myself. Sarah is from Rangeley Maine, so we drive up and down alot. We live in North Easton, MA with plans to head to the Portland area as soon as possible. I do custom home theater and automation, and she's a event planner for a biogen company. I have an older sister Farrah Pitkin Frager (31), and a younger brother Skyler Barden (22). Farrah married Paul Frager and they have four children; Hailey, Lillian, Laini, and Eli. Skyler has no children, and neither do I (yet). Where in Vermont are you again? Frank was raised in Montpelier. I've been to Hardwick and Stowe before, but that's it for my VT experience. Very beautiful though.

Hello Caleb,

I was writing to let you know that since I wrote you the first time I have legally changed my last name to Pitkin. I had been meaning to do so for quite some time. I wish I had done it earlier in life because there would've been less explaining to do, but I'll get over it. If you could adjust the records to show that if you get a chance I would greatly appreciate it. Please, I would rather you just remove the Barden, rather than post this email so my name would show as 'Tayler Pitkin'. Thank you so much! I hope you are all well.

Tayler Pitkin
Audio Video Intelligence
519 Foundry Street
North Easton, MA 02356
Parents: Shane (Karen Martha) PITKIN.

He was married to Sarah Egerhei. Children were: Hanna Pitkin.

bullet Thankful Pitkin was born in 1723. She died in 1742. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Dorothy HILLS.

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