bullet Nancy PITKIN was born on 13 Jan 1796. She died on 13 Jul 1838. She married Jehial House in 1814. They had 12 children; Jerusha, Septarius, Louisa, David P., Huldah, Horace, Horace, William B., Augusta A., Virginia, Henry, and Charles. Parents: David PITKIN and Huldah Olmsted.

bullet Nancy Dennae PITKIN was born on 12 Jan 1957 in Mason City, Iowa. Nancy married Robert Hotchkin. They lived in Odessa, Texas. Parents: Curtis Alan PITKIN and Luella Louise Rosendahl .

bullet Naomi PITKIN was born on 8 Jul 1941. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Nathan H. PITKIN was born on 12 Jan 1848. He died on 24 Jul 1848. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Caroline Hand.

bullet Nathan Stanley PITKIN was born on 20 Feb 1800. He died in Aug 1859. Nathan moved to Ogdensburg, New York, where he built up a large stove and foundry business, in connection with which he had a bell foundry. Many of boats on the lakes and rivers in the area had bells which were cast by his foundry. Parents: Levi PITKIN and Abigail Beldon.

He was married to Esther (Eliza?) Davis in 1821. Children were: Esther PITKIN, Nathan Stanley PITKIN, Edward Powell PITKIN.

bullet Nathan Stanley PITKIN was born on 23 Sep 1826. He died on 10 Apr 1865. Residence, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Parents: Nathan Stanley PITKIN and Esther (Eliza?) Davis.

He was married to Frances J. Peabody on 12 Jan 1860. Children were: George Peabody PITKIN.

bullet Nathaniel PITKIN was born in 1670 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 20 Feb 1733. Nathaniel was appointed fence viewer for Hartford in 1699, and was appointed selectman for East Hartford in 1701. He was appointed Ensign by the General Assembly, May, 1716, in the militia company of his brother Ozias. Parents: William PITKIN and Hannah Goodwin.

He was married to Hester Hosmer in 1698. Children were: Nathaniel PITKIN, Hester PITKIN, Ann Pitkin, Dorothy PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Deborah PITKIN.

He was married to Elizabeth Whiting in 1710. Children were: Ruth PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN.

bullet Nathaniel PITKIN died in 1765. He was born in East Hartford, Connecticut. Nathaniel lived near the north end of the village of East Hartford, on quite an elevation, just north of Captain Martin Stanley's hat business. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Dorothy HILLS.

He was married to Thankful Porter. Children were: Nathaniel PITKIN, Thankful PITKIN, David PITKIN, Samuel PITKIN.

bullet Nathaniel PITKIN was born on 5 Sep 1757 in Connecticut. He died on 20 Feb 1812. On March 1, 1795 Nathaniel, his cousins Joshua and Stephen Pitkin, and Solomon Gilman, all from East Hartford, Connecticut, settled in Marshfield, Vermont. Nathaniel remained only a few years. He was a tanner, currier, and shoe maker. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Thankful Porter.

He was married to Esther Kilbourn on 20 Mar 1782. Children were: Anson PITKIN, Clarissa PITKIN, Olive PITKIN, Sylvester PITKIN, Harvey PITKIN, Hezekiah (Hez) PITKIN, Betsey PITKIN.

bullet Nathaniel PITKIN was born on 17 Sep 1699. Nathaniel never married. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Hester Hosmer.

bullet Nathaniel PITKIN was born on 9 Nov 1816. Nathaniel was a miller in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He married Mary J. Ellicott of Ellicott Mills, Virginia in 1842. They had a son, Harvey Ellicott (b. 1843) who married Charlotte McClure Whitehead. Parents: Harvey PITKIN and Ruth Parker .

bullet Nellie J. PITKIN was born on 9 Aug 1872. Parents: Edward Powell PITKIN and Julia Gott.

bullet Norman Turner Pitkin was born on 19 Sep 1833. Married Abby H. Weldon. Parents: Denison Palmer Pitkin and Phoebe Dunham Turner.

bullet Norval Austin PITKIN was born on 11 Jun 1916 in Miller, Iowa. He died on 30 Nov 1995 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Norval worked for Northwestern Cement Plant and Armour in Mason City. Spent 3 years farming in Rudd, then moved back to Clear City area to farm until he retired. He liked to hunt and fish, also enjoyed woodworking, making windchimes and repairing things. He resided at Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Austin Otto PITKIN and Nellie Sophie Schwartz.

He was married to Doris Irene Conibear on 20 Aug 1936 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Children were: Judith Ann PITKIN, Galen Norval PITKIN, David Winton PITKIN.

bullet Nylene Kay PITKIN was born on 4 Sep 1945 in Forest City, Iowa. Nylene married Merlyn Kay Trampel (b. 1945) in 1945 in Clear Lake, Iowa. She worked in the school cafeteria and he was a farmer and school bus driver. They lived in Rockwell Iowa and had two children; Lori (b. 1968) and Bradley (b. 1979). Parents: Virgil Kenneth PITKIN and Dorothy Lorraine Baker .

bullet Olive PITKIN was born on 16 Feb 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 9 May 1821 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: James PITKIN and Bethia Parker.

bullet Olive PITKIN was born on 15 Mar 1788. She died in 1857. Olive married Samuel Woodmansee. They moved from Greensboro, Vermont to Lake County, Indiana. Parents: Nathaniel PITKIN and Esther Kilbourn.

bullet Olive Emma PITKIN M.D. Photo was born on 10 Jul 1923 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Parents: Paul Eli PITKIN and Fannie HULETT.

She was married to Igor TAMM M.D. on 9 May 1953. Children were: Carol Elizabeth TAMM, Eric Alexander TAMM, Ellen Frances Tamm.

bullet Olive P. PITKIN was born on 25 Nov 1834 in Marshfield, Vermont. Olive took the teacher's examination and qualified to teach in Marshfield on May 20, 1852. Moody Bemis was superintendant of schools at the time, and administered the test. Parents: James PITKIN and Bethia Parker.

She was married to George A. Townsend on 2 Apr 1862 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Frank L. Townsend.

bullet Oliver PITKIN died in 1849. Graduated at Yale, 1787. Unmarried. Parents: William PITKIN and Abigail Church.

bullet Opal Darlene PITKIN was born on 10 Jul 1917. Opal married Knudt Andersen in 1936. She and her husband operated a large Walnut and prune ranch at Vina, California. They had six children; Nels, Darlene, Marion, Franklin, Arthur, and Karl. Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Orrin PITKIN was born on 29 May 1802 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 25 Apr 1879. Orrin was a member of the firm A. & O. Pitkin in Montpelier, Vermont with his brother, Alfred. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Ruth Case.

He was married to Julia Scoville on 23 Oct 1834. Children were: infant PITKIN, Sophia PITKIN, Emma Grant PITKIN, Julia Ann PITKIN.

He was married to Mrs. Susan (Cole) Whitcomb on 22 May 1850. Children were: Charles C. PITKIN.

bullet Orsamus Cassius Merrill PITKIN Photo was born on 20 Apr 1826 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 23 Sep 1870 in Calais, Vermont. Orsamus died after the horn of an ox penetrated his carotid artery. He was buried in East Calais Cemetery. O.C.M. Pitkin was named for Orsamus Cassius Merrill, a Vermont congressman, legislator, judge, state senator, and state's attorney. In 1850, Orsamus Pitkin purchased a half lot of land to the east of his father's farm for 1300 dollars. He bought this land (owned by Belmont and Clotilde Pitkin in 1996) from Horace Hollister, agreeing to pay 100 dollars per year on the mortgage. This arrangement may be an indication that Orsamus intended to own the land for an extended period and that he purchased it intending to make a farm out of it. He was single at the time, and only 24 years old. After his marriage the following year, he seems to have resided a short distance away in Calais, where he resided the rest of his life. In 1857 he sold the land to his sister Dorcas and her husband, Steven Wooster. There is no mention in this deed to any buildings of any kind, but the value had increased to 3000 dollars, an indication that Orsamus had made considerable improvements, either by clearing land, or by some construction.

The 1850 census of Marshfield, Vt. lists Orsamus, 24, as a labourer living in his father's household.

The 1860 census of Calais, Vt., lists Orsamus, 34 as a farmer with real estate valued at $6500, and personal estate valued at $1100. His houshold consisted of "Christina" B. Pitkin, 31, Cassius M. Pitkin, 8, Byron Pitkin, 4, Mary Bent, domestic, 26, John Haskell, farmer, 65, Polly Haskell, 63, John Q. Haskell, farmer, 27, with real estate valued at $3500, personal $1050, Andrew Haskell, farmer, 37, real estate $1600, personal $885, and Lovinia Batchelder, domestic, 26, personal estate of $200. Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

He was married to Chestina B. English on 16 Jul 1851. Children were: Cassius Merrill PITKIN, Byron Perley PITKIN, Harry PITKIN, Jennie C. PITKIN .

He was married to Hattie F. Wood on 1 May 1869.

bullet Owen PITKIN was born on 13 Nov 1792 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 28 Dec 1867 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. As a young man, Owen worked with his father, doing odd jobs in Marshfield. Later he was a farmer. He died in a fit. Parents: Martin PITKIN and Roxanna PORTER.

He was married to Betsy Dodge in 1813. Children were: Rebecca PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Ebenezer PITKIN, Emeline PITKIN, Betsy PITKIN, Roxy Ann PITKIN, William PITKIN.

He was married to Mary (Polly) (Greeley) Spencer in Sep 1856 in Marshfield, Vermont.

bullet Capt. Ozias PITKIN was born in Sep 1679 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 29 Jan 1747. Ozias was chosen constable of Hartford, December 23, 1703, and selectman, December 8, 1709. In 1715, he was chosen by the town to keep a public house of entertainment for strangers and travellers. He was appionted by the General Assembly, 1714, Captain of the militia company, Hartford, East Side. He was repeatedly elected to the Colonial Assembly, and in 1725 was appointed Associate Judge of Hartford County, and held the office till 1735, when he was chosen Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In 1727 he was chosen a member of the Colonial council, and so remained till his death in 1746, a period of nineteen years. He was chosen Commissioner of War in defense of New London in 1740, and again Commissioner of War in defense of frontier towns in 1743. Parents: William PITKIN and Hannah Goodwin.

He was married to Elizabeth Green in 1702. Children were: George PITKIN, George PITKIN, Abigail PITKIN, Samuel Pitkin, Ozias PITKIN, Elizabeth PITKIN, Mary PITKIN, Hannah PITKIN, Martha PITKIN.

He was married to Esther (Burnham) Cadwell. Children were: Isaac PITKIN, Ruth PITKIN, Daniel PITKIN, James PITKIN.

bullet Ozias PITKIN was born on 10 May 1710. He died in 1761. Parents: Capt. Ozias PITKIN and Elizabeth Green.

He was married to Theodosia Bull. Children were: Samuel PITKIN, Gift PITKIN, Content PITKIN, Ozias PITKIN, Theodosia PITKIN.

bullet Ozias PITKIN was born on 9 Oct 1757. Unmarried. Parents: Ozias PITKIN and Theodosia Bull.

bullet Ozias PITKIN was born on 6 Jul 1778. He died on 17 Jan 1849. Ozias married Hannah Olmsted. The following is taken from a handwritten account by an unknown author (a xerox of the complete account is in the possession of Caleb Pitkin in 1997): "Although not a sister of my father Hannah Olmsted was his cousin and she always said he was as near and dear as a brother and we knew no difference between her and our own aunt. She married Ozias Pitkin, a brother of Ralph and Daniel, who was as full of nerves as she was free from them, and the "hypo of Uncle Zi" was a common subject of conversation when I was a little girl, and he was driven by a flood to take refuge with us, for thier home was in the North Meadow of East Hartford. Perhaps his ailments were more serious than was supposed for Aunt Hannah was soon left a widow. They had two sons, Waldo and Robert, who were devoted to their mother, and later they added to her low set house a front part which was raised several feet from the ground higher than the first. . . ." Parents: Daniel PITKIN and Susannah Stanley.

bullet Ozias Cornwall PITKIN(56) (57) Photo was born on 22 Feb 1863 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 15 Oct 1950 in Marshfield, Vermont. He was buried in Durant Cemetery, Cabot, Vermont. Ozias attended the Marshfield village school, and also attended Goddard Seminary in Barre for one term. After leaving Goddard, he became clerk in Leo Putnam's store in Marshfield, and lived in a room over the store.
When he was 17, Ozias moved to Winnebago City, Minnesota, where he worked for his brother-in-law, Silas Packer on his farm. He returned to Marshfield for a short time before moving again at the age of 19 to Kewanee (?), Illinois where he clerked in a store owned by Mr. Quin. In October 1884 he went to Los Angeles, California where he worked with a group of seven surveyors. He joined the group as a stake driver and was head chainman when he left for Marshfield in June 1885.
Ozias and Olive began their married life farming on the Daniel Bemis farm on Knob Hill in Marshfield, which he purchased from his father for $800, and it was there that their first child, Fred, was born. Ozias tapped 700 sugar trees on the 110 acre farm, and kept 15 cattle.
In 1888, they moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where several other young families from Marshfield had moved. Ozias secured a position as bookkeeper, and some months later as an assistant in a law office. While working there he studied Pitman shorthand. Later he worked in the City Surveyor's office where he did drafting, and later did transit work running lot lines and determining street levels. In 1895, his salary had reached $90 per month, not enough with which to build a house for his family. His father died suddenly of pneumonia in April, 1894, and the following year the family moved back to Marshfield permanently. Ozias rented all but the two front rooms of his mother's house, and the family lived there until 1902.
Soon after returning to Marshfield Ozias supervised the laying of Marshfield's first large sewer system. He also did much surveying. Two or three summers Ozias worked for Joe Mears on his farm, and two or three summers he worked on the town roads for $1.50 per day. During three sugar seasons he did the boiling and sugaring-off for Silas Packer who tapped 900 maple trees.
In 1886 Ozias served a year as superintendent of schools in Marshfield. About 1889 he was elected a member of the board of school directors for three years.
Ozias did not approve of secret organizations. In this light, either of two interpretations might be given to the strange fact that about 1918 he was elected master of the Grange, and before his term had expired the Grange ceased to exist in Marshfield.
In February 1902 Ozias purchased the Levi Benton farm, and in 1908, he moved to the neighboring farm in Cabot, known as the Abel Morrill farm (The Pines). Engaging Dennis Lamberton and his heavy team, he straightened the river. Ozias' fame as a land engineer spread to Cabot and he was hired to ditch and drain some land north of the high school.
For a few years before 1920, Ozias and Howard Carpenter worked together as appraisers for the Federal Land Bank in Springfield, Massachusetts. They traveled to farms all over Washington County, and made recommendations to the bank for farm loans.
In 1920, Howard and Ozias assumed a mortgage on the Levi Pitkin farm. For one or two summers, Howard cut and stored the hay there, and sold it over the following winters. In 1923 (?) the two men dissolved their partnership and Ozias retained ownership of the farm.
On February 12, 1932, Olive's sister, Clara Fifield, died leaving Olive her house in Marshfield Village. In 1936 Ozias and Olive moved there. To keep Ozias intellectually occupied, Fred conceived the idea of writing a history of Marshfield, which project the two worked on for a number of years. In 1940, they published a volume.

Parents: Eli Swetland PITKIN and Lydia Austin BEMIS.

He was married to Olive Jane SEVERANCE on 6 Jul 1885 in Wauregan, Connecticut. Children were: Fred Elbert PITKIN, Paul Henry PITKIN, Paul Eli PITKIN, John PITKIN, Muriel PITKIN, Percy John PITKIN, Royce Stanley PITKIN Ph.D., Victor Ellsworth PITKIN Ph.D..

bullet Ozias Cornwall PITKIN was born on 2 May 1827. Ozias graduated from Dartmouth College in 1847, was principal of People's Academy in Morrisville, Vermont for 2 years, principal of Taunton (Massachusetts) High School form 1849 thru 1854, principal of Chelsea (Massachusetts) High School for 16 years, and later was a manufacturing chemist in Syracuse, New York. His name, and the names of his children, Elizabeth, Carrie, and Mary, were given to the children of his second cousin, Eli Pitkin. Parents: Deacon Alfred PITKIN and Orpah Washburn.

He was married to Caroline Monroe Muenscher on 22 Mar 1852. Children were: Charles A. PITKIN, Elizabeth M. PITKIN, Carrie E. PITKIN, Jennie PITKIN, Mary S. PITKIN.

bullet Paul Eli PITKIN Photo was born on 21 Aug 1891 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He died on 20 Apr 1979 in Bennington, Vermont. He was buried in Bennington, Vermont. Paul grew up in Marshfield and attended the Marshfield schools. Like his brother, Fred, Paul worked for his father until the age of twenty-one, and then went on to Goddard Seminary in Barre. He served in World War I and then graduated from Middlebury College in 1919 at the age of 28. He was a member of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. Paul was superintendent of schools in West Charleston and McIndoes Falls. He moved to Bennington in 1927 and worked as an insurance agent for many years. He worked at Union Carbide Corp. during World War II. He sang regularly in his church choir and had a lifelong interest in music. He was a member of the Second Congregational Church. He enjoyed working in his shop, producing many useful objects. Paul was the favorite uncle to all his nieces and nephews. He never lost his enthusiasm for entertaining children, and even at a very advanced age could still walk on his hands, juggle, and walk on stilts. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Olive Jane SEVERANCE.

He was married to Fannie HULETT on 5 Jun 1920 in Springfield, Vermont. Children were: Frances Hulett PITKIN, Olive Emma PITKIN M.D. .

bullet Paul Henry PITKIN Photo was born on 4 Mar 1890 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He died on 3 Sep 1891 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Olive Jane SEVERANCE.

bullet Rev. Paul Henry PITKIN Jr. was born on 30 Oct 1841 in Milfordtown, Ohio. He died in 1925 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Went with his wife Rebekah N. Pitkin as a missionary to Bogata, Columbia. Their daughter Sarah was born there about 1871. Their younger daughter Cora was born in Vermont about 1874, and at the time of the 1880 federal census they were living in Marshfield Village, Vermont. where he was a clergyman and school teacher in the village school.

A distant cousin, Ozias Pitkin and his wife Olive Severance Pitkin named one of their sons in honor of Rev. Paul Henry Pitkin.

In 1900, H. Paul Pitkin, professor, born Oct 1841 in Ohio was living at 629 Chestnut St. in Springfield MA with his wife of 31 years, E. Rebekah Pitkin, born Aug. 1846 in Vermont, daughter Cora, born Dec 1873 in Vermont, son H. Paul, Jr, born Mar 1886, sister-in-law H. Alice Pierce, born Nov. 1882 (17 yrs old), single, and three Cuban and Puerto Rican students.

In 1910, Paul, Rebekah, and Paul, Jr. were living at 619 Chestnut St. in Springfield. Paul and Rebekah were school teachers and Paul, Jr. was an assistant secretary at a lumber company. They had a servant, Mary Murphy, 28, living in the household.

In 1920, Paul and Rebekah were still in Springfield at 619 Chestnut St. He was a professor at the school of languages. Parents: Rev. John PITKIN and Eliza W. Wilson.

He was married to Rebekah Ellen Pierce on 2 Jun 1869 in Chester, Vermont. Children were: Sarah E. PITKIN, Cora M. PITKIN, Paul Henry PITKIN.

bullet Paul Henry PITKIN was born on 19 Mar 1886 in Massachussetts. He died in 1949 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Parents: Rev. Paul Henry PITKIN Jr. and Rebekah Ellen Pierce.

He was married to Bertha C.. Children were: Meredith C. PITKIN, Shirley PITKIN.

bullet Percy John PITKIN Photo was born on 2 Aug 1897 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 8 Jan 1961 in Dakin Farm, Ferrisburg, Vermont. He was buried on 6 May 1961 in Rochester, Vermont. Percy grew up on the Benton and Morrill farms in Marshfield and Cabot. He attended school in Marshfield and Goddard seminary in Barre. He graduated from Tufts College in Medford, Massachusetts in 1923. Percy worked for Mobile Oil Company for 36 years, near the end of that time as sales representative for the Burlington district. Percy had an active interest in farming. He purchased the Dakin Farm in Ferrisburg where he built up a maple syrup business which he sold to Sam Cutting about 1959. Percy was active in the community, serving at various times as president of the board of trustees of the Unitarian Church in Burlington, president of the Kiwanis Club, and a member of the Burlington Lodge 100. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Olive Jane SEVERANCE .

He was married to Gladys TUPPER on 16 Aug 1926 in Montpelier, Vermont.

bullet Perley PITKIN was born on 13 Mar 1891. He died on 15 Sep 1892. Parents: Byron Perley PITKIN and Ella D. Day.

bullet Perley PITKIN was born on 5 Jan 1892 in Montpelier, Vermont. In 1919, Perley lived with his widowed mother at 146 Main St., Montpelier, Vermont. Parents: Frank Ivan PITKIN and Josephine Roleau.

Some information about the family of Dr. Frank Pitkin was supplied by his daughters, Shane Pitkin and Holly O'Brien. Children were: Martha Polly PITKIN, Dr. Frank Ivan PITKIN, Sylvia PITKIN.

bullet Perley H. PITKIN was born on 7 Mar 1875. Parents: Horatio PITKIN and Clara Mease.

bullet Perley Peabody PITKIN Photo was born on 9 Mar 1826 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died in 1891. As his mother was very ill when he was young, Perley was brought up under the direction of his maternal grandfather, General Parley Davis. He went to California in 1851 in the gold rush. He entered service in the Civil War in 1862 and was in charge of provisioning about one hundred thousand troops. He did his job so capably that he was asked to serve as Vermont's quartermaster general, which he did from 1864 until 1870. In 1865 he became a founding partner in Lane Manufacuring Company in Montpelier, Vermont, which for a time was a leading manufacturer and supplier of saw mills. In 1874-75 he was elected town representative from Montpelier to the state legislature. He was of more than medium size, fine physique, dark eyes, and a commanding presence. Pitkin Court in Montpelier, the street next to the fire station, was named for him.
In 1993 a cache of exploding shot-filled mortars was found submerged in Number Ten Pond (Mirror Lake) in East Montpelier. As they were found in close proximity to General Pitkin's farm, it was supposed that he had stored them there after the Civil War, and either he or a succeeding owner of the farm disposed of the mortars by dumping them in the pond. The mortars were intact, and were taken to a firing range in Underhill, Vermont, where they were safely exploded. Parents: Truman PITKIN and Rebecca Peabody Davis.

He was married to Caroline M. Templeton on 25 Mar 1848. Children were: Clarence Horatio PITKIN, Carroll Perley PITKIN, Frederic E. PITKIN, Frank Ivan PITKIN.

He was married to Jennie A. Poland on 26 Jul 1886 in Montpelier, Vermont.

bullet Phebe PITKIN was born on 7 May 1822. She died on 22 May 1822. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: George PITKIN and Phoebe Fairchild.

bullet Phillip Arthur PITKIN Died in the Phillpines during WWII at the age of 19. Parents: George Lawrence PITKIN and Mary Agnes Heney.

bullet Philomela PITKIN Parents: William PITKIN and Abigail Church.

bullet Philura PITKIN was born on 26 Apr 1820. Philura married Sumner Wyman on May 19, 1843. He was a lumberman. They lived in Winchendon, Massachusetts. Parents: George PITKIN and Phoebe Fairchild.

bullet Philura F. Pitkin was born on 29 Jan 1839. She died on 15 Feb 1893. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

She was married to Ira Spencer on 14 Feb 1860. Children were: Edward E. Spencer, George A. Spencer.

bullet Pricilla Jane PITKIN Pricilla married Richard Gilbert. Parents: Roy PITKIN and Pauline McBeath.

bullet Rachael Whitney PITKIN Photo was born on 19 Aug 1990 in Berlin, Vermont. Parents: Seth Edward PITKIN and Susan Jean CURLEY.

bullet Rachel PITKIN was born on 14 Dec 1692. Rachel married Joseph House Parents: Roger Pitkin and Hannah Stanley.

bullet Ralph J. PITKIN Photo was born on 18 Sep 1883. He died on 5 Mar 1943. He was buried in Red Bluff, California. Ralph was a farmer in Union County, Iowa until 1926 when he moved to Red Bluff, California where he owned and operated a ranch, and was a regional director for the federal government. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

He was married to Cressie Robertson on 28 Jan 1908. Children were: Mildred PITKIN, Gladys Rose PITKIN, Keith R. PITKIN, B. Merle PITKIN, D. Clair PITKIN, Gayle J. PITKIN, Allan J. PITKIN.

bullet Rand Luverne PITKIN was born on 1 Oct 1949 in Forest City, Iowa. Rand was a farmer in Rockford, Iowa. He earned a B.S. degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology at Iowa State University. Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt.

He was married to Myrna Jane Koehler on 23 May 1971 in Ulster, Iowa. Children were: Shane Francis PITKIN, Shamus Ray PITKIN, Sean Garrett PITKIN, Seth Rand PITKIN.

bullet Raymond PITKIN was born in 1913. He died in 1945. Parents: Charles PITKIN and Laura Williams.

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