bullet Mabel Pitkin was born in 1775. She died on 20 Sep 1851. Married Eliphalet Elmore. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

bullet Maggie PITKIN was born on 23 Oct 1865. Parents: Erastus PITKIN and Emily Barnes.

bullet Margaret PITKIN Photo was born in 1892. She died on 4 Dec 1899. Margaret died of spinal meningitis. She was buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Montpelier, Vermont. There is a statue of Margaret in the Greenmount Cemetery in Montpelier which inspired Dan Lindner to write "Song for Margaret" in 1985 or so.

"Fresh fallen snow on the newly dug grave of the girl with the sunlight in her smile,
Gathered around, all the many who loved her, whose lives she brightened for a while,
All the laughter and love in her seven short years were much more than some folks ever see,
Fare thee well, Margaret, you rest here in peace, while we cherish your sweet memory.

"A labor of love for the man from the old world who works all alone in the night,
Lost in his thoughts as the chips fall away and the child seems to come back to life.
Faithfully rendered by rough skillful hands, lovely features emerge from the stone.
His tears gently fall on the face that he forms, for the old man has memories of his own.

"Silent she stands in her old fashioned dress, just a small figure frozen in time,
Patient and calm as the world struggles on, for she's left all her cares far behind.
And many who wander by her grave on the hill stop and leave her a penny or two,
And each copper coin bears a wish and a prayer for the happiness that she once knew.

"Time flies away like the brown leaves of autumn, like cold ashes thrown to the wind.
Sweet moments of joy are the glittering jewels that we hold 'til our memories grow dim." Parents: Carroll Perley PITKIN and Mary A. Devine.

bullet Maria Wyman PITKIN was born on 19 Sep 1827. She died on 23 Jan 1853. Maria married in June, 1850, Charles Carpenter, a lawyer in Deleware, Ohio. Parents: Horace PITKIN and Cyrena Burnap.

bullet Marie PITKIN was born in Jan 1891. Parents: Albert Henry PITKIN and Ella Rudge.

bullet Marjorie Marie PITKIN was born on 6 Feb 1922. Parents: Harry E. PITKIN and Gladys Hoffman.

bullet Martha PITKIN was born in 1612 in Berkhamsted, England. She died in 1612 in Berkhamsted, England. She was christened on 17 Oct 1612. She was buried in Dec 1612. Parents: William PITKIN MP and Jane .

bullet Martha PITKIN was born in 1618 in Berkhamsted, England. She was christened on 14 Mar 1618 in Berkhamsted, England. Parents: William PITKIN MP and Jane.

bullet Martha PITKIN was born in 1639 in Berkhamsted, England. She was baptized on 12 Dec 1639 in St. Peters Church. She died on 13 Oct 1719 in Connecticut. When Martha came to America in 1661 to persuade her brother William to return to England, her brother Roger was an officer in the Royal Army. When she found her scholarly brother William laboring like a servant on his plantation, she is said to have exclaimed: "I left one brother serving his king, I find my other brother serving swine." At the time, she was 22 years old, beautiful, accomplished and witty. Dr. Thomas Robbins recorded in his diary: "This girl put the Colony in commotion. If possible she must be detained: The stock was too valuable to be parted with. Became a matter of general consultation, what young man was good enough to be presented to Miss Pitkin. Simon Wolcott, of Windsor, was fixed upon and, beyond expectation, succeeded in obtaining her hand." The Wolcotts were a prominent family, having political and business connections in England and Connecticut. Martha's life in the New World was one of hardships. In 1671 Simon sold his place in Windsor and removed to Simsbury, where he had received a grant of land. This change proved most unfortunate, as the settlers were driven from the place by the Indians and their property destroyed. Even Martha's pewter dishes, which her husband concealed in a swamp, could never be found. They returned to Windsor for a few years, but rents were high and difficult to obtain, and Simon may have found his growing debts more intolerable than the possible depredations of Indians on the east side of the river where he owned land. In any case, he ventured to move the family and possessions there in 1680. Their youngest son Roger wrote in his journal: "In the year 1680 my father settled on his own Land on the east side of the river, everything was to begin, few families were settled there. We had neither Minister nor school, by which it hath come to pass that I never was a Scholar in any school a day in my life: My parents took great care and pains to learn their children and were successful with the rest but not with me by reason of my extreme dullness to learn [He must have learned something. Roger was made governor of Connecticut in 1750]. On Sept. 11, 1687, dyed my honored father in the 62d year of his age: it was just before the coming of Sir Edmund Andross. It was generally expected that persecution for religion would soon ensue: it filled him with agonizing fears and excited his fervent prayers for deliverance, but God took him away from the evil he feared to come." Though Martha was left with six of her children to provide for, the land uncleared, and the estate in debt, Roger was able to add "but we never wanted," a statement that speaks volumes about Martha's character. She later married Daniel Clark. Roger wrote of his mother: "1719, dyed my honoured mother Mrs Martha Clark in the 80th year of her age. She was a gentlewoman of bright natural parts, which were well improved by her education in the City of London. She came to New England in 1661, the same year she was marryed to my father. The rest of her useful life she spent in the wilderness doing good and setting an example of piety, prudence, charity, and patience." Roger's son Oliver was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and later Governor of Connecticut. Roger's daughter, Ursula married Matthew Griswold of Lyme, who became governor of Connecticut, and among their descendants are twelve governors, thirty six judges, and many other eminent professionals. The Wolcott family was equaled only by the Pitkin family for its contributions to the political, economic and religious development of Connecticut. Because of the contributions of so many of her descendants to the cause of American independence, and because of the ability, patriotism, and prominence of her family in the early history of Connecticut, the East Hartford and South Windsor Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution bears the name of Martha Pitkin Wolcott. Parents: Rev. William PITKIN and Elizabeth.

She was married to Simon Wolcott on 17 Oct 1661 in Hartford, Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth Wolcott, Martha Wolcott, Simon Wolcott, Joanna Wolcott, Lieut. Henry Wolcott, Christopher Wolcott, Mary Wolcott, William Wolcott, Roger Wolcott.

bullet Martha PITKIN was born on 8 Jul 1826. Martha was unmarried. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

bullet Martha Pitkin Martha married Mr. Forbes. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Rebecca Smith.

bullet Martha PITKIN was born on 28 Feb 1692. She died on 4 Jul 1763. Martha married the Hon. Thomas Wells. Parents: William PITKIN and Elizabeth Stanley.

bullet Martha PITKIN Martha married Rev. Edward Eels. Parents: Capt. Ozias PITKIN and Elizabeth Green.

bullet Martha M. Pitkin was born on 31 Aug 1827. Martha married Jason C. Hoyte. No children. Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

bullet Martha Marie PITKIN Photo was born on 22 Feb 1924. Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN and Anna Catherine Cook.

bullet Martha Polly PITKIN was born in 1919 in Montpelier, Vermont. Polly was an industrial engineer and technical writer in Connecticut. She later lived in Berkeley, California. She was married twice and divorced twice. No children. Last known in 1997 as Polly Pitkin Ryan at 510-841-6333 Parents: Perley PITKIN and Sylvia Sherman.

bullet Martin PITKIN was born on 10 Nov 1763 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 24 May 1833 in Marshfield, Vermont. Martin Pitkin was Ensign in 1796, Lieutenant in 1797 and Captain in 1798, in the East Hartford Militia. In 1792 and 1793, he spent the summers with his brother Caleb and Gideon Spencer clearing land in Marshfield, Vermont. He moved to Marshfield permanently about l799, perhaps residing for a time on the Star Pudding Farm (owned by Martin Johnson in 1997), and later on the site of the brick house on the village common later occupied by Stephen Pitkin, Jr.. He was a laborer, and his account book is in the possession of Caleb Pitkin (1997). He made at least two visits home to East Hartford in the Februarys of 1802 and 1804, at which time he settled some of his accounts there. Much of the work he did was building sleds, wagons, and carts. He also repaired wooden wheels, plows, hooped barrels and tubs, and worked as a joiner and carpenter. After moving to Marshfield, much of his time was spent framing barns and houses, as well as working at the various mills built by his brother Stephen. He also did custom plowing, skidding logs, and "carting" with his team for his neighbors. When his brother Caleb moved to Peacham from Marshfield, Martin used his team to move the household goods. Martin also seems to have been much in demand for slaughtering livestock. In November 1815, in a deal with his brother Stephen, Martin exchanged his house for another house on 40 acres, and a third interest in a mill (presumably the sawmill in what is now Marshfield Village). For much of October and November of that year, he seems to have operated the mill as its proprietor, sawing over 4500 feet of lumber and numerous wagon and sled parts for over 20 different individuals. Marshfield land records need to be checked to find the location of the properties. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Anna STANLEY .

He was married to Roxanna PORTER in Feb 1792 in East Hartford, Connecticut?. Children were: Owen PITKIN, Harriet PITKIN, Harris PITKIN, Harris Pitkin, Abigail PITKIN, Sarah PITKIN, Louisa PITKIN.

bullet Martin George PITKIN In 1998, Martin lived in Harpersfield, Ohio. His mother lived in Madison Ohio. Parents: Carroll Peabody PITKIN and Joan Marcina Bomalaski.

bullet Martin H. Pitkin was born in 1843. He was buried in Marshfield Village Cemetery. Entry in the diary of Sabin C. Pike March 31, 1897: "I churned 58 lbs. boiled sap this afternoon came over to set up with Father. he is worse. Arthur went to the village and got Martin Pitkin to come up and boil sap tomorrow." Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born on 30 Dec 1689 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Mary married Timothy Porter. Parents: Roger Pitkin and Hannah Stanley.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born in 1720 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died in 1756. Mary married Samuel Bidwell (b. 1710). They had five children; Samuel, Thankful, Mabel, Nathaniel, and George. Parents: Caleb PITKIN and Dorothy HILLS.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born on 28 Dec 1861. Parents: Erastus PITKIN and Emily Barnes.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born about 1727. She died on 9 Dec 1793. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Mary Lord.

She was married to David Hills on 16 May 1745. Children were: Eunice Hills.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born on 30 Jun 1769. She died on 1 Nov 1848. Mary married David Dexter. Parents: William PITKIN and Abigail Church.

bullet Mary PITKIN Mary married Daniel Pratt. Parents: Capt. Ozias PITKIN and Elizabeth Green.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born in 1752. She died on 13 May 1767. Parents: William PITKIN and Abigail Church.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born in 1767. She died on 6 Jun 1864. Mary married Russell Cone. Parents: Capt. Richard PITKIN and Dorothy Hills.

bullet Mary PITKIN was born on 4 Nov 1832. She died on 2 Feb 1862. Married Roswell Lewis. Parents: Joseph PITKIN and Lucinda Smith.

bullet Mary Ann PITKIN was born on 18 Dec 1810 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 18 May 1874 in Wisconsin?. Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

She was married to Deacon Luther Ainsworth in 1841. Children were: Nathan P. Ainsworth, Alice E. Ainsworth, Charles E. Ainsworth.

bullet Mary E. PITKIN was born on 6 Jun 1858. Parents: Stephen Goodwin PITKIN and Mary Jane Soden.

bullet Mary E. PITKIN was born on 9 Sep 1877. Parents: Edward Powell PITKIN and Julia Gott.

bullet Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" PITKIN was born on 13 Feb 1875. She died on 30 Sep 1959. She was buried in Shannon City, Iowa. Lizzie married Edward St. John (1870-1943) on June 29, 1921. He was a mail carrier in Wharton Texas, where he is buried. She was a practical nurse at the time of her marriage. They had no children. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

bullet Mary Emma PITKIN Photo was born on 25 May 1868 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 10 Jul 1885. Mary died from complications of childbirth at the age of 17. Parents: Eli Swetland PITKIN and Lydia Austin BEMIS.

She was married to Burt Benjamin Batchelder on 19 Feb 1884. Children were: infant daughter Batchelder .

bullet Mary Flanders PITKIN was born on 24 Feb 1883 in Marietta, WI. Died of Diphtheria. She died on 4 Jul 1890 in Montpelier, Vermont. Parents: Cassius Merrill PITKIN and Mary L. Flanders.

bullet Mary Jane PITKIN was born on 22 Jun 1845. She died on 22 Jan 1849. Parents: William PITKIN and Mary Lee .

bullet Mary Jane Pitkin was born on 25 Jul 1841. She died on 7 May 1882. Mary Jane was listed as Polly Pitkin in the 1850 census. She married March 9, 1864, John H. Devereaux (1841-1864), son of Frank Devereaux. He died after a few months of wounds received in a battle near Pittsburgh, Virginia, May 9, 1864. She married second in 1877, Merrill Dodge of Marshfield, son of Jonathan Stanley Dodge and Sabra Kelton. No children. Parents: Harris Pitkin and Martha (Patty) BEMIS.

bullet Mary Merrow PITKIN was born on 5 Jan 1839. She died on 14 Aug 1875. Married George H. Goodwin. Parents: John Owen PITKIN and Lucy Makens Merrow.

bullet Mary S. PITKIN was born on 30 Apr 1869. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Caroline Monroe Muenscher .

bullet Mathew Adam PITKIN was born on 3 Jul 1984 in Pella, Iowa. Parents: Richard Virgil PITKIN and Kathy Jo Vines.

bullet Matthew Chase PITKIN was born on 9 Nov 1981 in Iowa City, Iowa. Parents: Rick Eugene PITKIN and Sherri McIntire.

bullet Maureen PITKIN Parents: Corliss PITKIN and Mary Carney.

bullet Melinda PITKIN was born on 18 Aug 1793. She died on 29 Sep 1794. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Ruth Case.

bullet Melinda PITKIN was born on 21 Mar 1801. She died on 8 May 1847. Melinda never married. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Ruth Case.

bullet Meredith C. PITKIN was born about 1916 in Massachussetts. Parents: Paul Henry PITKIN and Bertha C..

bullet Michael Lynn PITKIN was born on 17 Feb 1953 in Mason City, Iowa. Michael married Debra _______. Parents: Curtis Alan PITKIN and Luella Louise Rosendahl.

bullet Mildred PITKIN was born on 5 Oct 1908. She died on 5 Nov 1908. Parents: Ralph J. PITKIN and Cressie Robertson.

bullet Minerva PITKIN was born on 23 Jun 1837. Minerva married Nehemiah Peck (b. 5/2/1829, the son of Nehemiah Peck of New Britain, Connecticut) on January 1, 1862. They lived in New Britain, and in Burlington, Vermont, where he was a merchant. Parents: Harry PITKIN and Minerva Hand.

bullet Molly Elizabeth PITKIN Photo was born on 23 Jul 1987 in Berlin, Vermont. Molly graduated from Cabot High School, Cabot Vermont and later attended St. Lawrence College in New York State. Parents: Seth Edward PITKIN and Susan Jean CURLEY.

bullet Muriel PITKIN Photo was born on 2 Jan 1896 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 4 Jul 1912 in Cabot, Vermont. She was buried in Durant Cemetery, Cabot, Vermont. Parents: Ozias Cornwall PITKIN and Olive Jane SEVERANCE .

bullet Nancy PITKIN was born on 22 Oct 1816. She died on 21 Apr 1881. Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

She was married to Chauncey Bartlett on 24 Jun 1841. Children were: Esther Louvon Bartlett, Curtis Anson Bartlett, Frank Pitkin Bartlett , Truman Henry Bartlett.

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