bullet Judith Ann PITKIN was born on 28 Oct 1937 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Judy married Donald Lew Ytzen (b. 1935) in 1955 in Clear Lake, Iowa. They had three children; DeAnn K. (b. 1957), Debra Jean (b. 1958), and Robert Allan (b. 1961). They farmed in Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Norval Austin PITKIN and Doris Irene Conibear.

bullet Julia PITKIN Photo was born on 9 Jan 1815. Julia married first Aaron T. Bancroft (1800-1860) in 1843. She married second Ira Stone (b. 1812) in 1862. Both farmers in Plainfield, Vermont. No children. Parents: Anson PITKIN and Hannah Bowers.

bullet Julia Ann PITKIN was born on 11 Nov 1844. Julia married Lamson Harwood on June 16, 1880. They had a son born August 8, 1881 who died the same day. They lived in Ripon, Wisconson. Parents: Orrin PITKIN and Julia Scoville.

She was married to Lamson Harwood on 16 Jun 1880.

bullet Karen June PITKIN was born on 14 Jun 1952 in Moline, Illinois. Karen married John Davis Marth in 1974. They had two children Michael John (b. 1975) and Sara Renee (b. 1973). They resided at 3009 Kelling St., Davenport, Iowa. Parents: Allen Truman PITKIN and Jacqueline Joyce Brees .

bullet Keith R. PITKIN was born on 16 Jun 1911. Keith married Beulah B. Lee in 1933. They had four children; Rosalie, James Keith, Bo Jean, and Michael Bruce.

Not sure if you still work on the site or not, but I have a change for the entry on Keith R Pitkin born June 16th 1911.

His second child, listed as Keith on the site, is actually James Keith.

Some additional information, should you want to continue the lineage:

James Keith Pitkin married Patricia Louise Jarvis. They had four children: Kevin James, Kelly Marie, Julie, and Jodi.

Kevin James married Deborah Crane and had three children: Jeremy, Shane, and James Austin. Kevin has since divorced Deborah and married Julie whose maiden name I can not remember, they have no children.

Kelly Marie never married but had Jordan Keith (thats me by the way)

Julie married Gregory Yaeger and had two children: Morgan Lee and Jack

and Jodi married Joseph Patrick Burke IV and had two children: Kylee and Joseph Patrick

Hope this was in some way useful to you

Jordan Pitkin. Parents: Ralph J. PITKIN and Cressie Robertson.

He was married to Beulah B. Lee in 1933.

bullet Kenneth Wayne PITKIN was born on 12 Feb 1968 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Galen Norval PITKIN and Marlys E. Johnson.

He was married to Caroles ______ on 12 Mar 1988. He was divorced from Caroles ______ on 6 Sep 1991. Children were: Jorden Kenneth PITKIN.

bullet Kerry PITKIN Parents: Barney Turel PITKIN Jr..

bullet Kevin Lynn PITKIN was born on 3 Feb 1964 in Mason City, Iowa. Parents: Galen Norval PITKIN and Marlys E. Johnson.

He was married to Ruth Ann Wray on 17 Jun 1989 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Children were: Benjamin Kevin PITKIN , Brent Tyler PITKIN.

bullet Kristen Marlys PITKIN was born on 22 Dec 1988 in Fargo, North Dakota. Parents: Ronald Galen PITKIN and Pamela Jo Heitland.

bullet Kristine Angola PITKIN was born on 4 Aug 1971 in Corvallis, Oregon. Parents: Sherril Marlin PITKIN and Susan Lombard Simpson .

bullet La Fayette PITKIN Photo was born on 18 May 1818. He died on 18 Aug 1880. He married 20 May 1841, Mary E. Howard, daughter of Abijah Howard of Montpelier, Vermont. They lived in Delevan, Wisconsin where he was largely interested in milling and grain business. They had four children, Ruth, Mary, William, and Joseph. Parents: Harvey PITKIN and Ruth Parker.

bullet Laura PITKIN Photo was born on 14 Feb 1816 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 16 May 1883 in 17 Norman St. Boston, Massachusetts. Death record gives Laura's age at 66 in 1883, consistent with a birth date in 1816 or 1817. She died of apoplexy. Place of birth Marshfield, Vt. Father's name given as Edwin. She was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Massachussetts. Laura married Henry P.C. Payne (1816-1884) June 30, 1850. They lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where he was a sea captain. No children.

A Laura Pitkin, 30, is listed in the 1850 census of Lynn, MA. This would have been her age in 1846.

The 1860 census of Boston, MA lists Henry Payne, aged 42, and Laura Payne, aged 41, living in Ward 6. Henry's occupation was "mariner" Also living in their household was Cassie or Carrie Pitkin, aged 38. This was probably Laura's sister Clarissa. Interestingly, the ages given for all three of these people would have been accurate in 1857, not 1860.

The 1880 census of Cambridge, Massachussets lists Henry Payne, aged 65 and Laura Payne, aged 64, at 6 Main St. in the Rogers block, front. Henry's occupation listed as "restaurant". Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

She was married to Henry P. C. Payne on 30 Jun 1850 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston marriage record of this event gives Henry's age as 30 (born London) and Laura's age as 28 (born Vermont). Also gives Henry's occupation as "mariner". Gives her father's name as William, his father as John.

bullet Laura PITKIN was born on 8 Nov 1814 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 4 Feb 1815 in Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

bullet Laura PITKIN was born in 1872. She died in 1949. She was buried in Underwood, Iowa. Parents: William E. PITKIN and Mary Klingensmith.

She was married to Elmer Gatrost . Children were: Marion M. Gatrost, Pearl Gatrost, Floyd Gatrost, Carl Gatrost, Darlene Gatrost.

bullet Lawrence PITKIN was born in 1903. Parents: Charles PITKIN and Laura Williams.

bullet Lawrence Charles PITKIN was born on 3 Sep 1926 in Forest City, Iowa. Lawrence was a farmer, raising grain and livestock in Buffalo Center, Iowa. He married the widow of his brother Robert only four months after Robert's death. Parents: Earl Valentine PITKIN and Emma M. Hanson.

He was married to Phyliss Lorrain Winkleman on 28 Dec 1950 in Austin, Minnesota. Children were: Jaqueline Kaye PITKIN, Jerald Ray PITKIN, Jeffrey Jay PITKIN.

bullet Lena Florina PITKIN was born on 17 Jun 1893 in Marshfield, Vermont. Married name was Shea. Joined the Mayflower Society. Parents: William Webster PITKIN and Lona May Kiser.

She was married to Francis Jeremiah Shea on 2 Oct 1916 in Barre, Vermont. Children were: Milton Francis Shea, Marion Elizabeth Shea.

bullet Leonora PITKIN Photo was born on 18 Feb 1809 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died on 2 Sep 1853 in Jefferson County, Iowa. She was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa. About 1850, Leonora and her family moved to Iowa from Ohio. They settled near Libertyville. After her death, her husband and family moved to Union County, Iowa. He then married her sister, Clarissa. Parents: Hon. Stephen PITKIN and Damaris GOODWIN.

She was married to David Bliss Jr. on 3 Dec 1834 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Damaris G. Bliss, Lucy B. Bliss, Stephen Pitkin Bliss, William Henry Harrison Bliss , Horace Bliss, Leonora Bliss , Asenath Bliss, Orlando Bliss, Ophelia Bliss.

bullet Leslie PITKIN was born on 18 Aug 1948 in Bristol, Vermont. Parents: Luther Gager PITKIN and Phyllis Glendine Rhodes .

She was married to Robert James Leggett on 9 Jan 1971.

bullet Levi PITKIN was born on 23 Feb 1767 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He died on 25 May 1774 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Anna STANLEY.

bullet Levi PITKIN was born in 1774 in East Hartford, Connecticut. He was baptized on 27 Nov 1774 in East Hartford Congregational Church, E. Hartford, CT. (55) He died on 1 Jun 1854 in Montpelier, Vermont. Levi Pitkin resided in Montpelier before 1800 as a jeweller, silversmith, and clockmaker. After the death of his wife, he seems to have moved to Marshfield, where he was living in 1808 and 1809. In 1808, he was one of several people "warned out of town." (Between 1803 and 1817, the selectboard would "warn out of town" those people who might become indigent, thus relieving the town of responsibility for their care.) Although Levi did not leave town in that year, he eventually returned to Monpelier, where he died at the age of 80. His daughter Eliza was raised in the home of his brother Stephen. In 1828 he patented a soda fountain. His clocks are now valuable collector's items.

Apprenticed about 1787 to Daniel Burnap in East Windsor CT 1

After apprenticeship, he settled for a while in East Hartford as a clockmaker and silversmith, but about 1800 moved from that town. (Penrose R. Hoopes, Shop Records of Daniel Burnap, 1958).

Abby Hemenway's History of Washington County, Vermont (1882) states that Levi Pitkin was one of the members of the Aurora Lodge No. 9, F & AM, chartered in Montpelier in 1796. Also mentioned is the fact that Levi Pitkin was one of the original group of 83 members who formed in April of 1800 the First Congregational Society of Montpelier. Two months later these members founded the Congregational Church.

By 1811 Pitkin was advertising as a silversmith from Ogdensburg, New York. (George B. Cutten, Silversmiths, Watchmakers and Jewelers of the State of New York, outside of New York City, 1939). Later he moved to Rochester and was working in that city in 1827 when the nephew of Daniel Burnap, Pitkin's old master, reported in a letter to his uncle, that "it would seem that Pitkin has done a great deal and brought forth but little." (Shop Records of Daniel Burnap, cited above). 16

He appeared on the 1850 census taken at Oswegatchie NY, listed as a clockmaker. Parents: Joshua PITKIN and Anna STANLEY.

He was married to Abigail Beldon on 24 Jan 1797. Children were: Eliza PITKIN, Nathan Stanley PITKIN.

bullet Levi Watson PITKIN Photo was born on 27 Sep 1828 in Marshfield, Vermont. He died on 25 Jul 1898 in Marshfield, Vermont. Levi died of heart disease. He was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. As a young man, Levi was in partnership with his twin brother Eli, operating the Marshfield village sawmill. In 1858, he was listed on Wallings map of East Calais as a partner with his brother Daniel. Levi's son, Edwin, spent his early years in East Calais, according to his obituary, so it seems that Levi must have lived in East Calais for a number of years. He also worked on his father's farm and continued to operate the farm after his father's death. He was among the most progressive farmers in the area. He kept 6 horses to work his 235 acres, and he kept a herd of about 40 purebred Jersey cattle (25 to 30 cows and young stock). He was one of the first farmers in the area to build a silo, and also to feed cottonseed meal to his cows. Hi Ola Dwinell recalls:
"L.W. Pitkin also had the first silo (I believe first in Washington Co.) antedating any other by many years. Built I feel sure in 1882. . . . . Levi, being a pioneer, thought a silo must be partly under ground. Water came into the pit and made a very dirty place to lay up the wall. All would come out covered with mud except Milford Keiser who handled stone at arms length limiting his efficiency quite a bit. Levi, generally a kind and mild mannered employer, along about the fourth day, his patience overtaxed, picked a large flat stone out of the ooze and plastered Milford's overalls fore and aft saying 'There, you'll go out of here once with mud on you.' - Told me that night by George Pitkin."
Levi had a maple sugar operation of some 900 taps, and also harvested apples from 500 apple trees, some of which had been planted by his grandfather, Stephen Pitkin. Levi's orchard was the largest in Marshfield during the 1880's. Levi also sold farm equipment, representing at various times The Richardson Manufacturing Company and The Buckeye Mowing Machine Company. When Ronald Pitkin was re-siding the Pitkin farmhouse in 1980, he found under the old clapboards a number of posters (which had evidently been used as building paper) advertising the Buckeye franchise. Levi once laid a half inch lead water pipe from the house to the barn by tying a string to a kitten's tail and then coaxing the kitten through a four inch drain tile which ran between the two buildings. He then pulled a rope through with the string, and then pulled the pipe with the rope. He served a term in the Vermont Legislature in 1876 and was selectman in 1871. He was a Republican; sometimes arguing vociferously at town meeting with his twin brother Eli, who was a Democrat. He was badly injured late in life while raising the corn barn across the road from his house.

The Calais, VT census of 1860 shows Levi and his wife living with her parents, E.L. and Susan Burnap. E.L. Burnap was a miller.

The 1880 census of Marshfield shows Mary Ann Goodale (aged 46) living in Levi's home as a laborer.
Parents: Edwin PITKIN and Olive DWINELL.

He was married to Mary Henshaw BURNAP on 5 Feb 1857 in Cabot, Vermont. St. Johnsbury Caledonian, March 14, 1857 states that the marriage took place on Feb. 3, in Cabot and was performed by M. P. Wallace, M.D. Children were: Edwin Watson PITKIN, Elmer Elsworth PITKIN, Edith Susan PITKIN, Eva Estelle PITKIN.

bullet Lillie M. PITKIN was born on 22 Nov 1872. Parents: Edward H. PITKIN and Lillie E. Morey.

bullet Lily May PITKIN was born on 27 Aug 1876. She died on 28 Apr 1882. Parents: Franklin PITKIN and Rosa Ellen Joy.

bullet Lisa PITKIN was born in 1962. Librarian at Crandall Library, Glens Falls, NY Parents: David J. PITKIN and Gail Burlett.

bullet Lisa Iris PITKIN was born on 26 Jan 1959 in Forest City, Iowa. Lisa married Kenneth Eugene Griffin (b. 1957) in 1978 in Charles City, Iowa. He was a seasonal construction worker and farm laborer. She worked as a clerk in a chain store. They lived in Rockford, Iowa and had three children; Morgan Melissa (b.1981), MacKenzie Marie (b. 1985), and Kyle Eugene (b. 1988). Parents: Francis Luverne PITKIN and Iris Caroline Steinfeldt .

bullet Lizzie B. PITKIN Photo was born on 9 Feb 1881. Lizzie was a close girlhood friend of Lillian Shepard, daughter of Loren Shepard and Flora Benton. Lizzie often visited Lillian in the Marshfield Village. She later resided in Dracut Massachusetts, where she was a nurse, and operated a chicken farm. She never married. The census of 1930 shows her living in Dracut with her father and a sister, Eline Anderson (49, divorced, and born in Norway). In the 1920 census, Eline is listed as a friend. Parents: Byron Perley PITKIN and Ella D. Day.

bullet Lizzie Ellen PITKIN was born on 24 Mar 1862. Lizzie's family lived in Slater, Missiouri, where her husband was a railroad conductor. Parents: Joseph Case PITKIN and Maria A. Hudson.

She was married to William Henry Burgum on 4 Jan 1883. Children were: Harry P. Burgum, Joseph C. Burgum.

bullet Lizzie Elma PITKIN Photo was born on 27 Jun 1861 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died in 1878 in Marshfield, Vermont. Lizzie died of diphtheria, or gastric fever. Parents: Eli Swetland PITKIN and Lydia Austin BEMIS.

bullet Lizzie M. PITKIN was born on 26 Aug 1882. Parents: Alfred Hudson PITKIN and Jemima C. McCreary.

bullet Lois Gertrude PITKIN Photo was born on 14 Jun 1922 in Epping, New Hampshire. Parents: Fred Elbert PITKIN and Gertrude Laura Bliss.

She was married to Donald William Booth on 9 Mar 1946 in North Andover, Massachusetts. Children were: Heather Ann BOOTH, Christopher Leonard BOOTH, Steven Andrew BOOTH, Jonathan Pitkin BOOTH, David Stanley Booth, Barbara Alison BOOTH.

bullet Louis A. PITKIN was born on 13 Nov 1849. He died on 7 Dec 1849. Parents: Ashbel Stanley PITKIN and Mary Washburn.

bullet Louisa PITKIN was born on 27 Jul 1812 in Marshfield, Vermont. She died in 1838 in Marshfield, Vermont. This death date for Louisa was taken from Pitkin's History of Marshfield, and is inconsistent with the 1850 census listing which finds her living with her husband and daughter in Marshfield, aged 38. Parents: Martin PITKIN and Roxanna PORTER.

She was married to Jedediah Underhill in 1833 in Marshfield, Vermont. Children were: Emily Underhill.

bullet Lovinia PITKIN was born on 19 Apr 1835. Lovinia and her family resided in Delaware County, Ohio. Parents: Horace PITKIN and Cyrena Burnap.

She was married to Brainard Willis on 12 Feb 1857. Children were: Charles O. Willis , Frederic P. Willis, Cora L. Willis.

bullet Lowell Dale PITKIN was born on 19 Mar 1947 in Forest City, Iowa. Lowell lived in Robbinsdalem Minnesota. He married Karin ______. Parents: Dale Howard PITKIN and Lillian Gladys Peterson .

bullet Lucille PITKIN was born in Garner, Iowa. Lucille married Richard Wyma. They were missionaries in Bolivia. Parents: Earl Valentine PITKIN and Emma M. Hanson.

bullet Lucinda A. Storrs Pitkin was born in Feb 1852. As her mother died when she was less than a month old, Lucinda was adopted and raised by her grandfather, Dudley Pitkin. She was thereafter called Lucinda Storrs Pitkin. Parents: John Storrs and Lucinda W. PITKIN.

bullet Lucinda W. PITKIN was born on 25 Aug 1828. She died on 1 Feb 1852. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

She was married to John Storrs in 1851. Children were: Lucinda A. Storrs Pitkin.

bullet Lucius B. PITKIN was born on 30 May 1880. Parents: Charles A. PITKIN and Almira M. Schenck.

bullet Lucius M. PITKIN Photo was born on 17 May 1825. Lucius lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was president of Variety Iron Works. Parents: Dudley PITKIN and Nancy Batchelder.

He was married to Sarah B. Shepard on 26 Apr 1854. Children were: Willis PITKIN, Ina F. PITKIN.

bullet Lucretia PITKIN Parents: William PITKIN and Abigail Church.

bullet Lucy Pitkin was born in 1768. Married Benjamin Ingraham. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Lucy Steele.

bullet Lucy Emily PITKIN was born on 22 Feb 1835. Married Thomas H. Tucker. Parents: John Owen PITKIN and Lucy Makens Merrow.

bullet Lucy Mary PITKIN was born on 29 Dec 1823. She died on 11 Sep 1840. She was buried in Eaton Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont. Parents: George PITKIN and Lucy Farrington.

bullet Luther Gager PITKIN was born on 24 Jun 1916 in Coventry, Vermont. Date from Leslie Leggett Parents: Robert William PITKIN and Minnie M. Chamberlain.

He was married to Phyllis Glendine Rhodes on 4 Nov 1939. Date from Leslie Leggett. Children were: Arthur Ritchie PITKIN, Leslie PITKIN.

bullet Luvanne W. PITKIN was born on 9 Jun 1836. She died on 17 Feb 1882. Luvanne and her family farmed in Bloomfield, Pickaway County, Ohio. Parents: Horace PITKIN and Cyrena Burnap.

She was married to Jonathan W. Huston on 5 Jan 1854. Children were: Felix Huston, Edward Huston , Lincoln Huston, James Huston , Harry Huston, Nelson Huston , Franklin W. Huston, Maud H. Huston, Grace Huston, Charles R. Huston, Luvanne Huston.

bullet Lydia Carpenter PITKIN Photo was born on 15 Apr 1984 in Berlin, Vermont. Lydia grew up in Cabot and attended the Cabot School. She enjoyed riding bikes, watching Star Trek on television, and Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. She was very good to her sister, Hannah, and the two girls often played together, although not always nicely. Lydia was an exceptionally bright and able scholar, and had a warm sense of humor. In 1994-96 she took saxophone lessons.. In 1992 and 1993 she took piano lessons from the honorable Andrew Christiansen of East Montpelier, Vermont. She was also a follower and admirer of Gary Larson's warped sense of humor. Sometimes (this is written by request) she got rather irritated with her father. Her bedtime was always a little earlier than she wished it to be. A prolific writer, Lydia often wrote in solitude. In 2002, Lydia finished her senior year of high school at the Vermont Technical College. Majored in anthropology at the University of Vermont, and in 2007 completed a Masters of Archaeology at the University of Nottingham, UK. in 2008 she was working for the Vermont Secretary of State as an administrator in the department of professional regulation. Also in 2008, lived in Burlington, VT. with her friend, Brock Miller. Parents: Caleb Whitney PITKIN and Mary Adele CARPENTER.

She was married to Brock Miller on 6 Sep 2009 in Burlington, Vermont. Children were: Bella Grace Miller, Owen Wallace Pitkin Miller.

bullet Mabel PITKIN was born on 5 Dec 1695 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She died on 19 Dec 1695. Parents: Roger Pitkin and Hannah Stanley.

bullet Mabel Pitkin was born on 23 Mar 1700 in East Hartford, Connecticut. Mabel married James Porter. Parents: Roger Pitkin and Hannah Stanley.

bullet Mabel Pitkin Mabel married Caleb Bushnell. Parents: Jonathan Pitkin and Rebecca Smith.

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