bulletMaria M. (Brown) Sargent was born about 1830. Daughter of Thomas Brown and Rhoda Potter.

She was married to George L. SHEPARD on 10 Nov 1881 in Albany, Vermont.

bullet Mrs. Susan (Cole) Whitcomb Susan was the daughter of Asa and Anna Cole of Concord, Massachusetts.

She was married to Orrin PITKIN on 22 May 1850. Children were: Charles Cole PITKIN .

bullet Frances (Cook) was born about 1608 in Leicestershire, England.

She was married to Isaac Wheeler about 1634 in England. Children were: Sarah Wheeler.

bullet Janice (Cox) Ferguson Janice had two sons by her first marriage.

She was married to Walter Benton Town on 26 Oct 1973.

bullet James Alexander (Georgiev) Jodoin was born on 28 Nov 1993. James was born at 2:36 pm, weighed 8 lbs. 8.9 oz., 21 inches tall Parents: Panaiot (Peter) GEORGIEV and Rebecca Lyn Booth Russell .

bullet Mary (Polly) (Greeley) Spencer Polly was the daughter of John and Hannah Greeley of Marshfield Vermont. She may have resided in Northfield, Vermont during her marriage to Mr. Spencer.

She was married to Owen PITKIN in Sep 1856 in Marshfield, Vermont.

bullet Sarah (Minshall) was born in 1609 in Whitchurch, Salop, England. She died on 12 Jan 1688/89 in Malden, Massachusetts.

She was married to William Sargeant on 10 Mar 1638/39 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Children were: John Sargeant.

bullet Abigail was born in Feb 1655. She died on 23 Jan 1723.

She was married to Edward Tuttle. Children were: Abigail Tuttle , Edward Tuttle, Mary Tuttle , John Tuttle, Joshua Tuttle , Sarah Tuttle, Nathaniel Tuttle, Phebe Tuttle, John Tuttle, Eunice Tuttle, Damaris Tuttle.

bullet Adalgiselus Duke Brabant was born in 602. He died in 683. Parents: St. Arnulf Bishop of Metz and Doda (Clothilde) .

He was married to St. Begga of Brabant before 639. Children were: Pepin d'Heristal Duke of Austrasia and Brabant.

bullet Adela died in 1137. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

She was married to Count of Blois & Chartres Stephen. Children were: William, Theobald, Stephen King of England, Henry Bishop of Winchester , Philip Twin, Humbert Twin , Maud.

bullet Adelaide de Gastinais Parents: Geoffrey Count of Gastinais .

Children were: Fulk the Red Count of Anjou.

bulletAdelaide de Vermandois died in 997. Parents: Robert de Vermandois Count of Troyes & Meaux, Count Chal and Adelheid (Werra) of Burgundy.

Children were: Fulk III , Ermengarde of Anjou, Gersende (Girberge) of Anjou.

bulletAdelheid (Werra) of Burgundy. Parents: Robert I King of France and Beatrice of Vermandois.

Children were: Adelaide de Vermandois.

bulletAdeliza died in 1065. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet Aelfgifu died in 1003.

Children were: Eadmund II Ironside .

bulletAelfgifu died in 944.

Children were: Eadgar King of England .

bulletAelfthryth (Elfrida) died in 1000. Parents: Eaid Ordgar of Devon.

Children were: Aethelred II King of England .

bulletAethelred II King of England(1) died in 1016.
Ethelred II, called The Unready (968?-1016), Anglo-Saxon king of England (978-1016), son of King Edgar and half brother of Edward the Martyr. His reign was marked by bitter military struggles. After negotiating a treaty with Richard II, duke of Normandy (reigned about 996-1026), Ethelred married Richard's sister Emma. This marriage provided the basis for the subsequent Norman claim to the English throne. Although Ethelred paid tribute to the plundering Danes, Sweyn I (the Forkbeard), king of Denmark, invaded England in 1013 and proclaimed himself king. In 1014 Ethelred fled to Normandy but returned a few months later upon Sweyn's death. Sweyn's son and successor, Canute II, invaded the country a year later and, following Ethelred's death, became king of England. Ethelred's sobriquet, “The Unready,” is a corruption of the Old English unraed, “bad counsel, which is a reference to his misfortunes Parents: Eadgar King of England and Aelfthryth (Elfrida) .

Children were: Eadmund II Ironside.

bulletAethelwulf King of Wessex died in 858. Parents: Ecgbert King of the English and Eadburgh (Redburg).

Children were: Alfred King of England.

bulletAgatha . Parents: Stephen King of Hungary.

Children were: St. Margaret.

bulletAgatha died in 1080. Parents: William I The Conqueror and Matilda.

bullet Agnes died in 1614. She was buried on 9 Sep 1614 in Ticehurst, Sussex, England.

Children were: Stephen Hosmer.

bulletAgnes was born about 1549 in Nazing, Essex, England. She died on 9 Jul 1585 in Nazing, Essex, England.

She was married to William Curtis in Nazing, Essex, England. Children were: John Curtis Sr..

bullet Agnes was born about 1513 in Whitestaunton, England. She died in Jul 1578 in Monckton, S., England.

Children were: William ALFORD.

bulletAgnes was born in England. She died in England.

She was married to Robert BULKELEY in England. Children were: Peter BULKELEY, William BULKELEY, Richard BULKELEY, Cicely BULKELEY, Robert BULKELEY, Elizabeth BULKELEY.

bullet Aimee Elizabeth Photo

She was married to Ben Howard BLACHLY in Massachussetts. Children were: Connor Bradley BLACHLY.

bullet Alfred King of England(1) died about 899.
Alfred, called The Great (849-99), king of the West Saxons (871-99), and one of the outstanding figures of English history. Born in Wantage in southern England, Alfred was the youngest of five sons of King Ethelwulf. On the death of his brother Ethelred Alfred became king, coming to the throne during a Danish invasion. Although he succeeded in making peace with the Danes, they resumed their marauding expeditions five years later, and by early 878 they were successful almost everywhere. About Easter of 878, however, Alfred established himself at Athelney and began assembling an army. In the middle of that year he defeated the Danes and captured their stronghold, probably at present-day Edington. During the following 14 years Alfred was able to devote himself to the internal affairs of his kingdom. By 886 he had captured the city of London, and soon afterward he was recognized as the king of all England.
In 893 the Danes invaded England again, and the following four years were marked by warfare; eventually, the Danes were forced to withdraw from Alfred's domain. The only ruler to resist Danish invasions successfully, Alfred made his kingdom the rallying point for all Saxons, thus laying the foundation for the unification of England.
Alfred was a patron of learning and did much for the education of his people. He began a court school and invited British and foreign scholars, notably the Welsh monk Asser and the Irish-born philosopher and theologian John Scotus Erigena, to come there. Alfred translated such works as The Consolation of Philosophy by the Roman statesman and philosopher Boethius, The History of the World by the Spanish priest Paulus Orosius, and Pastoral Care by Pope Gregory I. Alfred's laws, the first promulgated in more than a century, were the first that made no distinction between the English and the Welsh peoples. Parents: Aethelwulf King of Wessex and Osburgh.

Children were: Eadward King of England.

bulletAlice .

Children were: Richard HUTCHINSON.

bulletAlice died in 1585.

Children were: Richard Clements .

bulletAlice .

Children were: Randle LE GROSVENOR.

bulletAlice died in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

She was married to William Mullins. Children were: Priscilla Mullins .

bullet Alix of Courtenai

She was married to Aymer DE VALENCE Count of Angouleme in 1180. Children were: Isabella D'ANGOULEME.

bullet Alli

She was married to Steve MacIndoe in 2014.

bullet Alpaida (Elpheid) of France Parents: Louis I "Le Debonnaire" King of France and Ermengarde of Hasbaigne.

Children were: Robert I King of France.

bulletAlpaida of Saxony.

Children were: Charles Martel .

bulletAlphonso X King of Spain.

Children were: Eleanor of Castile .

bulletAlpin King of Scotland died about 837. Parents: Eochaid IV King of Scotland.

Children were: Kenneth MacAlpin King of Scotland.

bulletAltrude (Haldetrude) died in 607.

Children were: Dagobert I King of Austrasia, King of Franks.

bulletAmanieu-Gascogne .

Children were: Corlieu of Vitapoi.

bulletAnn died before 26 Sep 1682 in Rowley, Massachusetts. She was buried on 26 Sep 1682 in Rowley, Massachusetts.

She was married to William Scales. Children were: James Scales .

bullet Anna

Children were: Hannah Stocking.

bulletAnna was born in 1594 in England.

She was married to Richard Tuttle. Children were: Anne Tuttle , John Tuttle, Rebecca Tuttle.

bullet Anna died on 19 May 1833 in Marshfield, Vermont. She was buried in Hudson Cemetery, Marshfield, Vermont.

She was married to James English . Children were: Mary C. English, Nancy M. English, Andrew Jack English, Eliza English, Dorothy C. English, Anna G. English, Sarah C. English, Hannah C. English.

bullet Anna

She was married to Capt. John Green. Children were: Phoebe Green.

bullet Anne Parents: Lord Grey of Ruthyn.

Children were: John Norton.

bulletAnne was born before 1538.

Children were: Anne Clere PALLETTE .

bulletAnsoud .

Children were: Sigrada, sister of Didon, Bishop of Poitiers.

bulletArlotta (Arletta, Herleve) mistress. Parents: Fulbert a tanner and Doda.

Children were: William I The Conqueror.

bulletArnoul (Arnoldus) Bishop of Metz died in 601. Parents: Ausbert (Ansbertus) of Moselle Senator and Blithilde of Cologne, France.

Children were: Itta (Iduberga) of Metz.

bulletArthemia .

Children were: Bodegisel I.

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